After spending a couple of days in Palm Springs for Coachella and in Dallas, Texas for the Reward Style conference, we are back in town, back in our soon to be home Los Angeles! It’s soooo incredibly strange and overwhelming how much this place feels like home already… In fact I remember when the plane was landing the other day, I surprised myself asking James in the most genuine way possible “are you happy to be coming back home?”.

Many people ask me, but don’t you ever get homesick travelling that much? Don’t you miss your own bed, your own closet and bathroom? Well… To be totally honest, the more I travel, the more I realize that being attached to all of these material things is pointless. And that comes from a fashion blogger!!!! I am not in a very good position to say that as I am supposedly one of the most materialistic creatures on this earth!!!! BUT, I do feel this way.

Because your real friends will stay your real friends no matter where you are, and your real passion will follow you no matter where you go, your positivity, your energy, your strength, will only grow on each adventure because you get out of your comfort zone and you face the world in some way. And to be totally honest,  travelling with James is a gift too. When we travel together, we make it home no matter where we go. When we arrived in Dallas, completely tired after a sleepless night of e-mail work (hard to do the office work when days are filled up with meetings), we passed out in a kid’s park in downtown and yup, this little spot under a tree in the shadow felt like our home for the next 4 hours.

So yes, coming back to sunny Cali did feel like home. We have our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, friends who we love, great relationships, and days fully packed with barely a minute of free time. But that’s how we love to roll!!! That day, I decided to pull out a chic look while strolling near Rodeo Drive. I’ve always been a huge lover of the Italian shoe brand Fabi as you guys may know. I’ve been wearing their beautiful designs ever since I started blogging (I’ve been a big supporter since the beginning!!!). The brand is super niche, and the quality of their products is just amazing…They always have something that I’m crushing on. I fell in love with these gorgeous black heels (aren’t they perfect?). They add the perfect contrast to a total nude outfit. x

Nude.005Nude.003Nude.004Nude.002Nude.006 Nude.007 Nude.008 Nude.009Photo 20-04-14 00 52 40


DRESS : Mason

SHOES : Fabi

EARRING : Shay Accessories

BAG : Valentino through Monnier Frères 

LIPS : Narcotic Red by Tom Ford


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You look gorgeous! xoxo Savannah

Wow wow amazing dress and heels.

xx Mira

Janneke 1 May 2014 / Reply

I love your blog! Keep on blogging :)

Love the lip colour! Looks amazing with the nude dress!

The shoes are amazing, need them in my wardrobe! Love your blog Kristina!

I’m a Finnish med student and fashion blogger.

New outfit post up on my blog!

Amazing photos !
This dress is beautiful, I love the way you wear it, you look very chic and elegant !



Rita Freitas 1 May 2014 / Reply

so beautiful! great pictures!

Love from Portugal,

I have loved this post! Everything that you wrote here is 100% and I feel exactly the same about the travelling/ missing home matter. You just keep on rocking’ girl, I love this blog and love reading about all the trips and adventures that you’re on!

“Home is wherever I’m with you”.
Great outfit! Love the shoeees! Kiss.

very nice post, babe Christina

gorgeous photoshoot cute Khristina

Love these pictures and cute slip on dress!

You look truly amazing! In love with the dress! x

Amazing photos! I love that simple, chic dress <3 looks wonderful on you!

LOVELY nude dress. you’re absolutely gorgeous! Love this dress and the shoes.

This nude dress is so chic and cool, perfect for a busy day in Los Angeles. The handbag is amazing, so lovely and love love love so much these sandals, they are so beautiful, I need them!!

Such a beautiful look! I think you hair looks lovely in a ponytail

Love from London x


You have perfect hair :)
Muilo Burbulai

Fell in love with those dress and shoes!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

You look so pretty! I love this dress on you, totally love the shoes too!! xo, Katy :)

obsessed with the heels!
ladies in navy

so pretty! Love it:)

Très jolie tenue, discrète mais élégante. J’adore ton sac !!

That dress is perfect! Love those shoes especially xx

Amazing outfit, so in love with your shoes! And great blogpost! <3

You’re so beautiful :)

And you’re right!
Hope you’ll enjoy all the places where you’ll go :)

Xo, Giada
Chet Faker “Cigarettes and Chocolate”

Such a pretty look, Kristina! I’m glad you and James took a break in Dallas. I could lay there with the warm sun on my face and just fall asleep to conversations and kids’ laughter!

Love this outfit ♥♥

I fall in love with this dress from the moment I saw it on your Instagram. Absolutely amazing pictures!

