Here we go with the rest of the images from our coverage of the Cannes film festival! Being Chopard’s special guest was a real honor and allowed us to have a 360° view over all the season’s best activities. Not only are they the official sponsors of the event, they also represent perfectly the Cannes atmosphere being the symbol celebrating this glamorous, luxurious ambiance in the air.

Our schedule during the whole week was simply crazy. It is quite impressive to see the enormous amount of preparations that go into one montée des marches, from a brand’s perspective to a personality’s perspective of course. Organizing the dress, the fittings, make sure no body else wears it (because that would be very awkward…), plan the right jewels and have all the insurances filled out, have a body guard for the jewelry’s security, organize a driver,hair, make-up! That makes it a lot of details to coordinate for only a few minutes of red carpet. But I swear, these few minutes are hard to forget…

That day, for my second Montée Des Marches, I wanted to pull out a timeless, modern mermaid kind of look. Very romantic yet quite bohemian as well with the loose, kind of messy but not messy hair. This dress though. This dress. It’s from my dear Roberto Cavalli and I love it.The first time I saw it, I was ready to fall on the floor. The fit of the gown is simply mind blowing, flattering the curves like nothing else and creating this sexy, iconic silhouette. I was in awe. However, because of the corset, it was quite difficult to sit straight as it was smashing my belly. So during the whole movie projection you could hear me breath very, very deeply like an old little woman.

To match this outfit, we picked some romantic, very feminine jewels by Chopard of course. A heart shaped diamond bracelet and some emerald earrings as the cherry on the top. As for the make-up, I wanted a natural lip, glowy skin and a shiny smokey eye! What do you guys think about this look? Can’t wait to read your thoughts.


webb_KTR_0216b_KTR_0214 webb_KTR_0207webb_KTR_0217webb_KTR_0212webb_KTR_0218 webb_KTR_0224

 DRESS / ACCESSORIES : Roberto Cavalli

JEWELS : Chopard


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Everything look so surreal, amazing dress and you look beyond gorgeous. In my opinion, you were one of the best dresses at the Cannes Festival.

Everything looks so surreal, amazing dress and you look beyond gorgeous.

Sounds like you were really busy but there is nothing to see as you are looking absolutely beautiful and like a princess <3

I like this jewels , this is a wonderfully romantic .

Oh faboulus jewellery and dress! Very chic !

You look absolutely stunning! That dress is out of this world.

This dress looks so stunning! It’s a dream!

PERFECT! I actually don’t know what to say else, you simply look stunning. I love the dress, yout hair, the jewelery. I can imagine how much work it is but I think for these few minutes it’s absolutely worth it <3

You look fantastic!

Wow this tiny clutch box is so pretty and elegant, such a gorgeous look! you were made to be part of this amazing world ;)
Love from France <3

this is spectacular. you’re an idol!


Beautiful photos and place, gorgeous like everytime!


You look stunning…and have reach the perfect harmony with the dress and jewels, the set is awesome

Wow!!! You look literary a realistic mermaid to me! <3 I wish I could pull of this look as beautiful as you! I believe I am too petite to do that </3 Thank you for the great photos as always! :)


I don’t have words to describe how amazing is this dress, it’s so beautiful and you look like a princess. It’s delicate and female. The jewels are so wonderful and chic

You’re like a princess, so gorgeus! :) – Come and visit <3

So, so, so gorgeous! Such a perfect look – I think my favourite of yours from Cannes! And those jewels… Wow!

Sarah x

The only word to describe the dress is just “gorgeous” and of course, the jewelry is uniquely gorgeous too ;)

xo Jenny

My favorite red carpet outfit! I’m so in love with this Roberto Cavalli dress, it’s so beautiful! <3

You look stunning Kristina, I am the one in awe! haha The dress is SO beautiful, I think you matched it perfectly with your make up and jewelry. Because the dress is so stunning it’s clear that you don’t have to wear heavy make up or outrageous jewely and you did the right choice. The fine ring and bracelets are perfect and the earrings adds a touch of colour that looks lovely. Your light make up ends the look perfectly, first because your face is flawless and perfect and second because it matches the fine, elegant look of the dress and the jewelry.

Have a perfect day

you look so cute!!!

xoxo from rome

You’re absolutely living a dream!! You look breathtaking on these photos!

