As a digital generation, we all spend hours, days, weeks, the nose glued to our smart phones, computers, tv screens, absorbing all sorts of information in, getting heads filled up with all sorts of inspirations and cravings. Our gadgets are an extension of who we are and what we do. And I can say that as I am so extremely affected by it. I am entirely dependent of my computer and of my smart phone. Without them, well what would I do? I’d probably (most certainly) find a way to survive in the jungle but would I be given the same opportunities? I don’t think so.

Living in the digital era comes with it’s perks and downsides. We have the control in our hands to create, to analyze and understand due to the enormous amount of information available before our eyes. In just a couple of days thanks to Wikipedia I got to understand how musical royalties work without even getting out of the comfort of my room, at the same time I bought on amazon a book about music industry… My parents had to go to the book shop and ask for it, spend hours browsing through the shelves to find what they’re looking for. We are now able to gather communities, to be all connected together, to help each other, to build, to interact, all that thanks to internet.

At the same time, I can see myself glued to the bright screen of my smart phone from morning until bed time. It’s almost as I couldn’t consider living without it. Thanks to it I can stay in touch with people I love, like my family, James, my friends but also share my story with all of you. With that being said, I hate myself for being so tempted to look at my phone every three seconds… Especially during little friends get togethers or lunches. But what can I do? It’s bigger than me I guess.

Instagram has become part of my daily routine. It keeps a track of my life and if when I was 11, I was keeping a diary, Kayture and my personal Instagram account have become my public, reflecting and inspiration territory. Except that if 9 years ago I was writing for myself, now I share thoughts with millions. Which is kind of weird, but so cool too. A am a kid of the web, and I am so proud to be. I try now to live more in the reality and to make my actions count not only on my blog but also for the person I actually am in real life. Because it’s so easy to get isolated behind a clean, preppy online image. But it’s our actions, values and gestures that define who we really are.

I make no difference between my passion, the person that I am in those pictures, or the texts I write and the person I really am in real life. To be totally honest, I have nothing much to hide and have felt the need to share my feelings since a really early age… It’s funny because James for example, when he gets angry or sad, he’ll completely shut down and I know I need to give him his space because he doesn’t like to talk in these kind of situations. I for my part, need it. I need to express how I feel. There have been times, especially during travel, when we’d have an argument and since no friend was around I felt the urge to go up to the first person in the street and tell them all about my fight and just get a hug Obviously also get a confirmation for an external person that I was right and that James was wrong.

We are the online kids, and we should be grateful to be living in this period of opportunity. But again, as it is always in life, it’s all about finding the right, healthy balance. Heaving a beautiful Instagram feed can be very illusional, posting nice inspirational quotes doesn’t make you a good person, it’s what you do in real life that will define who you are. The way you are with your friends, family, with your neighbors or just society in general. And then you can come on the internet and reflect, inspire to grow better and just get inspired by beautiful community of talented, passionate folks. Here’s what I had to say today. The look you see today is me arriving in Paris straight from the train station. I often dress like that when I travel as it is the most comfortable option possible! A cute little cashmere sweater from J.Crew, jeans and a beautiful Chloé tote.

webb_KTR_0025webb_KTR_0016webb_KTR_0064 webb_KTR_0033webb_KTR_0175webb_KTR_0101webb_KTR_0177webb_KTR_0070 webb_KTR_0045webb_KTR_0051webb_KTR_0077webb_KTR_0139 webb_KTR_0174webb_KTR_0316



TOP : J.Crew

JEANS : Citizens of Humanity

BAG : Chloé (or Similar)

SHOES : Chanel (Similar)

NECKLACE : Cartier (Or Similar)


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Amazing casual look. Love the cashmere sweater and the tote :)

xx Mira

Such a beautiful and simple look!

xx Su

I’m so in love with all your casual outfits lately! :)

Daniella 27 June 2014 / Reply

Beautiful bag!

This look is simple, cute and chic. You look amazing with jeans, these sandals are very beautiful. Love so much the handbag, it’s so perfect. The light is wonderful and this dessert from Laduree looks so delicious

I love the simplicity of this outfit.