I love what u wrote!

Love the simple colors in this outfit!

Style by Joules

I love your shoes!


This is perfection!!! Love your dress! :)


Beautiful and elegant look! =)

Please, check out my blog!


You look perfect babe! I love this outfit


totally love this beautiful dress!

You look great as usual!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Looking gorgeous! I love your shoes! It amazes me every time how perfect and professional your photos are! x

Love the shoes, so much! And you look absolutely gorgeous in nude – as always.


incredible outfit!! that nude dress is amazing and I love your cute black sandals! not to mention your gorgeous bag :).

You look gorgeous as always ! I wish I could spend that much time in LA as you do :)

Love the back of this dress. It suits you perfectly!

Khanya Ngxabani 1 May 2014 / Reply

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you! Number 1 FAN FROM SOUTH AFRICA!

such an amazing outfit, love it! x

Wow!!! Simply and elegant dress… are really beautiful!!!

Daniella 2 May 2014 / Reply


I love how you look like! You are so beautiful, nude tones match to you so much! And your hair are awesome on these pictures!!! :))

Kisses from Poland:*

Love that dress!

Greetings from

Hannah Aspropoulos 2 May 2014 / Reply

The nude dress looks perfect! I love how you paired it with red lipstick. And I totally agree with you about the Fabi shoes! Also loving the location :)
Have a nice day :)

Hey! Maybe this is a really weird question, but I was just wandering… Do you think you and James will get married? :)

I love everything about this look! Your outfit, makeup, hair, shoes, lips. In love! :) ♥

Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec ce que tu dis et j’ai la même façon de penser que toi, j’arrive à me sentir partout chez moi, il faut juste être bien accompagné et être heureuse !
Je te trouve ravissante sur ces photos, Los Angeles te va bien, tu es rayonnante, cette robe te va magnifiquement bien, j’aime beaucoup sa couleur qui met très bien en valeur ta peau !!

I´m in love with the look… and the girl! ;)

miss kristina, you always have such chic outfits accompanied by the perfect details. here, i absolutely adore the charm on your shoes and your earrings!

i am wondering, what products do you use to make your ponytail so smooth? i always have trouble with the wisps and small fly-aways around my ears and forehead. do you just use hairspray?

thank you darling!

<3 sonya

The dress & the shoes are amazing, just wow. You never seem to disappoint Kristina!

I love this combination! I have a special spot in my heart (and closet) for nudes and also love rocking them with red lipstick. Your hair is super long which looks dramatic in pictures. I also think that these heels go well with the rest of the outfit, they are nice but probably not my favourite pair of black sandals…
You constantly mention LA as home, are you moving there for good, or you say that because you are kind of living there for a while now?
Much love

Nina sax 3 May 2014 / Reply

Hi girl,
I so agree with your new passion for L.A…. I was there a few years ago, incredible city… but even more is San Francisco ! But then I guess the vibe is really different, and what you need now I’m sure you will find it in LA… I understand what you are saying about not being attached to material things… But come on, it’s impossible with fashion ;) I like reading your blog, but then I don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive “things”. Instead, I rather spend the few money I earn next to studying, into travels, into taking courses, into good food some of the time, into learning new things, experiencing, into going to hear live music at festivals or at the opera… So I found your post quite interesting, but also contradictory ;-) Isn’t fashion artistic… but also very very very about “material” ?

I love this look ! So magnificence !
Love it ! ♥

Feel free to visit my blog ;-)

I agree with you Nina Sax sooooo much about the contradiction in this post ! Fashion is all about material things, that’s it. But on one side, you can love material things, work in fashion industry like Kristina does, and on an other side, you can be aware, sometimes, there are “things” so much more important than all these stuff … in a way, this is the contradiction we all live in, in our western society, when you have money, you spend it in stuff … But i do agree with the fact when a famous fashion blogger, like Kristina, criticizes our material world, it’s a bit weird … and even more, in french : “déplacé”.

There was a lady from Harpers Bazzar (not sure how to spell it) who said that ‘life is artiface: it’s (a) celebration.’ I’m not shocked you feel the way you do as outlined in paragraph one -about materialism- because of these statments as this lady from Harpers (editor or something, the original one or something: it was an interview type thing) kind of hinted at this fact that materialism was simply a celebration that had got out of control without really saying as much. PARTY GONE OUT OF BOUNDS- yeh, that might be it… go the B’52s, how classic were they!
She was quite enlightening in my opinion if you can work out the person I am talking about… cheers!