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Hey guys! James here. And with big, great news. You’ve probably read about it on Instagram : since the beginning of this year, we’ve been working on reformatting Kayture which is going to go global. So what does that mean? Kayture will not be limited to a purely personal fashion blog, it’s going to be so much more than that. Kayture is going to be a real global online fashion and social platform where you’ll be able to find a diversity of top quality, elevated and interactive content, all directed and supervised by Kristina’s creative vision of course. Not only will you be able to still follow her adventures on a daily basis, but you’ll also meet new people and get to read about different topics as we’ll soon post more than just one article per day. That means a lot of changes that we’ll reveal step by step but first that we’ll introduce you to… new contributors! As I’ve been part of Kayture since day one, it felt natural to be the first one ever… call it a Kaytributor!

To be totally honest, it wasn’t hard to find a subject for this article. I can’t even count how many times i’ve read comments or received mails and inboxes asking me « What camera do you use ? » or « What lens do you use to take Kristina’s pictures ? » . I would spend my days advising all of you if I had to reply to everyone, so I told myself : why not reveal in this exclusive article and on this unique occasion all the gear I use for shooting, why and how I use it? So here we go : in this first post, I’ll talk mostly about my own experience, the different cameras and lenses i use or used. I decided to start with tips on what gear to get for the very beginners, and if you guys are interested, I might write more advanced articles in the future.


My first camera

When I turned 18, I got myself a Nikon D90 and a kit lens, with litterally no clue how to use a camera, so I’ve just set it up on « auto » mode and started shooting random stuff. It was a bit frustrating at first, I couldn’t understand how others managed to get a blurry and creamy background, how to avoid movement blur when light was lacking, etc. When I started shooting for Kayture in 2011, I still didn’t know much about photography, but looking at streetstyle pictures on the internet motivated me to learn the basics of photography so that I could understand how to master my camera and take better pictures. I was tired of not controlling the result of my shootings, so I decided to ask my dad, who owned a Leica since he was my age. He told me all about how a sensor coupled to a lens could capture the light, gave me his old photography books and explained me the logic behind the 3 basic and most important settings : shutter speed, aperture and iso. Once you get that, you’re all set to start shooting manual! And that changes everything. That’s when I started enjoying photography, when I realized that my camera was not an automatic gadget that took pictures, but a complex tool that I had to understand and use properly to create the images I had in mind.

The most common misconception is thinking that buying a better camera will allow you to instantly taking better pictures. It’s a bit like thinking that buying a fancy car will make you a better driver. Sounds wrong, right? I personally first thought that a higher iso capacity was a direct indicator of a better camera, meaning better pictures (before even buying the camera). That was before I understood that the lower iso you can shoot with, the better, how ironic! The thing is, if you don’t know how to use a camera, taking pictures with an Iphone or a 30’000$ Hasselblad would make almost no difference.The fact is: you can’t control anything! Sure, one will be medium format and have an infinitely better lens, but that’s pretty much all it will change for you. Actually, you probably won’t even be able to take a well exposed picture with a manual camera if you have no idea about the settings, so the Iphone will be a winner because it does all the work for you! I truly think that you should only buy a « better » camera once you actually know the limitations of your current one, and need to invest in a body that performs better.

One other thing that I noticed (and I totally relate to that because I did the same) is that people usually ask me what camera they should us to get that look, when it’s actually the lenses that really make a difference. Yes, the look of the pictures are (mostly) determined by the lens you attach on your camera! I won’t go too far on that subject for now, but let me first explain what camera I use now, and why I made that choice.


My current camera : Nikon D800

I’m not going to talk too much about specs and other geeky details here. All I can say about my camera is that it’s a pro level one, that it costed me an arm, and that I bought it when I was doing studio work and commercial photography. Shooting with a full format sensor with 36 million pixels is quite something else than using an entry level D90, I have to admit. The main reason why I decided to invest in such a camera was of course the appeal of upgrading to full frame (to get full benefit from my new super sharp lenses), the huge resolution (hello pixel peeking), ideal for studio and non destructive retouching ( for commercial, beauty and fashion). So yeah, I did obtain way better results with a more expensive camera, but that’s because I realized the precise weaknesses of my old one, and knew exactly what features I needed to upgrade so I could control certain shooting situations better.
However, since I stopped studio photography and decided to concentrate 100% on Kayture, I honestly don’t really need such a camera. I could totally produce the same pictures with a D600, for example. Why? I don’t have to produce large prints, nor to do pixel peek retouching or anything like that. To be more clear : the pictures originally produced by the D800 are waaaaay larger than the ones we post on Kayture (Kristina has to resize them, otherwise they would be so heavy the pages on the blog would take ages to load). But now I’m so used to it, I know every little setting by heart and I don’t have to think anymore when I use it, so I wouldn’t change it for anything else for now. I’m just comfortable with that system, and it works perfectly for me.


So…what is the best camera for streetstyle and blogging in general?

First, you’d better choose a camera that fits your understanding of photography. You definitely don’t want to invest too much money in a camera that you won’t be able to use at it’s full potential. But, once you’re used to it, definitely get interested in cameras with a bigger sensor, better focusing system, better noise control, better dynamic range, and learn about white balance, exposure compensation, burst rate, focus mode (manual, auto, single, continuous,…) shootings mode (manual, aperture priority, …) etc. That’s when you start to enjoy shooting at it’s fullest!

With that being said, once you’re comfortable with the basics of photography and want to improve your streetstyle pictures, I would recommend a camera that performs really well at focusing (preferably a lot of focus points), because you’ll be shooting a moving subject most of the time. Also, choose a camera that’s not too heavy, and leave the the battery grip at home. Why? Because you’re most probably going to carry it around for a while, especially when you travel. Use a strap or/and a bag, and put some extra batteries in a pocket to make things easier. Finally, since you want to isolate the person you’re shooting from the distracting background most of the time, look for fast lenses, so you can shoot wide open and get a shallow depth of field. Talking about lenses, I bet you’re wondering which ones I’ve used, and still am using?


All the lenses I bought, and why I’ve sold most of them.

I first started with a kit zoom lens, the Nikon 16-85mm F/3.5-5-6, which I sold after a year of usage because I found it very limited and wanted to be able to create a shallower depth of field, and produce beautiful bokehlicious background. My first lens investment was the Nikon 50mm 1.4 G, which I used for a year after selling my zoom lens. I still use is regularly, it’s the lens I really learned photography with. Then I bought the Nikon Micro 105mm f/2.8, which I ended up not using that much (too specific), and the huge Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, which became my most used and favorite lens for a year or so. It was so versatile, so sharp, and so useful that I kept it attached to my body most of the time. But I finally got bored of it and sold it, buying the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G and the brand new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art.

I realized that I had a preference for prime lenses, but that’s really just a personal choice. However, primes tend to be better built, there are less moving parts (no zoom) so less chances to get damaged, it’s usually sharper, and with smaller minimum aperture (typically 1.4), which means shallower depth of field ! Over the years, I owned and used 6 different lenses for my DSLR, zooms and primes, but decided to only keep 3 of them : 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. Why? Let’s breakdown my choices one by one.


Nikon 50mm 1.4 G – the all around lens.

This is probably the lens I used the most during my learning process. 50mm is the perfect lens to learn photography. It’s the focal length that is the closest to your eyes, so what you see is what you capture with your camera. I learned how to frame, how to deal with wide open aperture, and forced myself to move instead of zooming in and out like a lazy ass. I love it because it shoots pictures with a perspective that is close to reality (the pictures will look just like what you see), and it’s a really flattering lens for streetstyle, since there is hardly any distortion (except for portraiture when you get too close to the subject) and that you can shoot at a comfortable distance. However, I got quite bored of it after a while, and needed something more « fun » with a different perspective.

I would recommend this lens to every beginner, it’s a great focal length to start with, it’s super versatile, you can shoot easily in low light, and it’s usually the cheapest lens of all the focal range ! I’d recommand going directly for the 1.4, but if you’re really on a budget, go for the 1.8, you can find them for less than 200 $, and it will be the best bang for the buck out there!


Nikon 85mm 1.4 G – the bokeh king

The 85mm is my absolute favorite lens. It is razor sharp, even wide open, it produces out-of-this-world bokeh (out of focus areas), and is just perfect for beauty shots. I also use it for full body shots, but it tends to flatten the perspective a little bit compared to the 50mm. Anyway, this lens is a pure gem, the picture you’ll get thanks to this glass are simply dreamy, with a beautiful contrast and color rendition. It’s way sharper than the 50mm, so convenient for portraits! It’s the perfect match for the D800, since you can really benefit from it’s sharpness at it’s full potential. The only downside is that it’s really expensive. I hesitated for a while before getting it, but now it’s always in my bag!

If you’re a beauty blogger, definitely go for the 85mm. Also, I know that a lot of street style photographers, such as Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist, tend to prefer the 85mm to the 50mm, because you can shoot from a better distance (you don’t have to invade the person’s bubble) and can shoot without killing the spontaneity. It allows you to take more candid shots without looking like a total paparazzi. However, I would not recommand it as a one and only lens in your bag, because you’ll often have to step back in order to get your subject in the frame, especially indoors.


Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art – widen your perpective

This is the last on my list. I use is a lot, mainly because it’s sometimes crucial to have a wider point of view, especially when you travel and you want to capture a landscape or your surrounding. Be aware, wide angle lenses can distort the image if you get close to your subject. You’ll want to avoid taking portraits with it if you’re looking for classic appealing beauty shots. On the other hand, it can be a good way to add a certain mood and originality to the picture. But keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the most flattering lens. However, I know that a lot of fashion photographers use wide angle lenses to make models look taller and more slender, using the wide perspective of the lens as an advantage. I chose Sigma instead of Nikon because it’s less expensive AND more performant (sharper). I’m also waiting to replace my current 50mm by the new 50mm 1.4 Art by Sigma!

Anyway, 35mm is a really good choice for indoor photography, landscapes, or simply for when you want to fit more elements  in your pictures. I sometimes shoot full articles with the 35mm only because I personally think it gives a cool vibe to the pictures, and that it simply looks different from most of what you’ll see on fashion blogs out there, where everything is most of the time shot at 50mm or longer.

I’m gonna stop here because it’s almost 4 in the morning and I feel like I wrote way too much already. But it was really important for me to share with you all of this because I know a lot of you were interested, and I am glad if my experience can help/inspire some of you. Hope you liked this first artice, and please let me know if you’d be interested to learn more tips about blogging photography. Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments what you’d like me to write about! Maybe a “what’s in my bag” or “photography tips”? I have so much more to share. 

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Love your Article!

Its a refreshing experience to read a topic from one of the best contributors of Kayture. More power to both of you, Kristina and James, as you go global with the blog!

Merci pour cet article, très intéressant ! J’ai hâte de voir les autres nouveautés du blog :-)

Oh my gosh…I´m afraid to say I´m a bit scared about these new kayture you guys…I mean the thing I most love about Kayture is how close it is the relation between Kristina and us, the followers. I think it makes a huge difference comparing to another blogs. I feel like Kayture is super personal, and I reaaaally love that. However, all these changes make me feel like this may be the end of this close relation. I don´t wanna make any comparisson, but it remainds me to the change that the blond salad did… right now I don´t even feel like she even writes the posts…I just hope all these changes don´t make Kayture lose his essence.

I loved the article and found it very helpful! At the moment I’m having the same problem that you used to have- I invested in a DSLR camera, but I’m not quite sure how to control the quality of my photos. At the very beginning you mentioned that there are three most important things: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I would love to hear more tips about those three for those who are interested in taking photographs for fashion blogs. :)

Increíble post!
Me encantan los consejos!


I really really loveeee this article so much, thanks for sharing with us. I just bought a Canon EOS D700 and still learning about how to use it for my personal photography. I’m using lens 50mm 1.8, and still don’t understand how to use it well, because sometimes my picture is blurred or over exposure pics. But i won’t give up and would keep learning. Btw, do you use a specific photography editing to correct the picture ?
Have a good time for both of you :)) kiss from Indonesia ! xx

O, it’s perfect idea!

Please more articels with photography! Tips and more! :)


OMG, this was one AMAZING article! Please, tell us everything you know about photography! It’s so useful, especially for all the beginner fashion bloggers out there. Thank you so much! x

Hi there! Kristina and James, congratulations on the new website, new projects, new adventures. I cannot wait to read more about them. See you soon in California!

thanks I like it a lot and answer a lot of question….easy to read to understand and entertainment

First of all, THANK YOU :) it is nice to get direct tips on how to and on what to use to improve fashion and beauty shots. As a beginner in blogging and photography, I’m always on the search for information like this. Hope to hear more on similar topics and sending lots of love to Kristina for taking the website to another level!

Article très intéressant et que d’infos dans ce post ! Très très technique par contre. Alors en plus déjà en français les termes sont compliqués à comprendre mais alors même si j’ai pas trop de soucis en anglais sur ce sujet là j’ai ramé ! Mais c’est vrai que la photographie devient vraiment bien lorsqu’on sort du mode manuel. J’ai un reflex de chez Canon (je ne sais pas le modèle de tête) j’avais pris quelques cours pour justement pouvoir m’en servir au auto mais les petites heures sont loin de suffire pour avoir une maîtrise et je ne m’en sers pas assez pour me souvenir de tout hélas. En tous très bonne idée de faire “entendre ta voix” car tu es tout aussi important que Katrina au sein de Kayture. Donc très impatiente d’en savoir plus. Et un post “what’s in your bag” pourrait être pas mal. Connaître les accessoires dont tu ne te passe pas, ce que tu as toujours avec toi.

This is absolutely amazing, thank you James!
I would love to see some clothing must haves for men, since your style is always on top!

Love it..great article!!

Yuting Chiu 1 June 2014 / Reply

Thank you for sharing those tips, all of them are so helpful and professional. I agree with you that buying a camera which fits your understanding of photography, and i get so much too learn ! Thanks again.

Jennifer Carter 1 June 2014 / Reply

So informative! Thanks for sharing!
Is there any way other writers can contribute to the new, global
I’d love to sign up.

Thank you.

Such a great post, James! Very helpful and informative! Looking forward to more future posts. I’ve been meaning to get a lens upgrade and now I know which one to upgrade to. Thank you so much! :) x

Amberlee Conley 1 June 2014 / Reply

I absolutely loved this post. So I just wanted to inform you of the typo there is in the “first camera” section. It should say “explained TO me the logic”. All in all this post was interesting and entertaining to read. Keep it up!

Amazing article!!
An article about James’ photography tips would be nice!

Love your blog!

XO Ida

This is a really cool post! Easy to understand and very useful! More of this would be great;)

James! It’s so great to read from you voice on here and I especially enjoyed your writing. You write very well and the article was so informative! I loved it and I love how candid you are with the tips you’re sharing. I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind and bookmark this article. I’m excited for the both of you and wish you continued success!

I think it’s a great beginners guide – althought I would personally recommend the 35mm over the 50mm lens when used on crop sensors. It would be best to get a 30mm which will be the closest to a standard on crop but I couldn’t find a good one for my canon 7d.

absolutely love this entry by James! I love your photography and style, plz share more of your tips!!

Wow it’s like your speaking Chinese to me but I hope one day to be more of an expert with my camera. Thanks so much for sharing your behind the scenes secrets with us!! I hope you do more articles on this subject! Maybe one on how you always get the lighting so perfect and what software is used to touch up the pictures if any. Have a great day!


James, I think you should start your own fashion blog here on Kayture. You’re so hot, from the hair down to the clothes and accessories, and it could serve as a fashion guide to the boyfriends/fiances/etc of the women who follow Kayture. Great tips, btw.

I really enjoyed reading this article James, and thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything so perfectly. Of course I’d be interested in more, related articles. I’m always happy to learn more about fashion blogging photography, and especially from people whose work I admire. You’ve been doing an amazing job with Kayture, and I must say that I’m a huge fan of your work.
I would like to ask, if you have any tips for cropped frame cameras (that most small bloggers use these days) for lenses etc. And if you’ve ever used a Canon camera, what your recommendations would be for this company’s lenses. I realize that you’re a Nikon user, but sometimes photographers use both. So I have to ask. Of course any tip is welcome, and I’d be happy to read your next articles here on Kayture.
Thank you both for this! :)

Thank you so much for writing about this. Been waiting for this forever. Thz for sharing the tips and your experience!!!!

This was so genuine and absolutely helpful. I appreciate how you really went into details. I’m taking a photography course at college and this helped way more than what I’m already learning. I would also love if you would get into more details about shutter speed – I’m pretty good with aperture and iso, but my trouble spot is the shutter speed. Also, can you also share what tools/programs you use for editing the photos? Do you use Photoshop actions? Thanks! :)

This post is really helpful!

Great article – thank you for that! I myself am looking more into photography and want to explore what my Canon can really do. Can you recommed any books or websites, to learn all basics & more?
Thanks in advance!

Thank you Kristina and James for this post! Just as I was feeling annoyed with my lack of camera skills you’ve given me a boost of confidence to keep practicing. Looking forward to a global Kayture!xx

Great article! Thank you very much for the thorough description and for the wonderful advises! It is so great that you finally put some male fashion on your blog. Anyways, the style is really great, as everything else on this website! Maybe you could share with us some tips on men’s tailoring in the future :) Best,

I really enjoyed reading James’ post about photography! And it just made me more curious about what lens he used for each of Kayture articles. So maybe can you give more examples with pictures in your next post giving details of the settings and the lens used? That would be interesting to see an application of what you’re explaining. Thank you!