Gorgeous dress! I love the jewelry exept maybe the earrings. You look stunning! Like a princess :)

I especially adore the way your hair makeup and the beautiful earrings work together! xx

Its stunning! With the silhouette you really look like a mermaid, haha :)

You look amazing!!!

you really make my days at work, i have recently discovered you and can’t stop reading all your posts.

Love your style!

XOXO from Spain

Incredible shooting ! Just like an angel my dear with this dress !


Ok, the dress is really amazing, but the earring are pure magic!
I think it’s really stressing to organize all for the Monté des Marches, but I think also that’s is something unbelievable when you are there! I hope to could be on the red carpet once!




Celle ci est la tenue que je préfère entre les deux. La robe fait plus “princesse” que l’autre à mon goût et pareil en ce qui concerne le maquillage. Le “nude” te va à ravir

Tu est vraiment magnifique, splendide dans cette robe à couper le souffle !
xoxo, Marjorie.

You look really amazing in this gorgeous dress – the makeup is perfect – as well as the details! <3 All the best from Munich,


OMG, the structure of the dress is amazing and it looks so beautiful. I am in love with this look. And the jewelry is so lovely!!!

This dress is simply pure perfection. The pictures are mindblowing and could be ad shots!

Love from Munich, L


This dress is beyond stunning

You are absolutely stunning, this dress is beyond everything ! Love the color of it so much and your makeup can’t be more perfect …and the jewels …TOP !


Daniella 12 June 2014 / Reply

insanely beautiful!

Wow! This look is absolutely wonderful! The dress looks incredible and the earrings are stunning!

Une vraie sirène , tu es fabuleuse !


You look absolutely stunning Kristina! Have to say your articles inspire me a lot and I just love you huge optimism about life! You deserve to succeed in all your avtivities!
Lots of love sent from Moldova :)

xoxo, Felicia

This dress was my favorite. You did look like a Mermaid. Did you do your make up by yourself? You looked so pretty that day! :)

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

Oh wow, is this for real? Amazing jewelry and dress! You look utterly beautiful! x

oh the earrings are gorgeous!♥ you look amazing!:)

That dress is stunning! I love how delicate and classic the design is and you look gorgeous!


It is really a timeless look. The dress looks and fits amazingly. I especially love the small clutch.

Incredible dress on you, Kristina! You look like a beautiful “land” mermaid! ;) XO

just awesome!!!! nothing more to say :)

Really beautiful!! The jewels are perfect for this dress!! You look really beautiful:-)
Xoxo Kirsten

Dress like a dream! I love this style of ring and bracelet. Actually… Love everything in this pic!

I guess it’s that type of dress that you wear to have your fiancee rip it off you cause you can’t breathe. Or you just faint in it. Like in a classic love story happening in Paris when you realise you’re courted by somebody you always loved. Yeah, I read weird books as a kid. I try to steer clear from it now.
Gorgeous dress, you look stunning. Was it made to fit especially for you?

what a dress! *.*


Wow! This dress is just amazing! You look stunning!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

You’re looking fabulous! Perfect dress, I want it! =)
Please, check out my blog!


You are beyond beautiful!

You look so pretty, like a fairy! Amazingly beautiful women!

you cannot be more beautiful than in that dress, it´s like a dream, a trully princess

You should say: “SeconDE montée des marches” because “montée” is a feminine noum.

Gorgeous! That dress is amazing!

Tu es sublime, une vraie princesse ! ♥

Bises !

These photos are all so gorgeous! You’re like a princess!


Sublime! Une vraie star de cinéma!
Je comprends que tu sois tombée amoureuse de cette robe au premier regard!

Aww you look like a princess! Love the jewelry, those earrings are absolutely stunning! Love the make-up too, goes with the look perfectly x

This look is my favourite one of all that you wore in Cannes: the dress suits you perfectly and the make up is beautiful. And the earrings are my favourite pice of the treasure!! ♥

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Like you said : this dress though ! Omg it’s just perfection, so beautiful. And I’m definitely in love with this bracelet !


The dress is stunning! You looked beautiful :)


Smart Dresser

Wonderful makeup, very classy and elegant, and i love this adorable dress !

Thanks ! It’s a good way to take an Up-Close Look at Chopard’s Treasures from the Cannes Red Carpet…