I am extremely honored to share with you guys today the second part of our collaboration with Cartier, and as you can see the theme of this shooting is very, very different from the first one we did which was all about a very light, colorful ambiance. Here, we are exploring the darker, more mysterious side of the Amulette’s story. You must all recognize the actual place where James and I created these images. The Pont Des Arts in Paris, is an iconic bridge where people from all over the world come in order to lock a wish or a promise. A promise of love, a promise of happiness, a hope for a dream. It can be a bond between two lovers, or an unbreakable lock, symbolizing a love between two family members. I guess, this all reminds you of something… now doesn’t it?

The whole concept’s of Cartier’s Amulette is exactly about this, locking up one of your deepest emotions, deepest feelings in the necklace. That way it will follow you all day, reminding you of your inner values, of a dream or of this dear person who might have gifted the jewel to you. I personally like to thing that I locked up a precious wish of mine in it, and by keeping the necklace close to my heart, day by day, I feel like it gives me strength, reminding me to go further and further, and to never stop believing. Now I feel like I simply can’t take it off.

All these dreams, all these love bonds, all these names scribbled on golden lock pads… I was so impressed to see the enormous quantity of locks on that bridge. But that’s just the way we are : dreams make us live. They make us feel alive, they give us a purpose, a goal, hope. Dreaming is a universal language across the world. Without dreaming, where is the fantasy and the magic in life? There’s nothing more beautiful than aiming high, being daring, and dreaming big.

These images might also remind you a recent movie. Yes! You guessed well. This look is also inspired by the new movie Maleficent which I by the way absolutely loved. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, please go. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the message is wonderful and unique. The fashion is just as gorgeous as well and definitely made we want to rock some dark feathers.

We all need some fantasy in our lives. So go ahead, and make a wish, but remember, even the most beautiful necklace won’t help you make it come true, it can remind you of something very important on a daily basis and be your lucky charm, but it’s you who has the power in your hands to make any of your craziest wishes come to life. So go ahead and dare to dream.


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DRESS : Three Floor

FEATHERS : Topshop (Similar)

NECKLACE : Cartier



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Awesome pictures, you look so beautiful!

xx Chris

Mihaela Vodenicharova 8 June 2014 / Reply

Love the article Kristina and the jacket too. Also the perfect place!! *.* <3 Loads of hugs from Bulgaria :)

Your way of writing and saying things is just beautiful. So happy that you’re posting in weekends now ! And James, these pictures are outstanding. You’ve got such a talent. De gros bisous du Sud de la France.

omggg this is absolute perfection!

very beautiful and inspired…… May I say hat it looks a bit like vogue editorial?!?!?!

Lovely look !!

Amazing shots! Perfect! :D – Come and visit <3

These photos are absolutely stunning! You are so pretty. And also, you are so true about dreams and wishes. Love this post!

Breanna D 8 June 2014 / Reply

Powerful message! I really liked this post, it kind of shows a different side of you and obviously a darker mood throughout the pictures and it’s really interesting to see.

Wow! Love this darker, unusual look on you! The dress and the feather are so pretty! This inspirational text about dreaming is really good and so true!

Amazing photographs, I love their contrast with the other shoot

Love, Greta

Anna-Magdalena 8 June 2014 / Reply

Dear Kristina,

for usual, I do not comment on posts or subscribe every single picture in Instagram or so. But this time, I felt it was right. Thank you so much for the beauty you bring in each and every day of mine, and, I am quite sure, to everyone else`s reading your blog. I really enjoyed this pictures – although they are so different from your usual ones (I love their elegance and classiness, by the way). And – and this is what really made my writing this comment – Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. I hope I will make my dream come true one day, just like you did and do.

Sending you lots of love and the best wishes from Germany,



You look superb! There’re no right words to describe well how amazing you look in these photos!

Congrats this is a wonderful cooperation, which fits perfect to you <3 And the pictures are simply amazing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

gorgeous pics!

such a powerful shoot !

I would be very pleased to unlock my wish, most of all if Cartier gave me for free one of this lovely necklace.

Gorgeous pictures! I love this place in Paris!


I love these images and your feather shrug is just amazing!!!


amazing shot I love the necklace and I like it so much Malefica!!

Absolutely amazing shot, the pictures are so beautiful!!

Love from Munich, L


These photos look simply gorgeous! It’s like they are straight from the pages of high-end fashion magazines. Well done girl!

I’m a recently graduated doctor and a fashion blogger.

New post now out on my blog!

