Hey folks! I just landed in Delhi and I felt like a little monday update was highly needed. We are going to explore India today and I can’t even describe how excited I am to discover this new city. I’ve already been in India in the past with Love Gold. We had the chance to stay in Mumbai but this time we are going to enjoy three new cities. You guys can expect some super colorful images on the blog very soon!

For now, I wanted to share with you guys this look that James and I shot in Barcelona while we were there with Guess for the Sonar music festival. This look was picked out as an option for a dinner night out, so very chic and classy. I ended up wearing it during the day with a blazer over the shoulders just because I was dying to shoot this beautiful red lace. As we went out to the music festival, I took my heels off and had the pleasure to run around bare feet!! Nothing better than the feeling of taking high heels of and feeling so free :)

My hair is getting super super long, and so I had fun trying something new by tucking my hair in my blazer to fake a long bob. But you know what, I figured : I’ll never be able to do it. I’ve always had really long hair except for really short exceptions but I kept going back to my long sleek style. I feel like it fits perfectly to who I am and is super versatile. BUT, I do wonder sometimes : especially during summer, it’s so nice to have a shorter look! What do you guys think? Enjoy these images and see you on Instagram for an India diary xxx.

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DRESS : Guess (or Similar Here and Here)

SHOES : Guess (or Similar Here)

BLAZER : Minusey (Similar Here)

SUNNIES : Céline 


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Wow that red lace dress looks stunning on you. Love it.

xx Mira

A very classy, romantic dress.

xo Jenny

This dress is amazing, love the crochet and you always look beautiful with a red clothes. These heels are absolutely fabulous and the blazer is so chic and classic. You are so lucky, India is wonderful, I can’t wait to see all the photos.

really nice look! I think a slightly longer bob would suit your face perfectly as you have such pretty features!

Oh yes…red always suits great…love the playful pretending hair…sometime I also love to know how it would be if…. Love the combination with the white heels

great,awesome, beautiful

I think you look good with longer and shorter hair as you are in general a true beauty <3 I'm in love with your wonderful red lace dress!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena Rena

Pretty!!! Love the shoes. Ive been looking for the perfect pair of white heels to add to my wardrobe.
Much love from the U.S.!

Wow, that’s such a beautiful, leger summer outfit! Perfect for strolling around Barcelona!
xoxo Jasmin

I love those shoes and the coat over the lace dress is very chic styling.


Love that red dress on you :) – New new post <3

so in love with this red lace dress, and wish you so much fun in India! <3

chose this red for a day in the red country is the best election. you’re wonderful. i really hope you like my country, its the most beautiful
i have today a new post, a sunset ina beach of the atlatinc ocean of spain. you’ll love it

MONDAY NEW OUTFIT: atlantic sunset

Lovely lace dress, you look gorgeous




Beautiful dress! You look amazing! xo, Christina

Red looks great on you. Stunning dress! XO

Love this Outfit!

The dress is perfect! You’re my inspiration!

Check out my new outfit post on =>

Fabulous, feminine and glamorous! You blew me away with this outfit!

Indeed a beautiful lace dress!!

Love from Munich, L


Beautiful photos! Red lace looks great on you :)

Very nice pics.I like that red color.

Wow, it looks so majestic there & you fit right it with your bright red dress. The intricate lace design matches your surroundings perfectly. Waiting on more photos!

The Fashann Monster

Albertine 30 June 2014 / Reply

Your outfit is so chic!

Beautiful photos! Love the red lace dress and a shorter bob would look great on you!

I really love that there’s actually something to read on your blog and not just photos of you :)
I know how you feel about cutting your hair, I have been wondering myself for the past few month if I should dare to cut it, but always came to the conclusion that long hair is actually pretty grate and people recognize you because of it.
Gorgeous dress you’re wearing,

Tucking hair into blazer to pretend long bob is my favorite hair style as well! Don’t cut your hair, this lenght is amazing and perfectly suits to you :) Really love your lace dress and the shot with fontain is beautiful
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Beautiful shots as usual. Cant wait to see your shots from India.

