Instagram being my like my second diary and so present in my life at this point (yes, I am an addict if you haven’t noticed already), I felt like it was perfectly adequate to share with you a little Instagram diary from our trip in Shanghai. It’s something that I’d like to do more often to summarize each journey as most of the time the images we shoot for our social media are just as beautiful as the ones we create for the blog. They also have so much great energy in them as they’ve been taken right in the moment, very spontaneously and retrieve the feeling of the moment quite perfectly.

Again, we had the chance to spend some time in the city being special guest of Omega who organized their annual international event which by the way, was simply incredible, mesmerizing and just quite frankly mind blowing. You’ll be able to have a look bellow at the pictures from the party. They created a whole infrastructure in an Imperial Garden, with tweaks of light spread all over the field. I can’t tell you how magical it felt to be able to be there. Not to mention that the iconic George Clooney was among us that night, I mean, what else could we expect (get it? hihi). Unfortunately, we had to leave quite promptly in the middle of the dinner in our evening wear to catch our flight to Monaco! Crazy life, I’m telling you. But we’ve cherished every single precious second of that beautiful night.

It was a thrill to discover some trendy places in China and take the time to explore. We stayed at the Peninsula hotel on the Bund, which by itself is already a real city somehow. Literally, we could have spend days there without going out. They had it all : spa, pool, 3 bars, 3 restaurants, a rooftop overviewing the city, awesome fitness center and even private yoga trainer! I mean… They even had a Chanel store INSIDE the hotel. Isn’t it crazy? I have to say, The Salon de Ning, is probably one of our favorite places there. It’s a bar, boudoir style where each table is in a private room, decorated with a special theme. One of them is upside down. No joke.

We’re preparing for you a list of the 10 best places to visit in Shanghai! So stay updated, it’s coming out by the end of the week x.

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Hey, you re so beautiful Kristina! Always admiring that :)

Daniella 29 May 2014 / Reply

incredible plane view!

Beautiful photos! You are soooo pretty! :)


You had such an incredible time there! Stunning pictures! =)
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UPDATE YOUR MAKEUP ROUTINE! what did you use for your highlighter! its amazing!

Love following your Instagram, you have so many beautiful photos and I def. get to travel a whole world through your eyes :)

great pics! Totally love the red dress you’re wearing to the party! It’s just so perfect!

These pictures make me want to visit Shanghai right away!

Stunning pictures! and that Chanel bag is so cute! <3 Wish I could get one of those!!

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Great photo diary, I’m loving the red lace dress!

absolutely stunning impressions!


I woke up with the mission to read the new posts on your blog. I think I might be getting addicted :)

lovely pics, you should come to Asia more, lots of branded stores are always connected or inside of the hotels. So don’t be surprise.

I simply adore the picture where you stand at the bar, with all those wine glasses. You look fabulous !

Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories with us.


Those pictures are stunning, looks like you had a very productive trip! Cant wait for more x

Absolutely beautiful photos

I like to see your instagram’s feed :) It inspire me so much !

Ta veste blanche je suis totalement fan elle est top ! Et la tenue pour la soirée Omega est très jolie aussi. J’admire tous vos voyages en avion, je dois le prends cet été et j’ai trop leur!

I love the idea of making a instagram diary of each trip! Having an overview is great of all your experiences is great and the pictures are amazing ♡

Lovely photos! It looks like you had such an amazing time.

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What a fun adventure! It is absolutely stunning in this city! Amazing people as well!

Love your food photos! You really eat healthy and delicious food <3

Beautiful pics :)

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

You’re a vision! The diary is really beautiful as well, I particularly liked the upside down picture in the hotel. Is it the hotel though? Some amazing decor. I’d love to see some detailed guide do shanghai, but I dunno if you had enough time to really explore. For how long were you there?

I love your instagram so much, you always have some new inspirational and fashionable photos! I love that you update so often!

Such a beautiful Insta Diary!

Love from Munich, L


I love your Instagram pictures! Always makes me feel I am the part of your adventure :)
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so jealous of you! Your style is so amazing x

Wow stunning! Love all the pictures and your outfits! :)

Love these pics!
p.s. are you married?! your plane ticket says “Mrs”… :O

I adore your instagram feed. Always such beautiful and informative photos of your time around the world. You just look sensational in every single image.

Katie <3

Wooow wooow woooo! Amazing!