Happy monday people! First things first : I have to say, both James and I are SO happy about the feedback in regards to the previous photography article. We were thrilled to read all your comments, it was indeed so natural that he’d be the very first Kaytributor since you guys all know him already. Not to mention that he’s such an incredible talent and has so much to share. I can’t wait for you to read all that’s to come, but our Kayture going global will definitely be something… I have a deep excitement for it, so stay updated!

The day after Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in Monaco, their out of this world adorable team organized the cutest little brunch for their guests at the Monte Carlo beach club where we had the chance to enjoy delicious fresh market food and the most astonishing view… These kind of moments when you seriously just want to dive into the deep, shiny turquoise water, fully glammed up in my pastel pink ensemble but whatever. I would have jumped right it, but I didn’t want to look completely insane in front of all the crew so I just kept imagining myself doing it and felt very happy with the idea.

Even though that moment was so relaxing and we could have stayed there for hours, sipping iced lattes, munching on some fresh berries and re-inventing the world with our friends, a new adventure was calling us. If we flew in Monte Carlo straight form Shanghai, we were ready to leave just as quickly to Cannes for our next project at the film festival. After finishing our meal, we jumped in the car and drove to Cannes with big stars in the eyes, kind of pinching ourselves that everything is going so quickly, yet that we have the chance to live all these precious experiences. What a road we had so far! Pretty crazy.

Once we arrived in Cannes, all the memories from last year came back to us and I got so pumped up, I can’t even describe it. My energy levels got crazy and such an overwhelming feeling of happiness filled me. Perhaps was it because of the sun, the fact that so many great things were awaiting us there, or hum… the shanghai jet lag? but I just couldn’t contain the joy and started jumping around and singing silly songs like a 5 years old. So classy of me BUT why wouldn’t I? James and I couldn’t keep smiling while doing the check in. We soon ran to our next meetings, fittings and so on : totally overwhelmed by the magic of the Cannes ambiance.













TOP & SHORTS : Chloé (Similar Here or Here)

SHOES : Zara (Similar Here or Here)

NECKLACE : Shourouk 

BAG : Louis Vuitton  (or Similar Here)



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Adorable look. Esp. love the heels. Glad you guys enjoy your stay :)

xx Mira

amazing look, love your bag!
new look on my blog!

What a fantastic place…is a dream to be there in this time…love your set of clean lines…and your heels too. Fantastic pics.kiss

Beatiful view and amazing dress (fitting ones)! Your lifestyle is so interesting!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Wow the sea looks so inviting, I can imagine it must have been hard to hold yourself back from jumping in.
Always love reading about your many adventures… can’t believe you flew from Shanghai straight to Monaco and then to Cannes… this sounds like such a crazy yet truly amazing time.
You look gorgeous as always Kristina.

looking gorgeous as always. i love pastel colors and they suit you so much!!
beauty and fashion blogger

such a lovely outfit! And the gowns too are amazing!

What amazingly graceful and elegant outfit, you should definitely consider living in Monaco, you fit in that gorgeous place to perfection <3 ;)
Love from France <3

Gorgeous dresses and dreamy surroundings! <3

Beautiful! The pastel pink harmonizes so well with the turquoise of the sea <3 So glad that you could finish your dinner this time and hadn't to leave in between ;)

Everything looks so magical there. Love your heels, too.

Love your outfit! And this place is so beautiful!

Those pictures are breathtaking! The sea, the sky, such bright blue colors! I love it! Your soft pink outfit is the perfect combo with this beautiful landscape!

X Sara

Breanna D 2 June 2014 / Reply

So so beautiful!! The water looks magical and oh my god, the dresses. I love Elie Saab, if I ever get married I would choose a dress from her. So stunning!

Gorgeous outfit. I love the yellow nails as well! xx

Katy |

Beautiful shots :D – New post <3

You look stunning, love your shoes !

Love from Paris

Love this outfit, the color looks good on you !


Good morning!
Everyday I start with my day by reading your blog and am inspired more and more! Your work ethic and your amazing life made me do my blog :) thank you!!

Today’s entry:

That necklace is stunning!

I remember seeing this outfit on Instagram and loving it. I love it now even more! ^^

Even in the simplest outfits like this one, you look stunning and so stylish!

Amazing photos, as usual. Gorgeous colours and beautiful dresses!


This rose ensemble is simply perfect!!! And what an amazing opportunity to enjoy all this!!

Love from Munich, L


I love your one tone outfits! They are so pretty! And I really want to dive into that water at the moment! Looks beautiful.

You look stunning as always, beautiful photos!
- Grace

pretty! love the set! xx

Totally gorgeous! And what beautiful scenery, the blue sea looks unbelievable!

Falling in love with all those Ellie Saab dresses, can’t wait to see the close ups of the one you selected!

Sarah x

Beautiful photos and outfit! xx

this might be my favourite outfit of yours, you look great in pinks !