Planning a Safari Getaway

Your photos are always in such a good quality. They are really good!

I love your hair and your red dress! so cool!
new look on my blog, happy week!

The dress si amazing! Have fun in India, can’t wait to see the photos :)

Great outfit, this dress is stunning and I love the colors of this look


I am from Spain! Here we see your blog and love your style! :)


Pretty photos, and gorgeous dress!!!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

This dress is just ah-mazing! I’m obsessed <3

Such a pretty dress ! Can’t wait to see your pictures from India

Rita Freitas 30 June 2014 / Reply

Hope you enjoyed your stay at my country! That dress you´re wearing is stunning!

Cette robe rouge est magnifique !


Savannah 30 June 2014 / Reply

This dress is so gorgeous x

You look very feminine and classy with that red lace dress. I like how you paired it with your bright blazer. Especially the last picture looks fantastic :)
Have a nice day :)

Hey Kristina! I am from India and going to Bracelona next week! How funny is that? So great you are in Delhi! Definitely be careful of the mega heat wave in the city.. but definitely check out all the historic places and the amazing food scene! Where else are you visiting? Hope you have a great time!


amaaaazing dress!


So so beautiful! You never fail to look glamorous!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

This look is so cool. It’s effortless with that perfect little red dress that every woman should have. It’s great for date night or out on the town. I’ve recently discovered your blog and I love it!

Major crush on your outfit. I really like your long hair. I myself tried shorter looks but I definitely love long hair and indeed it suits you very well.

Beautiful view !
And this red dress is amazing ! I love it !

I think your hair would look really nice if it were shorter, and if you used a little bit of caring oil on the ends…

Daniella 30 June 2014 / Reply


My beautiful Barcelona. I see you enjoyed my city once again :) Have a nice time in India!

You look absolutely divine!

♥ Oxana
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shooooooort hair!! looks so good on you
do it!

What a beautiful dress!

Great to know you are travelling to Delhi.. I am a Delhi based blogger myself…hope you have a nice stay here :)
Smita | missprettypink

I live in Spain, so I’m glad you had such a lovely time! x

this is gorgeous! :)
Ladies in Navy

You look amazing in red and this dress is so pretty!

Lovely ! I love the red lace dress, plus you look stunning with your long hair !

Gorgeous outfit and you hair and makeup look perfect too! =)
Please, check out my blog!


You look great, dear. That dress is a killer. Loved the colour, so vibrant and alive. Suited you perfectly.

The long hair really suits you; I wouldn’t change it. I did like the bangs, though ;-)

Great outfit! That red dress looks great on you. You should totally risk it and get a haircut, I think you would look really pretty with a long bob.

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Short hair cut would be nice, plus it’s easier to wash and not so hot in the summer. But long hair is definitely the best accessory any woman could have!

I love Barcelona. In terms of hair–it’s nice to switch it up every now and then. I think a medium bob would suit you well!

I used to live in Barcelona, and I miss it every single day! The plaza where you shot was one of my favourite places in the city, there’s the Magic Fountain at night which is simply amazing! Thanks for the memories – and my compliments on the great look!

Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

love this red dress!

Love from Germany,
Rebecca Couture contra Casual

Beautiful lace – this look is really amazing. And I think it can look wonderful in both ways: Like here paired more for a daytime look with a nude blazer or for the evening with elegant waved hair and a red lip and some dark heels <3

This dress is so so sooo amazing! You shine in it like a queen!

Kisses, Évi

Good combination!! And nice dress.


This dress is wonderful and I love your shoes!

you look so beautiful!

Barcelona is the best!!! The pictures look beautiful!

Perfect outfit! I love the shoes


These photos are great! You look stunning in red, K! I hope your trip to Delhi is going well!!


Love the outfit and pictures! X

Hey there Kristina, how are you going? I’m a brazilian fan and I just want you to know that i love your blog so much, really! You’re my inspiration, and i love your style! I hope some day i can have a blog so fantastic as yours.

Love and gorgeous as always Kristina :)

such a pretty dress! love the shoes too:)

Great look, this dress is gorgeous

Loving the look!! Perfect for the city!


