Hey there sweet pies! Hope you are doing well and ready to enjoy an absolutely fabulous week-end. I am writing this article today with a great surprise to announce you and some new images to reveal. First things first, let’s start with the main subject of this whole post : we are talking about gold. More precisely about gold jewelry. As you may know, we’ve been working for a long time now with Love Gold. Our partnership with their team is unique and each time fulfilled with so many wonderful discoveries and experiences. The goal is to really appreciate the beauty of gold craftsmanship and discover new treasures and designs.

A few weeks ago, during our stay in L.A (can’t believe it, times flies so quickly) we had the chance to spend a couple of hours during a sunny afternoon in one of the top jewelry places of the city. The designer, a friend of all Hollywood’s celebrities from Jennifer Lawrence to Hilary Swank, has the most exquisite, breathtaking and simply hypnotizing gold  jewelry pieces. Neil Lane is definitely the person to know in order to find a variety of golden necklaces, rings, bracelets, all of them with that incomparable bohemian, californian, bold and luxurious touch.

I’ve discovered so many gems. All of the pieces were actual real work of art, with such fine detailings and embellishments that captivate the light perfectly. I do love how Neil Lane’s brand still manages to stay so niche and targets such a specific demographic of clients. At the same time, you can come to the boutique to find THE piece for a special occasion as much as a timeless golden bangle to wear on a daily basis.

Now with that being said, the big surprise that I couldn’t wait to tell you guys all about is that tomorrow, meaning this sunday, we are leaving for a new adventure with the Love Gold team. Remember as we went last year in India, (Mumbai more precisely) with them? Well this time, we’re coming back for 4 days, 3 cities on the search for the best golden jewelers. Delhi, Jaipur,  Jharkhand here we come! During our stay we are going to attend several absolutely thrilling events and live some crazy stuff along the way. I honestly can’t wait. It’s going to be so, so, so exciting. Make sure to follow the journey with the hashtags #lovegoldlive and #kaytureonthego ;)

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All Jewels by Neil Lane, courtesy of Love Gold

Sweater, Rag & Bone 


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Wow. Wow. Wow. You are giving these pictures life! Love it!

Amazing, you´re so beautiful!

xx Chris

I liked the post. Such delicate and pretty and delicate shades in white is amazing.

These jewelries look so beautiful! Have fun on your new journey with Love Gold!

Great photos, these jewels are beautiful!


Beautiful jewelry, gold and turquoise go together perfectly!

Those earrings and necklaces are lovely!


The craftsmanship of the jewellery is so beautiful.

The Jewlery that you are wearing is gorgeous!

Daniella 28 June 2014 / Reply


KAYTURE, Love your jewels ;)
Discover my new article talking about MUST-HAVEAccessories !
Enjoy your reading guys :

really stunning pieces!

What a fantastic chance to try on you this jewellery models, they look like Mesopotamia inspired, really this gold look more brilliant than any other…..fantastic pieces…

You look incredibly beautiful!! Wonderful jewellery as well!

You look so wonderful! Love the turquoise jewelry!

These pieces are absolutely stunning! I’m in love with the turquoise and gold combination! Looking forward to hearing all about you trip – I’m sure it’ll be faabbb!!

XO, G from grace’d

I love gold jewelery!

And I am so excited for you and your trip! Can’t wait to see the pics!
I hope you have an amazing time


The jewels are absolutely breathtaking ! This is a lot of gold, but you pull it off so well, as you kept your outfit simple !

Beautiful jewelry! Can’t wait for your posts from India again!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

You are so lucky. My first wish on my bucket list is to visit India.
Hope you have a great time and take a lot of photos.

Such a beauty :D – New new post <3

India is an amazing place! Have fun! and I can’t wait for pictures :)

I loooove the bracelet in the second last photo!! <3

GORGEOUS!! I <3 it!

Welcome to

Hi Kristina, you look so beautiful!
I wish you a lovely weekend!

Beautiful jewelry and stunning portraits : )

Liebe Kristina

Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

What gorgeous jewelry, big fan of gold hardware!!

Love from Munich, L


Wow those pieces of jewelry are amazing. Goog luck in your trip!!

That’s a super great news ! I’ll definitely follow this journey ! ♥♥
I love the pictures and the editing :)

This jewelry is so gorgeous and delicate ! Suits you really well

Beautiful jewelry!

Beautiful jewelry! And the knitted sweater goes so well with the elegant gold of the pieces <3 Wonderful!

Nina Sax 28 June 2014 / Reply

Vraiment sympa ta manucure ! Qu’as-tu utilisé comme vernis pour la faire ?
J’aime bien aussi la couleur du rouge à levres, quel est-il ?

wow! so beautiful

So many beautiful pieces! gold with blue spots look so good in summer bronze!

Love the nail polish with the jewelry! Lovely outfit x

L&L from sisterblend

Gorgeous jewellery! The turquoise and gold looks amazing together!

We would love to see what you pack for your adventures- a Kayture packing list! Keep up the good work :)

Rita Freitas 29 June 2014 / Reply

you are really beautiful, omg

So many nice things, I don’t know where to start! Love the big earrings and the rings <3

you look stunning. the jewelry is magical. so pretty
thanks for sharing

Tellement belle, des habits à tomber…

Gorgeous pics!
You’re so lucky Kristina! Have fun on your new journey with Love Gold!

Wow..the jewelries are all stunning! Love them! Enjoy in India!


vittorio 30 June 2014 / Reply

Hi you are so so so beautiful too!!! You are the perfection

The jewelry featured in this post is just heavenly! You look great!


Wooo very beautiful. what a show off with beautiful jewelry.
I like it.

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Amazing pictures. You look stunning. I love turquoise jewellery for summer!

Stunning Kristina as always.. beautiful post

Donna x

The jewelry tho :O

Very interesting site! Many thanks for sharing. Hey, if you have time, then you may want to peek at my site too

So stunningly beautiful! Love bright bright gold like that. Especially with turquoise, it’s so gorgeous.

The lighting in these is lovely too. So warm and happy!

Katie <3

What do you do to have your skin SO perfect ALL the time!??

Muje ek ese patnar ki talash h jisse me har bat sher kar sku use dher sara pyar kru use har khushi du wo muje samjhe or me use samjhu har dukh sukh me uska hmesa sath du

Love yours brows and gold jewerly !

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