Bonjour!!!! I am back. Finally! After two weeks of craziness, I am finally here, feeding my baby boo Kayture with content food. I am so sorry sweet pies, if fashion week has always seemed like the most stressful period of the year, the two weeks we’ve had lately have been just as (if not more) intense.

This article will focus more precisely on our trip in Shanghai BUT let me explain briefly what happened. This period of the year has always been very rich in events, first of all because it is cruise season, so all the biggest couture brands show their newest cruise collection (kind of like a fashion week but the shows can be anywhere in the world). It is also the highly anticipated Cannes film festival season where celebrities and influencers from all over the word meet to celebrate the movie industry. Of course it is a very important fashion moment, if fashion weeks are all about the perfect street style look, Cannes is all about the perfect red carpet outfit.

So here we were, invited first of all to Shanghai by Omega to attend their international event, we then flew directly to Monaco to assist at Vuitton’s cruise show and ended up in Cannes for a crazy, and I mean CRAZY film festival season. So many things to tell you, so many stories and anecdotes to share. I simply can’t wait. From now on, you’ll be able to find updates on Kayture every single day, and it’s a promise.

It was so hard, soooo hard to post these past two weeks. Our schedule was nuts. Litterally nuts. We had a jam packed agenda with events planned hour per hour, barely had time to eat some days but it was so worth it. My heart is still filled with emotions. I have to admit that I’ve never experienced such busy and emotional time before, it was simply…incredible. Since I edit all the pictures of the blog myself and create all the content (it takes me up to 3 hours to create a post on the blog), let’s just say that it was very difficult to update Kayture as much as I usually do. No complains but we do need more people in our team!! At least I am back with tooons of content and can’t wait to tell you all the beautiful stories we accumulated bits by bits :)

It’s the second time that James and I had the chance to explore Shanghai. If the first time we stayed in the city for less than 4 days, this time we had something  like a week to explore. We had a pretty busy time with Omega but still managed to squeeze in some hunting time to find THE cool places. I have to say, it was very hard to communicate as many people didn’t speak english but it was so fun and interesting to feel that small in such a vaste city like Shanghai.

We did feel super disoriented at some point. The culture is so different, the food, the behaviors. But it did shake me up a little bit and opened my eyes and mind on a lot of new things (I still have troubles understanding how it could be possible to eat dog meat for example)… I need to say that I felt much more at ease in Japan but China is a beautiful country the way it is. It was so funny to see people staring at me in the streets because of my white skin and blonde hair. Even had folks coming up to me to make pictures! James and I had so much fun hanging out in the streets of the city after a busy day of shooting for Omega in the Xin Tian Di area. For that occasion I picked a casual outfit but as always with a fashionable twist, some Chanel flats and this beautiful Omega watch on my wrist. All details bellow :)

P.S A very special surprise will be revealed this week on Kayture… Remember we told you in the beginning of the year that Kayture is turning new? Well it wasn’t only about the design of the blog or our new projects. Stay updated, I can’t wait to reveal everything.





Kayture.China.004 Kayture.China.005 Kayture.China.006 Kayture.China.007 Kayture.China.008Kayture.China.016Kayture.China.001Kayture.China.020 Kayture.China.011Kayture.China.017Kayture.China.025 Kayture.China.012 Kayture.China.013Kayture.China.015Kayture.China.018 Kayture.China.019Kayture.China.021 Kayture.China.022Kayture.China.024Kayture.China.026Kayture.China.029




BLAZER : Minusey (Similar Here)

TROUSERS : Chloé (Similar Here)

FLATS : Chanel

BAG : Valentino through Monnier Frères

WATCH : Omega


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Beautiful photos and when so beautiful

great pics!

Beautiful beautiful beautiful photos!
Your past two weeks really sounds crazy, I’m glad to read all about it.
Shanghai ist jus crazy… Chia is very very different from Japan but it’s so much fun and the people are so lovely.

Glad you’re back again. You look marvelous. Love the pants and the watch!

xx Mira

These pants are very cute, the color is beautiful. The look is easy and chic, perfect to visit the city. The blazer is different and very original, I like it. These Chanel flats are absolutely amazing. Love so much the handbag, it’s gorgeous

Nice photos :) love your bag!

So funny that people stare at you in China because of your blond hair, haha! Anyway, you look amazing! Love your pants!
Oh, and I can’t wait to hear the news! Have a great week, babe! <3



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Very nice pics and your look.

I love your outfit so much! The slouchy pants and T-shirt pair so well.. who would have thought! :-) You are someone who’d look sexy in a sack!

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Amazing outfit !

Love from Paris

This look looks so cute and comfy, yet really beautiful ;)

This is my ideal outfit for holidays and exploring new places! Comfy and stylish, huge inspiration here thank youuuuuuu

Love that baggy pants you´re wearing! They´re really cool!

