So before going on with the rest of the stories we have to share with you from our experience in Cannes (and I still have SO many beautiful images to show you peeps I just can’t wait), I wanted to quickly update you guys and let you know that we’re safely back in Geneva with a LOT of office work to catch up. We are also very happy to welcome a new member in our Kayteam which I’ll be able to introduce you all to very soon. We’re now 6 in the team! Holy Molly, it’s growing so quickly. Kind of scary at some point, but crucial in order to be super active and reactive on all fronts.

On days like these, after a long trip where evening dresses were the moto word everyday, there’s nothing I like more than hanging around in some comfortable clothing picks. But comfy doesn’t mean sweatpants and sweatshirts, no no no. To me it means, a total black look most of the time as my brain is bored of conceptualizing color blocking schemes or figuring our fun shade combinations. Black is easy, black is timeless. The day they invent a darker color than black, I’ll go for it. I’ll throw on top of that a fun blazer to add a little pop of something fresh but most importantly, I’ll wear the comfiest pair of shoes I can find in my closet.

I don’t wear flats that often, but when I do, I like them to be chic and compliment my outfit perfectly. I love a nice nude shade for a flat as it will create an optical illusion and make legs appear longer and slimmer. No joke, try it yourself. I’ve been lately particularly fond of these gorgeous little Tod’s Gommino loafers, which are so comfy and look absolutely adorable on the feet. They’re light as a feather so I was ready to run around the city the whole entire day!

By the way guys, if you have the same love for Tod’s Gommino loafers as me, you can share your images wearing their iconic flats on the new platform they just initiated, just click here to find all about it! Make sure to follow our activity on social media as we’ll be also sharing some messages. We leave today to Paris, and I’m definitely taking a comfy pair of loafers with me!


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SHOES : Tod’s Gommino


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Classy and beautiful look. The blazer is to die for and I love the flats :)

xx Mira

Alors j’adore ce look! je l’avais repéré sur intagram, classique, mais pas fade du tout et cette coiffure j’aime beaucoup, ça rajoute cette petite touche chic, je crois que c’est un des look que je préfère sur ce blog, parce qu’il est beaucoup plus accessible et “portable”, on s’identifie plus à un look comme celui-ci qui peut être porté dans pas mal d’occasions (travail, resto, sorties, etc) Bonne journée !

What a beautiful blazer! Love this classic look!

xx Su

Wow, I’m really in love with your beautiful and chic outfit!

xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

I like it so much! The black outfits look great on you (not only of course!)
The blazer is amazing.

Beauty and fashion blogger

This is pefect! These flats are so classic!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

It’s extremely hard to hunt down those Dior earrings :’( love it!

xo Jenny

You call it comfy, I call it chic :) You turn everything simple into wow!

And lovely to see the Old Town in your pictures. xx

amazing look!!!

xoxo from rome

You’re so beautiful when you smile.

I had to comment, that blazer is wonderful and I cant wait for more of your posts :D

lovely outfit!

The print on your blazer is gorgeous! It’s such a nice detail in an almost monochromatic outfit. I also love the nude loafers as the footwear. It goes really well & doesn’t take from the class in the look.

The Fashann Monster

So beautiful <3 <3 – Come and visit (:

So in love with your gorgeous blazer! Amazing! <3

Gorgeous casual outfit !

Love from Paris

your blazer is definitely something else ! you look great x

Love your outfit, those tods are very nice, love the color and like you said it make your legs looks more longer.


Savannah 4 June 2014 / Reply

Adore this outfit! That jacket is so pretty! x

I absolutely ADORE this gorgeous blazer!! So beautiful as the rest of the look!

Love from Munich, L


Wow, I love that blazer! What an amazing print!

X Sara

Love all the pictures. Especially the last one. Pictures seem to come alive when people are smiling or laughing in them.

48 hours in Jerusalem

You inspire me every single post you make. Please keep on posting lots and lots of fashion blogs. Kayteam! keep up the good work!

I love this outfit – it’s perfect work wardrobe ready – here’s my summer work look

I hope you like it :)

N xxx

This look is killing me! This blazer! I LOVE IT I WANT IT!!! Gorgeous!