We had just exactly the same discussion in our weekly English lesson :) Honestly I remember the times without smartphones and Internet very well and I know that those time were more often boring … Love this simple look on you!

Everything you said it’s so true! I couldn’t agree more. I’m not very addicted to my phone and stuff, at least compared to other friends of mine, but i do think that despite all its advantages instagram and social networks are the perfect place for people to pretend being someone their not, and I hate that.
Anyway nice post, I love the bag!

You look amazing !

Love from Paris

Yes, please, more casual outfits, they fit you so much!

basic rocks ! especially with these sandals

Love this casual look, you wear it very well and I love the sandals!


Love your casual look and the chanel sandals give the look a classy touch.

This was really amazing article about how to cope with and live in this “loved and hated” internet age.
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur



I feel like all your latest outfits are THE SAME.. I miss some creativity :)

It’s very true what you say Kristina. The online world is a great platform to discover, inpire and connect, but let’s not forget about our real lives and about the persons we are in there. That’s much more important. I’m like you, I really need to talk about my feelings in order to let it out, otherwise I would feel so uncomfortable.

Beautiful casual outfit. I think I almost love these more than your dressiers outfits, just because I can see myself more in them.

Have a lovely weekend!

X Sara

Wow this is too cute! Casual yet chic ;;)


That’s so true. The internet has provided us with so many added benefits but it’s also even more important to stay true to yourself these days.

You are absolutely right. We should be grateful for getting all of this inspiration, informations and opportunities to express ourselves. But we should not forget to living more than sharing and enjoy every moment in life to the full before we will post it in Instagram/FB etc. :)

Well written! This technology has so many good and bad sides, so finding a healthy balance is so important!

Stunning shots! I love the simplicity of the outfit but still very cute and smart.

Dubai | A Visual Diary

Tu es sublime Kristina! C’est super d’en être arrivée là, et encore tu n’es pas prête de d’arrêter,
je voulais te féliciter pour tout ce que tu fais. Ton blog est super!


Je me retrouve tellement dans ce que tu écris, c’est fou! Mais j’avoue que je serais plus comme James, avec la tendance à me fermer quand quelque chose ne va pas. Tu m’as bien fait rire en disant que tu avais du aller parler à quelqu’un dans la rue haha
Ta tenue est magnifique, j’aimerais tellement pouvoir m’offrir ce collier! Mais comment dire, 1600 euros en collier et 1450 euros en bracelet, c’est juste “Ha merde tant pis”

This post was at point and truly great as I’ve been thinking about these things also! You are beautiful inside and out. I love how you also show us that you wear these simple yet classy outfits between all those amazing dresses and heels! :)

Such an honest and beautifully written post, I love it!

So casual, love it :) – New new post <3

You got me thinking about those shoes!!

It is so refreshing to see you in just a completely ‘normal’ look!! Well done!

Love from Munich, L


I really feel the same way.. I feel sometimes a little bit stress with so much information and Facebook and social media, that make me wonder what would the people do if for some reason all of this online life is over tomorrow…
But for now I just trying to get inspiration, finding my path and looking to become a better person and inspire others using this magnificent tool of internet.


I completely love your look, it’s so comfy-looking and so nice to walk around the city!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

I know what you mean Kristina! I need to try and take time away from my phone and laptop, just have an hour a day to breathe and get back to basics. But then again, I love being able to connect with everyone 24/7! It’s a tough balance.

You look so beautiful with your hair in a bun :) please do it more this way! x

I just have to say you are probably one of the few people who can just throw on something and look so chic … Also, I really agree with you on the points you made! I can barely get away from the computer – sometimes it can get so stressful so a little getaway is a must. But as the “digital generation” it’s so important to stay who we are also online:) I love how sincere and honest you are! These articles are just so inspiring :)

Have a great weekend! xo


what a lovely look, I really like the casual hairstyle and your flat sandals!

