I had moments in my life and through this blogging journey where I started asking myself where my real home really was. Because at the end of the day, it happened that I actually didn’t feel like home anywhere. And not in a bad way, not at all! Kind of in a way where you just don’t remember anymore and get lost in this hectic life pace. Like sometimes you don’t remember what day it is. Well sometimes, I don’t remember what it feels like to sleep in my own, actual, normal bed. Or if I do, then it feels just weird! Not that I’ll complain about king size hotel beds. My actual bed in Switzerland is so tiny that my feet always hang out from all sides. Not to sound weird, but that’s how I feel.

Traveling to a new place every 3 days, spending life in hotel rooms can get very unpersonal at some point. Not to mention that my base in Switzerland still is my parent’s place, not exactly my own space. I had moments, a very long time ago at the beggings of Kayture where I did indeed feel kind of overwhelmed. It’s so hard to build up a routine and stay healthy when you’re in a different city every week. Luckily that strange feeling quickly disappeared to leave instead the biggest excitement for this speed pace. I know have the ability to make it feel like home no matter where I go.

What I understood above all is that it’s not a question of where you are or the conditions you’re in : it’s your state of mind that will change everything and the people you surround yourself with. I know that even if James and I land in the creepiest place ever, together we’ll protect and empower each other so much. He’s my rock, I’m his rock too. I know that when we are together, it feels like home everywhere, because we bring this easy going flow, humour and in general connection everywhere we go.

In fact, I also appreciate having that detachment to my actual home base in Switzerland. That is I think the reason why I love traveling that much. I don’t feel the need to spend too much time home. I get bored very quickly and need turbulances. With that in mind, it pushes me to actually appreciate the on-the-go lifestyle SO much more, cherishing every single experience we live.

Throughout the years, I’ve developed tricks to feel cozy and comfy no matter where I go. I always take the same things with me. They totally light a little flame in my heart. There are very few! First of all, I need my pyjamas. It’s essential. I like to sleep in a nice, cozy yet chic one. When I discovered Olivia Von Halle’s luxury sleepwear, I madly fell in love with it. Simple perfection : so comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Next, I need moisture. I don’t know how to explain it, but having my little pots of cream makes me feel pampered and cozy no matter where I go. I just love this feeling of taking care even if you’re running all day. I’ll have my little pot of Aerin’s rose balm next to the bed which I’ll apply on all the sore areas of my body. I am also a big fan of Rodin’s face oil which I use daily, either for the day or the night. The scent is so relaxing and just makes me feel so zen.

When traveling, I like to have everything in pouches. You don’t want your stuff to break or open up in the suitcases and have cream all over your clothing. So I decided to get myself some monogrammed travel cases from Cuyana. It says “Kay” on them and every time I have a look at those adorable pistache babies, I feel happy. I really do. Not only are they full of treasures but they look so beautiful no matter where I put them. And what about you guys, what items make you feel at home away from home? Any tricks? Share them with us, I am very eager to know your tips :)

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PYJAMAS : Olivia Von Halle & Here

TRAVEL VANITY : Cuyana & Similar Here

FLORAL VANITY : Gucci (Similar Here)

FACE OIL : Rodin 

ROSE BALM : Aerin 


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The pyjamas looks super cute and thanks for sharing these tips :D

xx Mira

Fanny pics…lovely pijama, love the colour….Of course home is in the heart…

Hello, can you tell what is the name of the hotel? Very nice design;)

Super cute photos! You look lovely :) Great post text vise too :)

I like so much your articles because they are so personal and sincerely. You are so lucky, you can travel around the world and visit amazing places, the hotel is one of the best part of travel. Love so much the pajama, it’s so cute and chic, you look chic even when you go to sleep

Liebe Kristina

Du siehst süss aus im Pyjama.

Sonnige Grüsse

Petra von

So beautiful and funny shots! Love them and the pyjamas :D

Instagram: @reichellg – New post <3

I’m convinced that one can be everywhere at home as we have always our own self and soul with us … equal where we are :)

I can imagine how travelling ever so often can get so disorienting so it’s great you have someone to share these experiences with! Love the pyjamas!


Love this post! I just started blogging and your posts inspire me so much to put 100% into what I do.

