So guys. I am currently hibernating in the recording studio in Detroit working on some cool music with some great people. It feels pretty crazy to be here and to know that things are actually moving on. Gotta say, I feel sort of nervous but at the same time this feeling is topped off by such big excitement. Can’t even tell you the amount of work it took to organize everything and to make it all happen, but determination definitely pays off. So in the following days, I am going to post some of the images I didn’t show you yet from our previous trips! Kind of cleaning up the folders as won’t be shooting new content for about 7 days ;) putting all my concentration to music.

Our trip in Rome was a blast, and definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. I feel like I end up saying this quite often, but I am so fascinated by every new city I visit. It was my first time in Rome and I was definitely feeling overwhelmed by the awesomeness that this place exudes. So much charm and beauty in these little streets. Although extremely touristic, we still managed to find cute little spots to enjoy ice cream and traditional italian dishes. Of course, visiting the roman ruins was on my bucket list. I had this super clear image of a fashion photo shoot there and that’s exactly what we ended up doing!

For that occasion, I decided to rock this timeless lace vintage inspired Minusey dress which I’ve been loving and wearing on different occasions lately. I feel like it can look very bohemian with let’s say braids in the hair and a very nude make-up, as much as it can look very bold and high fashion with like in this case a burgundy lip and big chunky jewels. This looks reminds me somehow of Dolce Gabbana’s aesthetics. I’m completely in love with these Oscar De La Renta earrings, they’re quite great matched to my oldie by fab Miu Miu sparkle heels. Haven’t worn them in a while but they’re still after all this time a great statement. Wish me luck for the studio peeps!!!!

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DRESS : Vintage inspired dress from (Similar HERE and HERE)

SHOES : Miu Miu

LIPS : M.A.C “Diva”

RING : Elizabeth & James


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Omg the vintage is a dream and I love the heels. Good luck on the music. Can’t wait to hear it :D

xx Mira

dammmm beautiful

You look exceptional in these photos. That dress is ethereal. x

Life of Niss

I’m convinced everything will be successful in the end! The pictures and your outfit are adorable <3

Envy you!!

You look more than perfect again! To me, there’s nothing more beautiful in summer than a pretty lace dress, subtile waves and a flaming red lipstick!
Great to read that you are recording some music, I’m very curious about the results! Have fun!

X Sara

This dress is beautiful! and I love your make up!

Amazing photos! That dress is so stunning <3

Yessss I love this!!

Love the outfit, the dress is stunning. Can’t wait to hear your songs. Good luck!

Really lovely dress! the pics are amazing!

What an amazing dress! You look perfect in it!

xx Su

Amazing photos and very beautiful dress!

great look!!!

xoxo from rome

Albertine 17 June 2014 / Reply

Your pictures are awesome, love Rome!

I love what you’re wearing, the dark lip looks amazing on you. It gives the outfit a total different look!

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Gorgeous, like this outfit, that dress fits you so well!


OMG!! This dark lip colour against white, lace dress and your dreamy hair… Oh my, this is pure perfection!

Love Roma! You look stunning :D – New post <3

what an amazing look!

Love the images but the lips are too overdrawn :(

Good morning my dear ! Today have a great outfit ! Perfect photos again.


Planing to go there this summer ;) can not wait ;). You look beautiful and photos are too great ;)

pics are gorgeous as always :))

I love your photographs. Not only do you look stunning, the the scenery adds so, so much to the images. Rome looks like such a magical city and I can’t wait to visit it someday. Good luck with the recording, it sounds like an amazing experience!

Your last two outfits were flawless!! And you look crazy beautiful in the pictures (I would still urge you to cut your hair a bit, but still…they look so good!!)
Good luck with your music!!!

This dress looks really awesome! Your sense of style is really great! I love it



You looked amazing in any way. But I don’t like those shoes with this outfit. Sorry for that. They’re a little bit too “heavy” for this great outfit.
So, my fingers are crossed for your music. So excited to hear something new from you :-*.

Katharina from Katcherry

Really I love this “vintage” look so much. I like the midi lenght of dress, its so stylish and timeless
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

You look absolutely gorgeous
That shade of lipstick is perfection

that lipstick is definitively too dark… the vampire look doesn’t really suits you.

Wow! Great pictures and I love de lipstik’s color. I think it’s great that you tell people how an outfit could be worn for another occasion or how to change the style of a dress with other accessoires. Good luck with the recording :-) :-*

What an amazing look!! Loving the bold lips with the gold jewelry!