Ces photos sont toutes plus magnifiques les unes que les autres <3

Love the suit in pastel pink! And sandals are really nice! :)


I love your pink ensebmle, , and this place looks gorgeous!!


Gorgeous outfit and amazing photos ! In love with all of them


love the shoes!
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Simply amazing. The location is stunning and the outfit is so chic and elegant. I love it!


Beautiful photos, how beautiful your life is! And all those sequined gowns… what a dream.

Those dresses look beautiful!

Les photos sont magiques encore une fois. Et wahou ce bleu de la mer, on dirait vraiment un rêve, je peux comprendre que tu puisses avoir eu envie de plonger dedans. Bon, pour te rassurer il faut se dire que l’eau n’était peut être pas très chaude à cette période !
Merci pour les lien pour le “outfit”. Les chaussures de chez Asos sont top, bien que je sois fan des talons épais de celles que tu portes.

I love it all, colors are stunning :))

Wow, these pics are AMAZING!!!! The colors…incredible….how lucky the people who live there must be!!!
xoxo Kirsten

Those dresses are stunning!!! I’m speechless! You look lovely as always!

Paula Aquino 2 June 2014 / Reply

Kristina! I always loved your “default” flawless make up especially your eyes. Could you do an updated tutorial on how can we recreate your super chic look? I know you already have a tutorial on youtube years ago. But I think, a lot has changed now right?

Gorgeous! Love your top and shorts! :)


I love this outfit! Your adventures are always inspiring to me! Keep going!!!


Derek F. 2 June 2014 / Reply

Hire a copy writer…this is so poorly written, really.

Nuria Espasandín 2 June 2014 / Reply



Beautiful look, it’s so chic and the color is so cool. You look amazing, these sandals are really fancy. Love so much all the Louis Vuitton handbags, they are perfect. All these dresses are absolutely fabulous

The photos are spectacular as usual! I love your outfit, pastel pink is one of my favorite colors.

Such a lovely outfit and gorgeous pictures!:) after your last article I, from now on, look at your pictures and think it’s art. Such pretty creatures and when you think of you hard it is to actually make beautiful pictures you can really call it something artisic❤️❤️

beautiful everything!
ladies in navy

You look absolutely perfect, Kristina!

Savannah 2 June 2014 / Reply

Love this! The colours are so vibrant, you look gorgeous and those dresses are to die for! Monaco is truly like fairytale x

Beautiful pastel pink:)

I feel like your style is getting more and more (too much) grown-up..

Your photos are absolutely stunning, all of them are like art pieces!


Amazing photo, amazing dress, Elie Saab is the best!!!

wow , gorgeous outfit!

Jeanelly 2 June 2014 / Reply

Absolutely gorgeous! That view is amazing! I love the outfit, it looks fresh and young, but still very classic.


One word, BEAUTIFUL :) You are a big inspiration for me! I am comming to South France for our holidays on August and I am so looking forward!

Wow! The colour of the sea and sky is just unreal, beautiful photos and your outfit is amaaaazing!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

The photos are amazing!! What a great work, congratulations to the photographer! Kistina, you’re always beautiful :-)

One of my dreams is that one day I could wear a dress like the ones in your photos *o*
The photos are wooow, that deep ocean blue color is stunning and magical n.n


Perfect outfit!! You looks amazing.


Beautiful!! Love the handbag.


Yo, yo misma y mi armario

lovely view over there and the outfit!!!

i like it

Such a refreshing outfit, perfect for this time of year. You never disappoint Kristina! xx


Beautiful photos!! Love the images at the rope fence with the water behind. Stunning!

You said you were crazy and happy for being in Cannes again, but it doesn’t look like that in the pictures. Your face is so serious that anyone would think that you’re just taking pictures profesionally for a magazine or whatever and not that you’re on a paradise place and “jumping around and singing silly songs like a 5 years old”

Daniella 2 June 2014 / Reply

great post!



Wow, I am absolutely IN LOVE with that necklace!


I have those shoes!!!!

wonderful colours! your life is amazing <3

Gorgeous photos! You’re so lucky to be able to experience all these little adventures. And we’re lucky that you’re sharing your adventures with us. Would love to meet you in person one day. You’re such an inspiration! :)

I can only imagine being so intoxicated by life! Perhaps one day…

This is a gorgeous outfit and I love how these photos came out. It’s so lovely to see beautiful, successful people that are still so humble. Please stay that way! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your adventures!

Katie <3

Hii Kay,

hihi i can see all the photoshop ;) in your face ( ja ja your good nutrition made your skin perfect haha) and why do you have to photoshop your legs? embarrassed to show women the truth?

p.s. : in your last photo you have no knee :P

Love your pastel look ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Awsome article, sometimes it felt like I was reading a story, you write soo well. And as always you look really pretty.

I was in Cannes two years ago and I have to say… I know that feeling when you look at the amazing turquoise water.

PS: I also have a pic on the red carpet but… it was not the Cannes festival by then hahaha

You look so incredibly gorgeous! Love the outfit!


in love with that bag! <3