Tea time at the yu garden in shanghai


While in China, it was an absolute must for us to visit the Yu Garden, a place we’ve heard so much about and googled to find the most extraordinary images. In reality, the place was even more breathtaking… As James and I were looking for a more traditional feeling of the city and get down to the “roots” in some sorts of the culture, it felt like heading there for a tea ceremony was already a good start to get to know Shanghai better.

After enjoying a long walk with some friends, we finally reached the heart of the garden where we found ourselves standing in front of the most gorgeous view ever : the temples rising from the water with their bold red colors. Now that’s what I am talking about! I was so excited to explore the area and get a real feel out of this mystical yet so fascinating ambiance. So many stories were told and anecdotes about this place, a great example is how the path to the temple isn’t just straight but in a sort of criss cross. Well that’s because it is believed that bad spirits can go only straight! That way they’ll never be able to enter the temple. Clever isn’t it?

For a while, I had to wander around by myself, just gazing at people, observing the colorful fishes having a little swim, and feeling fulfilled with that rush of positive energy. It was time to head to our little tea party. Just on the other side of the temple stood the tea house. We sat in our cute little booth and ordered different flavors to enjoy. When they came out in their transparent teapots, we all wondered what was that strange thing floating in our tea? Turns out, after a minute or so, a flower opened up to reveal a fresh flavor and add a special touch to the water. Fancy tea, I’m telling you.

We even had the chance to be served some treats, mochis, steamed tofu and all sorts of other delicacies. I wasn’t feeling that hungry but James had the pleasure to try all (ALL) of them.  For that occasion, my outfit was simple : some white denim trousers from Rag & Bone, a comfy Nations gray sweater, little tweed jacket and a Chanel bag to carry some treasures found during this awesome journey. If you guys are ever in Shanghai, it’s an experience I highly suggest. You’ll keep great memories of it :)


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TOP : Nations (or Similar Here)

JACKET : Zara (Similar Here)

TROUSERS : Rag & Bone (or Similare Here)

WATCH : Omega

BAG : Chanel 


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It looks beautiful there, but for me a little crowded ;) But you are beautiful as always, so perfect :))

Wow, these pictures are awesome, love the post! :)

xx Su

Wow the photos are stunning! What a beautiful location :D

xx Mira

What a nice post! I always wanted to visit China! I hope I will do this one day!
Have a nice week! <3

And another set of beautiful photos! xo, Christina

WOW! It gotta be such an amazing expirience! I’ve always dreamed about visiting a beautiful place like that!


This city is wonderful, like a fairy tail. Your look is very you, easy and extremely chic, the jacket is so classic and cute and this Chanel handbag is absolutely amazing, love it so much. Beautiful watch

amazing pics! And love these simple outfits!

These pictures are really breathtaking, you make me want to visit China immediately! :)
That bag OMG I looove it! *_*
Have a lovely day!

This place is so wonderful! The white blazer and the Chanel bag are a perfect match! Great outfit!

This is such an amazing place!

you look stunning!!!

xoxo from rome

Savannah 28 May 2014 / Reply

Yum the food looks lovely x

Beautiful shots !

Love from Paris

Love the jacket! And again such pretty pictures❤️❤️

This looks amazing! I also wish to visit an original tea ceremony, it must be breath taking experience!!
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Stunning pictures, hope I can go there one day to see this amazing place in real! And I have to say, that I’m totally in love with your Chanel bag, so timeless and perfect! <3

Wow Shanghai is amazing nd your photos so impressive!

Wooow, I’d love to travel to Shangai, it’s beautiful :) – New post <3

Woah, these pictures seem so magical! And I loooooove your Chanel bag! <3



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Such a nice place, love your photos and thanks for sharring by the way I love your outfit, nice matching!


the simple outfit looks so nice with all this red of the temples. reading this makes me really want to go there and experience all of it too! I’m really happy for you to have these opportunities xx

This looks amazing, I would love to visit a place like this. Apart from the beautiful outfit I think the fish picture is my favourite!

Wonderful pictures! China is so beautiful!!

Amazing pictures!

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Love the top with the jacket!

The Fashion Brook

Impressive and amazing place ! I love it!


I have been in Shanghai two years ago and it was amazing! The Yu Garden is such a beautiful place. Truely incredible!

This place looks amazing!

Stunning pictures! Those fish in the water how beautiful is that! Amazing pictures! Makes up for the lack of your pictures! :D

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What a wonderful photo diary!!! You look stunning!!

It’s indeed a beautiful place!!

Wow such stunning photos! I love your outfit too especially that jacket :)


The pictures are so pretty, I would love to visit China one day!
Plus, I saw the flowers in the tea pot: I tried them once, they’re so beautiful (and the tea is delicious) to look at! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Amazing place, amazing outfit…AMAZING BAG!

What a gorgeous girl!!!
Just lovely how you and James create the blog! Keep it up!!!

with lots of love Mary from

Unbelievable! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Wow I would love to visit there, it look breathtaking! Really enjoying seeing all your photos from this trip!

You made me miss Yu garden. Love these pictures:)

So, so, so gorgeous! Even with such a stunning background your beauty still stands out.

Love following your Chinese journey, so unusual and exciting! Can’t wait for the next instalment.

Sarah, x

This place looks awesome! I definitely need to visit China at some point in my life!

These photos are so beautiful! I love your jacket and purse : )

mm, this looks positively fantastic!
ladies in navy

Beautiful!! Nice jacket.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Awesome photos!

The Chanel bag is lovely and Shanghai is even nicer!

Janine Maral from

Looks like a marvelous city!

x Krizia

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Looks beautiful!!! What an amazing place! The structure of the buildings and colors and incredible! Hope you had so much fun :) xo

Love your outfit!!

Elizabeth Hawn 28 May 2014 / Reply

very cool! love your chanel

Nice place to visit. The outfit is perfect as always. Casual and chic, i like it. The first photo with the flower tea inside the tea-pot is beautiful and peaceful. Ah Shanghai … Enjoy!

I love China, it’s such a fascinating country! Beautiful photos :-) xx

Wonderful city, my dream to go there! x

The photos are so lovelys :) your outfit is simply but so chic (as always) :)


Wow I love these photos! Your outfit is gorgeous :)


You’re gorgeous!
Love the photos!

Xo, Giada

You look amazing! Love your jacket and watch! ♥

This looks amazing! It makes me want to travel. I’ve been to Japan but not to China… yet!

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Magnifiques ces photos ma belle! J’adore


Pretty photos! And I love your jacket!

Jamie W

What a beautiful place! And I’m obsessed with your purse (:


Love all the pictures…colorful buildings… and love that watch!


Bonjour Kristina,

Je tenais à te dire que tu me donnes envie de croire en mes idées et tu me donnes envie de travailler dur pour y arriver, alors merci :)
Les photos sont d’une qualité de dingue, et tu es toujours très belle. J’ai suivis tes montées des marches, tu étais juste resplendissante !

Bisous de France !

You look gorgeous! I love Shanghai and your shoot is beautiful!

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Daniella 29 May 2014 / Reply


This place looks amazing – definitely on the bucket list. x

Simplicity, that’s why I love your blog.

Hannah Depaoli 31 May 2014 / Reply

Great pictures! You two are amazing!

Greetings from Austria!

Kinga Kurek 26 June 2014 / Reply

ahhh talk about perfection!