The pyjamas look really nice, I’ve always wanted to buy a quite similar one, maybe I will one day ^^ Travelling for me is one of the best thinga we can experience. As you, I don’t really like to have the same routine for too long – aadely I’ve to live with it. So when travelling, I actually don’t need much since it makes me happy on its own. Logically at a second thought it’s nice to have your evening care routine with you, things that let you have a little rooutine wherever you are – especially when travelling so much and being always on the go. It’ wonderful that you have this opportunity and love to life this life <3

Bringing the right things with you no matter where u go is the most important thing when traveling. I remember times when i forgot little things that i use daily was indeed miserable. Lovely PJs btw, fun and comfy ;)

xo Jenny

nice pics! Yeah sometimes we just feel our atmosphere and our things and routines, but we can always try to find a piece of home everywhere we go!
el y ella fashion

Love this kind of posts !

Love from Paris

Nina sax 11 June 2014 / Reply

Don’t need pyjamas, I sleep naked. As long as I have my laptop, meens I have my 150Gb of MY music, and also connect with my friends in just a click, so I can feel at home anywhere ;)

Nice pics!! And yes, home is where you feel comfortable and happy! I love to travel…but I love the feeling when I come back home…It’s so good!!

kisses from Spain!

These pictures are all super cute Kristina! To be honest, I couldn’t live like you live, travelling so much and not really having your own place to come home to. I am so happy to have my own appartment and to make it cozy together with my boyfriend, friends or family. I’m very thankful for that and I consider myself a lucky girl.
Off course, everyone has his ir hers own preferences, so I’m glad you found a way to make going from one hotel to another more comfortable and that you are able to make it feel a little bit like home.

X Sara

Lovely pajamas and cute pictures! When I travel, which happens definitely waaay less then you, I also love packing things, from products to underwear in small pouches, just to avoid the mess. I also like to take a huge Russian scarf everywhere, to use as the blanket on the plane or even on the bed, and it can be great to wear as a skirt whenever you have to go in a religious place where shorts can be disrespectful ;)
Love from France <3

im in love with youuuu


Very beautiful blue style, I like blue!

Oh that’s very great tips you have there! Hmm…for me I like to have my diary with me all the time. So that I can keep track of the dates and note down what I did each day. Then when I’m feeling a lil lonely I like to flip through it and see where life has taken me :)

That´s a funny post ! In love with these photos !


What you say about the fact that beeing with James makes you feel like home reminds me of the song Home by Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zeros ( ).

Having family all over Europe I travelled a lot since I was a child. Basically, if you travel to someone’s place (where you can actually leave your stuff), I think it is always nice to have at least a tooth brush and a pyjamas that stays there.

When you travel in hotels:
- For me it is very important to have the feeling that I am not”living in my suitcase”. So I would suggest even for 2 nights, put your clothes (or at least some of them) in the wardrobe in your room.

- Investing in good toilet/vanity cases in different sizes is also very important. I hate it when my creams and makeup are messy. Though I must admit I havent find the perfect one yet.

- If I travel to cheap hotels or camping (and if I have enough space) I try to take my hair dryer with me, as I usually don’t like the ones they put in hotels bathrooms.

Even with all that, I know that there will be 10 sec in every trip where I will fell “away from home” (ou en français, j’aurais le cafard), but what is 10sec in 7days? Nothing.

Oh I also love to discover new places!! What always have to be with me is definitely a part of my beloved handbag collection. Without them I feel simply lost! ;)

Love from Munich, L


I totally know what you mean. Being a consultant also means a lot of travel to the point where last year I could only count on one hand how many times I spent in my own bed. Thankfully this year I am working from my home town in London so less travel for work and more travel for pleasure. I love all the little treats that the travel comes with as well some of which you have highlighted above.

Israel | Peace and Harmony in the Ba’hai Gardens

I like this article so much. There are my tricks and please visit my blog. :) It’s really important to be with my boyfriend, everywhere we go together it’s like to be at home. Then I need to take my camera everywhere because I use it quite often and without it I feel somehow lost. Last thing for me is my current hand balm and perfume.

You are SO beautiful. And the pics are beautiful. And the pyjamas are beautiful. SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL xx

Katy |

Nice pajamas :D

hi kristina! I like the way you wrote about travelling from one place to the other. when I was travelling around the world, I felt the same – it is so important to have “a rock” in your life and to love yourself.

Schweizer Fashionmama on Bloglovin

Love this kind of article, you are so close to your readers and I can actually feel it :)
I never leave comments but I should do it much more often, you are a beautiful person and you always look classy and chic. You are very talented and the perfect source of inspiration to me, as a young lady :)

Keep going,

Much Love xxx

Love your pijama ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Lovely photos. The pajamas are so beautiful and it’s so sweet that you have someone you can count on so much when you’re travelling. So lovely that he can experience it all with you too! I definitely don’t look that glamorous when I wake up ;)

Katie <3

Hi Kristina!
It is the first time a comment but I have been following your blog for a couple months. I don’t miss any article and I love them all, I love how passionate you are about everything you write and how honest and sincere it sounds.