Schweizer Fashionmama on Bloglovin

Bonjour Kristina! Je suis beaucoup plus sur la réserve que toi concernant internet, surtout quand tu évoques la rapidité et le gain de temps pour les achats par exemple.
Avant, on allait dans une librairie, aujourd’hui c’est amazon. avant, on rencontrait le libraire, aujourd’hui, on est devant notre écran. Avant, on sortait l’argent (ou alors une carte), aujourd’hui, on ne voit plus la couleur de ce qu’on dépense, on clique et hop c’est parti. avant, on faisait vivre la librairie et on soutenait les petits commerces, aujourd’hui on soutient une multinationale ……..
Et cette rapidité, comme si c’était vital de tout faire vite, pour avoir encore plus de temps pour… pour … mais pour quoi au juste ? Gagner du temps à tout prix pour quoi faire ?…
il y a une chose qu’internet n’apportera jamais, le plaisir de flâner dans les rayons, de prendre le temps d’acheter ou de reposer le livre, et le plaisir de parler et d’échanger avec le libraire (c’est valable pour toutes sortes d’achat d’ailleurs)
Cela dit, je ne rejette pas en bloc internet et les milliers de possibilités mais il faut savoir prendre ce qu’il y a de bon, et laisser le reste… parce que tout n’est décidément pas à prendre.

Hi Kristina, I really admire your blog, but I honestly think that Instagram is there to make other people think we have the most beautiful life. You would never instagram a picture of you being sad or ill right? I do not think it is like a real diary, in a diary you would reveal the good and the bad things that would happen to you. Some people live through their instagram because they need to feel envied by others. Our new generation has an urge to share things and feelings, but mostly attention. We crave it! Some bloggers actually instagram their lives because it is not that great but it seems great through the lens of the camera. I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you, wish you the best with your singing and blogging!

Beautiful words…its easy to get caught up with our online persona. Its more important to live life. Love the casual look too x

lovely basic look!

Girl, you’re stylish no matter what you wear! How elegant!

Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

Love the fact that your shared your thoughts with us, I think this is the problem in our time : too much web communication without really connecting to people …
Love the photos, they are very natural and go perfectly with your article !

Thank you for all those thoughts!! I love reading your looong articles;o) For me with two kids around almost all day it’s quite hard to check my mobile so often as I would like to…but my kids always remind me of the healthy balance when they stand beside me once again crying because no one is playing with them…those are the moments when I think “Damn this digital world, it’s not worth it having unhappy children because their mom wants to check just one more mail or scroll through all her Instagram ‘friends’” Kind of weird. I love all this possibilities but my children always show me the boundaries…
Have a nice weekend!!
xoxo Kirsten

You look great! I love this look; very comfortable. It’s always nice to be able to unwind without technology. Great post :)

Very nice text, Kristina :)

Dear Kristina, I can so relate to your article. I often find myself gluing my eyes to my phone when having dinner with my family or laying next to my boyfriend. We’re so lost in the digital world and forget the existence of what around us. Very well written!


I love your hairstyle, it is perfect on you, this little bun so cute !
I totally agree with you, today we are all dependent on our smartphone and other gadgets, new technologies have become as amazing as dangerous. I can’t tell if this is a good things to be so dependent on these stuffs, I guess now it is too late to go back to the old way, and we have to admit that all these new technologies have made our life so much easier, how could we renounce to the easy life ?

Love your blog.

Comtesse Sofia

This seems like the perfect Saturday out and about outfit. I know what you mean about being glued to a screen. If I don’t set a schedule for myself, I won’t do anything except watch TV or browsing the internet. Thankfully now that I have set a schedule I can get some stuff done.

Great casual Outfit.
Love that chloé bag.

I love this laid-back look on you. You make anything look chic:)


A very moving article, as always. I totally agree with you, we have to make the best of our social networks or internet, but never lose track of what is really happenning in real life in the world and to the people surrounding us.

Great outfit as always!!! Beautiful.

Beautiful girl!

Great article! Love this effortless chic, where the little details make the outfit so special!

I love your new casual sense of style, it suits you very well!

I love casual looks :) Just need a bag to make it pop

Simple yet gorgeous! I really like this look! =D
Please, check out my blog!


We all need to balance our lives around the internet, and being true to what you are is the most important thing.


like the beautiful pictures! great look!

