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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been obsessed with health and leading the most natural, organic and clean lifestyle possible. Many facts triggered this decision to drastically change of diet, first of all my constant tiredness, messy skin, weight gain and above all health issues. I was constantly in and out of the doctor, getting sick after each trip. It was simply impossible to go on living like that.

Travelling the world comes with great perks, but there are some downsides to it as well. The constant travel makes it hard to maintain a proper, balanced diet. For the longest time I’ve been over indulging with the idea that this is how I make the most out of each journey. We run around all day from a meeting, to a shooting, to an event, to the next airport, with phone calls and 20 new e-mails every hour.  So most of the time have very little free time and eat on the go.

With all the stress, I felt the need to “let it go” and “enjoy” by eating whatever I wanted. But since we are always in a state of stress and always travelling, it became a constant habit. We’d be busy all day, would grab a bagel or some cookie in between shows or meetings and then in the evening when we’d finally have an hour of free, I’d have the heaviest meal possible.

And so last year around fashion week not only I couldn’t close my dresses or fit in my skinny jeans anymore, I also had a very unfortunate burnout which I’ve never talked about on Kayture, only my closest friends and family knew about it. In January, by visiting my doctor for the 1000th time, I found out that not only was I dealing with excess stress, I also discovered that my body had a defensive reaction to all the wrong food decisions I took and the instable nutriment intake, I became gluten intolerant. Gluten being a hard to process protein contained in many foods, in excess can become very nocive and indeed over time the body can start rejecting it, just like you can have diabetes over time by over indulging with sugar.

That’s the way my body decided to fight against that. It blocked access to all these foods that I was eating practically everyday. When I understood that, it was a shock to me and a real alarm clock screaming in my ears. I couldn’t believe it. I was eating bread at each meal, not to mention that cookies and cakes were my religion. So many things I had to say goodbye to… So at first I was pissed. I felt like it was so unfair until I finally got the lesson. There should be pleasures, the problem is that most of us associate indulgence with very heavy and rich, high in sugar, meals when it can be much, much better for you than that.

Moreover, this got me interested in the causes of my problem and I started realizing that I was doing it all wrong for the longest time. I didn’t care at all about my health, I just wanted to get a quick satisfaction. For months, I researched what a healthy lifestyle should be, and how I can be gluten intolerant yet still receive pleasure out of food. The goal was to increase the immune system, fight stress, get rid of my skin issues and loose those extra pounds that felt so heavy on my body.

I started working out : pilates, running, you name it. But yoga is the one which blew my mind completely as it made me understand how body and mind are equally connected together :


 What you put in your body should be as clear,

clean and pure as you want your mind to be.


So I started by getting of course rid of all gluten and questioned each product I had in my fridge wondering first of all if it contained gluten and second of all if it’s really good for me. What I realized is that… I had absolutely no freaking clue of what’s in all these foods and therefore of what I put in my body!

I got an app on my phone called “The Whole Pantry” (you should get it like right away) and I read aaaall their case studies about processed foods, GMOs, super foods, sugar and etc. So first thing I did was to trash all processed foods I had, the Philadelphia (which I thought was healthy) the processed salad dressings full of gluten, special K cereals, marketed to be healthy but are full of sugars and aaaall of my supposedly “healthy” granola bars, again all packed with gluten, sugar and god knows what. I thought I had healthy things in my fridge, when I really didn’t.

My diets is now as organic as possible. I still have some macarons or ice cream (preferably fresh from a bakery shop I trust) from time to time but I could never, even if I was starving, grab a snickers bar or kit kat. I’d instead go for an organic, ideally raw, dark chocolate bar with some organic, unsweetened peanut butter. Processed food is the worst, it’s cheap but you have no idea what’s in it. Companies use so many chemicals to make margins on the fabrication of those foods and the more you eat those industrially processed products full of sugars, the more you crave them as they’re smart enough to put in chemical solutions which will get you severely addicted.

Many researches show that

sugar is a common narcotic

It’s a modern drug, popularly commercialized to which we are all sadly addicted when we start eating it. That’s just how our brain reacts and why kids love sweets : our brain analyzes it so easily, it triggers the pleasure button (tin tin tin* yummy! again!) while it takes much more time to appreciate vegetables. Sad but true story which of course all big food chain companies understood and used at their advantage.

I am no nutritionist, but I’ve researched subject for months and I know for fact : you’ll notice that if you do a sugar rehab or even better processed food rehab for at least two weeks, you’ll be surprised (as much as I was) to see that you absolutely won’t crave any of these foods anymore. I know I don’t anymore and I am being 100% honest, not just skinny bitching and convincing myself… Trust me. Instead, it will seriously seem disgusting to you and you’ll have the will to boycott all these GMO’s like I kind of do.

There’s an incredible conference that Jamie Oliver gave where he explains all of this and how schools should be pursued in justice for putting those snack machines in the middle of cafeterias and how from the youngest age, kids are getting used to the taste of sugar, making them physically and mentally addicted. But that’s just how economy work, companies need to continue making profit and selling millions now and later so putting a selling machine in a school is getting all these future young adults addicted and aware of what processed sweet tastes like from the youngest age. They’ll be their most loyal consumers. Smart strategy, no? But question is why do schools accept that when these snacks will only give kids a quick sugar rush and then lead to tiredness, stress and anxiety? Some say, they are being paid by those food chains, we’re almost 99% sure.

Fact is :  sugar is everywhere, in salad dressings, in bread, in drinks… Did it ever happen to you that you’ll eat your snickers bar and crave 10 more? Or have your coke and crave entire packs of cookies? Well try eating a full avocado with some drizzled organic olive oil, lemon and pepper and we’ll see if you’ll still want that cookie. Or if you’re more into sweets, then have a banana, have two if you want, and add on top of it organic almond butter, goji berries, strawberries, raw cacao nibs, and we’ll see if you want more ;)

I want, no, I NEED to take the time to tell you all of that because I feel like it’s such a crucial subject. Realizing all of this literally changed my life, and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s so true. My family and friends witnessed it and it’s positive repercussions : it go them all questioning their own decisions and now I can I see them take full control of their diets.


I’ve never felt that good in my entire life.


Plus I’ve never been more aware of what goes in my body. I’ve extended this philosophy further to my skin care (we discussed it previously here) as well as to medicine. Same story, god knows what’s in all of this and taking an antibiotic always lead me to have another illness 3 days later. There are so many natural remedies available against the flu, headaches or even stomach aches, Whole Foods or organic markets are the perfect places to find all of that. But then again, I can’t respect more the advances made in medicine and there is indeed a point where you need them, I’m just trying to say : be careful with what you put in your body and don’t put anything you don’t truly need or don’t know where it comes from. Furthermore, with a healthy diet, you shouldn’t get sick at all :)

Last but not least, I also decided to stop eating meat completely, essentially for ethic reasons but also because meat has been proven by several studies to increase stress levels. I could write you guys a full article about it too haha! At first I thought that cutting off meat would make me lack in energy or in iron… I instead gained energy. I compensate with fish, eat a lot of tofu, quinoa and lentils. I’ve tried being vegan for a month and I must say that being a big lover of fish, eggs and honey, it was hard but I am interested to keep trying as I feel like it’s a much “kinder” way to eat. I don’t wear fur, but leather is so hard to avoid. One day perhaps, more designers will have alternatives (Stella McCartney does an amazing job at that).

The finality of all this is : pay attention, be kind to yourself and make smart decisions. Don’t be a blind consumer, be a clever one and you will only see the benefits out of it. Feed yourself with foods that were made with love, all that good energy will go in you, but also all it’s real nutriments, vitamins and enzymes will help you fight everyday life with bags of strength. With that being said,

I am happy to share with you some

of my favorite healthy, gluten free snacks

to hopefully show you how health

can perfectly go along with pleasure! 


1. Berries and Almonds 

Light, fresh and crunchy, that’s one of my favorite snacks because it so simple yet delicious. I’ll usually have a mix of berries or just one sort but it’s most of the time my breakfast and a perfect way to start the day as it’s not too much so your stomach won’t get too big (if you eat too much in the morning, your stomach will bloat and you’ll crave more food during the day) yet enough to get me started in great mood.

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and Manganese (essential in detoxification), they have also great anti-inflammatory properties. Raspberries and Blueberries do as well but are also is very rich in dietary fiber (which helps digestion and nourishes tissues). Almond are rich in vitamin E, B, have many essentials minerals and are the healthy fats you need for your body.


2. The Green Smoothie

Ever since I’ve been on this health path, I couldn’t stop using my blender to create delicious smoothies. I haven’t got my hands on a juicer yet but while in L.A, I drank green juices all day long. At first I couldn’t imagine myself drinking that, especially when it only contains vegetables. But to get used to the taste I came up with a smoothie that does contain fruits and therefore adds a little sweetness to it.

My favorite green smoothie of the moment contains, three cups of baby spinach, 1 stack of celery, half a banana, some fresh raspberries (to your taste, depends how sweet you like it) and chia seeds. I’ll add to it also a cup of water. If you want extra sweetness, you can also add one spoon of raw organic cacao powder, perfect before a work out. You can get chia seeds at any organic health shop, some pharmacies also sell it.

This smoothie is filling, full of vitamins, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. Chia is high in fiber, rich in omega-3 fatty acids (essential for maintaining metabolic and heart health). The amino acids in Chia seeds regulate mood, improve sleep, promote healthy weight and being rich in protein are perfect for vegetarians.


3. Almond Butter & Sliced banana 

My favorite guilty, oh wait, no so guilty pleasure. I love having a gluten free biscotte with two spoons of almond butter and half of a sliced banana. One tablespoon of almond butter contains as much protein as you would get from the same quantity of meat (!) and is an excellent source of fiber. One teaspoon of almond butter contains more than 25% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E, regulate blood sugar (reducing your risk of getting diabetes), are known to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and control blood pressure. Last but not least you can get more omega 3 fatty acids from almond butter than from peanut butter!

I love to slice some banana on top of it. Bananas help overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin (the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter). They also regulate blood sugar and produce stress-relieving relaxation and are the only raw fruit that can be consumed without distress to relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach against corrosive acids!!


4. Dried Apricots, Cashews, Walnuts and Apple

Just as simple as it is! Apples are my favorite snack ever, sometimes I’ll have 3 a day just because I genuinely love them that much. I always keep them in the refrigerator, that way there’re super juicy and fresh when I have one. Apples are filled with soluble fiber which has shown to reduce intestinal disorders and some types of cancer. It helps control insulin levels, it cleanses and detoxifies.

Cashews and Walnuts are packed with nutritional content and are those healthy fats you want and need. Dried apricots are a very good source of iron and are above all delicious! They have so many hidden properties to fight stomach flues and promote a beautiful skin.


5. Egg white omelet with spinach and broccoli 

Cheers to egg white omelets! High in protein, low in carbs and completely fat-free (if only the oil you use to cook it with), they are the perfect, filling buddy you could get. I cook mine on olive oil (just a tiny drizzle) and love having some spinach and broccoli in it.

On top of that, I’ll always have a side of avocado to go along as I am so addicted to it! Avocados are nutritional powerhouses providing with numerous potential health benefits full of healthy fats, proteins and vitamins. YUM!


6. Sliced Fruits 

Nothing better than some sweet, delicious sliced fruits anytime of the day. I am obsessed with Watermelon, Cantaloupe which contains a large amount of Vitamin A, one of the best natural antioxidants for human body. So due to this antioxidant property, it fights against different types of cancers keeping you disease free and healthy. I also love having some sliced Pineapple, it’s very is low in calories but is still a storehouse of several unique health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health!


Bon Appétit!



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Thanks for sharing!

This article came to me while I was eating a chocolate muffin in my room, and I swear as I was reading, I promised myself I wont buy any more muffins as long as I remember your advice. I have always been aware of all the bad thins that processed foods have, yet never actually paid attention.
Now I think it’s time I start doing what you did, you are such a great inspiration and I am more convinced of it everyday, THANK YOU!
Lots of love from Spain <3

I couldn’t agree more!! Sadly I’m wheat intolerant. I had to cut it out of my diet too but now I’m feeling much better. Thanks for sharing these awesome healthy snack ideas.

xx Mira

Good advices ! And yummi food !


