Hope you are all enjoying a fabulous week-end! I am in the middle of unpacking my luggages from Los Angeles to repacking them for for a two week journey non stop through Shanghai with Omega straight to Cannes for the film festival. Again this year, we are going to be hosted mainly by Chopard, but we also have two beautiful fashion and beauty collaborations coming up. It is going to be a fabulously busy period with a lot of amazing experiences that I am already so excited to write about and document day by day.

This week, I’ve been sort of living in a fog…! Let me explain myself. Jet lag completely got me. I was writing e-mails at 3.30 in the morning and then sleeping until 3 in the afternoon. There were days where I simply couldn’t sleep that long so I wouldn’t sleep at all as it was impossible to relax at night : my body was acting totally crazy! So yes, I’ve been trying to get some hours of sleep… but we’re going to change of time zone again tomorrow, so I guess I need to get used to sleeping whenever I can, no routine is possible here!

I love how it gets warmer day by day, makes me want to wear summery outfits all the time. Looking at these images that we shot in L.A, it makes me want to feel the sun on my skin again and again. Wear lace and leather shorts, sit on the hot concrete floor and watch the sun setting down, painting the streets with an orange-y red hue. It felt so great strolling around with nothing on the shoulders, no jacket, no bag, just a little Jimmy Choo clutch to contain some light the essentials… x

Kayture.Chloé.001Kayture.Chloé.002Kayture.Chloé.008Kayture.Chloé.006Kayture.Chloé.011Kayture.Chloé.005Kayture.Chloé.014Kayture.Chloé.003Kayture.Chloé.009Kayture.Chloé.012 Kayture.Chloé.004Kayture.Chloé.007Kayture.Chloé.015Kayture.Chloé.013


TOP & SHORTS : Chloé (Similar Here) (& Here)

SHOES : Hugo Boss 

BAG : Jimmy Choo (Similar Here)

RING : Elizabeth & James (Similar Here)


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Superbe tenue, j’adore la combinaison du short en cuir et du haut en dentelle <3

Wow amazing and beautiful outfit. Love the top and shorts :)

xx Mira

Wonderful shorts and top!!!! LOVE

xoxo Iren

Amazing post!! Your legs are so gorgeous and that outfit is awesome :)
Fashion latte with vanilla

great outfit! Love every single piece <3 i love your hair like crazyyy too! :))


Already so excited to read your experiences of the next two weeks!! And absolutely love the gorgeous lace top.

Love from Munich, L


awww i totally felt in love with this outfit, so femenine and lovely

You look absolutely stunning! And what an amazing pictures

I love these shorts…they give an amazing figure and they go so well with the colours of the setting sun!!

Wow these leather shorts are absolutely fabulous. This look is amazing, very chic and so you. The top is so cute and the mix is perfect with these shorts. These heels are easy and lovely, perfects. The clutch is so cool. Beautiful photos

Love this outfit especially your shorts !

Love from Paris

Amazing look! Love, love, love… :)

Fabulous look Kirstina! I honestly don’t get how you do it, I would want to stay home for two weeks and sleep and get rest after such a busy time haha:) But I look soo much forward to your posts from Shanghai and especially Cannes!


This outfit is to die for!

What a beautiful top!

Ah !! Je ne sais pas si tu as lu le commentaire que j’avais posté par rapport aux tenues mais merci merci d’avoir mis des liens vers des produits plus “accessibles” ! Bien que le haut Chloé que tu portes sur ces photos est juste magnifique. Bon courage pour le décalage horaire.

You look stunning! like always!

Incredibly beautiful pictures ! ♥
Love, xxx

Wonderful outfit, I really love it!

This top is simply perfect, and I’m in love with these shorts! <3

Love from France xx


Love the natural glow of light. So dreamy :)

Sophie x

You really look amazing in these pictures

You are truly beautifull, Kristina ! <333

Beautiful outfit. Love the addition of the bag into the outfit.

Perfect Images!

Like and greetings from

Nice pictures, the clutch is really cool


Daniella 11 May 2014 / Reply


I can’t help but love your outfits. They are so simple yet amazingly paired. Love, love, LOVE!

Love your top! But the shorts doesn’t :-(

Absolutely amazing photos! Love everything about this look!

Savannah 11 May 2014 / Reply

Love this outfit, especially the top! x

Amazing, so beautiful :)

heartbeat blog

Oh my god you’re going to be in Cannes for the film festival! I am the Riviera I am you from your beginnings I would really like to meet you! How to contact you in order to have the possibilitée this? You are my model! This would be a small dream come true Kristina! I really hope that you will agree! Kisses and take care of you and keep it up! I love you!

See you soon !

Maeva <3
Mail :

Love your shorts!!
And the third pictures hihi X

awesome pictures! you look great :)

Already fell in love with this look a few days ago on instagram. Such a pretty combination and the leoprint bag adds a cool touch! Love it!
Have a nice day :)

Très belle tenue.
Les photos sont magnifiques !

Wow these photos are so perfect! You look stunning!

such a beautiful top!


I love this outfit, its amazing.
For this summer it will be perfect wear it around the town…

Stunning outfit, love the print of your clutch.

milcaway 11 May 2014 / Reply

beautiful as always ! i love shorts !
new post

You look amazing hun! Perfect outfit


OMFG! Your legs are amazing, wish those were for sale, haha! Great outfit by the way, I freaking love your shorts! And your photographer did a great job, the lightning in these photos is incredible!
Speaking of your photographer: I just posted an article called ’20X BLOGGER BOYFRIENDS’ on my blog featuring you and James. You’re so cute together! I hope you like it! <3

Happy sunday, babe!



