the magic of cannes



Sometimes, I write about these kind of moments where just I feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure that I am actually not sleeping, because it just feels so surreal. It’s the kind of experience that I had the chance to live recently at the Cannes film festival with Dior at their suite in the Majestic Hotel. It was one of these precious opportunities as they very rarely work with digital influencers, where they welcomes me with arms wide open to live a modern day princess adventure and experience from A-Z the bold, vivid and such lively spirit and universe of the brand. Needless to say that I totally felt like a Miss Dior Chérie! Natalie Portman, beware ;)

The day started with a beautiful lunch at La Petite Maison with the  Dior Crew, we then headed to the suite to start the day. It’s crazy how so much time and work is involved in a successful Montée Des Marches. From the make-up, to the hair, to the choice of the dress and the fitting. Everything is super precise and needs to be perfectly on time. Plus in order to arrive to the red carpet, you need to take the car something around 40 minutes in advance (even if technically the red carpet is at the Palais des Festivals right across the street from the Majestic), they don’t let you access the area if you’re not with the right driver and highly in advance. So imagine only how early the preparation starts!? Knowing especially that the actual Montée des Marches lasts only 2 minutes… Isn’t it crazy?

After our lunch, I had the chance to get my make-up done by a professional Dior make-up artist. I usually don’t like getting my make-up done by somebody else as I love doing it so much and that I know my features really well, but in this case I totally trusted him as he’s had such an incredible background, developing the actual Dior make-up products with the international team and working on the Dior shooting adds. I was pampered. We picked a bright orange lip gloss to compliment the details of the dress and a thick eye liner to stay in my aesthetic codes. It was all about playing with contrasts as the dress by itself if so timeless and iconic, kind of reminding of a modern Grace Kelly, yet it had all those bold orange and pink details, and metallic skirt structure : we needed a make-up that was young, fresh, edgy yet super elegant at the same time.

Last but not least, Chopard jewels made everything look extraordinary. This necklace was a real treasure of craftsmanship with it’s bright fuchsia stones and looked stunning with the open bustier dress, the earrings as well as the hair was very minimalistic and classical. But my favorite part must have definitely been this over the top ring that Cate Blanchett wore a couple of days ago to one of her red carpets. I felt so blessed and lucky to be able to rock these incredible pieces of art and to have the trust from these iconic labels who were happy to make me feel so unique and special. Kind of a wonderful Cinderalla moment, which I’ll definitely remember all my life. I can’t be more grateful.

The press pictures from my first Montée Des Marches will follow up tonight!!


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 All clothing and accessories Dior

Jewels courtesy of Chopard 


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Omg!!! Stunning. I saw the first pic and I thought you remind me of Grace Kelly. That dress is marvelous :D

xx Mira

for the hundered times you are saying “My Montee des Marches” [to read with a strong french accent], yeah I think we get it.

When will you do something… real, important, less superficial ?

Rebecca Meier 5 June 2014 / Reply

You look so stunning on this pictures<3 Every girl could wish having you as a big sister;)))

Dear Kristina, I have been waiting for this article since you posted the pictures on Instagram that day :) You look amazing, I can not wait for other pictures!!

You look like a modern princess with this beautiful Dior dress, it’s amazing, so wonderful and chic. The hairstyle is perfect and these heels are so cool. Love the make up and the previews look is lovely, the jacket is incredible. This day was like you were in a fairy tail.

Breanna D 5 June 2014 / Reply

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You looked absolutely stunning Kristina. You have achieved so much by such a young age, one can only imagine what else is to follow. You are honestly such an inspiration to me, motivating to work hard and never stop dreaming.

Koupanou Georgia 5 June 2014 / Reply

Wowww amazing the most beautiful article.. like a real princess <3 xxxx

Aww.. so great reading the insider informations about your experience in Cannes. You look stunning!

You look stunning !

Love from Paris

Fantastic experience…awesome pics and dress, really classy


xoxo from rome

How do you know, when its appropriate to wear both necklace and earrings in such size and when not? Its always dilemma for me to decide, if its not too much. It looks amazing on you, but if I saw it together ina box, I would never match it together. Great job! (In love with that little cute pocket on the dress)

You look absolutely stunning! That dress is perfection!


Wow, you look so gorgeous in that dress! And the jewelry is just amazing :)

LOVE the look! you look so classy and royal! So lucky~~


the makeup looks stunning! what products did the stylist use?

It is definitely such an unique opportunity, you’re indeed such a lucky girl!!! This Dior-look is one of my Favourites from your Red Carpets looks, you look flawless!!

Love from Munich, L


This is gorgeous. The whole look is absolutely stunning! xx

Katy |

In love with Cannes! My fav city! I love spending Summer days there.
And you look so fabulous, I just can’t take my eyes of you! <3

Waow, you look like a princess! The adornment of jewelry is beautiful. Such beautiful pictures.