Cheers from Sydney! (Should come visit there next)

Zsuzsanna 1 June 2014 / Reply

Hi James!!

Loved the post, it was so helpful! I have just started to discover how to photograph manually and I love it more and more. It would be so nice to see pictures with description, which lense did you use, or same picture with different lenses. Just to illustrate all these things you wrote about!

Thanks and can’t wait to read more from you!!

Great post! Love your all photos! :)

Great post!! I adore your all photos! :)

It is amazing articul about photography!
In second one I’d like to know how to make a really great shots and what to do look really beautiful in pictures as you do. I mean, there are some people who don’t look great at photos when in real they are really eye-catching and beautiful.

Ha, nice post and I know that.. I have only now a good camera. xa

Great post, I love it !

Sirine from the blog

Absolutely love these kind of articles! Good job! I shoot with a D600 that I’m super happy with. Was choosing between that one and the D800 but went for the D600 since it was cheaper and would be more than enough for me.

Hi James! You are so handsome, and such a great photographer. I’ve been following Kristina’s blog since 2011 and I really find the pictures amazing and inspiring. Thanks for the article you shared, definitely helpful for aspiring fashion bloggers. Please do more articles in the future! :) – Jade of

Hope Myers 1 June 2014 / Reply

James thanks so much for sharing. Ever since I started following kayture, I’ve wondered about the man behind the lens! Could you tell us about some of your post work: what editing software you use, your most helpful techniques?

Hello James! This post is great. Thank you for sharing! I am a hobbyist photographer and I’ve been the greatest fan of the photos on Kayture for a long time! I just admire the way you can capture the movement on your photos. It’s so natural and smooth. I’d be more than happy to read some tips about how to photograph movement just like you do to get THAT effect. Greetings from Poland to Kayteam!

Daniella 1 June 2014 / Reply

Awesome post James! Just switched to Nikon D400! Need a new lense though after reading this article!

Thanks James!
I’ve always been curious about how you capture Kristina so perfectly, so any more advice on photography, manual tricks that do the magic would be amazing.
I’ve read some things online, but most of the time the information is all around the place and really isn’t what I’m looking for.
Also, you could maybe have an article about the editing – do you use programs to retouch them etc.
Anyway, love your photos and great first article! *googling new lenses as I’m typing this*

Brilliant article! Incredibly well written and so helpful! Thanks for finally sharing some of your photography secrets, James! Keep the articles coming :)

Thank you so much! Honestly, your first article about photography tips really help me a lot! Because I’ve been thinking to upgrade my camera for awhile now and considering whether 610 or 800. Besides, the lens that you recommend are very interesting and matching to what I need for my work right now. This article also easy for me to understand a bit more about the important of shutter speed, aperture and Lens. All I can say is I hope to see more photography tips from you. Good inspiration! :)

Hi James!
I really liked this post and I think you should do more of them!
I was studying journalism, where I had photography class and there I’ve learned some of the basics of photography, and let me tell you it wasn’t easy haha, but now I know how to use a pro camera.
Everything you said is so true!


this is such an amazing post, but I have canon instead of nikon! :( i’ve heard (and seen) sooo many great things about the sigma lens..i think im definitely gonna have to purchase that one :)

victoria 1 June 2014 / Reply

Omg, James, I totally LOVE your article, you’re so talented! I really hope you keep on writing ’cause you totally rock at doing so!
Much love + kisses

Loved reading this, so helpful! I am thinking of saving up for a new camera, and this has been an eye opener!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Hi James! Great post!

If in the future you could explain in detail the importance of aperture, iso, exposure, and shutter speed, that’d be really really helpful!

Victoria 1 June 2014 / Reply

James, you’re so handsome and stylish and your writing is so good! I totally loved that you picked this subject to write about because I love photography. Hope you keep on writing more stuff in the future!

great article, so inspiring and wonderful photos!

Great article! Amazing blog I’ve leavened and followed all the time! Love kristina and her style! xoxo

Thank you so much for your post! it was so worth knowing and very interesting to know who is behind the Kayture camera.

i really want to know more about your photography and the Kayture pictures :D
Especially if you use editing programs like photoshop or lightroom.
What do you do with the pics afterwards? just editing the contrast or exposure ? or do you use effects? and when yes , than which one and how? I think this is so basic but I am very interested in.
And how do you get such brilliant acuity? I mean, yes I know the lense is important, but do you use a tripod? or do you sharpen the pictures afterwards?

it would be very kind when you could answer my questions or maybe answer them in your next post :)

nice greetings from Germany,

yeah!! you guys are AWESOME!!! please post more photography posts like this one. but i hope you could add illustrations or sample shots of what you are writing about. or maybe comparison of a photo using 50 mm lens vs. 80 mm lens. it would be very helpful. !! and oh! how about, post about men’s fashion too James?? it would be awesome!! i wish someday I could see you both in one frame— with your gorgeous ootds!!!! a fashion dou or a fashion couple!! never seen that before! it would be really unique if you guys could do that!!

I´m glad Kayture is going global, but please, stay classy as you are! The site is perfect as it is, so please no wild articles where you cannot orientate! Love from Slovakia :)

Article très intéressant ! Merci de nous partager tous ces astuces photographiques <3

hello love! I would love to see examples of photos with the different types of lenses!! that would be amazing. this was a great post


I loved this post! So helpful and informative. One thing that would have been even better would be to be able to see a sample of a picture which you shot with each lens to get a visual of it. But still loved this and would love seeing more photography tips. :)

Great advice!
The 50 mm lens really is my absolute favorite. I have a 1.8 because the 1.4 is out of my budget… but it still takes great pictures.

Super post ! I can’t wait to read more new articles. Global Kayture it’s a great idea.

Nikolina 1 June 2014 / Reply

Waw, your posts only get better and better! No wonder you’re so successful! :D I hope even greater things will happen to Kayture, you guys deserve it!