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Amazing look!

I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!


Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous look! you always wow me with your amazing posts, love your blog :) xxxx

absolutely love the lace and leather combo :) hope you dont have to suffer with jet lag anymore but have an amazing time x
Lazy Obsession

Really beautiful outfit and photos!

I can’t get enough of your top, it is so stunningly delicate & beautiful!

Kirsten x

You are beautiful!! I love these pictures
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

This is definitely one of my favourite looks of you! This lace shirt is soooo beautiful and let me not even talk about your looong legs!

Wow!!!! I like very much your shorts and your clutch……Kisses,

Wow… what a beautiful nude look! Elegant and chic! And you are such a beauty!!!


Love this outfit! You make these nude shades look fabulous!
Went to the recent pradasphere exhibition.. would love if you could check out my blog!

Traveling so much must definitely be tough on the body! If you have any tips & tricks, I’d love to hear them! My only advice (which I’m sure you’re already following) is to make sure that you stay healthy – try to exercise when you can to have a strong body (even if it’s low intensity) and eat super healthy!

adore these beautiful shorts!
Ladies in Navy

The lighting is simply stunning in these photos!! And okay, I am fully obsessed with this look. So chic!

love your pants!
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Love the high-waisted shorts paired with the top!

The lighting in these pictures is so beautiful. lovely outfit.

you look stunning!!

Omg, the lighting is so amazing, I fell inlove with these photos <3 And you are a beauty, Kristina :*


Stunning, stunning! xx


You are so beautiful and James made sure to take every photo of it. C:

I love you shorts! *.*

Beautiful as always! Great photos :)

I love your outfit! Every piece looks nice and you are such a beautiful lady!
Greetings from Germany Xx

Kimberly 13 May 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina and James!

I have to tell you my little story of how I found you, now that you have won me over. :) First I will tell you a little about myself, maybe to give you some insight about your fans.

I am 28 years old now, and while I am not so lovely as you, I am rather pretty and my husband makes me feel even more so. I am a busy housewife with four young children, but occasionally while nursing my baby, I find a chance to put together fashion sets on Polyvore …. This is where I first saw you.

The first time I saw your pictures I thought, “Who is this little girl pretending to be a model?” I’m so sorry to sound harsh, but I am sure it was partly jealousy! And because of this I refused to use your pictures in my sets, and I never looked into your blog. However…

Recently, one of your darling outfits really caught my eye. It was the orange/navy/nude one you wore for fashion week in Milan. So I gave in to this sweet little Kayture who had never actually done anything to deserve my banishment, and I saved your pictures, and I went to your blog to read.

My first impression from reading only that article was that you were a spoiled, rich, lucky brat that probably used her parents money to spend her life blogging and dressing up! Still, I thought your personality in your writing was adorable, and I was intrigued. It took me several weeks to re-visit your blog. Then I found the link to your singing video, and I watched, partly hoping that you would be terrible!

I heard you sing before I heard you speak, and I thought you were a born and bread American. I was enchanted to find that you are even prettier when you sing than when you model your outfits. And I was annoyed to find that you sing very well.

From watching that video, I went on to some of your others, and heard you speak. NOW I think you’re more beautiful than most models could ever dream of being! It’s amazing how someone’s personality can make or break their looks. Your darling accent, your humble essence, your love for James and your gratitude for his love; these are all what made me decide to let myself be your newest fan. :)

So now I am looking through your blog and LOVING some of these outfits! This one is particularly gorgeous. Those heels could not be more perfect, and I love how you mixed lace with leather. High waisted shorts are a favorite of mine, although I do not own a pair because I shop at Target and they have not figured it out yet! I also don’t like my shorts to be quite that short, because my husband has a job that surrounds us with dangerous men and I find it valuable to dress modestly.

Speaking of my husband, he is one of those people who found great satisfaction in his career without going to college. I guess you could say the same for me, because I chose motherhood over a college degree, knowing I found a good man that could be trusted. Anyhow, he runs his own MMA gym and recently began cornering in the UFC, all without even having graduated from high school! He is a brilliant businessman because of the experience he gained early on. So kudos to you for breaking the mold and finding a way to success without becoming one of so many sausages being pushed in and popped out all in the same shape and size. Not to diminish the value in a real education, but I have found that our Universities are lacking enormously. Working hard for a real education has become something many people have to do on their own. Personally, I read! I read and write about what I read, or I narrate to my husband, and then I know what I need to know.

Anyhow, that’s enough from me, but I want to say best of luck to you, and that you will be in my prayers.

Kimberly Giacomo

Tu es tellement belle! Les photos sont super bien réussies, j’adore l’effet coucher de soleil . Et ton ensemble est juste sublime! Il faut que je trouve ton haut, ABSOLUMENT haha !

Cute leopard clutch!

Jamie W

Kimberly 13 May 2014 / Reply I made a set with your inspiration. :) Finally!

Aah, I want your top (but not the ‘similar’ one XD) Love these photos!

You are so lovely and such a pretty woman! You appear so! :)
Love your blog…keep it up! kisses from germany

This top is amazing and the pictures are great as always =)


vittorio 30 June 2014 / Reply

Ma quanto sei bella????…

Love the pictures!! the style!! great!!

Have a look on my blog, please!!! :)

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