Bonjour Kristina ! Il n’y a pas que la nourriture mais aussi tous les produits que l’on se met sur le corps. Ca fait un moment déjà que je me fais la réfléxion, toi qui aimes tant la mode, pourquoi ne t’es-tu pas encore tournée (en tout cas, pas sur le blog) vers des produits cosmétiques bio et sains ? tu te maquilles tous les jours, mets beaucoup du vernis, et du coup c’est d’autant plus mauvais de porter des produits dont les compositions sont toxiques à la longue… Et les marques de luxe comme YSL, Chanel et autres sont pleines de ces mauvais composants. Ce serait intéressant que tu te tournes vers d’autres produits, qui ne sont pas moins luxueux pour autant, comme Kure Bazaar (vernis) et Ilia (maquillage) simplement moins célèbres parce que ces marques bio débarquent à peine (à peine en comparaison aux grandes marques de luxe) La tendance est vraiment en train de tourner au plus naturel possible, rester uniquement sur les marques luxe et de haute couture est un peu désuet aujourd’hui. Après je ne dis pas de tourner le dos à certaines marques complètement, mais d’aller voir ailleurs ce qui se fait, ce qui se vend etc…
Bon voyage à Shanghai! J’aime beaucoup cette ville, essayes d’aller de te promener dans les quartiers traditionnels, c’est là-bas qu’on ressent l’âme de la ville… :)
Sur ce, je retourne lire la suite de ton post…!

Such a great post with lots of food inspo.
Thank you for sharing this, I have really enjoyed reading!

fruits served with a dash of makeup is totally appetizing!! :D I love the glow on your skin!

Forgotten Makeup Heroes | The Conscience Fund

Wow. Thank you so much for your amazing tips and sharing your thoughts with us!

Love from Munich, L


Merci pour toutes ces recettes, elles ont l’air délicieuses :)
Je me dis qu’il faut que je fasse plus attention moi aussi…

My favorite desert is fruit with iogurt!!

I love all kinds of fruits and vegetables!!

And I crosse my fingers but I don’t remember the last time that I visited the doctor…;)


Absolutely loved this post. It is so difficult to constantly think about what you’re eating. I have a major sweet tooth and when I get those cravings I just can’t seam to be satisfied with fruit.. I don’t really believe in cutting out everything from your diet that is unhealthy but whatever works I would say! Great post again!

Wow, such an amazing post! Definitely makes me reconsider my own eating habits. I’ve found that some people who start eating gluten free feel weak and tired because of it? do you think eating gluten free is possible for everyone?

X Malena

Ce que tu dis sur le sucre, j’en suis convaincue, n’ayant pas été elevée au sucre rapide et pas trop aux produits industriels, j’ai toujours pu manger les aliments sans ajout de je ne sais quoi étant enfant, mes pâtes sans fromage, mes frites sans mayo etc… ce qui n’empêche pas que je le fasse aujourd’hui, mais je peux aussi ne pas le faire. Aujourd’hui, je ne sucre jamais mon café, ni mes desserts (ou alors au sirop d’érable) je picore ma salade sans sauce sous les yeux consternés des gens… il s’agit juste d’éviter les sucres rapides et graisses dont on peut se passer en fait, il y a des choses qu’on mange par habitude alors que c’est inutile voir mauvais…

WOOOOOAAAAAH Kristina, thank you so much for sharing your story. I read the whole thing and I really can relate to your story. I’ve been a little down since probably september last year, when I gained some weight and just felt super unhealthy. It affected my mood and I found out that eating healthy helps a lot. I feel a bit better now, lost a little weight and my moods are better. I still can do so much better though. I kind of eat 50% healthy, 50% unhealthy. You inspired me to eat more healthy though! I wanna feel great, just like you! <3



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Great! Thanks fot tips :)

The most inspiring article about health and food I have ever read + the pictures are simply amazing!!! Thank you for such a huge inspiration, I definitely must try it all
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Ver inspirational post Kristina! Since one your ago I really try to look at what I eat and drink and it helped me to feel better about myself. I do give myself a treat fromtime to time and I’m not that strict during the weekends either. I also excercise to stay in good health.

I’m really going to try some of these recipes!

X Sara

Lauretta 14 May 2014 / Reply

Dear Kristina, I’ve been reading your Blog for a while now and when I started I mostly felt drawn to it because you were such a natural curvy and beautiful woman.
But what happened during the last few months made clear that even strong woman like you struggle with the pressure of always having to look perfect and skinny and that the industry just influences everything.
I am not against healthy food, its totally wonderful and good for you, but I am against dismissing everything (bread, meat, sugar) from your diet that could possibly make you gain weight. Since I’m a doctor I know what gluten-intolerance really means and that its very unlikely (of course not impossible) to get it in your mid-twenties…its even more likely – especially in your age – to just dismiss it because of a carbohydrate-reduced diet.
I don’t want to tell you what to do because I’m sure that is something everyone needs to figure out himself – but: please be careful and think about what you do with your body. Don’t starve it – because it will make you even sicker than you were on your cookie-diet. You are a role-model to so many people out there and there are a lot of woman having an eating-disorder. Pictures of fruit and tiny bits of bread won’t help to make them feel comfortable with what they eat. Just remember that. I wish you all the best!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Kristina. As a vegetarian I understand the importance of your dietary change and I am so happy to see you healthy and happy.

Great article! Thank you very much for that. You did a great job to study all that and come to a healthy lifestyle. I never thought sugar can be a drug used by companies, but know I start realizing that. I’ll certainly try out your advice and recipes!


Thank you so so much for this amazing article Kristina! It’s so important to share the massenge that we all should think more about what we really put in our bodys. It’s crazy how corrupt this whole meat/sugar/processed food industry is. After beeing vergetarian for a few years i started beeing a rawtill4 vegan and it feels so good putting so much fresh organic food into my body! i think you might like freelee the banana girl on youtube. There are some other interesting films/videos out there like and “the best speach you will ever hear”…. SO thank you again for this post and of corse all the other inspiring things and thoughts you share here. Hope you have a lovely day! xx

I am guilty with avocado addiction too ^^

Thank you a lot for taking the time (oh boy your brave, coz that is a looong article) to explain, inform, insist, share, advise ! This article is very interesting… also if I am totally in denial of the unhealthiness of Philadelphia !!! Nooo, I loved that thing…

Anyway. I am very interested in what you say and in health through nutrition. Last year I started looking at what I eat and as you explain it : my craving for bad and unhealthy food totally disapeared. So its true. BUT if you stop for a week or so, the cravings will come back and it is harder to get back to this healthy feeling again (this was my biggest error).
I downloaded the app your talking about, and I am motivated to retry eating all healthy and stuff :)

Thanks K.!!

you’re so right!!!
everything looks so yummy!!!

Hi Kristina :)

First of all, I’d like to thank you for this article.
I have been following you for nearly two years but was always too shy to leave a comment.
I love your pictures and looks, skin tips and travel articles, makes me escape from everyday’s not-so-glamorous-life ;)
But in this article I really recognized myself because like you I think healthy eating is THE way to go !
Very few people are preoccupied about bad food habits and the fact that someone like you with so much influence actually takes time to talk about it is amazing !
I hope you will find some time to write an article about being a vegetarian, because people must be aware of the dark side of meat industry !
Thank you for your engagement and wish you all the best to continue making Kayture the best blog every !

Billie -M-

Laetitial 14 May 2014 / Reply

Lately I’ve been really into healthy food as well and I just can’t stop! I mean, holly Molly, how good is it seriously?! Plus, just as you said, I feel so much better, my skin is beyond clean and I’m full of energy. Your article truly made my day, loved every single paragraph to it. I also like adding chia seed, spirulina powder and goji berries to my daily smoothies :-) Here’s another healthy snack i thought you might like : sliced apple with Greek or sheep yogurt dip, in which you add cinnamon and agave nectar or any natural sweetener you want. So yummy! I actually was sitting next to you once at I Feel Bio (my favorite spot so far, obsessed with this place!!) but guess I was too shy to interrupt you and say hi. I wish you all the best, with your carrier, both blogging and singing, as long as you follow your dreams you’ll be happy and making all of your followers even happier :-) xx from Switzerland

Domitille 14 May 2014 / Reply

<3 <3

Thank you so much for this amazing and inspiring post!! You convinced me to start a healthy lifestyle, these snack just look delicious!! It’s so important to take good care of your body, this post was a real eye opener! Keep up the good work dear!! X

I would have NEVER guessed you were unhealthy from your blog photos! You’re skin is always so healthy looking & you look fit too. Though, I think it’s a great choice to add healthy habits into our lifestyles. Like you said, it’s impossible to keep going with unhealthy habits if you want to live long. Great posts & gorgeous photos!

The Fashann Monster

Christina 14 May 2014 / Reply

Thank you for this wonderful post, Kristina! It’s very inspring needless to say that your body has changed a lot, in a good way of course, which i have noticed a few weeks ago!
I always try to not eat sweets but after a while I fall back into old habits and go on eating them again. I hope that I can fight against my “addiction” with the tips you gave me in this article.
Again thank you and all the best to you and James!
Best wishes from Greece, Christina ♥

Have you ever tried coconut oil to cook your eggs?

I witnessed your drastic lost of weight and I considered that you must starve yourself. Now that I read about your organic diet it totally convinced me to follow you :)

Thank you so much! Wonderful article, and photo too! You are my best motivation!)

Wow such amazing tips and ideas! :) great way to live healthy <3


Great post! Interesting information and really useful tips! Photos are flawless, as always x

Fabulous! Glad you found your way to a healthy lifestyle – I think the stress our generation is constantly exposed to slowly kills our bodies, to say it bluntly…
Bit by bit, I had to leave out food groups because my body couldn’t handle them any more… I’ve been on a completely vegan diet for more than four years, cut out processed foods as much as possible and try to get whole grain whenever I can (but it’s still pretty hard in restaurants etc. around here) – Lately, my body has started to react to alcohol – even the tiniest bit. At first I just got mad migraines when I had a glass of wine, so I simply cut that out, but now every kind of alcohol gives me gastritis that lasts for days (really, it’s absurd, I cannot even have a single sip of a nice cocktail). Sometimes I think I should really get a check up on which foods my body can take and which it doesn’t, but as long as I’m doing fine and can regulate all that on my own….
But to end that post on a positive note – my blood test results have been fabulous ever since I went vegan, I only have to watch my iron intake, which is easy enough, as I’m a seeds/nuts/beans/lentil junkie anyway ;)

xo Sabrina from WHAT PIXIES WEAR

PS: Try 1-2 bananas, 2 heaping teaspoons of raw cacao, 1-2 teaspoons of oat bran, 1 tablespoon of cashew butter blended with almond milk. It’s my go-to sweet breakfast when I’m on the run!

I love this article. About 5 weeks ago I learned I was gluten intolerant as well. I still have a hard time adapting to it and changing my eating habits. But this really helps. I’ve seen the change in your body and your skin over the last months and this keeps me going, knowing that leaving the bread on the table in restaurants will be for the better.
I was wondering if there are some great sites or books that thought you how to change your habit?
That being said, I love your blog and how you are more of a girl next door blogger. Actually providing wearable and daily looks.

Thank you so much for posting this. I think clean, organic eating needs to be more public as it is especially in fashion. I am curious though if you will stop wearing leather since you won’t eat meat. You said it was difficult, but you never said if you’d commit to it or not. I think it’d be great if you did–I don’t know of many fashion bloggers who won’t wear leather. I think you’re in a position to take a stance against leather and make an impact on that. You’re influential, you should definitely use it for the things you believe in :)

What a great post, Kristina! I’ve been having the same problems for about over a year now, and sinds a few months I’ve been trying to eat lactose, gluten and glucose free. It works like a charm, as you said. Big thanks for sharing the word!

very nice post!
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Dear Kristina,

It is great of you to take time to write a blog post about healthy eating habits.

Young girls are influential of fashion bloggers and might get idea that to look good you should be living on macarons, pastry and coffee.


I’d love to see more articles on this type of diet, because nowadays we are all almost gluten intolerant more or less.

With love,

This is such a great post!!! full of inspiration! I just love it!

Thank you very much for this amazing post with all the tips, tricks and ideas for a healtier life. I really love to read the article and learn something new. Thank you also for sharing all these delicious snack recipes. I definitely give it a try.
I wish you a great time in China, Take car.
xo, Petra

First of all – THANK YOU!