Loved, loved, LOVED this post! So good to hear from James, and in such a detailed and well-organized post. So many photography tip posts out there are so basic that they’re uninformative, just spitting up the same general points and not really helping to explain or give the reasoning.

More from James, please! And more information about camera bodies and lenses! I’ve been developing a penchant for photography over the past year or two, working with my Nikon D5000 and two kit lenses (18-55mm and 55-200mm). I’ve lately been thinking about upgrading, or switching to a Canon. As an admirer of James’s photography, I’d love to know more about these things, and when it’s better to change bodies vs. lenses.


Melanie xx

OMG, I’m so happy you shared all this stuff with us! I’m still improving my own blog, so this is definitely a big inspiration and great knowledge :) I’m really interested what’s coming next on the blog, looking forward to it!

Congrats on the “writing” debute, James! I really enjoyed reading this article and I would love you to continue on the photography topics! I would like to see the examples of Kristina’s pictures using different lenses as I am choosing a new lense at the moment. It would be very helpful!

omg this is the post I have been waiting for!!! thanks so much James, this was so super helpful!

Kayture has been a huge inspiration for my own blog, especially when it comes to photos. ive gone from taking photos on an iphone to actually learning what aperture is and using my favourite lens, the sigma 70-300mm (only took me three years haha!).

Ive been to many photography classes and took the subject throughout school, but no one ever taught me photography specifically for fashion blogs! this post is great because it really breaks down everything i need to know. im still learning about photography and would love to one day be as good as you!

♥ Ellen #NZblogger

cant wait for more posts, i would love to see a ‘whats in my camera bag’ one!

I’ve been waiting for this forever! Can you please teach us more about the different settings you have to know about on the camera (iso, etc.?)

Eres demasiado guapo, joder!!!

Yay! Finally, James spoke up and shared what everyone was dying to know! I have learned so much from this article, and, whatever I knew already and doubted about, just got faded away! Thanks James! Please share more photography tips, especially about autofocus points and settings to achieve sharp photos! It would be awesome! Also, tips on editing the photos and getting vivid and bright colors is another request!

Thank you from Always Fashion Girl

Oh, yea, knowing more about night photography would be helpful! Am I asking for too much???? lol


This is the post I have been waiting for! I can’t wait to read more new articles. I’d like to read about what’s in your bag. Congratulations

Awesome first contributing article. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more content in the future!

Great article! I’ve been wanting to purchase a new camera for quite some time but have felt overwhelmed by all of the options and a lack of true knowledge of them. Now I know I don’t necessarily need to spend $2,000 on a camera. This article is just what I needed.

I actually wish he’d do a little less post production/photoshop. I don’t remember exactly when but at some point in the last year and a half or so the photographs starting looking way overworked.

Breanna D 2 June 2014 / Reply

I loved it! This post was so well written and informative and all in all very helpful. I’m a new subscriber and have spent the last two weeks to read every single post on your blog and it was fantastic. You two are a huge inspiration, keep up the good work. Greetings from a german girl living in the states now :)

Wonderful tips, congratulations to Kayture! Amazing content to help and inspire your readers! <3

James is such a great photographer, with so much talent. He could get to work with the biggest top model, Vogue… But being Kristina’s shadow won’t make him shine by his own, and sooner or later, she will have all her dreams accomplished but he will keep being a blogger photographer. YOU CAN DO BETTER, JAMES!

Great blog! Check out mine.

Skiing girl 2 June 2014 / Reply

Such a great article James!:) I really enjoyed reading your tips and I hope you will write more photography posts in the future. It would also be interesting to hear how it is to be most of the time in the background of Kayture even though you are such an important part of it. For me the main difference between Kayture and other blogs is in fact the photography. The pictures are always pure perfection!:)

xo the skiing girl

this was really great . thanx alot. would you please please post more ? photographer y tips would be great.

Really really great article, i always thought that what makes Kayture unique besides Kristina outfits and personal vision of fashion is the high quality photos that you take. It’s such a pleasure to head to your blog every day to see how important is perfection for both of you, and how do you work to get it, from the poses and outfit by Kristina to your amazing pictures.
As a photography amateur i have no more than thank you for sharing this amazing tips and introduction to fashion photography.
Congrats both of you

It’s so inspiring guys to see you develop like that!

James and Kristina, whoever got the idea for this post gets a million thank you! I apologize for having asked quite a few times for james’ camera but now I got the answers! Since I am in the process of buying camera now, i would like to know if the final result of kayture photos (colour, light etc) is close to the shooted pictures or is a result of editing afterwards. I was ready to go for Canon, now you tricked me!

Post ideas:
1. History of a post: from shooting to editing to uploading pictures and posting. I don’t have a fashion blog, but the process is the same. I wonder if people find it so time consuming as well, or if I am doing sth wrong :)

2. What’s in your bag: tips for beginners in photography who like to travel ( i would live to know what to carry, if i travelled as much as you).

3. One more in general: organization and business in your blog: I have no idea if you can actually do this, but I often wonder how you can turn your blog into an income and also travel to enjoy it. Very beginner here and not a fashion blog, but i would love to know some details on practical things (how you raise money for expenses, how you distribute work between you, how many hours you decided to devote in kayture daily incl travelling, who is in charge or your chaotic inboxes :) :) )

Many thanks again for this post! Good luck with the rest and I hope you continue with such brilliant ideas to keep us company! :)

What a fantastic post! So informative, detailed, and well-explained. Thank you so much! Congrats on being the first Kaytributor!

I always love your photos, thanks for the article, it was really interesting reading it!


This post was really great and easy to read, thanks so much for sharing!

This is a really useful and great article. Thanks, Kaytre team, for sharing!

Hi James very nice to hear something from you on this blog ! It is a very good article, very good idea to have kaytributors (I am so surprized how flexible the name Kayture can be haha).
Go James ! Go Kayture :)))

Thank you so much!!! Best post on Kayture so far!!!

Hey, thanks for the great insight post! I personally use my Nikon D90 with the Nikon 50mm 1.4 G lens all the time for shooting for my blog. But lately I have some issues with focusing – it always tends to sharpen the back not the subject. Maybe you’ve got some tips and advice for dealing with that :)
xoxo Jasmin

Great article. I too love prime lenses over zoom lenses because of their quality and the wider aperture.
I would like to read more about the whole workflow. From capturing to archiving.

This is a very great post ! I love this new idea about becoming global and all this advice about camera are really nice !

Feel free to visit my blog ;-)

kaytributors is a great Idea, and I so happy to hear what James has to say.
James your images are really great!

I would prefer less text and more facts though

What light situations do you prefer.
What do you consider the best background.
Any poses you think look best or more interesting than just full body and portrait. Ideas for variations.


Charlotte 2 June 2014 / Reply

Perhaps you could write a post about your clothing?

So interesting!! Thank you so much, James, for sharing such information with us. Can’t wait to see more posts! You made a great job with Kayture!

Thank you very much for your explanation, I take photos to my gf whos blog is http://www.youcanbe,es, I started using automatic mode, and now I use A or M. We have a nikon d5000, with a kit lens. I have to say that I have to shoot always at 200mm and 5.5 aperture (min available), and 15meter far form her so that he appears completely from down to top, to have a nice blur bokeh.
What I see is that pictures are not sharp, not at all. Using full focal length and max aperture, in this kind of cameras will loose quality. I try to find the sweet spot, by loosing blur.

First question, using a 50mm in a non full frame would be equivalent to using 85mm? Will I obtain the same angle as you in a full frame?

Second question, something good in your pics, are not only nice and near blurs, but your high contrast colours. We take long time in photoshop retouching pics, (high pass, exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, brightness) and it SO DIFFICULT to even get near to what you do. Is it possible to obtain a picture with the same carateristcs as yours with a d5000 nikon.

I would LOVE more post like this one, explaining some tricks and examples of pics un Raw format, and postproduction work.

here you can see some shots taken in the beach is Valencia (spain), they are ok, but imposible to make them better.

Thank you very much and sorry for my english.

Sinceresly, YOUCANBE

This is amazing. Thank you so so so much for detailing what each lens does. I do all my own photography for my beauty blog and tend to run into some walls when trying to decide what lens to use and what will benefit my style the most.


Catherine 2 June 2014 / Reply

Thanks so much for all the info James! Great job on the first Kaytributor piece. Well-written and very helpful for individuals like myself starting to get into photography. It was nice to hear your background story and experiences, and definitely looking forward to more from you!

Somebody’s been attending SEO seminars…

This is Great!!!! So helpful!!!! Thanks!

What a brilliant, helpful post. Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive post – much appreciated!

Hmm I didn’t understand much of this photography-talk.. I’d like to hear your photography tips, that would be cool.

What an amazing post! I would like to learn everything you know James :)

I really liked this post. It gave me lots of tips however I would have loved to see an example of a photo each lense can take. Hope you can write more articles here, it’s nice to hear the other part of the Kayture team! :)

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

The one behind the lens is the one who makes the subject even more beautiful that it already is (or sometimes, way better, depends on who and what), that is what I always believed and thanks so much for sharing your experiences and reasons behind using certain lens or camera. It is such a useful tip for beginners like me.

Great blog post! Hope to see more. You both have done such great work with Kayture, it is truly an inspiration, lots of hard work and dedication, I am very certain of. All the best in your new venture and hope that the signature that is kayture will not be too diluted by other contributors but it is a good thing, I feel, to make a change. You don’t try, you will never know if it works *_^

Since I am shooting with canon camera for now, just wondering what do you think of it personally, comparing to Nikon, though I know it is never the camera that makes the difference that much when it comes to composition of a certain shot. Just curious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


I’ll love to read more about the lens and the photography experiences that you had. I loved it and i hope you can post more

Marie Kartes 3 June 2014 / Reply

Wow this article is perfect, thank you James !
What you said about beginners photographers is so accurate and I just love this article because it was really helpful and I hope we’ll be seeing you on Kayture more !
Can you do a “what’s in my bag ?” post ?

Marie, a big fan and an assiduous follower of Kayture.

Christina 3 June 2014 / Reply

Yay, I’ve been waiting for a post like this for ages! So glad to hear more from James as well! :) It would be awesome to learn more on how to edit the photos to give them that extra touch and also some tips on how to achieve the best possible quality for fashion/beauty photos! :)

I absolutely loved this post, one of my favourites.

I am becoming a keen photographer thanks to my UK style blog and have been on the DSLR journey for a couple of years now. Starting with a canon D550 and now a canon 5D mark III which I just love. I use he canon F1.4 50mm but have been looking into the 85mm for a while as I love what it produces and seems to work great for many streetstyle photographers as you say.

I thought this was a fab post and I’d love to read a more advanced feature in the future

Mel x

Many thanks for such a detailed post! I’ve never left a comment on Kayture, but I just wanted to say how I really appreciate the detailed articles and how Kristina tells a story in each one! The photography is stunning too! What would have been quite helpful with this article is perhaps some example pictures of what you were describing for the different lenses, bokeh and focal points etc. Keep up the great work, look forward to more Kaytributor articles!

Congratulations on your debut, James! Well done and thank you for all the advice. Photography is something I want to learn. Wish I did it when I lived in London.

Thank you so much, James. Great post and I’d love to read more from you giving photography and editing tips -for all skill levels, but of course the guys (and even the girls) would appreciate a what’s in your bag, because those are just fun to see too. But please, definitely feel welcome to post more tips on photography and editing.

Love from Australia xx

OMG!! I follow james on Instagram and always admired his photos. I’m a photographer to, and like everyone I always need to learn new things, and with this article I added new ideas in my work.
I’m super excited for this new Kayture project, and super happy to have James’s photography tips.
Congratulations for all!!! I love Kayture

Thank you James for sharing all those pieces of information ! I would love to read another article from you with some photography tips maybe ? That would be great =D


Thanks so much for r share~
I like to know when you shooting for kristina, how to use the,in the hotel room, light always not bright,and when go out for sunshine is too shine made face seem dark, is there any secrets ?