BlackHat 28 June 2014 / Reply

You really need to edit the grammar in all your articles. That’s great you take fabulous photos, but because this is a blog, your fans also care about what you convey in words – not just in photos. They are both captions of time – a moment in passing. As much of an effort you put into your campaigns and to expand your empire, you should also pay attention to crafting and word-smithing what you say. Anyone can be a blogger, but separates the good from the great, are all in the fine lines of the details.

I love this look, so casual and classy!


I completely agree with what you say Kristina, I find it difficult to stay off social media as it is so accessible now, but I always try to stay off it for a day or so sometimes just to make the most of my surroundings. I also think it’s so important to stay true to yourself as a person and not put on a facade through social media. You’re lucky you can put your thoughts into words so well, it’s great to be able to share how you’re feeling and your thoughts so clearly! xx

Loving that it is so casual and practical and so beautiful at the same time!!


You’re getting better and better with the writing. I’d totally sign this text :)

Dear Kristina,
You can count on my loving hug, no matter you are right or wrong.

Your loving sis..

It’s official: I am in love with that tote bag!

I feel helpless without my phone. That cannot be good.

Another casual chic look….you rock! xx

I love how your simplest outfits like this can still look so put together and so chic at the same time. Your style is truly timeless, Kristina! XO

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, I had to comment on this post.

This hits close to home. I, being born as an “internet kid” am often hit with this realization of just about how much time I spend glued to technology. It’s crazy how now there’s studies being done about how much time is spent on social media and how much time is not spent interacting with the person around you. I often find myself looking around while eating in a restaurant and seeing how many people are really not interacting with one another but rather, with their phone. I loved this post so much. I am in the process of finding that healthy balance and I’m doing well (don’t mean to toot my own horn but toot toot!) It’s just surreal to really see what’s going on when you finally put your phone down or your laptop screen down.

you look so pretty
great outfit

Your casual look is amazing! What you say about the internet is very true, especially as more and more aspects of our everyday lives are moving online – sometimes it can be hard to step back. xx

It’s good to have a reset sometimes about our attitutes towards the internet and the way it affects our social relations “irl”. And I know how seducing it is, cause it can offer you somewhat of a second life, and for some cases like you said a second personality. It’s good therefore to bring back people to reality in the most calm and intelligible way. We are all concerned. I am in front of my screen every day since they put me in front of a computer, and the rare moments when I was not busy on it was because I was lost in the heart of nature and did not have any choice.
But we must also keep in mind that it’s a social common choice, we (our generation) made of internet our routine as people of our age could read the newspaper before and send handwritten letters. I think we couldn’t live today without being surrounded by it, and the only way would be to exclude ourselves from society in some sort. I mean there are the two sides of the coin : being proud of what we create and we transmit through the internet, like you do, and the consciousness that internet takes us away from our environment.
Fortunately we aren’t the only ones, and everyone is not like us !
(hem, I’ll stop here, but thank you for having revived the debate)


Love the simplicity of your outfit and your hair.

I love how you can even turn simple and dressed down into such a chic look. Loving that tote bag <3


This look is simple and I love your bag.

Beautiful! Even if it is just simple wool jumper and pair of jeans! You are what brings all these outfits together :) I do believe its important we arent too glued to our screens!

Hayley xx

Excellent site! When you have time grab a peek at my site too… : )

Elizabeth 7 July 2014 / Reply

Loving this paired down look!!! You look beautiful and classy as always! <3

I LOVE that you went up to someone in the street for a hug. Totally get that you need to share your feelings too. It can be so hard sometimes. I share pretty much everything and I genuinely think my blog is one of the most real parts of me! Because even though it is online, it is part of us and who we are!

Keep inspiring Kristina!

Katie <3

Who doesn’t love an effortlessly chic look? This is so casual and comfortable, from the soft sweater and classic jeans, with a mix of subtle sophistication, from the topknot and modern bag; it exudes elegance and is perhaps THE signature Parisian look! Lovely!
Melody x

That is why you’re my favorite blogger, Kristina. Not only because of the wonderful looks, the amazing pictures, but because of your beautiful and honest thoughts and the great person you are.

Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues.
It was definitely informative. Your website is useful.
Many thanks for sharing!

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.
Many thanks for supplying these details.

very nice look, adore your simple style.

Simple yet absolutely beautiful! Love love this look!


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