Incredible! I love the idea behind the shooting, very beautiful, mysterious, dark and sexy ;)

I love this second chapter maybe even more than the first one, bacause it’s Paris in the background (I love that city)!! And talking about the jewel itself, I still don’t know, if I ever get the chance to have one, which color I would like: black or white? Ahah question of a lifetime :)
Anyway, I have a personal question for you Kristina: how do you manage to shoot pictures right in the middle of a bridge, surrounded by people who are clearly watching you and what you’re doing? Don’t you feel observed and embarassed? Maybe it’s just me, or the fact that I live in a small city here in Italy (yet beautiful and magical: Lucca, you should definitely come!) because in Paris they’re used to photoshoots and models running down the streets! So, if you have any advice on how to get through this “fear of the camera” please let me know some of your tricks! ;)
Kisses from Italy

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

As always, gorgeous shots – here are some I took in the Maldives in the gorgeous evening light

I hope you like them!
N xxx

That shoot is just gorgeous! You look fantastic and the set is amazing… beautiful pictures!


Liebe Kristina

Eine schöne Frau in schönen Kleidern. Wundervolle Fotos.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

Beautiful pictures!

I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

You look fabolus!

Très jolie cette série de photos. Dommage que certaines images soient un peu floutees. Sûrement dû à photoshop mais c’est dommage. Sinon j’adore ta robe et ton petit gilet en plumes.


Wow! This looks like an editorial! So beautiful, the photos, the location, the outfit… just everything!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Wow so beautiful! This look is perfect on you!

You look like Diva. One of the most beautiful photoshoot i’ve ever seen. Wish you were supermodel.
May i unlock my wish? I’d like to see your photostory “for two”//

Gospodi, kakaja zhe Vi krasivaja!

You’re fantastic

wickedly stunning!!! i love youuuuuu <3

Daniella 8 June 2014 / Reply


You look stunning !

Love from Paris

Congratulations! Great pictures also! Love this “bad girl” look! <3


I really agree with the sentence you wrote: ‘There’s nothing more beautiful than aiming high, being daring, and dreaming big.’.
Also I always wanted to visit this place, but never had the time. Hope I will soon.
The outfit is nice and the jacket is reminding me of the TV serials ‘Game of Thrones’.

Absolutely gorgeous majestic shoot!!! C x

The pictures are wonderful! You look so professional in these (you always look professional ♥)
kisses ♥

Such a great fashion interpretation of such a great movie x

Beautiful pictures!

Find a review of Maleficent on my blog:

Wow! You look amazing!

Love the Maleficent-inspired look! Which kinda reminds me of Marc Jacob’s last collection for Louis Vuitton, what with all the feathers :)

Very glamorous !!!!

Congrats on your collab!! Cartier is amazing and so are you! :)


Amazing photos!

Great feathers, dear.
You look stunning.

looks awesome :)

so so beautiful!


This is truly stunning!

you look like an angel kristina <3
greetings from austria ;)

Kristina I love all of your looks but in this one you look beyond amazing!!!


When I saw the picture on Facebook, I was about to comment : “oh you look just like maleficient !” and then I saw the title of this post… haha ^^ You look amazing


dam you look sexy! love that cutout on the dress!

I really like this necklace! What a fabulous photoshoot as well (:


this photo concept is just too brilliant!!! goddess <3

Perfect location and stunning pictures. There is no better place :) I love iT :) You made me want some of these pieces :)

Perfect location and stunning pictures! Love it! Make me wanna some of these pieces :)

I have always followed you on Instagram, but lately I’ve actually been checking out your blog posts as well. The photography has improved greatly and your style has evolved as well. I find you so humble and inspiring, but there quite a few grammar/spelling errors. Maybe have someone proof-read beforehand. Other than that, I completely adore you.

AMAZING! The pictures look so magic, like jumped out of a fairytale. Seriously: The first thought that came to me when looking at them – even before I had read the text – was the movie Maleficent! You really managed to capture the ambiance in the pictures <3

Wow these photos are just breathtaking!!

You are so inspirational! And your writing is getting better and better with every post. I don’t read any other fashion blogger, just you. You are very special. xx

Tu parles tellement bien de ce collier (et il est super joli) que ça me donne envie de me le procurer! Tu est sublime sur ces photos, tu es une très bonne ambassadrice pour ce bijou, bravo :)

Great outfit! I love the light and the colors. That top is awesome!


un lugar perfecto para ese look, me encanta la chaquetita de plumas!=)

Amazing! I love it. ♥

G O R G E O U S !

your writing really inspired me a lot!! Looking forward to your next article!

Beautiful makeup, styling, and photography!

Great pics and GREAT idea for a shooting location with that theme!!!
xoxo Kirsten

This shooting is one of your best so far! You look amazing