Attending a fashion show is always just as exciting for me as it was the first time I’ve ever had that opportunity. I somehow feel like I am assisting to a historical moment where something truly special happens. Needless to say, that I can actually get legit goosebumps if I see THE perfect pair of shoes, or THE bag that just makes me say  ”how come nobody designed that before, this is genius!”. And it’s exactly the effect that Nicolas Ghesquière’s second collection for Louis Vuitton had on me. Excitement, stars in the eyes and in total awe. What can I say, I do love fashion that much…

He’s quite known for his minimalistic, quite androgynous silhouettes, modern and event approaching unisex if we think about some of the work he did for Balenciaga. Yet, he surprised everybody with bold colors, prints and very feminine structures. What I loved, is how progressive he is. Taking risks (little ones but we all sure noticed them) yet making the brand his own step by step. If we think of the first collection he ever created for Vuitton last season, the shapes were adventurous and we could still feel that Balenciaga girl somewhere in there. Yet, here, she’s gone behind cut outs, retro shaped heels and pink trousers. He managed to create this new, extravagant, colorful and full of life Louis Vuitton woman, sporty yet feminine at the same time.

What intrigued me the most? Definitely the way he slowly shifts the emblematic logo of Vuitton, the iconic crossed serif LV. We can see it now on the bags being more simple, linear, round on the edges yet still very powerful in it’s form. When I first saw that bag passing by me with it’s LV being so different from what I usual, my jaw almost dropped (it didn’t thank god, I try to keep a poker face during fashion shows, too many cameras an important people around, hello Emmanuelle Alt, hello Carine Roitfeld, they don’t need a jaw dropping Nicolas Ghesquière fan grilling Kristina babe).

Imagine only if this is just the first step of his wicked plan to… also change the monogram? I am giggling of excitement. But oh well, it’s too soon to think about that although I raise my picky thinking that it might be indeed his next step. In fact, we don’t need to wait that long to learn after all, September and a new fashion week season is just around the corner and I am sure the master is back in his studio, continuing to plan his fashion revolution.

I actually had the great pleasure to exchange a couple of words with him that day (goosebumps) and I was so touched by his humility and kindness. He seemed so genuinely happy and above all had that spark in the eye, I guess this new adventure really awakes new creativity in him. He even mentionned how we worked for Balenciaga all this time hoping one day to work for Vuittton. Yo go Nicolas! We love you.

I hope you guys will enjoy this article, we’ve prepared for a you a big review of the show and you can even see the look I’ve chosen for that special occasion : a perfect little black dress and these gorgeous fantasy pumps were perfect for the late afternoon fashion show. My hair is growing so long. I have people coming to me every now and then asking if I wear extensions. Well nope. That’s my hair darling. Kind of wondering : should I cut it? Should I not? Girls and their hair, it’s a whole different story. Enjoy loves!

Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-016Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-032 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-017 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-018Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-020Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-025 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-019Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-022


Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-031 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-024Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-023Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-033Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-035Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-026Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-028 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-029Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-003 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-030 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-005Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-008Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-004Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-013Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-006Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-001Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-011Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-007Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-012Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-010Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-002Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-009Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-014 Kayture-Louis-Vuitton-015



DRESS : Louis Vuitton (or Similar Here)

SHOES : Louis Vuitton (or Similar Here)

NECKLACE : Louis Vuitton

RINGS : Elizabeth & James / Vita Fede


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You look stunning in this dress! In love with your hair!! :)

xx Su

You look absolutely breathtaking!! That bag and necklace are to die for!

I love these photos. The LV cruise show was amazing, I love the spirit of this collection. Btw I really like your dress, you look amazing !


I love how you look on this event! Gorgeous and stunning!
And the new LV collection is the best, as always!

You look absolutely stunning in this Louis Vuitton look! So beautiful :)

Beautiful outfit and such amazing models by Nicolas Ghesquière, he is really an artist! Thank you for sharing this experience with us!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

The black dress, the shoes, the gold jewelery, your hair – it all looks so stunning and perfectly put together!
I also love the colorful Louis Vuitton designs, really interested of whats coming next :) I’m sure it will be great!

Love the new Louis Vuitton, it’s different, fresh, chic and amazing. Your look is fabulous, the dress is so beautiful and these sandals are perfect, I need them

Amazing article Kristina, and you look beautiful in the photos! I LOVE that you put so much effort in your texts, such a refreshment to come to a fashion blog and read something that makes sense and is interesting!!!! That is what truly makes you different (and better) than other fashion blogs! Keep going! xx

Wow stunning and beautiful little black dress and the heels are to die for. I love the collection too :D

xx Mira

So many lovely pictures! Looks like a beautiful show. And your outfit (not to mention the GORGEOUS shoes) is beautiful! Xx

Stunning outfit, also love your hairstyle !

Love from Paris

Love alls the photos I’ve seen so far from his show, everything looks so spectacular!
Your outfit is just gorgeous!

You looking gorgeous in this dress with the shoes. Love the whole outfit and post. Very interesting.
Wish you a great day Kristina.
xo, Petra

You looked absolutely fantastic in all Louis Vuitton! I watched the show online live and I really love it, I was surprised as well by the changes, but it was a beautiful show!

What a wonderful experience! So lucky to be a part of it. x

It is always an honour to attend a fashion show: you’ re a lucky girl (with such long and beautiful hair :) ) ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

In love with your sandals!

The Fashion Brook

Savannah 30 May 2014 / Reply

You look gorgeous! The shoes, the dress, your make-up everything is flawless! x

Amazing post!
I like your dress and your bag!!


kris ursua 30 May 2014 / Reply

hi kristina :) do you have any tattoos?

btw your style is gorgeous. So fresh and elegant. much Love from New Zealand <3

xox kris

Your hair looks even more amazing than normal! Didn’t even think that would be possible but you’ve gone and done it!! Gorgeous!