Well, after reading your beauty rituals, products and so on, you inspired me to create my own blog a couple days ago (you can see it in the website above). I write about fashion, beauty and healthy food in the same pattern you do but low cost.

Nevertheless there are some products you talked about that I REALLY loved and I couldn’t avoid buying them like the NARS mint eyeliner (which I am wearing right now by the way) or the shocking eyeliner from YSL. I am planning on writing a post about them and refering of course to my role model which is you!!

It would mean a lot to me if you had a look at it and tell me what you think and if you like what you see.. then like and share!!

Have a wonderful day,

Daniella 11 June 2014 / Reply

great tips!



Those photos are beyond beautiful! I love the PJs!

I’d love it if you could stop by my blog and check my last post: how to look slimmer in photos.

Very interesting post that made me think. I like it:) I agree with you, to make me feel at home away from home, I always try to buy trial-sizes of my favorite beauty products and make sure to bring a book from the stack of books at my bedside. I LOVE staying at hotels and enjoying their amenities!


Lovely post! I think that in every girl’s wardrobe top ten must haves would be a gorgeous pyjama set. Something that looks great on (even if it is only you seeing it!) and is uber comfortable to sleep in.

Who buys pyjamas in 330 euro?… I really don’t get that.

Hi Kristina,
when I’m away from home, there are only two things that make me feel at home. These two things are my pink night sleeping mask, which I bought from Paris 3 years ago and a little plush cat from Avon. :)

Greetings from Bulgaria

I am love with your pyjamas.. Love the colour. I love pouches for travelling too.

Loved the travel set so much I went and ordered it right now…oops :)

amazing pics, lovely pyjama!

looks super comfy!


you are so cute Kristina!
I saw you in airport and at the Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards in Berlin. You are so beautiful!

This post was lovely! The pyjamas look so comfy aw

L&L –

Your pictures are so amazing!
Great post my dear :)

Lots of Love,

Hi Kristina,
when I’m away from home, there are only two things that make me feel at home. These two things are: pink night sleeping mask and a little plush cat from Avon.

Greetings from Bulgaria.

Je regrette tellement que Kayture aie perdu son “âme” c’est juste devenu un espace publicitaire pour les marques… :(

So photoshoped!

You look great, even in your PJ’s!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

That’s such an amazing post and pictures for sure! =)
Please, check out my blog!


thanks for the information, im planning on travelling soon ..maybe alone! So this helps. You should do a UPDATED MAKEUP ROUTINE! maybe in a video and picture form!

so how is it to sleep in 400 $ pyjamas ??

Is that leopard concealer? OMG I want it!! :)

La seconde photo… J’adore ton sourire ! Un sourire naturel, pris sur le fait, on dirait que vous étiez entrain de rigoler, de vous amuser et que James à pris la photo sur le moment. Cela fait ressortir autre chose de toi. J’adore

Même en pyjama tu restes très élégante !


Hi i have followed your blog religiously for the past 3 yrs or so but I can never remember i have watched your style grow and evolve and i am proud of your accomplishment. i know you put in a lot of handwork. People like James (ur BF) are very rear to come by and i want you to be very appreciative of him ( I know you are). Anyway i just wanted to comment because i can understand you feeling detached from home because you travel a lot. (I recently moved to the US) Enjoy every moment of your adventures.

Nafisah XOXO

great post Kristina. I agree that everything is the matter of what we have in our minds!

Love your pj

Peut-être qu’une bougie dont l’odeur te rappellerait la maison de ton enfance te permettrait de te sentir plus chez toi en dehors de chez toi?
A défaut de pouvoir l’allumer dans les chambres d’hôtel, un parfum solide pourrait peut-être également faire l’affaire?

Hi y’a just found your blog and I really loved the lifestyle attitude With good taste of fashion too…
I am a hairstylist and willing to work With you …
Let me know ;)

As for me … II always need my iPod with me … Music helps me to feel so cozy !! Step 2 – fluffy slippers. Step 3 – my Avene and Chanel beauty stuff. And last – sleeping mask from Aroma Home (British label … I’m fan of everything they have). Try it !!!

I totally agree with your tips ! You just need your pajamas and moisture and that’s it =D And also your favorite lipstick.. ;-P


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