Love from Munich, L


Wow amazing photos, such a romantic D&G look.

I love your photos very much BUT I feel like your style don’t represent inspiration for readers anymore, but more or less just a dream.. like looks in Vogue. I feel like blogs are turning into online magazines and they don’t give me any inspiration or advice on how to dress for everyday life but just some kind of fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love your style and blog but I guess I wish it would be more affordable.. Xoxo

Daniella 17 June 2014 / Reply


AMAZING! And seriously: As always I looks through the pictures before reading the article and my first thought was Dolce&Gabbana <3 Had to smile when I read that you had the same thought ;) And the fact you shooted the look in Italy makes it just more like it! Really beautiful pictures and good luck with your music, xo

Savannah 17 June 2014 / Reply

You look like a godess so gorgeous! I love the lipstick you’re wearing! x

Super gorgeous as always Kristina!
Love the photos and outfit!!

Those fierce looks suit you very, very well, Kristina. Gorgeous.. So Dolce & Gabbana-ish :)

Fantastic lace dress and earrings!!!!!!!

xoxo Iren

Wow this white lace dress is so beautiful, romantic and really timeless, like you said. Suits perfectly to Rome, which also one of my favorites cities I’ve been so far. Wonderful photos!

Truly stunning photos! Good luck in the studio (and although I hope there will be none, don’t get swayed by any negative comments that might come your way. I heard all of your recordings and I love them so far! ^^)

Wow, that dress is stunning! And it looks perfect with the burgundy lipstick!

You’re right! This look totally reminds me about D&G! And Roma looks awesome! Btw, I don’t know how you do it but everytime you’re looking more gorgeous!

Good luck with your music! And yes I’m definitely getting some Dolce and Gabbana vibe here!

You’re in a recording studio in Detroit (which you paid for) working on some cool music (not cool if you’re going to sing it) with some great people (people to who you paid for working to you)
I know singing is your dream, we all have dreams, but seriously? You already made your dream come true becoming a worldwide blogger, but you can’t sing well. And I’m not the only one who thinks that because I’ve read the Instagram comments and I’ve seen the tumbs down in you Youtube videos. Sometimes dream have to stay that, dreams, because if we achieve all of them, what remains? You’re working in fashion, earning thousands, with a great crew, isn’t it enough? If you make your dream come true, next what? Another dream? Insatiable. Insatisfait
“If a man doesn’t dream, he has nothing” — Joel Goldman.

Oh so beautiful dress!

You look stunning! Have a great time in the recording studio! It must be very exciting! :-) xx

Amazing photos! I just came back from Rome as well! Such a magical city!

Love, Amanda

Amazing photos! You look goregous, Kristina! The make-up is a little bit dark for my taste, tho.

Just.. WOW! Always such a visual feast to visit your Blog :)

Now I am even more exited that I am heading to Rome next week. I love your pictures, wished that I could have met you.

I will keep all of my followers upgraded on what is happening in Rome – I am planning to not only do photos of the beautiful city itself but also some fashion shoots. I would love it and be soooo greatful if you subsribed or just make a quick visit.


Lovely look, you look so pretty with it. The photos are amazing.


Beautiful look! So simple but with some bold details.
Check out my recent post

I love these pictures soo much!!

You are beautiful!!!your dress is fantastic!

Hi Kristina!

I can’t belive you’re recording in Detroit! I live in the suburbs of Detroit. How long will you be here for? We should go shopping togeter, I know all of the best shops around! Birmingham has great shops & restaurants. Downtown Detroit also has some great places to eat!

Good luck with your recording sessions! You have a great voice!

P.s. I love your vintage lace dress!

Love the pictures! So pretty x

L&L – sisterblend

Wow these photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! :) I love your dress!


<3333 i love your photos, your blog, your hair, places which you wisited and youuuu :))) haha great job kristina !

Very very very cute!!! Amazing look!

Hi Kristina!

My name is Chelsea and I run the blog/instagram site Wear Is Chelsea. I am a fellow blogger and am from Detroit. I would love to meet with you and show you all of the best sites we have here, food and fashion wise!

I think it’s great that you are taking time out to work on your music- you have such a great voice!
I hope that you are enjoying your time here.

P.S. I love the vintage lace dress!