I’ve been fighting depression and anxiety and have been feeling sick almost constantly (!) lately and have gained a crazy amount of weight since last year, which is hard to accept, because I’ve always been skinny.

I just recently got into healthy eating. I couldn’t agree more with what you say – you should be careful with what you put in your body.
I noticed, that traveling a lot and being busy with other stuff, I haven’t had the time to cook (and I love cooking) and have been eating lots of unhealthy food. And I haven’t enjoyed it, in fact, I always wished to eat healthier, but I’ve been surrounded by people who don’t care for a healthy diet and it’s been hard to keep it up on my own.

I’m changing things drastically, and it’s great to have some advice. I love the way you wrote this article – it’s well put and easy to read. Actually, this is my favorite so far!
So, thank you again.
I will definitely try that smoothie! I love smoothies btw.

Keep up the good work,
Love, Liz.

Patricia 14 May 2014 / Reply

You did an amazing job in that post. All you said is so true and so important. I’ts not easy to do but you’re showing it is posible. Congrats!

Excellent post, Kay! I wish more people would be aware of the dangers and pitfalls of sugar. But especially in America, people are so reluctant to accept real foods and see that they are just as, and even more, delicious. And nutritious! And good job for quitting meat! It’s a great thing for your body :)

Oh, and if you’re looking for some exercise, I travel a lot as well and have discovered Blogilates on YouTube. It is soooo great! So many videos for so many different body parts and it’s really fun. Best part is you can do it anywhere at any time (there’s even an app!). Thought you’d might be interested.

And one last request: would a blogpost/Youtube video about how your style changed over the years and what your current style essentials are be somewhere in the future? :D

Love the blog, keep it up!
Sophia xx

Really enjoyed your article!
Please advice on some good vegan/ vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai? I was there a few days ago and can really recommend Wujie on the Bund.
Many thanks,
Niki Belcheva

this is such an amazing, detailed and informative post! thanks for sharing your story :) I’m trying to be much more healthier! thankfully, I’ve cut out a lot of sugary snacks but trying to be careful with the not so obvious bad choices – like you said, special k and granola bars are not as healthy as companies would like us to think. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and I’ve actually noticed how much healthier and happier you look, your skin is always glowing and your legs, by the way, are amazing haha keep it up :)

nina sax 14 May 2014 / Reply

Good post, finally ! Really enjoyed reading it , and knowing that you finally have a healthy life-style :-) I am myself vegetarian since 5 or 6 years ? Just eating fish and sea foods, otherwise sometimes it’s too hard to be able to be invited by friends for y meal, or go to some restaurants. Been also “juicing” for some time, and blending some smoothies, I’ll try that receipe of yours. But really, if I can give you an advice : get a juicing machine ;) like a juicepresso, or vitaléo (here in Switzerland you can have both). Also, I can tell that you are on like a “paleo diet” ? (no, nothing to do with the festival ;) ) just except maybe for the sugar non eating, because you still seem to love eating it some of the time. Anyway, enjoy Shangai, looks beautiful !

This post is super informative!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
I love your blog ❤

Great post. I am just starting to eat healthy but you are a true inspiration in every possible way.

anonym reader 14 May 2014 / Reply

Dear Kristina

I’m reading your blog since 2 years now I have never written a comment before. But after reading this post I just can’t do anything else than telling you, that I truly believe you have a strong and kind personlity. You share so much of you and your life with your readers and you always manage to give the feeling that you are one of us, that you are a normal person who also faces problems and who also struggles sometimes. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate that. Other bloggers just show their “perfects” lives, lives that have nothing in common with the lives of their readers. But you are different, you are really special.
I already saw some negative comments concerning this post on your instagram account and it makes me sort of angry to read them. Just don’t pay attention to those people and keep in mind that there are plenty out there who like you, even if we don’t know you personally.
(sorry for language mistakes!)

OMG thank you for these tips ! I will definitely change my eating habits now

J’ai beaucoup aimé cet article, je l’ai trouvé très intéressant et ce que tu dis est tellement vrai !
Il y a quelques temps j’ai eu les mêmes problèmes que toi à cause d’une alimentation trop riche, je mangeais beaucoup trop de choses sucrées et à tous les repas… Résultat : j’avais pris du poids et ma peau était de plus en plus moche et j’avais de nombreuses imperfections ! Du jour au lendemain j’ai eu un déclic et j’ai changé mon alimentation du tout au tout, maintenant je mange uniquement bio et très équilibré, je ne me prive de rien (je mange même toujours des desserts) mais tout ce que je mange je me le cuisine moi-même. Aujourd’hui et grâce à ça j’ai j’ai perdu environ 7kg et ma peau est beaucoup plus jolie ! :)
En tout cas tes idées de snack sont parfaites, et les photos me donnent terriblement faim ! :D

Julie Seewer 14 May 2014 / Reply

Thank’s Kristina for all those super instructive tips! I’ve seen the doctor no later than monday and it has been decided that I have to reduce all the chips, cake and Chocolate I used to eat… So I really needed to have some new organic snack ideas. Your article is done at the perfect moment! Thanks again

Olga Korniyuk 14 May 2014 / Reply

This is such a good article and advice, but so many questions appear:
1) What to eat in restaurants? I go there from time to time, and how I can be sure about the quality of food there?
2) For the girls, it’s okay, we can eat even only water (joking) =) but what about boys? They work harder, they need to eat meet at least, it is so hard to teach them not to do this..
3) Can I trust organic shops for sure? How to find the right organic shop?
If you have time and it’s possible, I would be glad if you give your opinion about all these questions ;)

Hey! Since you’re currently in Shanghai and I was living there last year I thought I could give you a restaurant recommendation related to this topic. It is in ‘Tianzifang’ and is called Origins. It is one of the only places there that serves fully organic food and has a great healthy menu. Tianzifang in general is an amazing place that you will probably enjoy a lot! Have fun in SH! x

wow kristina I really like your way of preparing and cooking food! amazing post!


Schweizer Fashionmama on Bloglovin

Great post, I like all the snack advice. You really got me thinking about all the cosmetics that I put on my face and I’m really thinking into trying some organic cremes!

Thank you for your information!It is very useful.I’m have my own experience in healthy eating and it really helps understand your body.The most amazing thing that you feeling so good.Before I pay attention to healthy eating I had a big problem with my skin and even doctors couldn’t helped me,but when I started to pay attention to my food and go in for sport my skin and whole body become better.Now I try to follow healthy lifestyle.Thank you that tell about importance of healthy food and how it can impact on our body!

Amazing post, like I’ve wrote it myself. I also had I lot of health problems last year, I was literally in doctors office at least twice a month. I had bad skin, gained 22 pounds, I was miserable. That’s when I decided I should learn more about healthy eating. I take better care of myself now. I love smoothies, and all greens actually. I have juicer and use it on a daily basis, I just had freshly squeezed juice with celery, carrots and beetroot in it. I Stop eating meat September 2013, mostly because I love animals so much, but also for health reasons. Still have a hard time quit dairies, but I’m getting there. And now I feel amazing I’m lighter with better skin, with so much more energy and most of all happier. I love fruits so much I swear I love watermelon and strawberries more than chocolate. And yes I do love chocolate and I’m sure it’s addictive an it’s a struggle every day, but it’s worth it. It does get easier in time. Thank you so much for sharing all this information with us and good luck with the new healthy lifestyle.

Isn´t this a bit contradictory to your other lifestyle choices? Like shoes, bags, dresses and all highly above its real value. I agree we have to eat healthy and I respect it until it´s for our bodies, but I would not be glad if you turned into a conspiracy-loving person I know, who do RAW diets, because they think it is globaly conspiracy against all humanity to eat and cook like normal people usually do. It destroyed their social lives completely, because there is no way you could go on a dinner date with your boyfriend like this, or meet up with your friends at bars/restaurants. They ended up alone.

My beloved sister is also celiatic, e.g. she´s on strict gluten free diet. BUT! There is no way people should leave out gluten, if they´re not gluten intolerant. Any doctor can prove that, gluten free diet only for the sick! The upcoming trend from US is messed up and has nothing to do with health. It´s like getting a chemo when you don´t have cancer (doctor´s quote).

Anyway, you are a great inspiration to many people and have the power to influence them. Please remember that, a big crowd is following you. Pick your words carefuly. Sofar I think you did. Keep on doing a great job!

P.S. Have you ever worn something twice? Where does all the stuff go? Have you thought about some way how to reinvest/restyle/recycle clothes you do not wear anymore? I mean it in a good way now, conscious fashion is so popular now. Even H&M knows it:)

I entirely loved this post! I really appreciate the way you took your time to explain how the food industry tricks us to having poor eating habits. I could feel how passionate you are about this subject and how genuine that passion is. On my story: One day a former acquaintance explained this to me and all of a sudden I found myself eating strictly vegan for four months. I loved it, sadly my body/mind didn’t cope with it in the best way: I didn’t enough of this or that, I barely ate because of my crazy studying schedule, and I felt weak, sleepy and tired all the time. I decided to switch to full vegetarian with the occasional vegan meal, grabbing as much proteins I can to not fall down that road again. Some would suggest to get iron and vitamin supplements, but I don’t like to put even more chemistry in my body, which is the whole point: eating only foods that are natural to the human body.
I love being a vegetarian, being more consumption-intelligent about my foods and for all the quality of my food, to inform myself about the true nature of what I’m eating and therefore contributing to a long and healthy life.
Thank you for sharing your story with us!
Much love,

You shoudn’t eat eggs it’s really really unhealthly :/ watch freelee the banana girl on youtube for good tips of healthly lifestyle. She also hlelped me. Have a good day! :)

This post has changed the way i see things. I’ve always been wanting to find some sort of diet that i can stick to, and in which i can, obviously: eat! First of all, i know that i can’t stop eating meat, but i will sure try to eat less of it. I’ll try to eat fruits and vegetables. And i’m convinced that i won’t do this just for appearences, but for my skin and for a better lifestyle. Thanks for giving me the little push i needed! Keep up this wonderful work. Xx

Elizabete 14 May 2014 / Reply

Absolutely loved this post! It was inspiring,a bit eye opening,
I really hope to see more posts like this, and am now so curious about what you would say about meat!
Best wishes!

Great article Kristina :-) thank you for sharing this with us

Love the green smoothie!
More about Kristinas eating behaviour you can find here:

This is perf! Thank you!

This is such a good post. Thanks for taking the time to write such an informative piece on health. I’m currently in the (very) early stages of a massive diet and exercise overhaul and am really looking forward to seeing the rewards. I’m having a whole lifestyle over-haul, re-doing my blog, changing my hair, changing my body and what I eat.

To find out that you take so much care over your diet gives me a massive boost – so I’ll never have a figure as tall and lean as yours – but I can damn well get as near as possible to it!

Thanks again Kristina!

Katie <3

Everything you said is true! I started eating healthy 3 months ago and I feel thousand times better. Also, I finally stopped craving all types of artificial sugar, which is amazing too.

Love your snack ideas, pretty much the same what I like to eat :)


Hi darling,
Congratulations for this confession. Go on with this new diet, at last, health is the only thing that assures you your future. We are a lot who left a bad diet behind. I do a diet similar to yours. Not so strict, but in the end more or less based at the same idea. When you are out of home buy a pair of apples (or any season’s fruit) instead a sandwich. You can also take nuts and chocolate, as you have alredy said, drink green tea, and eat food during all the day when you feel you need somethig in your mouth. You might think that you are eating allways and the fact is that you will. But fruits plus main meals will make you feel “on” all the day and you won’t have anxiety for sugar. You can also replace sugar for Stevia… I am sure that at this time you know pretty much about this kind of products… Keep on, keep well. xo

I love this post! I’ve been trying to change how I’ve been eating because of terrible stomach and health problems, and this was the perfect thing to read!


Awesome post! It’s really interesting how the body reacts to some things. I am also trying to eat healthier. however it is pretty hard… I wonder how you do it?!

THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and recipes! Sticking to greens, plant based proteins and organic/unprocessed foods has been the best way to maintain energy and staying healthy for me as well. x

This post is amazing, thank you for sharing your experience about your transaction to healthier eating! Sugar & gluten are the worst offenders when it comes to food, and it’s so important to know how certain foods can affect you and what we need to avoid!