Omg o.O these midi culottes are absolutely stunning, I absolutely love fabric and color!!! I love your cozy city-trip outfits
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Ah enfin ! Vous m’avez rendu accro à Kayture et je regardai ce blog tous les jours à la recherche d’un nouvel article. Celui-ci ne déçoit en rien, les photos sont incroyables, encore une fois :)

You look so beautiful Kristina, looove the outfit!!! Can’t wait for all your adventures in Cannes, I’m looking forward to read Kayture every single day :) You are my n°1 blogger inspiration!! xx

Love your outfit! So chic!

Love your blog! Beautiful photographs, its great that you get to see all these amazing locations!
- Grace

Loving this simple yet so chic look!! Especially the pants are so gorgeous! And already excited to see everything :)

Love from Munich, L


Such cool photos! James is so good :)

Your photos are always amazing! <3

I'm into photography too, you can come and visit :)

Les photos sont cools!

This city is so beautiful nd you look gorgeous as always!

I am in love with your Outfit!! The Pants are amazing!! xo, Christina

Beautiful pictures Kristina! You look pretty as always and I hope you can relax a little from your hectic past weeks!

X Sara

Great look!! Especially the pants and the bag!!

Check out my new fashionblog, also just posted a very summerly look!!

Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a fabulous time and you look absolutely gorgeous! Excited for your new changes lovely and have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that it all goes smoothly!

Katie <3

Elegance and simplicity. It’s simply perfect.


I loved when you posted snippets from this outfit on instagram. But I have to say that this post is great. Can’t wait to see more!

As always, truly beautiful Kristina. The outfit is so casual yet classy, love it!



Absolutely love these photos! You look wonderful as always! <3

I love your figure (and everything you’re wearing of course)!

Love, Inga

gorgeous pictures!

J’aime beaucoup ton pantalon. Très elegant.


How I missed your posts !
I was like a stalker in your instagram feed waiting for news !
You look gorgeous ! I don’t know what magic you apply in your photos or if it’s only you !
Seems a very nice city and I understand your problems with dog meat ! I mean I’m confused with that too !
Waiting for new posts ! :)

xo, Lili |

Love the wide leg trousers. So chic in Shanghai!

How? I mean HOW can you make these trousers look so sexy? :)

Love and kisses xxx

You look so chic even with a simple outfit. I really love your style! Xx

The Fashion Panda 26 May 2014 / Reply

So nice to hear your stories ! Looks like an amazing time :)

You know, chinese people eat dog meat like we eat chicken, it’s not a problem for them.
It’s just strange for us to imagine eating our lovely pet but it’s because our customs. At least in China, dogs aren’t more privileged than other animals (I don’t why it could be better to eat fishes than dogs, you see?).
Just my opinion ;).

Looking great! Beautiful pics of Shanghai:) XO

What a chic outfit! And beautiful photos.

Daniella 26 May 2014 / Reply


Looks like a lot of fun in China.. Crazy how people stare at you because you look different, but you look stunning so why not haha..

Please stop perpetuating stereotypes, your comment about eating dog is ignorant and unnecessary. I am Chinese and I have never eaten dog in my life nor have I even seen it on the menu at a restaurant in any of my travels to China. Did you actually see it? In this day and age and especially in Shanghai, please don’t act like everybody eats it and it’s everywhere like chicken or beef. I’m sure you can find it if you tried but it certainly isn’t served at the hoity toity Western restaurants you go to. When you are poor and starving in a rural village, you eat what is available to survive, so I’m sure it’s difficult for you to understand.

amazing pictures, and love the comfy but still fashionable outfit! <3

Not my favourite outfit of yours.. and I feel like your hair is just too long right now..

Kristina you look stunning girl!!! I love the pictures and the look. I can tell you are so busy with all the events you are havings. Great events, btw. I follow you on instagram and your life looks like a dream! It happens when you do a good job!!

Those two weeks sound so hectic but so exciting. I would love to experience something like that one day. I think I might add Shanghai to the list of places I want to visit. I’m really excited for your next posts

Love the pants and I can’t wait for the new posts!!

Wow this pant is stunning ! Looks really great with the bag color!

Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for more to come (especially from Cannes!!)
xoxo Jasmin

Stunning pictures of a great place! Love your hair! All the best from Munich, <3


So happy that you post a new article. I looked everyday if something new and finally it is a new post. Love this outfit. The pants are amazing. They look so stylish and comfortable and the flats are so pretty. Can’t wait to see more from you from the last week. So excited.
Wish you a great day Kristina. Happy monday.
xo, Petra

Such easy trousers – love them.