Wear Is Chelsea

Hi Kristina!

My name is Chelsea and I run the blog/instagram site Wear Is Chelsea. I am a fellow blogger and am from Detroit. I would love to meet with you and show you all of the best sites we have here, food and fashion wise!

I think it’s great that you are taking time out to work on your music- you have such a great voice!
I hope that you are enjoying your time here.

P.S. I love the vintage lace dress!
I would love to show you all of the best vintage shops in/around Detroit!

Wear Is Chelsea

So stylish! Love it!

♥ Oxana
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Dominique 17 June 2014 / Reply

you looook so gorgeous!


Wow! You look awesome!!!

I´m totally in love with this post. I love Rome, your outfit and these pictures

the dress link that you have on here doesnt compare to the one on the pictures. please tell me where you got the dress that you are wearing? i want the same one not a look alike please……thanks!

Lovely photos. The dark lipstick suits you !

Looove this look ! So elegant and vampy

Wonderful!! You look amazing, like a chic italian lady, the dress is so delicate and beautiful. The make up is perfect, very Dolce&Gabbana. Love the jewels. Perfect photos

Such a beautiful city and you’re looking absolutely gorgeous! =)
Please, check out my blog!


Je veux tellement ces chaussures :(
Très jolies photos !

Hey, I have a question about the dress… when someone says a dress is vintage, it means it doesn’t have a brand?… manufacturer?…

looking amazing. the dress is lovely and you chose a perfect place for shooting

Les photos sont magnifiques ! Ta robe est superbe, et en plus j’adore le rouge à lèvres :)

speechless…absolutely stunning


Hi Kristina. I noticed that your hair is now fully lighter, instead of only the tips, like it was before. Did you dye it? Or it’s just any kind of trick (a product, highlights) or something?
I’d like to know, because i loooove your hair too much! Thank you (i don’t need to say that i love your blog, because everybody does :))
congrats from portugal!

In love with this look shooted in the beautiful streets of Rome. Love definitely also your lipstick! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

this dress is so chic!
ladies in navy

lace dresses are so beautiful! got one in purple similar to this one <3
xx soraya

Oh my God! Right when I say this is her best yet, you strike again.

Wow you look so breathtaking! Loving this gorgeous lace dress!
Good look with your music!

xx Nicola

You look stunning as always Kristina. I love the combination between you and Rome!! haha. The shoes are breathtaking.

Love the dark lip with the white lace. So very Dolce & Gabanna, especially with ROME as your backdrop. Stunning!


I want the same dress, not similar. please?
You’ll be doing me a huge favor if you just give me the website.
thank you.

The quality of your photos is absolutely amazing! Love them all! Congrats!

I really love this look because this vintage dress is fantastic and Rome is ideal!

Wow you are really beautiful Kristina!

Absolutely love these photos! So stunning!

you look stunning. love everything you wear, especially the dress!
the photos are amazing, as usual.

Omg these shots are incredible, Rome is just dreamy. Your outfit is flawless as always!

Visit my blog everyone please!

Amazing make-up, so dark and so feminine, especially with lace dress, it looks so Italian!

just beautiful

Perfect dress, perfect make-up, perfect hair style. The whole look is breathtaking, just wow.

The vintage dress is a dream and I love how you paired it with the golden accessoires, perfect for that location! I also like your MakeUp, especially the lipstick color suits you very well.
Have a nice day :)

Hello, i feally want that dress, can someone help me get this exact dress? Pleasseeeee. I’m in lone with this

So breathtaking ! Perfect dress for Rome


Althoughyyou always look beautiful I feel this dress boarders on wedding and matronly. I would love tosee yyou in something more flattering and fun! Good place for a shoot though.

I always love your “dark” makeup!

SO beautiful these pics…You two make such a great team/couple!!!! Just the best work:o)
xoxo Kirsten

Great look, it blends perfectly with the sorrounding! Love it!


The best sunglasses for your face shape:

Wow the look is simply gorgeous. The makeup and the hairstyle are simply perfect. You are always so beautiful :)

kisses from

Gorgeous, Kristina! You’re an amazing person and such a talented girl. Keep working hard and inspiring us. You too, James. Stay strong with this partnership, you’re awesome, guys.
Love, Sandrine.

really beautiful shot!

Your dress is beautiful!


I don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell your dress? :) I’d love to wear it for my wedding this fall…seriously!!