Really love your dress and sunglasses, you look amazing in red!


I can’t wait for your pictures from India! and I think your hair is beautiful! :)

Love the red lace dress! It really suits you!



Wow, you look so gorgeous! Th red lace is just stunning :) xo Ari

You are such an inspiration. I happened to stumble across your blog awhile back and fell in love. Your classic beauty and humble spirit is truly amazing. I can only dream of meeting you one day or working with you one day. Thanks for staying true to who you are and for inspiring someone like me. xxx

Wow your hair is getting really long. Don’t leave it too long, though. And I prefer you without bangs ;)

Such a cute look Kristina! You are so elegant and glamorous! This whole look is beautiful! xo

The blazer choice was perfect! I have to admit I am the same with my hair – as soon as it gets long I want a shorter look again but then grow the style out. I’ve seen quite a few ways to fake a bob – why not try some of those out without taking the plunge. Can’t wait for the India photos!

I’ve been checking your new posts everytime for months now yet you always suprise me with your exquisite taste. All of your outfits and combinations are so on point! You are also the reason why I have decided to try to be a blogger myself. I know it’s a rare thing becoming successful but you taught me to never give up and I won’t until I succeed :) The hard work and commitment is worth it :)
Much love,

Stunning! You look incredible, the photos are also amazing! I love that dress paired with white sandals :D

Hayley xx

I fell in love with this dress *_* amazing kay!


absolutely love that look :O heading to guess now

Congratulations on your work. Makes a long time since I read such interesting articles. His writings are very informative, clear and objective. Since I met your blog, I have been in search of news nearly every week that has been key for me. Thanks for sharing and hope to remain so. Wish you have a lot of luck, success and God bless you.

Great photos! You are adorable! I love your hair, but where are your bangs? :)

The red dress is to die for!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

beautiful look! love the dress and shoes both. thanks for inspiring me! xx. gigi.

Cette robe est magnifique ! La couleur est très belle et te va à ravir!
Super classe, comme d’hab’ :)

Wow you look absolutely amazing!! :) I love your dress! :)

I’d like to invite you to join my World Balance giveaway on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG :)

Love your outfit. Can anyone tell me where I can find that bracelet?!

Laura-Ines 2 July 2014 / Reply

Hello Kristina,
Je te suis depuis un moment, j’habite à Paris mais je déménage à lausanne dans 2 semaines et j’aurais adoré avoir qq adresse etc pour des sorties et des restos ! Je connais personne en suisse donc si tu peux me renseigner ce serait adorable !
J’ai laisse mon mail ! Bonne continuation , ton blog est top ;) !

I love your look. Guess makes beautiful dresses and Barcelona is awesome!

Wonderful dress!


Amazing photos! You are such an amazing girl!

Love the dress. Looks lush! And welcome to India. Hope you’re still having a lovely time in our country, the heat notwithstanding! :)

I am absolutely loving the red color on you and it goes so well with that cost and heels! ❤️

Love the lace dress! I also have long hair, I would love to see what it looks like short but I don’t think I’m brave enough! Your hair grows really quickly though so why not? xx

Absolutely brilliant. Very helpful site indeed! When you have a sec, please click-over to peek at my blog and leave a comment or two… many thanks : )

Please leave your hair the way it is. It is beautiful and healthy.

I actually admire the different hair styles you come up with. You won’t achieve this versatility with short hair and you will get tired of it pretty soon. xx

Red is a gorgeous color, and definitely is an expression of the heat! But regardless, this dress gives a great silhouette while being comfortable, since it is only slightly form-fitting. The beige blazer and shoes tone down the red, and adds a bit of class back in! Stunning!
Melody x

Oh my God, that’s fashion at it’s best.
I really love the details and of course the red lace dress that’s just stunning.
I fell in love with every look by you ♥

By the way you are reaaally beautiful and my Blogger – Idol ♥

much love – Violetta (Modern Fairytale)

This outfit is so cute! I actually just featured it in a post I just wrote on some of the best ways to wear red: