There are certain days when dressing up casually is a real luxury. Throwing on some comfortable flats, a super cozy sweater and just go without having to think of anything else. I’ll of course manage to squeeze in somewhere a nice little bag or pair of shoes but the less is more motto just feels just so good. No second thoughts.

I don’t usually wear many logo prints but I have so say, I completely adored this “Classic” one from ILY Couture as it’s so chic at the same time as well. They have so many cool ones on their website that I had my eyes on. The perfect piece for traveling or simply a day out feeling relaxed.

We shot these images during our stay in Paris, hanging out in it’s charming little streets. The city is a real blogger’s dream as it’s so beautiful and photogenic under any angle. We could have shot our images seriously anywhere and it would have looked fantastic.

Currently, as you might know from Instagram, we are together with James in Detroit “living” in the record studio… So much magic is happening guys, you can’t even imagine. I feel so so so happy and excited. Nothing makes me feel better than being able to be in a studio and do music, and only music for 7 days. I wish it could always be like that. Don’t need much, living on coffee, water and endless, sweet hours of music, creating, learning, writing, improving…

Stay updated guys as we’re having a big surprise planned for you tomorrow!

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SHOES : Mango

BAG : Chanel 




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Beautiful casual look. Love the cute sweater. Glad you’re having fun with your music :)

xx Mira

its amazing your sense of style owman
love you


These shoes are perfect! :)

Gorgeous sweater! Love your outfit! ♥


Le monde des petites

Love your outfit and Paris is, indeed, a magical city.

Love this easy and casual, but totally chic look! Great photos! Can’t wait for the surprise, I hope it’s gonna be a video of you singing! Have a good work and fun in the studio!

You look stunning dressed up or dressed down! Casual days are a must!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Raphakay 21 June 2014 / Reply

Ta tenue est top Kristina ! J’adore le short ! Merci d’avoir un si beau blog :)
Bisous xxx

Lovely photos, this outfit is simple yet cool, love the sweater!


So chic and beautiful :D – New post <3

love the look!
so excited that you’re in the studio

Totally agree with you! Dressing up casually gives you such an amazing feeling of freedom and comfort, exactly what I need in the summer!

The Fashion Cuisine

So cool and at the same time classy with this sweat-shirt
Love the look

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Love this casual style ♥

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Gorgeous outfit, I love the sweater, so chic!

Love, Greta

Oh, yes – sometimes less really is more. Love your casual but super-chic outfit!

Check us out!

Great chose for every day)

J’adoooore ce look ! Très classique, avec juste la touche luxury et casual qu’il faut !


Hi Kristina!

Beautiful as always. Yesterday I listened for the first time to your song “awsome” and I have to say… when I tried to go to sleep my head was unconsciously singing “you’re just so awsome” over and over again! It is so catchy! So congratulations because you followed your dream and it is coming true, I’m really happy for you.

I actually don’t remember the last time I bought a CD because it was a reeeally long time ago and I usually download music on the Internet but if you launch a CD I will the first one to buy it for sure, so keep singing as well as you do and I wish you the best.

Kisses from Spain,

really nice outfit! Love that it’s also affordable ;)

Some of the picture are a little too vibrant/saturated that it’s hard and nauseating to look at. They should be toned down a little.

Sometimes those casual looks are the best (and most comfortable!). Good luck with the music x

You are looking cool and calm in your every pic. Awesome photography!!!!

Those brogues are so perfect…

x Michelle |

Such a comfy yeyt stylish look. I really enjoyed the photos as well!

Inspiration for the weekend? I’m looking back ath the 90s, pointing out the best trends and fashion icons of the decade on my blog:

I would love if you could take some time to give it a look :)

Have a nice weekend!


Nice! I like seeing you wear simple pieces of casual clothing. You make them seem sophisticated.

love this casual outfit !!! perfect sweat :)

Love this!! Simple but so classy at the same time! You look stunning :)

Beautiful casual look!

I can’t wait to hear your new music works! You have a real talent!

Also, I love the outfit! It quite simple but actually looks amazing!


Paris is wonderful. Such magical streets and places. I agree, its a dream for bloggers, every corner seems to be made for a shooting.

I like you in casual style – casual but still stylish

Savannah 21 June 2014 / Reply

These pitctures are so lovely, I really like your outfit as well x

Beautiful pictures! The look’s so casual, comfy and simple but still looks very fashionable – as always :) Enjoy your time in the studios! <3

Daniella 21 June 2014 / Reply


the sweatshirt is so cool!:) beautiful look!

You look amazing with a classic look or with a casual look. This sweater is so cute, love it so much and these leather shorts are very cool. The handbag is just perfect. Love so much these shoes, they are totally my style

I love how you take a “casual” outfit and make it look so glamorous!

Très jolie tenue, j’aime beaucoup !

I like your outfit-it’s simple yet classy. Keep up the good work

OMG so SKINNY!!!!!

Amazing pictures – I also love being comfy some time. And you really did a great job while staying stylish! :)

This bag is just amazing! and I love your casual look :)

Really beautiful photos! :)
Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by twins

I love this style. Comfy and classy.

I love how your make up always looks so flawless!

I love this look, beautiful pictures!

perfect look!

Love your outfit ! You’re so perfect ;)


Absolutely gorgeous! You look stunning!

Kaydicted 23 June 2014 / Reply

So, I discovered Kayture about a month ago (sadly in the middle of my finals), and I gotta say I love everything about it!! I have allways been what you can call a “ghost follower”, never leaving any comments either om IG or on blogs. Kayture is however so genious that I kind of had to give you both a virtual pat on the back.

Kind regards,

Your look is the perfect casual look that doesn’t go “too casual.” I love how you matched the beautiful Chanel purse with it to give it a little nice detail. Good luck on the music!

wow the casual look is so simple and stylish! love the hair and the sweater

You could wear anything and still look amazing. x

Life of Niss

this is so gorgeous! love the casual sweatshirt
Ladies in Navy

wow love the sweater

You are really classy kristina <3
xx soraya

Not my favourite outfit, but I like the photos!

Hey K, please let me be honest. Yes, you lost weight and I don’t know for what, because your body was perfect before. Not only you lost weight, you also lost curves and that ia really pity. Your outfits don’t look feminine anymore, rather kind of androgyn :-(. I was such a big fan of your earlier looks. But people change and that is ok. Wish u a great day!

Albertine 23 June 2014 / Reply

Your look is fabulous! Love the sweater!

Love your bagn and shirt!!! You look amazing!!!

Wow this is sooo gorgeous! Casual yet sooo chic! :)


I LOVE casual and effortless looks, Kristina! So you know I’m definitely behind this outfit of yours! I’m so glad to hear that you’re having fun with your music! I can’t wait to hear what the surprise is all about!

Love this outfit perfect for sightseeing looking classic and chic.

Hi Kristina,
I just wanted to tell you, that you are my ultimate fashion guru, and I just love watching all your posts from all around the world! I’ve been reading lots of fashion blogs, but yours is by far the best of them.
I wish you good luck with what you are doing and what fulfills you :)


This look is great for the weather here! Love the bag! =)
Please, check out my blog!


Simple, chic, efficace, parfait :)


Easy, effortless and chic – We absolutely adore your style!

I am all up for a casual laid back look and this is just perfect…love that sweater, and those bracelets are so chic.

Have a good time in Paris.


Love the look! it is such a classy casual look. That bag is stunning<3

I’m in love with this look, its so simple yet stylish. Please checkout my blog for beauty, style, and health. tips. My visual diary of my 101 style tips and looks! Link : or

I like this look because its so effortless and causal but stylish at the same time. Checkout my blog for beauty, style and health tips. My visual diary of my daily styled outfits and inspiration! Link:

The sweater is indeed so so gorgeous!!

Love from Munich, L


That outfit is pretty amazing and the sweater definitely perfect for you. I also love your chanel bag so much.
wish you a great day Kristina.
xo, Petra

In love with this complete outfit, and how not to fall in love with Paris anyway ?!! City of my heart… <3 :) x

Cool outfit!!


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