If I had to make a list of the most luxurious places I’ve ever been too, Monaco would definitely be in it. Between the high quality shopping options and the five stars hotels, it is the place where the jet set crowd from all around the world reunites during summer time to party and enjoy fancy cocktails at the Jimmy’z. Get your party dresses out and put some lipstick on it, the game is on.

I’m not the kind of person who tries to fit in a mold wherever I go, I usually like to play on my rules and kind of follow the other path. It’s kind of psychological, I think I have a trauma… because I always tend to feel pressured to actually do things differently. The more casual people dress, the fancier I want to look. The more extravagant, the more I try to under dress. I’m just that kind of freak… BUT, Monaco did make me want to put my game on and just enjoy this incredibly posh lifestyle, if even only for 48 hours. My inner Grace De Monaco kind of resurrected in me.

Staying at the hotel Hermitage, lunching at the hotel de Paris and then enjoying the view of the Monte Carlo beach club, Louis Vuitton heavily spoiled us. We were giggling of happiness like rosy little piglets. Not to mention that Monaco is the place for instagramming. It just seems like everything, at every angle, is photogenic. From the rooftops, to the actually ground, to the food : everything was so meticulously prepared, with so much care and attention.

I highly suggest you guys to discover Monaco if you ever have the opportunity.  Don’t stay there for too long though as it’s a very small city with not that much to do, but it’s so cute and fancy, perfect for a short week-end to enjoy the beach, the clubs, the restaurants and the spa treatments with your friends or just as a romantic date! As always, enjoy this Instagram Diary, you can follow me on Instagram (@kristina_bazan) or my partner in crime James (@jameschardon) for our live updates!



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Lovely photos!!! I love your looks and comments to your photos on instagram.


I have followed your journey daily by instagram, it seems as if you had loads of fun! You’re the luckiest but you really deserve all those experiences :) xx

Why do you post “The instagram diary” if you already have an Instagram widget on the right side of your blog? I really don’t understand. Do you want us to see the pictures twice?

Looove the shots Kristina! I agree, Monaco is nice but I wouldn’t want to stay there for a whole week (except when I had zillions on my bank account haha). Could you pleaaaase do an article with how you edit your instagram photos? I never get mine to look like this! I’m sure you have many followers who would love to see that article :) Thanks! xx

Daniella 2 June 2014 / Reply

great post!



Such a fantastic photo diary! You’re so lucky to visit all of these beautiful places in the world. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us :)

It looks like you had a blast in this trip! I loved the pictures. :)

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

FANTASTIC PLACE!!!!! Wish I could go there ;)

xoxo Iren

Kristina these pics are just beautiful – make me dream of some holidays I should do soon!
I invite you to have a look on my blog –

Wonderful photos! Monaco is so beautiful and love all of your outfits!

So many beautiful and gorgeous shots!!

Love from Munich, L


I hope I can go there one day. looks like ypu had a great time.

Beautiful diary full on life, luxury and beautiful things! Best, St.

Love all your instagram shots!!


These are seriously gorgeous pictures!! I would love to visit there!


All these pictures are just gorgeos!
Seems as if Monaco would really be a wonderful place to stay for a short trip.
Your hair draws off the attention of all the other beautiful ladies on the picture taken at the Louis Vuitton Cruise Show. :D It was the first thing I had to look at and I’m still jealous.

Best wishes from Germany

Will you stop bragging you stupid little piglet!

Such beautiful pictures! I was in Monaco one too and it’s just an amazing little spot on this planet. Luxury everywhere you look and such clean streets!

Really beautiful pics Kristina, I like the one with your windswept hair :) x

Wow these photos are amazing!! :) soo jealous!


WOW! Beautiful!! SO awesome. Looks amazing, wish I could go there! Hope you’re having fun :) xo

So many cute pics!!! The colors in Monaco are incredible!!
Xoxo Kirsten

always love your Instagram photos and these one are pretty amazing. Monaco is really a beautiful and chic city. I was there last winter when we was in nice for the carnival season and we made a one day trip to monaco. I really enjoy it and definitely wanna come back some day.
Thank you for sharing your jorney. I look on your Instagram everyday many times if something new :-)
xo, Petra

Amazing pictures! Monaco really looks like THE place to be for a perfect weekend trip in summer <3

seems like you’ve had a great time there! nice pictures!

Loved the article! Was wondering what app you use on your iphone to edit your IG pictures..? :)

You’re so right, every angle is perfect for a picture!
Enjoy the world Kayture.


Insanely jealous but so happy for all of your success — you deserve it!
Thanks for sharing :-)

Perfect photos!

Amazing photos! I absolutely love reading this blog; it’s always so bright, colourful & your words are inspiring!

Although I had seen these photos already it was nice to go through them again. You certainly have an eye for beauty. And loved the text too. You are great!

Wow, all of those photos look incredible! Seems like you had an extremely glamorous time!

María Paula 4 June 2014 / Reply

KAYTURE it’s just the perfect relief when i feel down it makes me so happy to read every post. Just when I feel nothing is worth it…Voila! KAYTURE IS THERE!! My Heart is happy again!!You guys just made my day :)

Les deux paires de chaussures que tu portes sur les photos de cet article sont vraiment très belles. Totalement différentes mais chacune à son style. Et il faut vraiment que j’apprenne à manger comme toi ! Tes assiettes font beaucoup plus saines et jolies qu’un assiette avec un gros hamburger !!

Beautiful photos. You look gorgeous in all of these and I just adore your pictures. You see an incredible beauty in everything!

Katie <3

Everything looks so good! I love the pictures with the other bloggers!! :)

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Jamie W

I followed your updates from the french riviera constantly :) Such a magical place!! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING