There’s nothing more chic than tweed. And there’s definitely no color fresher than a beautiful light, hypnotizing blue. Add to it a pop of bright orange tangerine color and some powder pink shades and you got a pretty dynamic cocktail. We had the chance to create these images during our stay at Four Seasons hotel in Geneva which is definitely one of my favorite hotels in the city. It’s such an emblematic place, with a beautiful view on our iconic “Jet D’Eau” which we are all so proud of (you guys must try their restaurant Izumi if you ever end up in Geneva, such a big must for Japanese food lovers!!).

During our stay I had the pleasure to style some of Louis Vuitton’s beautiful latest creations and make out of them my own personal interpretations. If you guys have read yesterday’s article, then you know already all about their women’s wear reopening and I hope you’ll have the chance to see this new mesmerizing space with your own eyes. I’m just saying, but Geneva is becoming seriously on point fashion wise!!!

They just started unveiling the first big changes but the space will transform all year long! So we definitely have so much to expect, I know already that I might need to sneak in the boutique every now and then to see what has changed (and of course to crave some of their beautiful bags… can’t resist). Make sure to stop by on your shopping spree to grasp a feeling out of it! x

Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton.003Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton.006 Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton.004Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton.002Kristina.Bazan.Louis.Vuitton.0051753_LV_14_04_02_Geneve_Niv3


Total look Louis Vuitton


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Love the blue tweed, very chic! xx

You look so chic and formal, the tweed is very beautiful and the color is so cool. This look is really amazing. Love the clutch and the cute bracelet

So pretty !! Love it !! ♥
Love, xxx

You are one gorgeous lady :)

The tweed dress looks so elegant and love the light blue with orange! Beautiful and fresh look!

Love this outfit so much !!!



KAYTURE, you look fabulous in this outfit! very classy and chic!

Wow perfection from top to bottom. Love eveything!

xx Mira

Nice outfit, everything is just perfect


Perfectly dressed as always. And the colour of the bag is simply amazing!!

Love from Munich, L


I completely agree with you – tweed is so chic! And even more so if its Louis Vuitton. I really love how you’ve styled the cool blue with the tangerine hue. Adding that incredible leather bracelet to my wish list! xx

I love this post and the outfit! I check your blog on a regular basis and i just adoooore your minimalistic yet very sophisticated and glamorous style. I also like to check your youtube videos, and i got inspired especially by one hair tutorial that you have made. I just shooted this morning the new outfit with the hairstyle inspired by your tutorial. Please do drop by my fashion/beauty blog later on if you are interested :)
Stay as good as you are now, love you ** :)

Love the heels! The outfit however is a little too sophisticated for my taste..

Gorgeous ! Love the outfit and not to mention the always great photos !

xo, Lili |

I reallly like the colour combination, I find it very bold and inspiring!! Hadn’t thought of it before..I would maybe have opted for a smaller clutch though, this one gives me a very casual feeling….

OMG! This orange bracelet is overwhelming! Want to have one.
Also I like the colour of dress, but I consider tweed as a fabric for jackets.
You look amazing in any outfit.

Such an amazing outfit!

Love the photos, especially the second one. The tweed looks great on you.

You look stunning, love your bag !

Love from Paris

You look amazing! The colours look great together
The Fashion Wonderland

As chic and elegant as always, love your style

Love Imke

Daniella 3 May 2014 / Reply




Daniella 3 May 2014 / Reply

love tweed!!



Perfecta combinación, un vestido muy bonito :)

You look so chic Kristina! I love tweed too :)

Fantastic look. You have no Idea how much I love you post everyday!!!! You always give me good and new ideas for a new look. And also i read your blog every single day, no matter i am working or my spare time. It’s great!!

This is FAB! your amazing as always! :)

I adore the coat. It’s one of the best I’ve seen so far. And the styling is amazing as usually! Love the outfit Kristina

This look is definitely the best I have ever seen on you! Simply amazing…also I love your hair style
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Such a beautiful look once again, love the color combinations on this look :) You’re just always so stylish, and your pictures are on point!! xxx keep up the amazing work hun

Tu es très élégante, ta tenue fait très chic et très adulte (non pas que les autres fassent enfant hein :p).
Trop jolie :)

Magnifique !!! J’adore cette tenue


Your blue eyes and that tweed blazer match, so beautiful! Love from Helsinki!

I’m a medical student by day and a fashion blogger by night.

New outfit post on my blog!

It IS very chic, you’re right. If only I could afford head to toe Louis Vuitton.

Style by Joules

Love this look, such beautiful colours combined and tweed is so sophisticated, especially on you!

Kirsten x

Hannah Aspropoulos 3 May 2014 / Reply

What a chic and classy combination! You mixed these colors so perfect! And I have to admit that I love your hair like this :)
XOXO Hannah

Inlove with your jacket! Such a lovely outfit and the orange clutch totally added the spice to the entire look! Perfect <3

You are so elegant in this outfit! I love your heels!:)
Fashion latte with vanilla

Amazing look. Love the orange details!

Like and greetings from

I adore the color combinations in this outfit Xx Elle

You look so chic! Absolutely amazing outfit!

Beautiful and yet effortless look, Gal!


Great colors!!! I love this mix. It looks so elegant.
Beautiful on you:-)

This outfit is so chic and beautiful!

beautiful outfit, love that look on you.

LOVE THIS LOOK! those shoes are to die for!

Love the color. The whole outfit is perfection!

Love these two colours together, such a great match!

X Malena

Adorable look! :)

this is darling and adore your outfit!
ladies in navy

your blog looks increasingly only like a vogue photoshoot, it seems that normal people could never afford or wear such things without looking ridiculous. i kind of miss your old style, where you work amazingly cute outfits that others could get inspiration from. where on earth could i ever wear 90% of the outfits you wear now?!?

Sweet Perdition 4 May 2014 / Reply

You look unbelievably beautiful! The blue colour matches your eyes and it looks great with your blond hair. The only thing is that you look like a grown up mature women while you are in your 20s.
And I agree there is nothing more chic than tweed!

amazing pics, so great to look at 35mm f/1.4 in action. Nice use of depth of field

Such a beautiful outfit! Looks a bit retro!

♥ Oxana
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I love your bracelet and how it matches with your clutch/laptop case! :)

Love this look! You look amazing in it!! I am in love with that dress! xo

Oh you drop dead gorgeous woman! You look ah-mazing!

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM

Kristina Bazan 5 May 2014 / Reply

Thank you all for your sweet messages! Really glad you loved this look.

To answer one of your questions regarding the high price point of the clothing shown above, it’s really about providing inspirational material! I am the first one who loves mixing up high and low but in this case it was about honoring the designer’s work and being inspired by the textures the colors. You can easily take this look and make it your own by shopping within the same color, structure range at your favorite shops! That’s what’s so fun about fashion, there are no rules and the options are without limit.

Now for me it’s important to also show pieces that are essence to fashion. Let’s not forget that Zara for example, copies most of the time the designer’s work. Kayture being a fashion blog, it seems legitimate for me show some authentic fashion pieces which for me are the the result of hours of work and real art pieces. As I mentioned, I got the chance to style the pieces, I don’t own them. But I find it beautiful to celebrate them, get inspired by them and then the rest is up to you ;)

Your outfits are always so beautiful and chic!
Can’t wait to see more.

love your coat!
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Loving the posts~! The outfit is so cute!


i’m really in love with the jacket! also the laptop bag from LV is fantastic!

Total look louis vuitton réussi je suis fan ! Ta tenue est magnifique et tu es toujours aussi magnifique !
Des bisous,

light blue is very cool and refreshing to the eyes, so if you wear something with the shades of blue, then you would probably look fresh. Your outfit there is really nice, you look like a doll, and the color of your bag just fits the color of your dress.

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