Guauuuuuu Kristina, you are absolutely amazing. I love everything: the dress, jewels, your hair, your make up… Amazing!!

You look lik princess and live like princess and I’m saying this in the most positive way!
You’re so inspiring!

I can say only a biiiiiiig wooow.

Savannah 5 June 2014 / Reply

You look absolutely gorgeous! All these photos are stunning and I adore your dress! x

You look beyond stunning! I love your smokey eye with the orange lip, and Cannes looks beautiful!
- Grace

you are amazing girl!


Beautiful photos, that dress looks amazing on you!


Wow! You looked incredibly beautiful! Every little detail from the dress to the jewelry and make up is perfect!

I think it’s imposible to be more beautiful and elegant! :)


Your face look flawless and the dress even more! Looove it!

Wow, you really look incredible – what an amazing experience this all must have been for you!

You really have a dreamy life.

Louise Dupiereux 5 June 2014 / Reply

You’re just perfect.

Perfect post again and impressive photos too !


wauuuuw Kristina, I hope you got to keep that gorgeous dress!
I’m tempted to say you’re so lucky … but that takes something away from the fact you’ve worked incredibly hard for this! ^-^

what is your secret? You have a wonderful life, what more could you want?I admire you for everything you do!

Wow, it sounds incredible! You looked amazing, can’t wait to see the red carpet photos:) xx

I wish every girl were as beautiful as you are.

very nice look!! lov ethe skirt!
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Je ne dis rien sinon je vais me répéter et dire que tu es splendide !

amazing experience, love dior dress!

Cannes definitely has some magic moments in case for us. Everything has to be perfect for the Red Carpet and it’s so interesting for me to read what happens before and “behind the scenes” :D That’s maybe the time when I am waiting downstairs and preparing my camera. Your Dior look was one of my favorites because of the colorful pattern and the silver details: so elegant! I just took a few pictures of you these days, I will send them to you via Mail!

Have a nice day :)

OMG breath taking!! YOU look AMAZING.. Really you look like a goodness!!! Congratulations for that experience ..

You look absolutely stunning.

Wow! What an amazing dress, stunning jewels, and needless to say, You make it all look gorgeous!


the dress is absolutely stunning!!!

i love the look!

Just get over it! you always ” have to pinchh yourself”. you’re so boring.

It is truly magic! So beautiful:)

Such great pictures as always! But we have to confess something…we saw te picture of your feet and said to each other: thank God this gril is not perfect!!! hihihi don´t take us wrong! We love your work!

I always love looking through your blog, Kristina! You and James make it so easy to live vicariously through you! I’m
looking forward to the big changes at Kayture and the wonderful future it has as a global brand/ platform.

Such a lovely outfit! Gorgeous and it looks like a fairytale

You look like a princess, Kristina! You look so beautiful, these pics have left me speechless!

This dress is beautiful!

Jamie W


you are beautiful! Thank you for sharing that incredible Dior Moment with us! It is good to know that event bloggers feel like they dream during this kind of moments!

bisous from Paris!

Kristina, that cardigan/blazer is lovely! Where is it from? I would love to buy one. Plus, your event outfit is beautiful, just like you. ^^

OMG! lovely dress, make up and everything!, the principal photo of the article is amaizing n.n


Wow, SO gorgeous and beautiful!!!!
xoxo Kirsten

You look amazing.We love it.

What a princess! Love the dress, the makeup, the hair, everything. Just stunning!

What an incredible experience! You have a beautiful blog.

thats pure elegance!

Such wonderfull dress and jacket :)

OMG! You look amazing :)

Kristina, I’ve been reading your blog since the way beginning, and it is amazing too see how far you made it. And in such a short time!! You really looked like a doll here, everything is so tasteful and amazing! I never miss a post, and I can tell how hard you and James work for each one. Always looking forward for more! xoxo, Dahye

Wow you look so glamorous and this outfit is very Grace Kelly! =)
Please, check out my blog!


You really do look like a modern princess

Oh my god, you look absolutely stunning in that dress, like a princess indeed! <3

I swear your life feels and looks like a fairytale! Well deserved my dear you work so hard and you’re so beautiful!
Nina from little nomad

Extremely stunning. Very very beautiful. I wish I get to try that someday. Getting pampered by a professional MUA. ♥

Daniella 6 June 2014 / Reply

incredible dress… incredible.



you are so beautiful! absolutely love this post:)

I’ve just seen a few negative comments above mine, please do not even take notice of them. You look absolutely stunning. I would jump at the chance to do this with Dior. What an incredible honour, and you take it so humbly. Congratulations and I wish you even more success. Looking forward to reading all about it!

Katie <3

Such a dream ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

You are absolutely stunning, this must have been such an incredible experience.. I envy you ^^ like every other girl in the world I bet ! =P


This dress is lovely!!

Absoloutly beautiful!

oh, the dress! <3 <3