These look so healthy. I love green juice too:) XO

Stefanie 14 May 2014 / Reply

Kristina I love your article! I came to the USA a year ago and had trouble with my weight and all the different foods here!
I am actually from austria so it was pretty hard for me to get used to the american culture! I am eating clean now too which was the best decision I could have made, I am also vegetarian since 3 years now :) I am so happy that you worked on a article like that to show others too how important nutrition is! A article about being vegetarian would be awesome too!
Your blog is amazing I wish you all the best,

this must have taken you ages to put together, great job and some amazing looking snack ideas. All else fails have some fruit :-)

Such great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us, Kristina.

Katerina Smidova 14 May 2014 / Reply

Thank you for this article, it is so inspirative, clear, healthy, with beautiful pictures and great ideas for snack. Carry on with this lifestyle and you will feel great forever !!! U r such an inspiration! Kisses!

I have been thinking a lot about a sugar free diet recently after all the press and have been shocked to discover all the hidden sugars. Thanks for sharing your experience, I need to now take the leap of faith and do it. Good luck and enjoy!

Couldn’t agree more with this post! I’ve made a conscious effort to change my diet as well this year and it’s really helping a lot. I’ve been vegetarian for almost 12 years now and though it helps a lot, since I’m also always traveling, I needed to be more careful to not eat a ton of crap on the go. Traveling on Europe is easier than traveling in the US because the US just has so many processed foods unless you travel to NYC, Chicago or big cities like LA. Though it’s still a work a progress, I definitely feel a big difference already!! Cheers to you!

I never really comment, but this is a really great article, super helpful and very informative. I’m big fan of sliced fruit and have been recently modifying my diet with great results (with help from my nutriologist). Thanks for taking the time to write this and keep up the good work :)

Josefa Arroyo 14 May 2014 / Reply

I just the read the article twice, I will love if you can share more of you dishes and snacks with us, some people like me really don’t know how to eat healthy and delicious at the same time, thanks for this post!

Oooh, and your skin is so perfect and ofc you look beautiful, congratulations!

xoxo, Josefa.

Stephanie 14 May 2014 / Reply

I’m so happy you wrote this article. I think it is extremely importent people know what happened to processed food and how bad it is for your health. I’m a medical student and I’m so ennoyed by the fact that patients in hospitals get really bad food, and people at home don’t know that processed food is extremely unhealthy and that ‘simply’ eating healthy can prevent them from many many diseases. Thank you for spreading the message!

lovely post with great information. Thks for sharing.
btw if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, I would sometime boil ginger with water (like tea) and drink it. I find that it helps to get better.


Wow, this post is so thorough! Thank you for sharing all your tips. I as well changed my lifestyle to”if it comes from the Earth, I can eat it”. I also agree that it is important to read food labels: the fewer ingredients the better. I have not only lost weight my changing my eating habits, but also feel better, more fit, more energy and have not been sick at all.


Totally agree, Kristina! Since I did a 5-day sugar detox last year, I have no sugar cravings whatsoever anymore. I have been eating clean as well so my energy levels are up and with a little bit of exercise, I’m sleeping way better too! You are right about sugar being a narcotic. Why is it that anyone (including small people like me) can eat a whole sleeve of Oreos without realizing it? Companies do things like that and the public has no clue. So do vitamin companies. They put things in their products like aspartame to make it “taste better” and plaster of paris and crude oil to bind their supplements and yet everyone thinks all vitamins are the same. They are not. Food standard supplements versus pharmaceutical grade supplements are completely different too. Food is the minimum standard the US government sets for vitamin companies meaning that they can put anything in it as long as it doesn’t kill people. We do not get all the nutrients we need from food alone since the quality of our soil has depleted in the last 20 years, so pharmaceutical grade vitamins are best to supplement what our bodies are missing.

I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I would love to see more health posts from you as I’m a nutrition consultant and would love to see your thoughts! ;)

I’m glad to see that you are writing to influence good in others in a topic that is you is close to you and you are passionate about. This post has encouraged me to cut out bad processed junk food, I never knew that it could be so chemically addicting!

Looks very yummy and healthy!

Dress To Cook

Thank you so much for making this post! I really appreciate your honesty and it’s so good to see bloggers sharing good messages like this. Far too often fashion bloggers just post pictures of really unhealthy food right next to pictures of them looking super skinny. It’s very confusing.

I love that your snacks are mostly just fresh fruits and veggies. So healthy!

Style by Joules

Must say I’m really impressed by this article Kristina. You definitely did your research very well, and all of the given information in this article really made me question my own eating habit. Also, thanks so much for the honest sharing about your state of health and the snacks suggestions, I think they really help readers like moi understand better about you and about ourselves as well.

Keep up the great work :)

I’m very happy to read that you do not wear fur and opted for a vegetarian lifestyle.
I am trying to become vegetarian but difficult however I limited my meat intake by a lot.

I also do not wear fur but leather is so hard to avoid… maybe someday.

You’ve just made me think more about my diet! I love the green smoothies, however I can’t stand a celery:) what a great post!

I love egg white omelets! Sometimes I spread a little pesto inside mine; makes for a delicious, guilt-free snack. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

I am also interested in healthy eating and i am trying my best to stay healthy. I read a lot of other articles about different diets, but you are the only one who truly opened my eyes and inspired me to really achieve my goal of healthier eating. Thank you so much Kristina!! Anyway, amazing post, I will a 100% make sure to try your food ideas ❤️❤️

Thanks for a super inspiring post! Went directly to the super market and I am now sipping on a green smoothie! ;)

Xo from Copenhagen

Bénédicte 14 May 2014 / Reply

Great article!

LOVE this article!!! I have been in the same path and I can say that green juices and eat more raw food are changing my life!!! Hhope you reach your goals and keep looking so glowing and happy


Clara Constant 14 May 2014 / Reply

Kristina, this article is GREAT !! Thank you a lot for sharing your experience and your precious tips. Your advices are (weirdly because we don’t know each other really) very important to me. ;) I really admire how you keep doing such great articles, doing new things all the time and dealing with life in such a powerful way. You’re an example to me ! Hope the best for you and your future singing career. Lots of love
PS : If ever you’re in Switzerland someday I would be greatful to meet you !

Les photos sont très belles, elles donnent faim !
Je mange comme toi, sainement, en faisant attention mais des fois, une petite glace ne fait pas de mal :)

I love your blog! This post is one of the most amazing I’ve ever read! Nice :)

Thank you very much for this article!!! I’m on the same path at the moment (just sipping on a green juice with apple, banana, mango, spinach and ruccola) but haven’t managed that as far as you have! But working on it. I do agree with meat. But I don’t feel that fish is that good these days. We do have a big problem with over-fishing and because of the polution of the sea fish contains plastic….
Love your blog!!

Priscilia S 14 May 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina! I loved this article. I´ve been sick for almost a month with the same: throat infection. And you know, I need antibiotics and OMG when I read you said that those can cause you more illnesses I felt as you!! I don´t eat a lot of meat but I eat less fruits and veggies hehehe but know I´m doing it because my body is begging me for natural treatments and not those medicines. I´ll try you healthy advices. take care and continue eating well and share that with us. Greeting from Mexico :D

I am also gluten-free, so I knew some of things you wrote about, but some of these were new for me and it’s nice to find out :) I loved quinoa just after I found out it exists just a couple of months ago ;) But while looking at the pictures I noticed that the apricots you’re eating are probably dried with sulfur (I might be wrong of course but maybe you don’t know that) because they are orange. Compounds of sulfur are used to keep the colour while drying (they’re just preservatives) but because of them fruits loose vitamins and minerals. And for a long term they can cause nausea, headaches, asthma and many others. Apricots dried without compounds of sulfur are brown and taste totally different. :)

You totally made me go grab a banana and eat it while I was reading :-D

Kristina, you’re so right. Healthy living is solo important for us. Especially the food and also some hours only just for us. Keep going on. If you feel better, than it’s the right way of living. And thank you for sharing your healthy food with us <3.

Hugs Katharina

This post was great, thank you so much for it!
I have been trying to get healthy lately, fighting depression, panic attacks and bad mood ( even if everyone says I look happy, but oh well, no one knows what happens on the inside) but as you said, bad food is addictive, it makes it really hard to stop doing it. ( I’m already a vegetarian, but sweets, pasta and bagels are veggie)
It’s a huge wake up call, so thank you!
Stay healthy, lots of love xx

Little by little, i am reading more article about food and health. Especially when i learn that i was lactose intolerant, so i understand you. It’s a good idea to show your favorite snack and i want to eat the same, i’s so beautiful ! ;) thanks :)

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Ce post est génial ! Je ne suis pas végétarienne parce que j’aime trop le poisson mais je suis aussi un régime sans gluten depuis quelques temps…

Merci pour tous ces conseils Kristina :-)

kristina, this post was def one of the bests i’ve ever read on a fashion-beauty-lifestyle blog. i simply loved it and it makes me think about what i full my body with.

You are so inspirational! Thank you so much for your article. I have been having stomachaches recently and I think I need to change my eating habits too.

adrianne rich 14 May 2014 / Reply

Now if you’d just realize what all that unnecessary fluff is doing to the environment. YSL nail laquer on a gold coated plate (probably from china) with your organic fruit? Good for you to treat your body right. Now think about the planet.

I think it’s great you opened up on this particular topic. I am very lucky not to have any intolerances but I’ve really started paying attention to what I put in my body and in particular since I’ve been working full time. I’m at a desk all day and my colleagues always bring cakes, cookies…etc. It goes very quickly. You have one, two… every day… I felt tired and constantly hungry. Now I really try to reach for dried apricots or almonds instead. I am yet to find a green juice recipe I like so I’ll have to try yours. Strawberries are my favourite fruit so it looks like it might be a winner ;-) xx

What a great post! Recipe No. 1 and 2 are my favourites. Would love to try them as well!

Regards from Colombia! XO

thank you for your great inspiration! I will try the recipes

Love this post very much, it is very inspiring, I love living a healthy life!

I know how you feel! I’m trying to be as healthy with things I eat as I can, it’s so hard in the beginning! This is one of my favorite posts and I already favorited it to read it all the time! =)

Please, Vote for WHAT TO STYLE for Best International Blog Newcomer


Jeeeez je sens que tu es sincere mais mon dieu comme tu te compliques la vie ! Enfin je suis ravie que tu te sentes bien :) Perso j’essaye d’eviter kit kat et autres, je m’autorise qq coca par mois, je mange beaucoup de gateaux et pas mal de pain, peu de fruits et legumes (j’aime pas, j’ai les gouts d’un enfant de 6 ans helas), pas mal de viande, et je me porte tres bien et garde la ligne! Chacun son truc ;) Apres on a pas le meme lifestyle c’est certain! Et franchement tes snacks me font pas du tout envie lol, no offence mais moi je peux juste pas vivre sans chocolat (eh oui j’en mange TOUS les jours de ma vie et souvent a chaque repas…). Voila voila :)

Cheers to a great article, Kristina! I had the same issues years ago and removing gluten and soy from my already meat-free diet made a world of difference in my body and lifestyle. I occasionally stray (because I absolutely LOVE Sprinkles cupcakes, although the gluten-free red velvet is amazing!) and have to remind myself how much better I feel when I’m eating properly.

I’ve definitely found that French macarons are amazing in terms of treating myself to something sweet and glad you included the banana and almond butter combination as well because it’s one of my personal favorites.

Joana Maria B. 14 May 2014 / Reply

Absolutly amaziiiiiiiiing post! you’ve done it girl! thanks for all those advises, perfect!

Chère Krisrina,

Merci de partager tant de choses sur ton blog. Je m’intéresse depuis un moment à ce sujet. J’habite en Suisse (à Soleure) et j’ai beaucouo de peine à trouver des magasins spécialisés dans la nourriture bio et saine. Aurais-tu des conseils à me donner? Noms de magasins, shop online, magasins à l’étranger….? Cela m’aiderait beaucoup.
Une autre question; j’ai un peu d’apréhension quant à commencer ce nouveau mode d’alimentation, as-tu fait le changement d’un coup ou pas par pas? Est-ce difficile de consilier vie sociale, familiale et végétarisme et alimentation sans plats rafinés?