Sophie x

I love the natural and still so elegant look of this outfit. The color and style of the trousers are just amazing. As always such a timeless outfit with your personal Chinese twist, as I would call it :)

I love the pics! Glad you’re back. I have to say, though, I don’t like these trousers. I mean, the colour is gorgeous but you’re a very skinny girl and they make you look fat and shorter. Skinny pants always the best for you, girl!

Haylei Sheldon 27 May 2014 / Reply

I am so obsessed with your blog, definitely the best one by far! I’m glad you’re back and I can’t wait for you to share your other adventures as well! I’m also excited to hear the news about the “new” Kayture, I can’t wait !



Wow stunning photos! Love your outfit too! Super chic :)


We missed you, Kristina!!! Looking great as always! Can’t wait for all the stories and your adventures!

It´s not easy to look good on flats and large pants but you nailed it!! Cool!

you are seriously gorgeous.. you look stunning in any attire.. your smoky eyes, bright red lips and flawless fair skin undeniably enhancing your beauty. on top of that, your smile is very angelic.. love your smile so much! really adore your blog as the pictures taken are stunning and high quality. every pictures tell a different story. wish i can go travelling too someday.. you are really my inspiration. love from malaysia. ;)

I love those trousers, the silhouette is so chic!

X Malena

Wow, its looks so nice there! I hope you at least get a week rest now, you must be so tired! Glad you both had a great time, look forward to seeing the next posts :D love from Summer.

Je suis vraiment “fan” si on peut dire ainsi ! Tout chez toi est un vrai modèle pour moi. Ton style vestimentaire… J’adore ! Et j’imagine très bien les regards des habitants sur toi. Je suis allée en Bulgarie il y a quelques années et ils n’avaient vraiment pas l’habitude de voir une jeune fille noire alors tous les regards étaient braqués sur ma soeur et moi. C’est quand même étrange comme sensation ! Quoiqu’il en soit, super article encore une fois.

Such beautiful pics!!! I’m in awe that you edit and write everything yourself!!! Makes your blog even better:o) But you could hire someone to do the pic editing, maybe…so you have a little bit more quality time for yourself:o)
xoxo Kirsten

It must be pretty difficult to recognize the road signs, since they were all written in Chinese:)
I love your blog!

I really know what you’re talking about :D Cannes is truly crazy but also an amazing and magical time :) You looked gorgeous on the red carpet. Especially your white dress for Jimmy’s Hall was stunning :) I like your Shanghai Streetstyle. Those pants are cool and they look so comfy!
Have a nice day :)

Wow this sounds crazy but following you on Instagram I could see that you were really enjoying your time! This might sound strange but if you need people to support you work-wise I would be happy to help you out. I mean, I am only a little blogger living in Paris (but also with Geneva roots) but I share all your interest in fashion, lifestyle and travels and on top love craving around Internet.

I completely understand the feeling of being out of your comfort zone, I visited Kuala Lumpur last year and it was a huge culture shock! Felt completely out of place but it was such an interesting and special experience at the same time. Love these photos. xx

The outfit is amazing, I love your Chloè trousers! And Shangai must be so beautiful to visit! Can’t wait to see all the post and know about the news here on Kayture ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Salut Kristina, je suis beaucoup ton blog, depuis presque le début mais c’est mon premier commentaire. J’adore ton style et ta personnalité mais je trouve là que tu fais preuve d’ethnocentrisme. Dire que les chinois mangent du chien, c’est d’un cliché sans nom et peu répandu. Les chinois qui mangent du chien le font parce qu’ils sont pauvres, souvent dans les campagnes, et n’ont pas les ressources nécessaires pour se nourrir correctement. Il n’y a pas de quoi juger là dessus! Et pour rajouter que les asiatiques prennent souvent les “blancs” en photo, c’est vrai! En france, des coréens m’avaient prises en photo :)
Enfin, très jolies photos, je suis heureuse pour toi que tu fasses tous ces voyages, tout ce qui t’arrives est merveilleux, bonne continuation !

Love the Valentino bag, please tell me what the color is called…Thanks!

Sublimes photos! Cette ville a l’air géniale


Your pants are too gorgeous!


Hi Kristina!

Love your website and YOU!
If you dont mind could you tell me exactly what color is the Valentino Rockstud bag that you have in your pictures? I love it and cant seem to find the exact color online.

Thank you so much!
California, USA.

I’m a my English is poor.BUT i insist on reading what u write.u can’t believe i like u sooooooooooooooooo much.ur clothes r all so amazing and ur make up looks sooooo i searched u on the internet.i noticed that ur birthday is 28.Oct,1993 our birth is so close meanwhile i feel bad because though we are in the same age u r successful however i am studying in college.i have great interested in fashion and i will keep on supporting u.wish u have a good time in china and hope u come china again.