6? already?? I always thought that it was just you and James…:p

congrats for the team!!

besitos from Spain

Que dire de la première photo ?! A part que tu es resplendissante dessus ?! Elle est vraiment très très belle. Et j’aime beaucoup celle où tu es de profil aussi.
6 membres wahou ! (besoin d’une septième personne…;) ) Je crois en avoir cinq en tête d’après les infos que tu nous donnes (James, Coralie, Philippe Girard, Fiona et toi ?!) il m’en manque une !
Ce look est sobre je l’aime beaucoup.
J’ai une petite question, vraiment… Jamais ça ne t’arrive de porter un jogging ? Même chez toi pour “traîner” ?

6 people? Wow, can’t wait to see how the rest contribute. I love the outfit, by the way.

Six people?! I didn’t even know there were three more, other than you and James :o

p.s./ <3 the make-up & photography in these photos

Amazing look! Love the Tod’s flats, they look so comfortable!

Beautiful!! Love your earrings.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

Very nice outfit – so simple but still chic! I’m looking forward to hear more about your team, xo

I love this look! The blazer is simply gorgeous!

Liesbeth 4 June 2014 / Reply

Oh I LOVE that blazer! Is it still available somewhere?

You’re such an inspiration Kristina, never stop!

Great casual look, I am obsessed with your shoes. The color is so great. And I always like your makeup, so natural and pretty :)
Have a nice day :)

Cute! Not a big fan of loafers of this kind of style, but it looks comfy and chic! May be I should try!


Love this classic look :)


mohammed 4 June 2014 / Reply

I love you so much kristina ♡♡♡

what a great look! the classics look great on you

The blazer is amazing! I’ve fallen in love with it : )

beautiful blazer


miilcaway 4 June 2014 / Reply

love the look ! you are beutiful as always
new post

Ca fait plaisir de te voir à plat! Je ne sais vraiment pas comment tu arrives à passer des journées entières sur talons hauts, tes pieds ne souffrent pas trop ?
Ces petites chaussures ont l’air confortables et sont adorables, puis cette veste est juste magnifique! C’est exactement le genre de tenue dans laquelle je me verrais.
Déjà 6 dans l’équipe, c’est génial que ça s’agrandisse, tu dois être tellement fière de ce que tu as construit (avec James of course)
Je me disais aussi que ça fait vraiment plaisir de te voir t’engager plus, d’avoir des contrats, etc.. et aussi de te voir aussi souriante, drôle et mignonne sur les photos Instagram de ton copain, car le tien fait beaucoup plus professionnel (mais magnifique)

I love the look, is so comfy and chic! The earrings are lovley

LOVE everything in this post.. the outfit, the makeup (you look fresh and natural.. gorgeous!)

Love love love you!!


this look is awesome! great :)

Xo, Giada

Gorgeous outfit, love the printed jacket and those shoes are just classic. Perfect!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Beautiful jacket, the print is cute and the look is perfect. Love so much these shoes, they are so chic and classic. You look amazing with this hairstyle. The street is so amazing to do the shooting

one of my fav. outfits ever. so cute and nice!

the blazer is so chic!:) lovely combination!♥

Great outfit! I really love the jacket, the print is so beautiful. And you look so classy! Flats really suit you!
Would you like to check out my blog?

I love those simple outfits!

Couture contra Casual

Stunning, pictures, you look more beautiful by the day <3
Love from France <3

Rita Freitas 4 June 2014 / Reply

This look is definitely gorgeous, very elegant! Perfect makeup too! =)

Please, check out my blog!


Great blazer!

Obsessed with this outfit! That blazer is gorgeous and love the simplicity and effortless vibe of the outfit!

So beautiful Kristina! The blazer is so amazing!!!!

Daniella 5 June 2014 / Reply




love it!

NEW OUTFIT IN THE BLOG: READY FOR THE MATCH ( with my new shorts and polo shirt from JVZ )

Love thos Look!
Simple but veeeery chic! :)


I love this outfit and delicate jewelry, it’s so my style!

I’m in love with this blazer! So pretty!

Jamie W

You’re right, black is such an easy color to play with!

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

I love this blazer it’s so chic. Very nice casual look !


Love this outfit and the make up, so natural and chic at the same time.
Love from Italy <3

Love this outfit! Every time I go for a simple and comfy look, I choose black too. It’s really just timeless ans so easy to play with! ;)


Wow, the blazer is amazing. Where is it from? xx