Un grand merci d’avance pour ta réponse!


Great post! I too have just recently discovered green smoothies every day & I love them! They look nasty but taste great. This is a really important issue to discuss as so many things we put in our bodies have an advese effect especially medications. (try for natural cures if you ever do get sick). Thanks for sharing the other healthy snacks, I will be trying some out.

daniella 14 May 2014 / Reply


A very informative and well written post!
Thank you for sharing!

Really informative and interesting post!
Xoxo, Kera

Coquet élégance

Great article! I’m very happy that you take time to write about an important things! I recently started watching closely what I eat, and I was also shocked! They make you belive you are eating super healthy, but the truth is totally different! My biggest dissapoinment were morning cereals, yeah I also ate K flakes, but now I make my own from oats, and they even taste better!

Great post!, Kristina I decided to go veggie some years ago and since that day never regret about this decision.

Валя 14 May 2014 / Reply

I totally agree with you Kristina! And I’m so proud of you for what you said about meat. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 5 years, giving up meat of course (and leather too, even though it means no beautiful bags or shoes) and fish for ethical reasons mostly, and I couldn’t feel better. I can tell for sure that since I decided I wouldn’t eat animals anymore I’ve never ever craved for meat. I think there can be no healthy diet without giving up meat first.
I also perfectly agree with what you said about sugar (and I would also add corn to the list of “addictive” food), as a student of International Relations I can tell you that there are so many economical and political advantages in getting a whole population addicted to this food.
I have to be sincere and tell you that in these recent months I noticed a change, positive of course, in your body, skin and even hair. You’ve always been a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, but I guess that now you look fitter without being skinny, which is great!
I wish you the best, and I hope you’ll read this comment.
Much love ♥

Congratulations for this confession! I love to read these kind of posts! <3
I'm vegan for about three years and I don't regret this decision, because I'm very healthy and I have a lot of energy!
Stay healthy! :*

Thanks for this great post, I recently began suffering from the same symptoms and was overall unhappy with my bloated tummy and weight gain. I did some testing and was not celiac, but was told i could have a gluten sensitivity. As a runner of many years, I was surprised at the bloating and quickly pushed the gain off to not logging in as many miles, but the gluten thing definitely has something to do with it. In short, I am cutting it out, and as I have been dairy free for many years, I think it is something I can handle.

Best of luck with your new lifestyle, it is a great choice! PS Eat to Live is one of my favorite books, it may be something you enjoy.

Such a useful article, thanks for writing it!
Fashion latte with vanilla

I was going to write something very similar to what your wrote and I am glad you put in better words. Everybody is obsessed with these new glutton free diets, not for medical reasons but because its being endorsed by celebrities and bloggers alike, and from what it looks like most of them are self diagnosed. I also have a health degree and the notion that someone develops an intolerance to glutton in their 20′s boggles me.

This post is such a n eye opener.. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime, but this is my first comment.. kudos to you for taking charge of your food and body asap.. and such healthy and easy recipes.. thanks, Kristina…

xo, Hems

Thank you so much for putting all your love into this post and sharing it! xoxo F

This is such a great and informative post! Glad to hear you feeling better now. I also had to change up my diet after finding out i’m intolerant to wheat so this post is very helpful.

I discovered I was intolerant to gluten as well as dairy earlier this year and have gone through the same process of looking at everything I was eating/drinking/snacking.. Some days I have a treat but I can see the effect straight away with bad skin or bloating.. I guess more and more people will be experiencing the same as we(humans :p) tend to consume more and more processed food.. Great post :) x

That’s so true that your eating habits can affect your moods, your health and everything.
Thanks for sharing.

I just downloaded The Whole Pantry, thank you so much !

I made this green cocktail and it was delicious !

Hi, im an old fan of yours, I think Im following your blog almost from the start and Im not sure if you even read your comments (do you? I did not notice that you reply) but I just wanted to let you know, that I really loved this article.

Its simple, pure, sometimes even funny and I really like the style of your writting.
It’s not pretentious and its like you’re one of our friends, somebody we can relate to (instead of other pictures in which we can only admire your lifestyle)

keep on with your hard work and enjoy everything :)
kisses and greetings from Croatia, I wish you all the best

Thank you for this great post! I’m going through this situation at the moment and I’m wanting to be healthy – eat healthy and also working out more. I’m fed up of not being able to fit into my skinny jeans or feel comfortable in any clothes. I never know what to eat as I’m always worried about what to eat so I think I just stick to what I’m comfortable with but my waist line is suffering because of this… I’m defiantly going to try out some of these snacks you mentioned as I’m at the point where I need to make changes in my diet!

Thank you Aimee x

Masboubah Mansour 14 May 2014 / Reply

iam so happy for you Kristina :D.
I’vs started eating all organic food nearly 6 months ago. And I get how you said it changed your life. its amazing, its a life style not just diet.

LOVE from Kuwait.

Secrets of a Girl 14 May 2014 / Reply

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Thank you,

Secrets of a Girl

Yes, you’re completely right!
I’m trying to eat clean in these days! because of my grandmother decease we have understood the importance of eating organic and clean. To avoid meat, cheese and other and to prefer fruits and vegetables!

Thank you for sharing this! Really interesting post!
Hope you feel better now , I can immagine how can be stressed your life but keep going on and be positive because that makes you happy so be grateful and stay healthy :)

Xo, Giada

Thank you for sharing all this precious information! What a great inspiration!
The truth is that i tried a similar diet during my second pregnancy period and the results were amazing for me and my baby!
Thank you again!

I’m totally agree with you, the food is the main way to be health, strong and have the energy we need to our day a day. What it gets me really angry is that here in my country (Spain), organic food is really expensive, may be 3 times more expensive than process food, while in my opinion it has to be the opposite! Lots of people (like me) can’t afford organic food. I always try to buy the “best” products I can and never buy sweets like donuts or fast food because of all chemical products they have. I’m sure this new healthy life’s worth it! My sister had the same problem as you, she was many times in hospital, and since she changed food habits, she’s never ill.
Congratulations for your change!

Wow! That’s a super informative, and well-studied article Kristina! You seem to have researched thoroughly what you write here, and I do believe you about everything.
I’ll try to keep these suggestions in mind, and start eating healthier foods. I’ll even try some of the recipes you suggested.
Thank you so much for this article. I’m bookmarking it for future re-reading.

Thank you, Kay. You as the public figure can influence people and bring them to the healthier lifestyle, that is good that you are spreading the word and teaching what is so useful. I hope some young girls, who are mainly into fashion and make up will realize about the higher level of taking care of them selves from this and maybe some other future posts.
I which you best of health and be strong while going through the changes – you are worth to be beautiful inside and out.
I all the time wish to eat healthier, but it seems its never enough time and strenght to totally change your eating habbits. After a week- on a busy time – you again coming back to whatever is near your hand to grab and put to your mouth. As well as no breakfast in the morning and heavy dinner at night.
Ahh.. I hope sooner or later I will be able to change myself aussi.

Have a nice end of the spring;)

Chère Kristina,

Je suis ton blog depuis longtemps sans jamais rien commenter, mais j’avoue que cet article m’a pour le moins étonné et peut etre irrité et je me devais donc de réagir. En effet je partage l’avis de plusieurs de tes lectrices. si je suis bien d’accord sur le fait que il faut éviter au maximum tout produit industriel en matière de nourriture, il en va de meme pour tout ce qui concerne le maquillage ainsi que les habits! des tonnes de produits chimiques inimaginables sont utilisés à la confection de ceux ci, sans même parler des conditions parfois inhumaines dans lesquelles ceux qui les fabriquent travaillent. Il est donc bien beau de “donner des leçons” mais à mon avis tu n’as pas assez creusé le sujet et tu te contredis.

Concernant la nourriture particulièrement, l’homme depuis le Néolithique cultive céréales et donc du gluten, mange du pain et cela sans jamais avoir mis en danger la survie de l’espèce. L’homme est homnivore et à la capacité incroyable de pouvoir digérer une diversité impressionnante de nourriture. Certes je veux bien que certaines personnes y soient intolérantes de nos jours mais il faut bien faire la distinction: ce n’est PAS le gluten qui est dangereux mais la quantité que l’on ingère. et encore. La sédentarisation des personnes est le réel problèmes de nos jours. Le pain a longtemps été un des aliments de base pour les paysans par exemple, sans pour autant que ceux-ci soient en surpoids ou malades, car leur travail demandait une activités physique importante et quotidienne.

Concernant la viande, je suis à nouveau désolée mais il a également été prouvé que certes, l’homme peut se passer de viande pour survivre mais que la viande reste un apport important de protéines positives pour l’organisme. Sur le point éthique je peux tout a fait comprendre ce boycott de la viande vu les conditions,une fois encore, a peine croyable dans lesquelles certain animaux sont élevés. Cependant, pourquoi ne pas boycotter le poisson également? Nous sommes en train de vider nos océans qui ont du mal à se régénérer et les poissons d’élevages ne sont pas mieux lotis que des poules en batterie, bourrés d’antibiotiques. Ce boycott pour raison d’éthique est donc de mon point de vue totalement illogique. Vouloir remplacer la viande par des légumes ou fruits exotiques pour combler cet apport de protéines n’est à mon avis pas la solution. Les gens auraient bien meilleur temps de manger des fruits et des légumes locaux ainsi que de la viande locale également et produite dans le respect de l’animal. Je ne dis pas qu’il ne faut pas manger de bananes, mais cela devrait rester, tout comme le chocolat, une petite friandise occasionnelle, à moins qu’un bananier ne pousse dans ton jardin!

Voilà, j’ai essayé avec la plus grande des diplomatie de réagir à cet article qui à mon avis n’a pas été assez documenté et je l’avoue, c’est un sujet qui me tient à coeur et toutes ces modes du “vegan” et “gluten free” prônant une vie meilleure ont le don de m’agacer car elles ne font que renier en quelque sorte tout ce que l’homme a mis des milliers d’années à domestiquer, expérimenter et à produire. (j’en sais quelque chose c’est sur quoi je fais mes études universitaires) En somme, le corps humain est une formidable machine, doté d’un estomac formidable qui a besoin de bonnes sources d’énergie afin de pouvoir nourrir au mieux le reste du corps. Mais la bonne nourriture ne suffit pas, il faut que celle-ci soit couplée à (on ne le dira jamais assez) une activité physique quotidienne!!!

Voilà, tu m’excusera pour mon énorme paté et j’espère que cela t’aura fait réfléchir, ou au moins donné envie d’investiguer encore plus loin sur la provenance de tout ce que tu peux consommer au quotidien. Le monde se porterait tellement mieux si tout le monde pouvait réussir à consommer le plus possible local. Je sais que c’est une belle utopie, mais tant que l’on peut se le permettre financièrement j’estime qu’il est de notre devoir de se renseigner sur la provenance des aliments et de ne pas sombrer dans des effets de mode. J’ajouterai en dernier lieu que il a été prouvé scientifiquement également que beaucoup de fruits et baies exotiques qui nous sont vendus possédants de soit-disant vertus exceptionnelles ne sont une fois de plus que des stratégies de marketing! Nos bonnes vielles bonnes pommes valent totalement les baies d’açaï par exemple. :)


Hi, these are just the snack options she posted to snack on throughout the day. Not her meal choices. She is also cutting out the bad foods because she became ill, not to lose weight. There might have been a misunderstanding there :)

It would be great to see what your favourite meals are Kristina! I’m really glad you posted this actually as I’ve been doing the same thing for about 4 months now. I’ve never felt healthier and I have so much more energy and so many nutrients too, it’s hard to believe what I was doing to my body before. I’m not gluten intolerant like you, so I still eat whole grains like whole grain pasta and rice and bread, but I won’t touch the processed stuff. I’m really glad more people will realise after this post just how damaging processed foods are. My skin is also a lot clearer now too! :) I want to stress how important exercise is too! Have you read Cameron Diazs body book? It’s amazing!

Anna Karenina 15 May 2014 / Reply

I really never write in the comment section (ever!), but as im a constant reader since the beginning of Kayture, it is a must to comment NOW. As I know you try to read every comment, I have a chance that you might read mine, too :).
First: You are the most inspiring woman I’ve ever seen!!! I love how you write your blog and I always read your article. You are not only pretty, you are also a really smart and tough woman. I deeply appreciate and honor your work.

Second: I’m also addicted to change my lifestyle in a more healthy and cleaner one due to stress problems. Though, I think lot of bloggers do not inform themselves about healthy food and just post artciles like “detox totally changed my life – go for it”. This often seems ridiculous to me… But I have the feeling, that you really deal with nutrition facts and don’t follow a “hype” (like detox, glutenfree and vegan).

I hope your health problems getting better soon. Yoga also helped me with my problems :).


About breakfast – you’re a little bit wrong as breakfast is the most important meal so it should be rather the biggest meal during the day and the most kcal one :)We have the best methabolsim in the morning and we burn breakfast very fast. Also to keep methabolism on a high level during the day we have to provide good, big brekfast to keep it going. berries are not a good option. It might be a snack but not a breakfast! :)

super artikel!! habe beschloßen deinem rat zu folgen und es auszuprobieren! grüße aus deutschland:)

valentine 15 May 2014 / Reply

Que de bonnes idées! Mais où trouver du beurre d’amande en Suisse?

Thank u so much for sharing this, such an inspirations. Being mom of three, trying to balance everything, your article really help me to carefully pay attention to my diet. Good luck christina, keep inspiring all of us!

you are a true inspiration to younger people, who are willing to do something good about themselves. thanks :)

CHARLOTTE 15 May 2014 / Reply

Absolutely love this post. It’s always the unhealthy people who like to criticize people for eating well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

As a healthy eater this just proves to me don’t listen to the negativity around jealous people who eat fatty food for comfort. This is exactly how I live my life and want to.


THANK YOU – ! Can you also write a post about your Weekly work out? Merciiiiii x

Thank you sososososo much!!!!! I’m so motivated to eat better after reading your article!! I don’t understand how you can find the time to write SO much!!! Amazing:o) And i just love to read every word you are writing!! I always wait until my lunch break so I have time to enjoy reading your latest post:o)
And now I will definitely start being kinder to my body!!
Thank you so much!! Also for your honesty:o)

Fantastic article. Just wondering though if you limit your portion intake much?

Super article Kristina!!

Je suis moi même en train de changer mon alimentation, je limite les viandes et essaie au maximum de manger des produits sains, bio, voire issus des maraichers locaux si l’occasion se présente … et les effets s’en s’ont ressentis sur ma peau, mon corps et mon humeur également! Tes petites recettes m’ont donné pleins d’idées merci beaucoup !

ps: je rejoins le post de Magali… les produits cosmétiques sont également très toxiques pour notre corps et à terme, je ne peux que te conseiller de te tourner vers des marques écologiques, qui n’utilisent pas de paraben ou de produits chimiques! Cf les vernis Kure Bazar sont d’une brillante et d’une qualité extrême, pour toi inconditionnelle des vernis ;))

Merci pour tous tes nouveaux post “healthy life” que j’adore ! Bonne continuation ;)

Love from France

I’m not sure if you actually read these super long comments, but I’ll just go ahead and say it anyway :) I hope you know that despite most of the comments always addressing your gorgeous clothes/shoes/etc, that you are appreciated for yourself as well.

I’ve been following your blog since your very first post and BOY, AM I GLAD I DID. Never have I been more happy that I’ve continued to follow Kayture (after I whittled down my impossibly long bloggers list a year ago) than I am right now. To be completely honest, I was starting to feel a tiny bit disenchanted with your new style and lifestyle – you definitely are channeling the casual ‘Cali’ girl a bit more now ;) and sometimes I miss your old girly/glam self. But this post has reminded me that at the end of the day, you too are just a person and people change, and change isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, after reading this post which you have obviously put so much effort into, I have even more respect for you.
THANK YOU for your honesty and for always treating your followers with open affection and respect. It’s not easy in a world where most high-profile blogs (like yours) are becoming rather controlled, managed businesses to retain the ability to identify and connect with the audience. I personally, have never felt those tiny moments of bitterness about your success despite your more luxurious, globe-trotting lifestyle and wardrobe, which is something (regretfully but truthfully) I can’t say the same for some other bloggers. And THAT is all down to your approach with us. You have done a spectacular job at promoting good values and ethics, a healthy lifestyle and approach to an industry which is often represented as fickle, cold and elitist, all the while remaining incredibly grounded, bubbly, humble and positive – you always manage to express gratitude and find positivity in everything, it’s astounding. You are not afraid to show us the ‘ugly’ side, the sweat, blood and tears that goes into running such an enterprise, which I think only adds to your credits. You (very necessarily) remind us that you are human and that the life you live is not simply some artificial, glamour parade. Thank you for holding out amidst this success and for remaining yourself. You have used your power for good – becoming a girl I wish was one of my friends and not a beautiful and untouchable star.

I CAN’T WAIT to see where you’re headed towards in future. Best of luck, I know I’ll be keeping an eye on you xx

Dear Kristina, GREAT post! Healty food is just so important.. I am skinny and can eat whatever I want without gaining weight, but I just feel better if I eat healthier. Ihave to say I find it difficult.. but please people just see pure and natural food is just the best. Everything from nature is good for us, everything humans made, is not… except when it CONTAINS things out of nature. And everyone who thinks i’ts stupid because you’ll lose weight and stuff.. What’s bad about being healty? FAT is not healthy! “Curvey” neither.. that’s what ‘we’ think is healthy since the last 10 years but really.. Krisitna you are so right! And you always look stunning. Looking forward to your next post but I think it is great you also share things like this and try to inspire people to eat HEALTHY!! :D xx

This is one of your best articles so far, to be honest. I like the fact that you do not only talk about fashion but also about some other issues as this one. Hope you keep on writing some more of the kind. Regards!
Andrea in Fashion

I’m glad your motivating other’s so life healthy

Wow great tips and Ideas! :) everything looks so yummy :)


I’m glad I found your article !It’s like for the past few weeks I am reading about glam, beauty , fashion bloggers that don’t try to give true and good experienced advice about healthy lifestyle and how can one improve its life by being aware of what he’s eating on a daily basis.
So congratulation on your healthy choices and keep on giving advice about your own experience! Really cool attitude you have!

Jérémy 15 May 2014 / Reply

Manges ce que tu veux, mais n’entraînes pas avec toi des jeunes filles qui prennent tes paroles pour argent comptant. Tu as une responsabilité envers elles, tes fans.

Tout d’abord j’aimerais te dire que je suis ton blog depuis un moment et rien ne m’a jamais choqué au contraire il est magnifique et tes tenues sont toujours très belles. Cependant, aujourd’hui j’ai trouvé ce post quelque peu alertant. En effet, comme tu le sais beaucoup de jeunes filles te suivent et sont très sensibles à leur apparence, il me semble donc pas très approprié de poster un tel article. En effet, ton régime me semble quelque peu excessif… Arrêter la viande et le gluten… tout ceci me parait pas très équilibré… mais à chacun sa façon de faire. Toutefois, tu ne peux pas le préconiser à tout le monde. De plus, être constamment à la recherche du meilleur aliment pour ton corps n’est pas une pratique très saine… En ce qui te concerne fait ce qui te chante (et fais attention à ne pas tomber dans l’orthorexie (obsession à vouloir toujours manger sainement)) mais abstiens-toi de vouloir en convaincre tes jeunes fans!

These snacks sounds yummy! I’ll definitely have to try them!

Jamie W

Oh god this article is just perfect! Thank you so much for writing that! I also had an alert in this type because I am in a school (sort of Ivy-league university but in France) with a lot of pressure and since i’ve realised that I was not really ok I also hate healthy like this and start really liking sport! Thanks to you I have new recipes for my everyday meals!

Kristina, thank you for your post. It’s so inspirational and encouraging to start care about our health! I will definitely try your recommendations. What’s more I must admit that you look simply fabulous and the changes with your body and state of mind are clearly visible. Huge congratulations about that and I wish you a lot of health <3

I recently went through this myself and much of what you said resonated with me. They thought I was gluten intolerant but it turned out my body was rejecting sugar. I eliminated cookies, cakes and sweets and now I feel much better. I am still learning about making healthy choices and trying to stay disciplined after years of making poor choices.

Thanks for writing such an in-depth article (seriously, how do you have time to write such a lengthy article?!?!) I have been trying to get into a more nutritious diet but it takes SUCH an effort. Aaah. If only I wasn’t so lazy, heh. But this might kick me into that diet-changing gear :)

What a great post! I just started to think more about my health and I am definitely trying out some of those snacks! :)
Thanks for this inspiring post!

Je ne commente jamais (à tort) mais là j’en profite pour dire que 1) ton blog est extraordinaire, inspirant, onirique, et j’en passe. 2) Aussi, parce que je trouve ça génial ce changement, et du coup le message qui est porté. Quand je lis les commentaires je me rends compte à quel point manger sain c’est pour certains équivaut à faire un régime pour perdre du poids alors que non, il s’agit d’apprendre à prendre soin de soi et de son corps. Après, il se trouve que manger sain implique un corps sain donc plus mince que si on mange des cochonneries, c’est logique. Bref, j’ai aussi connu ce changement depuis environ 2-3 mois et c’est génial…donc merci!!!! Ca fait super plaisir de lire cet article, et bonne continuation dans cette voie, et bravo pour tout ce que tu accomplies. C’est un sacré boulot. Bravo à vous deux :)

i really try to lead a healthy and organic lifestyle but i could never give up meat :/ i don’t eat meat every day tough..i have meat free days :) try drinking a lot of green tea…it has so many amazing benefits!

XOXO Kerstin from
follow me on facebook

I’m preparing a similar post on my blog, since I’ve been having health problems due to irregular diet too. Except, in my case, the intolerance is to much more groceries – casein and lactose (milk), any meat, even some fruits and vegetables. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I decided to give it up too since it’s really hard to digest and it’s my bowels that got sick.
It was hard, but I made it. I tend to eat less processed food, and always buy GMO and pesticides free food. My body stopped craving for everything I don’t eat anymore, and yes, I’ve never ever felt better :)

A lovely post with great healthy options :D

Love the article but more than the text i found your pictures really inspirational! So..good job!

Bonjour Kristina,

J’espère une fois encore que tu liras mon petit message. Tout d’abord, je suis vraiment étonnée de cet article qui tombe très bien si je puis dire. Tu y expliques les choses très bien et on te sent concernée par ce que tu dis. Et montrer différentes recettes, snacks… c’était une réelle bonne idée. Je vais faire les courses dans l’après midi et je compte bien acheter des avocats que j’adore mais auxquels je ne pense jamais, je vais aussi aller au rayon bio de mon centre commercial où des céréales en vrac sont vendu. D’une pierre deux coups, je vais acheter bio et en plus ne pas augmenter ma quantité de déchets!
Même si la semaine dernière je t’avais fait part du fait que je te trouvais “changée” via instagram par rapport à tes vidéos de chansons, et j’avais également répondu à ce mini buzz qui était né sur instagram devant les attaques dont tu avais été sujet, je trouve que cet article te colle tellement mieux ! Pour ma part, je te sens plus concernée, plus enjouée. Et c’est vraiment agréable !

I do agree that we are supposed to be aware of what we eat, especially in the world of mass food production, GMO and the world poisoned with stress, but I kind of loathe this new trend amongst bloggers who post these colorful pictures of fruit and all the cliche advises that go along.

The blog concept became a platform of girls as walking commercials, money centered, with uniformity that is even more present, in everything they do. There is no ideal diet for all the girls living all around the world, having different genes, having grown up with different beauty standards, having intolerance for different things, doing different jobs, spending different amounts of energy depending on their occupation, apart from eating in moderation and checking their health regularly.

I encourage you to be yourself and unique, cultivate your mind and be healthy following the routine that suits you the best.


Hey Kristina! Thank you so much for taking so much time and energy into composing this post. You really do care about your readers and you make sure to share everything you know with them. :)

I wanted to ask whether it’s possible for you to post about your burnout and how you overcame it? I suffered from a burnout earlier this year and I’m still trying to cope but it’s no cake. I’d love to know how you bounced right back and are doing much better than before, thanks! <3

mmm♥ all these snacks looks absolutely amazing!:) lovely post!

This is a great article! I am currently trying to change my diet too and am very inspired by your recipees!

Greetings from Paris!

Thamires 16 May 2014 / Reply

I’ve been visiting your blog has been a long time but had never left a comment, don’t know it you ever gonna read it but this article is amazing, I really loved it! I also go see a doctor more times than I should and I completely agree that it might be related to my diet. I eat a lot of fruits, drink juices and try to be as healthy as I can but I also eat processed food and go for a hamburguer with friends, I dont know.. I have my healthy periods but sometimes I just cant keep up with it. Specially on winter that feel the need to eat more, but this article made me and other people to think more about it and I’ll try again to stay healthy :D
you’re gorgerous and I love your blog! kisses from Brazil xx

Since i was kid (thanks mom) i eat all the foods that you share in the photos, almost every day, but i’m guilty about drink soda and eat a loooot of brain :(. thanks for the advices, my body needs to be a free sugar place.


Eggs are NOT healthy, and they are completely not animal-friendly.

You are such an inspiration!! I follow all of your daily posts and love to hear what your views and opinions are on things. Thank you so much for your inspiration.. About to go make a green drink!!

Julia Helena 17 May 2014 / Reply

Hi, from Brazil!
First, I like to say that you are beautiful in all the ways and I am a big fan!
I started on a diet just last week! I`m a vegetarian, trying to be vegan! I`m also became gluten intolerant, so I have to change my entire lifestyle because of this.
Reading your article gave me inspiration to continue in this journey which I wanna be for the rest of my life! Your snack tips were amazing! I will try all of them! You gave me more certain about this new project for my life!


GREAT ARTICLE KRISTINA!!! I couldn’t agree more. I never been a fan of processed food or McDonalds, can’t imagine my life without fresh food and vegetables. And the most important thing is also moderation, in everything. You are what you eat! And being healthy is the most important thing in the world.

Mathilde 17 May 2014 / Reply

Hi girls:)

I’m doing my bachelor thesis on girls who read fashion blogs and I was hoping you could help me! You only have to answer some questions online which will take no more than 5 minutes. You would help me sooo much! The questionnaire is only for girls who read fashion blogs!

Please help me graduate :) :


Hey Kristina ! Your article is great. It ‘s a great synthesis of all the information I found online for this past year. Congrats for having enough willingness to pursue your path to a healthy lifestyle. Because it takes a lot of time and focus. I’ve tried at least 2 or 3 times to change my eating habits with no luck. I just love eating and with my lifestyle just can’t hold on to giving up meat for example. I was never too found of sweets.. thank god! I’d love to hear about your tricks to keep on going :)
Thanks so much for your point of view on the subject, it was great to read.

Loooove this article ! It is so helpful !!! Merci beaucoup, have fun in Cannes,you’re the best :)

Thanks a lot!
Very inspiring article. I definitely had an interesting visit in the supermarket after reading it!

I’m very impressed with your decision to speak about this on the internet well done! What are your thoughts on cruelty free cosmetics? I really hope more people can look into that, just like fur it’s unnecessary cruelty. Have an awesome day! <3

Ps. Keep spreading good info to everyone! You are changing lives! :)

ohh! I like this post! :D

xx, happy sunday!

You have a really great blog!
Visit our blog, we would be very happy :)
regards Eric

wow this is SO true! I’ve recently been eating super healthy and exercising and it truly does make a difference. thanks for the recipes!

Look at that healthy glow!!!


Good to read that kind of post! Such a great post! Merci pour ce partage. Cette prise de conscience doit être globale, les cosmétiques, les produits ménagers, la lessive ect doivent être choisi avec autant d’attention et une conscience éclairée comme celle que tu as désormais envers la nouriture. Merci encore pour cet article généreux et plein de bon sens c’est top d’avoir illustré cela avec quelques exemples de snacks. Toujours un plaisir de venir sur ta page.

Kristina – this post is so right! I love that you’re such an advocate of organics! Chemical free is such a great way to be (:

For health inspiration and information I normally listen to Jillian Michaels podcasts, or read Russell Blaylock’s books on chemicals in the diet.

It’s fantastic that you’ve got your energy back too – have a fab week xoxo

You’ re really perfect! I have the same pijama! :)


I have been having for the past year problems with my energy, intestine and stomach problems and i have been getting easily sick……after i was checked by the doctors and fixed a few problems that only medicine could do I started a healthier eating routine… did miracles……..There are some great ideas here which i need to try!! Your article really gave me again that boost that I needed to start a healthier way of life again…..!!! Thank you!!

Suchitra Malvankar 19 May 2014 / Reply

This is a awesome article. I am reading this article at perfect time, I have already taken decision to eat healthy food therefore reading this only encourages me more. Thanks.

Your post is so inspiring! I’m trying to eat healthy lately and your words motivate me even more! Thank you!

Anonymous 19 May 2014 / Reply

Nice :) Yeah, regularly making up for meal skipping with jumbo portions can cause so many problems it isn’t worth the fast gratification of eating like a hog. Occasional face stuffing can be got away with though!

Digestion firing on all cylinders is critical in maximizing food and drink benefit. ‘Probiotics’ research indicates they can powerfully assist in optimizing the balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the stomach; essential for full, glowing health.

An ultra effective way for vegetarians to keep crucial B vitamin intake high is a yeast product like Vegemite or Marmite. Superfoods like Alfalfa, Pau d’Arco, Chaparral, Kelp, Gingko, Ginseng, Vanilla Bean, Garlic, Chanca Piedra, Sacha Jergón also excel at leveling up overall health.

As you’ve clearly realized, sugar – especially refined – is nasty and should be kept at distance wherever practical; tricky seeing how it’s craftily loaded into an insane amount of foods under various names like fructose and glucose. Stevia’s considered a healthier alternative, but the odd taste can take some adjustment!

Thank you so much for this article.
I don’t pay attention to what I eat at all and I’m basically just lazy to live healthy because I can’t make myself resist the temptation of all the delicious food.
I’m kind of sick of all the “skinny is better” ways of looking at people though, but I’m now aware of the fact that living on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean the person wants to be skinny but because he wants to be healthy.
I will definitely try to work on this. Hopefully I won’t give up.

So nice to read (not only beautiful) but reasonable and smart fashion blogger!

Aleksandra 19 May 2014 / Reply

This is a great article! I’ve just read all of it and am amazed by your persistence in eating healthy during so many travels! You know, it’s far much easier to follow a sensible diet while leading a normal life, when it’s easy to join in some zumba classes or just attend a gym. But considering your pace of life… I’m really look up to :)
Best wishes!

Amazing post, so helpful and its amazing that you point out the sugar addiction part and not just sharing a healthy snack cause some people really does not pay attention to all the bad things that we put inside of our bodies. Thank you alot for sharing love, that was really helpful <3

I thought you had become more lean & wondered if you’d become veggie. I’m a veggie, and only cut out fish about six weeks ago. I adored shellfish & calamari etc but it’s much easier than I anticipated.

I completely agree with everything you have said… I just need to get on it and stop the sugar addiction!!! Thanks for the words & advice.

Sophie x

Raven Dirkzwager 20 May 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina,

I love what you have written and I fully agree with all what you said! Thanks for the nice tips :)

X Raven

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I love strawberries ! I could eat everyday (what ? this is already what I’m doing ? Oops)
No matter, all this advice are really great, especially in the end of May, just before bikini and everything aha !

Feel free to visit my blog ;-)

Chère Kristina,
C’est toujours un plaisir de visiter ton site. Cet article est vraiment en phase avec les changements qui s’opèrent en ce moment concernant l’alimentation. En ce moment j’ai l’impression que tout le monde souhaite mieux s’alimenter et avoir un mode de vie plus sain. Toute fois, je sais pour être passée par là qu’il faut être prudent. J’ai commencé comme ça moi aussi et je suis vite devenue obsédée par la nourriture, la façon de m’alimenter.. Bref j’ai sombré dans l’anorexie et aujourd’hui je suis boulimique. Je pense que tu devrais profiter de ton statut et de l’amitié que te témoigne tes lecteurs pour alerter ces derniers face à ces problèmes graves. Tu es divine et beaucoup voudraient te ressembler. Ce qui peut être une ambition saine au départ peut vite se transformer en véritable cauchemar.
Prends soin de toi.

Thank you for the great article! I have now reduced all minced meat from my food because it caused me a bad food poisning earlier this spring and I feel great now! But I haven’t reduced all meat only minced but I eat it very very rarely and I instead replace it with only eko fish and sometimes chicken. And thank you for your advice about what you can eat instead of sugar and processed food and snacks. I have Always wondered what you bloggers eat because all I see is sweats and rich meals so thank you for sharing your story, it gave me some insight in your food-live! :)

Cannot tell you how much I appreciate this article!

I’ve seen you mention before healthy eating, but I’ve always been a bit clueless. This has definitely helped! and made me look at a new perspective of what I’m eating. Thank you for being an inspiration!

Keep it up and can’t wait to see more articles!

thanks for your advice…

What books have you read about this topic?
would recommend some sites ?


Dear Kristina,
That was a very interesting yet informative post – thank you very much! I am on a very similar diet as well and still could learn a lot from you. You are inspiring!

I love this article! I just downloaded The Whole Pantry app. Thanks for sharing. This article is bookmarked so I can keep coming back. :)


Everything looks so yummy! I love healthy food and it is not a problem to eat it!

Great photos and great ideas! I need to try omelette with broccoli :)



Thank you for sharing this with us.

I feel sorry for you that you had a burnout, but indeed I don’t really believe it was caused by the way you ate (even if I’m not a doctor). I believe too much control over our life cause this kind of extreme stress, and being a control freak about food would not be the solution.

However, I totally agree with the healthy snacks you suggested, because I eat like that too.

Maybe you shouln’t be that demanding with yourself: if you are really starving, sometimes a Kitkat wouldn’t kill you, and loosing so much weight like you did in a really short time can’t be that good for your body. Anyway, that’s just an advise and I really don’t criticize eating healthy, just being extreme like you seem to be.

Okay so keep going and I really hope you’ll find peace.

Dear Kristina!
I am so happy to read this article! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and I’ve been a big fan since the day I found it. Reading this article was just what I needed today :D. Believe it or not, I had exactly the same thing! I’m in my mid- twenties and since end last year I’ve been “diagnosed” with gluten intolerance as well.. It were a rough couple of months finding out what I can eat and trying to keep it YUMMY! Getting my health & skin back to the way it was.. I’m not happy to read it happened to you too, but it really gave me a boost to see how well you handled it and how positive you are! Keep the good work Kristina, there are people in the world enjoying every single article ;)

I think people forget how important eating healthy really is. Instead of dieting one can instead eat the same amount of calories but change the type that you are eating. Fruits, vegetable and food rich in nutrients should be the main portion of what we eat on a daily bases. Thank you for sharing your tips with us!


Hello Kristina !
C’est véritablement le meilleur article que tu aies écrit jusque là ! J’en suis encore scotchée, j’ai bu tes paroles jusqu’à la dernière ligne ! J’ai pris conscience de beaucoup de choses en te lisant, et tu m’as (re)donné l’envie de manger sainement et d’écouter mon corps ! Merci pour tes petites astuces, tes conseils avisés et toutes ces informations utiles que tu nous as dénichées !

Hi Kristina,
Thanks so much for sharing this. Sugar is definitely my weakness, and it’s been a struggle to ween myself off of it. Your transformation, however, is not only great evidence of how important and effective a healthy diet is, but also great motivation!


Nikolina 28 May 2014 / Reply

Great post! Really interesting, I really enjoyed reading this as this is a perfect mix of information and your personal life. Beautiful pictures as always and the post felt so… Honest? I don’t know how to explain it but this is perhaps because this spoke to me on a very emotional level as well. Would love to see more of your healthy lifestyle tips!

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Any tips? Thanks!

Singe when are eggs fat-free? And by the way, fatty acids are extremely healthy for your body.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting such a sincere and awesome article. You are truly such an inspiration and good role model. I gained some weight last year during college and I have really been struggling with what to eat in order to stay healthy and get back to where I was . Food in America is soooooo different from the food back at home (in a very bad and unhealthy way) and being away from my family just put on extra stress and my weight and body was a total mess! Thank you so much for the awesome ideas, I look forward to try them! Thanks Kristina, keep up the amazing job! <3

Merci Kristina pour cet excellent article et les quelques suggestions apportées! Souffrant d’endométriose (maladie gynécologique d’origine hormonale et immunitaire qui touche 20% des femmes) j’ai fait pas mal de recherches arrivant à la même conclusion, soit dit en passant, la synthèse des principes élémentaires de naturo et de nutrition… Une alimentation saine visant à réduire les processus inflammatoires, rééquilibrer le métabolisme et stimuler ls défenses immunitaires… Pas toujours facile à suivre lorsque l’on souffre en permanence et que l’on est intensément fatigué (comme je le suis), d’autant que tout ceci (produits frais, produits bio, produits sans gluten, noix et graminés etc.) a un coup et que le caractère invalidant de cette maladie comme tant d’autres vient parfois aussi restreindre la vie professionnelle et donc l’équilibre financier… Mais c’est en tout cas une belle prise de conscience et c’est bien que la vie t’ait amené (par la force des choses) à découvrir tout ceci relativement jeune, et surtout à pouvoir le partager du fait de ta notoriété! Merci donc, et belle continuation à toi! Tu fais une jeune femme de plus en plus épanouie :) Prends bien soin de toi…

Hi Kristina! I’ve recently found your blog. I read this amazing article. Its very inspiring. I have been a vegan all my life. I have never even had an omelette in my life. I’m a mother of two kids. I have been working out regularly for the past three years and never felt the need to visit a doctor except when I was doing weight lifting exercises and experienced some joint pain problems. I have a good figure except a slightly bulging lower belly. Maybe its because of the cravings for sweets which I don’t seem to overcome. This article is motivational and I’ll try to give up my habit of unhealthy snacking. Thanks a lot. You are an inspiration.

Awesome article ! It makes me think a lot about the book of Cameron Diaz. If you haven’t read it yet, you should it’s really good !


Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly useful
& it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to give one thing back and help others like
you helped me.

So inspiring! Thank you, Kristina!;)

LOVE THIS, you’re such an inspiration!!!! xx

I agree with you 100% on eating organically, healthy, and clean. Ever since I cut out junk, my skin has cleared up! That being said, it is someone’s CHOICE and RIGHT to go up to that vending machine and eat processed, unhealthy foods. One should not be forced into eating healthy or unhealthy.

I loved this post (it’s saved as one of my favourites) and I have been using the Whole Pantry ever since you recommended it to us. I really appreciate your effort and your honesty – so inspiring!

Bonjour Kristina,

Tout d’abord je rejoins tous les commentaires plus haut qui sont contre cet article, il est clair qu’il est très important de manger sainement mais sais-tu que tout contrôler dans son alimentation est aussi considéré comme de l’anorexie? J’ai déjà fait ton poids et je fais exactement la même taille. A l’époque je souffrais d’anorexie et quoique tu dises dans ton poste je me sentais très mal, fatiguée et déprimée. Je vois donc que le model idéal n’est pas une personne en forme, enfin en tout cas il me serait impossible d’être comme toi sans être très faible et ça me fend le cœur de voir que ceci est aussi devenu ton idéal de beauté. Pourquoi devrait-on choisir en être belle ou en bonne santé?

Bref le problème c’est que beaucoup d’adolescente ne comprennent pas que cet idéal est impossible à atteindre pour beaucoup, car cela signifie clairement être en sous-poids.
Je tiens aussi à dire que ton “statement” sur le gluten n’est absolument pas prouvé et qu’il n’est absolument pas nécessaire de s’en priver complétement, et que cette nouvelle mode du “gluten-free” n’est justement qu’une mode, tout médecin qualifié te dira exactement la même chose. Quand on voit le nombre de personnes qui souffrent énormément de ne pas pouvoir manger une miche de pain car ils sont cœliaque comment peut on vouloir faire ça une mode?

Bref, je suis ton blog avec intérêt mais tous ces articles sur la nourriture, toutes ces photos où tu ne manges que des légumes et rien d’autre, etc commencent à vraiment me dégoûter et je suis profondément déçue que tu prônes tout ça.

Prends soin de toi comme dis plus haut et ne tombe pas dans la spirale sans fin du contrôle de son corps qu’est la mode, et surtout pense un peu plus à tes plus jeunes lectrices, qui elles ne se rendent pas forcément compte de toute cette industrie qu’est la mode.

Thank you so much for this post! Last year I’ve had similar problems (only in my case with milk) and I can only confirm what you wrote! Keep doing you thing,you’re a real writer,not just a fashion blogger,and that’s what makes you unique ;)! Grüsse aus Zürich xxx

Wow ! Kristina thank you very much for this awesome post ! It really changed my lifestyle. I had a problems with my weight before but when I read your post , after 2 months I lost 5 kg. I never felt better and fill with so much more energy . Really thank you ♥
Ton blog est tres beau. Je le trouve simplement magnifique !
Spasiba agromnaye :)

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Hi Kristina!
First of all, lovely post, really!

Hi Kristina!
First of all, lovely post, really!

Hi Kristina!
First of all, lovely post, really!

Hi Kristina!
First of all, lovely post, really!

Me again! Sorry, haha didn’t know it was posted, cause I couldn’t see my comment at first.. And all of it didn’t show, so here’s my message:
Hi Kristina!
First of all, lovely post, really!
I’m an inspiration myself on Instagram (@minousette) when it comes to good food and love to get inspired by others! It’s amazing how people keep inspire each other! #stayhealthy
I still wonder though, what do you eat in a day? How does a typical day (haha I know, you don’t have typical days in your life I guess) in your life look like with food? How often, when and what do you eat for lunch, breakfast, dinner, snacks.. Would be more than happy for just an answer, or a maybe a post about it..

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Mariana Delyannis 18 December 2014 / Reply

Hey, I know you probably won’t post this comment as looking through the comments only the positive ones seem to get published but I do hope that you revise your statements in this article. I am telling you a little bit about myself just so that you know I am not trying to be mean or negative in any way. I am a 21 year old girl living in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have graduated from my studies with a Bachelor degree in Biomedicine and Nutrition Sciences from the University of Brighton in England so I am qualified to make these statements.

While most of what you say in this article is true about the benefits of eating healthy, and eating refined and processed sugars daily leads to a number of health issues including sluggishness, bad skin and feeling tired all the time, what you say with regard to gluten intolerance and other statements are completely incorrect.

Gluten intolerance is not something one can develop, as you state above, over time. It is genetically inherited when you are born. The disease itself is known as Coeliac disease, it is an autoimmune disease and is diagnosed at a very young age and causes serious health repercussions. First of all Gluten is not a protein entirely as you state above,it is a protein composite different form say meat protein. Coeliac disease (CD) is a form of enteropathy that generally affects the small intestinal region in those that are genetically predisposed. It is triggered by the ingestion of any foods that contain gluten and the gluten-sensitivity is understood to result from the initiation of both a cell mediated T-cell and a humoral B-cell immune response on exposure to gluten, which includes wheat, barley and rye (and for very few <5% oats). Now if you truly did research you would come across some complicated immunology explanations that I understand an uneducated person in terms of medical science would find difficult but if it is a disease you truly have you would like to become acquainted with all aspects of the disease. If you feel like you wish to learn more feel free to contact me and I can perhaps try and give you a more in depth explanation without sounding like a medical text book.

Now with regards to your statement that meat causes stress and makes you have less energy. This is not entirely true. Too much meat is not good for you but a sufficient amount has lots of benefits. Your body's requirements of vitamin B12 is only attainable through meats and animal products and if you are a vegetarian/vegan I do suggest you go to your doctor for B12 shots or take supplements as there is no other way which you can get this vitamin. It seems from your statements of sugar and the addictive aspects you have read the book Skinny Bitch which is a really good book but in it it also details the requirement for B12 which I think your article could have benefited from a mention as many young girls read your blog and look at you as a role model and thus most likely wish to emulate your diet simply by what you have written here. Then they go and do so and eventually become anaemic due to the lack of one essential vitamin simply because you have not stated the requirement when going vegan/vegetarian.

With regard to what you have written about antibiotics and quote "Furthermore, with a healthy diet, you shouldn’t get sick at all :)" if you are feeling sick your doctor should not simply give you antibiotics in the hope that it will go away. This is a serious flaw not only by your doctor but by many of them and the entire medical industry and it is most likely why you felt worse after taking the antibiotics sometimes because you had a virus caused illness which cannot be cured by antibiotics, as antibiotics only cure bacterial illnesses. Thus please don't refute the medical industry simply because of this. Regardless of whether one eats healthy or not, everyone get sick — full stop! What you perhaps should have said is that by eating healthy you are less likely to get sick as you build a stronger immune system, or you won't get sick as often. It does not prevent you entirely from becoming ill.

Now I don't mean to sound over dramatic and I know you wish you share these kinds of things with your readers but please, and I say this with a lot of empathy and compassion and respect for both what you do and what I do, don't make statements which you are not qualified to make as you are in an industry that has a lot of influence (perhaps more than you think) on people and making uneducated remarks is not good. You doing research for a couple of months does not make you eligible to make statements on these kind of things and it really doesn't matter to me if you post this comment or not and I do understand that this is an old post of yours and you won't think twice about reading this as it is super long but for your sake and for your readers I do hope that you gain something from what I have posted to you.

I have seen you one or two times around Lausanne or at the Lausanne Palace and I just sometimes wish I could come up to you and let you know these thoughts of mine and I understand that I may come across as patronising but it is not my intention. My intention is simply awareness. The vastness of the internet makes this post inconsequential and I know there are so many more terrible things out there on the internet hence why I have never done anything like this before.

If you read this, thank you. If you gain something from this, thank you.

With much respect to the beautiful person you are,

Mariana xx

I have to say, this is my one of my favorite posts! it inspires me to eat well, and the snacks do seem delicious! being healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste, if anything it should be finding deliciousness in things that are good for you. good job and much love xo

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Hi, Miss Kristina! Miss Fiona! and Mr. James =D
I absolutely love this blog (and of course, i follow other feeds source, like insta, fb, everything). Like really. You guys always inspire me, remind me that this world is still beautiful and there’s still a reason to live in here. You guys are so beautiful, not just in the outside but also in the inside (,though of course, i don’t know anything, since i only ‘know’ you guys from things you guys posted, but), i somehow feel like, you guys are really kind people. and that this world needs more people like you guys. Positive and radiating as the sun. I like to visit your blog and read your posts over and over. Funny, isn’t it? Guess i’m a freak xD
Ah well…. I can write a full article about it, but well, the point is, i feel grateful to know about Kayture, and the Kaytributors :D Thanks for the hard work, i can give nothing, but i’ll pray for the best and support you guys with all my might.


This all looks so delicious! I want to make that egg white omelette right now! It’s so important that we take care of our bodies, I took gave up processed foods and non-organics earlier this year, and I’ve never felt better!

WOW! I have no words.
I’ve been thinking of changing my diet lately and two months ago I started eating healthier and having some smoothies but I still ate some junk food. Now that I’ve read your article I’d try insanely to stop eating all of this because I didn’t know that sugar and processed food was so bad. Thank you for open my mind and help me with my health. I’d love to read more articles about healthy lifestyle.
This is the main reason why I love reading your older posts, some of them are very inspiring! You’re an amazing person, really (though I don’t know you I know you are). Thank you for everything, I mean it. I hope to meet you some day, it would make me one of the happiest people in the world.

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the heads. Some are even integrated with adaptable shaver heads for extensive coverage that closely follows your uneven facial contours.

Un voyage au Vietnam satisfera toutes vos envies de depaysement dans un pays qui mele culture, histoire et nature verdoyante.

The use of hand tools in woodworking is a growing trend as it has several rewards including minimal noise and subsequent to no dust

If you want to be able to date models and the most beautiful girls in your neighborhood, you need to
perfectly understand how women think in relationship, how they make decisions.

A human predator acts like a hawk that hovers around the sky until it spots
a wounded animal and sweeps in for a kill. The wedding card from both the parties, is first presented to the lord to seek his blessings, this is a ritual followed in almost all Indian weddings.

There are different factors that go into determining eligibility.
Many people who are exposed to recurring high decibel noises take supplements with antioxidants
to help prevent damage to their inner ear lining and
hairs that are critical to hearing. Don’t short circuit terminal or
store your battery pack with metal parts.

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