Amazing collection!! LV Never fails <3 plus you look amazing!! :)

Cut your hair! It will look good

Very nice outfit! You’re simply beautiful!

I sometimes look at your old posts, and you were talking a lot about James and taking pictures of him as well. You were such an inspirational couple who went hand in hand together! I feel like you don’t talk about him much nowadays and it is such a shame, because I am really persuaded that by the time you were together on the pictures, we – “basic” girls – could really identify with you, because of your love-story and your “spread the love” tendance! I wish your could give us this “romantic thing” back! By the way, isn’t it said that we -girls- are much mure blooming because of the love we give and get from THEM? ;-) Just saying…

les photos sont superbes!

OMG gorgeoussss styling and I’m totally in love with yellow nails, so cool ;)

You are so beautiful

Beautiful outfit ! Very nice chic dress! Don’t cut your hair, they are are beautiful!! If you are boere by them, i think you should CUT them a little little little… Byeeeee

I absolutely am in love with your dress and the styling is just amazing.

You’re looking so so so amazing!! Love your hair, it’s a dream!

Love from Munich, L


Perfect dress !
Don’t cut your hair ! It’s one of your signature, makes you so different from all other girls.
You’re natural, fresh and breathtaking, you know you’ll miss your amazing long hair if you cut it. Please don’t become like a Chiara (no offense to her by saying that).

PERFEKT look and amazing hairstyle

your look is perfect !!! you are gorgeous ;)

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, probably few of my favourites!

It is so rare to see you with curly hair! It looks amazing! Love the look on you, so elegant!

What a stunning ouftit! you look gorgeous!

Absolutely adore Emanuelle Alt, she really knows her own style.

You know what they say about cutting your hair; “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

You should have told Chiara Ferragni to wake up and wear normal shoes on her blog. I always wondered if you bloggers meet at the events, because the content on your blogs is quite the same if one special event occurs. Anyway, you look classier and I really aprecciate your effort to stay “madame” at all times (e.g. not to wear gigantic shoes like she does). Such a shame.

Wearing art may make you feel like a masterpiece.
You look fab as always and the collection is is well thought out in every little detail. Beautiful!

LOVE this post and your style :)

You were absolutely gorgeous! I saw the fashion show live streaming and I loved it a lot!

Xo, Giada

WOW you look SO pretty!! That fashion show looks amazing! So beautiful! Love it all. xo

You look amazing, I really love that hairstyle on you!!

Liebe Kristina,
ganz liebe Grüße aus dem heute sehr kalten Deutschland.

That´s an absolute gorgeous look! In love with the yellow polish and your hair!
Karen /

I love your outfit! It’s very simple and classic. And those heels!

Style by Joules

Oh darling you loook wonderful! And yes cut your hAir

you look so beautiful! amazing photos!

Wow you look stunning! That dress suits you beautifully, lovely pictures. & Your hair is amazing! If you decide to cut it, it always grows back! ;) x


Wow you are so beautiful! I love your shoes!

Super ce post! J’adore toutes ces photos. Nicolas Ghesquière a fait un très bon boulot!


To be honest much better than most of the models which you picutured here!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

who’s that blond girl next to you ? she is so beautiful, she literally outshine everything !!!!!

this look is insanely gorgeous!

Super fan de ce look, parfaite de la tête aux pieds. Ce jaune et ce bleu se marient si bien! Enjoy the show.

amazing outfit!

you were so lucky to be there!

those heels are just amazing!

Just amazing as usual!
Love everything about this perfect outfit …and the hair is absolutely stunning!

Dear Kristina did u and James break up

oh the show looks amazing!:)♥ and I love your outfit!

Such a great outfit ! And this show seemed so astonishing !

Love that LBD look!

Everything suites you, whatever you drape.
The combo you always choose, stunning every time.

You´re wearing an awesome outfit!

Great outfit of yours!!! And what a colorful collection!!!!
xoxo Kirsten

Daniella 31 May 2014 / Reply

your hair is beautiful!

toujours surprenant Louis Vuittons ♥
Tu trop de chance de pouvoir assisté a ses défilé♥
Jolie robe sinon♥

Alejandra 31 May 2014 / Reply

Hi dear :) I love your blog :)
How tall are you? How much do you weigh?

Such an awesome outfit! Loved the collection ♥

You are looking so beautiful. And this event sounds so great.. :)

You look beautiful as always. However, the necklace is really awesome! I love the combination of the contrasting shapes and colours. That’s what added the proper wow effect into your look :-)

c’est une preuve d’affirmation de soi de se couper des cheveux si longs (surtout si c’est contre l’avis de tous). Il faut le faire quand ça a réellement du sens pour soi, une chose est sûre, ça en chamboulera plus d’un qui ont une image de toi figée… il n’y a qu’à voir les commentaires sur la frange il y a quelques mois ou ta perte de poids récente. Quand on change son image, ça destabilise toujours l’entourage … Mais en ce qui te concerne, j’imaginerais assez bien un changement radical, beaucoup plus court, plus femme… Ca pourrait presque marquer un tournant, avec ce nouveau Kayture, cette nouvelle vie qui t’attend à L.A … Bonne fin de week end!

Sorry, you’re beautiful but your hair is getting soooo brassy… Purple shampoo anyone?

you look beautiful with that outfit!
the fashion show really huge and cool, and you took photo with chiara ferragni!

wonderful dresss and you :-)

Your outfit is astonishingly beautiful ! And I looove your hair like this ;-)


I am in love with those shoes!! an your hair looks stunning..

Lovely post and photos!
The show looks amazing.

Janine Maral from