Thanks for this enlightening article! I wish you guys used Canon since I have a Canon DSLR, but all the tips & advice were very helpful :) I’ve always loved the photography of this sight, and I’m looking forward for more to come!

Thank you for your post James!

85mm/1.4 rocks.
I was wondering what kind of post production work do you do on a picture? Any tips on that? I’d love to know!

very interesting. What do you use for the lighting? A mobile flash solution such as Hensel, Profot, Elinchrome? Or just a normal speed flash?

Very interesting article! Can you tell more about how you carry your camera around? Which bag do you use and isn’t it very heavy travelling with it all the time?

Hello there,

Thanks for this informative post! It actually gave me the idea of what type of lens to get for my own blog’s fashion shoots (OOTDs, WIWTs etc) and in fact, my bf went and got me a Nikkor 50mm 1.4G! Thanks for the recommendation again.

I shared your article on my blog post, hoping that more fashion bloggers can benefit from the tips you gave. You’ll find it here:

Thank you once again!


I can’t wait to read more on photography tips. This was so insightful thank you so much. I am such a fan of your photography I hope to be just as good!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ! This post helped me so much. I had so many questions in my head about photography, camera … and you answered to the most of them. Please do more post like this one it would be sooo helpfull ! You are an amazing photographer, and I really hope one day I’ll be as good as you are. My dream is to become a fashion blogger like Kristina and why not a strong name in the fashion industry one day. And … I don’t know … I mean, you guys inspire me more than I can tell. Your story (of both of you) is so inspiring and helpfull for everyone. And this is what I like the most with you guys, you try to help us to be better in what we do and you encourage us to realise our dreams. So, thank you !

Bisous tout doux !

I’m looking forward to a post about your photoshop secrets, James. I’m still learning – and struggling. How much ‘fine tuning’ is behind your pics? They are just too perfect!

Alexandra and Filippa 11 June 2014 / Reply

Thank you so much for these tips!

Thanks James, it is a really interesting article! In the future I’d love to know how Kristina and you prepare a shooting: how she chooses her outfit, how you choose the location, the poses she takes, how long does it take you to shoot the pictures, etc. The articles are always so perfect it would be so interesting to have a complete behind the scene!

I loved this post!! I totally love the pictures, they have so much personality and you get every angle perfectly, keep on with that good work

I started using a canon T70 camera roll, I used the 50 mm, and it is true what you say about approaching to the subject, I felt really annoyed since the pictures I wanted were ‘to catch the moment’. Then I got a canon 7D which was a present from my dad, totally big and heavy, I record videos for a friend and God it is really heavy that my arms hurts a lot.. so great advice on that heavy thing!!

Thankyou SO much for writing this, its provided me with loads of information for camera lens, I have a Nikon d5100 with the standard kit lens, and i’m looking for a new one to give something different to the pictures, and I find the pictures arent as sharp as Id like them to be. Thanks again, looking forward to reading more articles with this type of content!
Have a great weekend,
Holly x

Quality articles or reviews is the crucial to invite the users to pay a visit the web page, that’s what this website is providing.

Really enjoyed reading this article. Your photography is just gorgeous and I love learning which lenses other photographers prefer. I have the 50mm 1.4 stop and I love it but now I want to try the other two you mentioned too! Thank you for letting us in on your process xx

Pretty in Python

Love the way you explain everything, I really enjoy reading your article! I completely agree with ‘bokehlicious’ background, it’s what we’re looking for in a picture most of the time! Thanks for sharing, I know everyone has been dying to read this!



Loved this post! Helped so much. Excellent photography and great quality.

The Style Martini

love this article definitely eally interesting to see the other side of kayture. i loved learning about all the different lenses james uses :)

Totally awesome i like your photogrpahy & also i like your methods, keep it continue.
Thank you for sharing

You have amazing pictures, they inspire me to go out there with my camera too!! I just have one question.. how – if at all – do you edit your images? They seem to have some of the blues pulled up but could you maybe take some of the most liked images and explain how you edited them? That would be amazing :)
Big Fan – Ella

Hi James, really great post! Thank you! I am into photography as well and would like to ask you how you edit your photos? Do you use any actions or something? Because from experience I know straight from camera RAW pictures dont look like this:))). They lack contrast, sharpness and it is on purpose;)! This would be very helpful. Thank you

Keep photography posts like this coming! Much appreciated.

The most common misconception is thinking that buying a better camera will allow you to instantly taking better pictures. It’s a bit like thinking that buying a fancy car will make you a better driver. Sounds wrong, right? — Absolutely true.. one has to understand the limitation for current gear before upgrading it… btw, nice article…

Hasnain Zoaib 17 August 2014 / Reply

Hello Sir,

i much appreciated your work your pictures are 2 good
and your article is awsome,,i will follow ur steps and i know its helpful 4 me.
Thank you

Thanks so much for writing this. I love your photography and it really helps to know which lenses you use. Thanks

I believe what you published was very reasonable.
But, think about this, suppose you were to write a
awesome headline? I am not saying your information isn’t good,
however suppose you added a headline that makes people want more?
I mean Kayture

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Thank you so much for sharing!
Very informative I enjoyed reading it :)

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Terrific บทความ ! นี้เป็น นั่นคือ ชนิดของ ข้อมูล ที่มีความหมาย
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Really helpful :) what camera did you use to take the pictures of this post? they are amazing

I found this post to be extremely helpful and very inspirational. Please continue to share your knowledge with us!

Thank you for taking the time! :)

Hey fantastic work n congrats for that .. great quality of pics I appreciate your efforts.. would appreciate more of these kind of fashion photography posts.. Also, check out here for inspiring photographic shots.

Hey fantastic work n congrats for that .. great quality of pics I appreciate your efforts..I would appreciate more of these kind of fashion photography posts.. Also, check out here for inspiring photographic shots.

I love this it is so informative and really helpful ! Now I know which lenses to look out for and which to skip. I think that a photography tips post would be awesome, I love reading about photography. Anywho, awesome post !


Lillie Ortiz 30 September 2014 / Reply


I was wandering if I could get some advice, I purchased my first camera 1 year and a half ago, it was a Canon rebel T3 and have been shooting with a 50mm lens because money is tight. I really would love to shoot wide angle shoots because I shoot my fashion styling and am limited with the 50MM. I was thinking to upgrade my camera and lens but not sure what to go with can you recommend something for me for blogging and selling my fashion pieces. Would love to send you a couple images if possible.

Thank you

Thank you for this article !
I am really passionate about photography and have follow Kayture for almost 2 years now.
I have always been so impressed with the pictures of the blog, you cannot imagine. I am simply deeply in love with them !
So this article is a gem. And of course I would like you to do more articles about the photography’s secrets behind Kayture as photography tips, even post-traitement (maybe you could even do a little category on the blog).
Anyway, thank you for sharing :)

You guys are doing an amazing work ! And congrats for the award :)

Thank you for this post ! I was expected it :)
I have follow Kayture for almost two years now and I have always been impressed with the pictures. I am deeply in love with them !
So, of course I would like you to do more posts on this subject as photography tips,what is in your bag, why not post traitement ? (maybe you could do a little category on the blog)
Anyway, thank you for sharing :)
You guys are doing an amazing work.

This is such a great post, James! Thanks for taking the time to write it and sharing your insight with us. I was wondering what you thought of Canons and Sigmas as opposed to Nikons? I would love to know, because I am in the market for one– my first one!

Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thanks once again.

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LOVED this post!! I can’t believe I missed it before. It is so helpful and answered so many questions I’ve had for years!!

I would love to see a series of posts regarding blogging photography, I think it would be a helpful addition :)

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! This was the most informative post about photography that I have ever read! I am trying to get started with my fashion/beauty blog and most of the time, I take my own photos with my camera on a tripod. I would love to learn more about photography because it is one of the most important aspects of what we do as beauty & fashion “gurus”. Please continue to post more on the topic! I look forward to reading them! Love the photos at the end, what did you use to shoot those? Amazing!

You guys really take it seriously and we need fashion bloggers like you guys !!! Super friendly and professional!

Awesome project for Kayture and what a wonderful post! I’m very interested to read more of your photography tips and advice on the blog. Congratulations to you and your team, whising you al the best for this new adventure!!


OMG!!! Nice Post!! James is sooo handsome!!! i really love when a man takes care of the details, hands, hair, beard… everything is well put together!!! i hope someday you’ll be back together!!!

This was a great read. I would have loved to see examples of the lens with images to go along with them.

d90 is not an entry level

WOW! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m using my 55m 1.4 a lot and i’m saving money for the 85 mm 1.4 sigma, by reading this article I can’t even wait anymore. Starting as an in-house photographer for a fashion platform in a month, so this is really helpful!!!

love it! many many thanks!

70-200mm vs 85mm?

Such a great article! The only thing – it’s only about Nicon….what about Canon fans?))

Martin Thomas 12 January 2015 / Reply

Hi, Your pictures look SO amazing! Even with a lot of practice, I have dslr Canon 7d !! I still need help and tips, so thank you. Now i am learning a lot of tricks Step-By-Step from Top Secret Photography Tutorials, If anyone want to learning from yourself to figure out your unique photography style then check photography Masteclass

Surreal Media Labs 15 January 2015 / Reply

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Thanks for the article! I use a 24-70 for the blog but now I’m seriously considering getting the 85 one!

Really helpfull:) thanks

Big Bravoo to you James and Kristina
You guys are a real inspiration

I was wondering if you can come up with an article with some tips how to shoot beautiful pictures manually


kiran sharma 10 March 2015 / Reply

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Hi there! I googled best blogging camera and his popped up. Im still a beginner at blogging and used my phone for picture then i heard about the Samsung NXmini. Do you know if this would be a good camera?

Hi james,

Such a great post, you answer so many questions so simply :-) Thankyou. The majority of my photography is Landscape and I’m finding when i zoom/crop into my images they aren’t as sharp as they could be. I am currently upgrading my Nikon 5200 and was wondering if i should invest in the 810 with a sigma wide-angle or would the 750 with a wide angle nikon lens. It is better to upgrade in lens or body?


You are so cool! I do not think I’ve read through anything like that before.
So nice to discover somebody with some unique thoughts on this topic.
Really.. many thanks for starting this up.

This site is something that is required on the web, someone
with a little originality!

Thanks so much for writing this post! I use a 35mm prime for most of my photography as well! As the creative director of my digital magazine I wanted to make sure my shots took on a unique look so it’s reassuring to read that you get that same feel from yours! In time I will definitely look into the 50mm! Can’t wait to see more of your articles! For the latest Cartier post with the jungle theme, would you mind mentioning which lens you used? Thanks!

Was wondering who took those pictures. Nice job!

Thanks a lot for this precious information !

What editing programs and or apps do you use? and how do you use them?

Love your work.

This is so, so useful. I’m just starting out with fashion blogging and I’ve been looking everywhere for good advice on taking your own photography.

One question – can you (or anyone here) recommend any good resources for learning how to shoot property? There are so many classes / books out there and it’s difficult to choose!

Thanks again for this post – I’ll be referring to it over and over again!

Jasmine xx

Please do a blog post on your photography tips for street style!

Please do a blog post on “what’s in your bag”! I would love to read more!

Finally a genuine photography post that is educational and doesn’t shame all the novice users out there. I have often tried to get advice on lenses from photography expects and camera stores but they immediately turn up their nose if you’re not an expect. how are you supposed to learn without help! Thank you so much.

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This was the best post about lenses I’ve ever read. You’ve just made me decide which one to buy!!! Thank you so much
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35 mm is the way to go! :)

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