I am currently writing this article from Geneva’s airport as I am about to board my flight for Delhi, India! Looking forward to be back in this absolutely fascinating country and discover it’s treasures more in depth. Of course, you guys will be able to follow our adventures on social media. We expect some really fun shots and well have already few surprises planned, make sure to stay updated!

News is, it’s my very first time travelling that far away without James for a Kayture related project. He’s currently in Sardinia enjoying some relaxing holidays with his friends on an exciting boat trip (his images make me so envious already!). We travel so much that it’s always quite hard to spend quality time with your beloved friends and family. When the occasion for him showed up to be able to do this experience with his folks, he had to take it.

So this time, I am travelling with a dear friend of mine, Philippe, that you might have seen already appear in my social media feed (he actually also shot an article for the blog a couple of months ago!). It’s going to be so much fun to experience travelling with somebody else, I am sure it’s going to be so much fun. I mean just the idea of being India, and well, doing three cities in only four days (yup, you’ve read correctly) sounds already thrilling to me.

Before taking off, I’m excited to share with you a look I wore during our stay in Paris. It was a busy meetings trip as we are already starting the planification of the fashion week and needed to coordinate all the potential projects and collaborations with our partners! There’s nothing I love more than dressing up casually chic on these kind of days. A black and white look, some elegant yet edgy Alexander Wang heels, a Helmut Lang blazer and my new favorite piece of the season : this stunning Stella McCartney backpack I just got from Monnier Frères. I am officially in love.

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TOP : H&M 

BLAZER : Helmut Lang

LEATHER TROUSERS : Anine Bing (or Similar)

SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Stella McCartney via Monnifer Frères

BRACELET : Vita Fede


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Tres chic! This look is amazing, the jacket is so beautiful and these jeans are so rock. The hag is the different touch and it’s so cool. Love so much these sandals, they are so fancy. Your make up is fabulous

Backpacks are so cool! and yours make the whole look so much more intresting! I can’t wait for India posts ;)

such a lovely outfit!! i love the jacket and the shoes :)

kisses from amsterdam,

This Look is so adoreable !

The Blazer is so pretty :)

I like your hair style for this outfit!

Love that blazer, love.

xo Jenny

Kristina, I am so excited to be able to see how this new adventure unfolds for you! Three cities in four days sounds exhausting and exciting all at once! And to be able to see all the amazing gold jewelers and designers is awesome. So excited to see the updates..and surprises!

Look so great with this white combination , jacket is fantastic and have a fancy but also delicate ornament…Heels are an original touch too…Hope you enjoy India with your friend, it must be a paradise of people and vews…..

Wow, this is such a cool combo! Love it!

xx Su

Gorgeous look, love the ripped leather pants

Sooo gorgeous!!! Love your blazer!!! :)


I love the blazer and those shoes. Very nice shots.


Amazing blazer, indeed. Have a nice trip!

I love that Helmut Lang blazer! Will you be in Paris for any of the Haute Couture shows Kristina? x

Nice outfit, I really like the backpack, the details looks awesome!


Such an elegant ans simple look!! x

Amazing outfit! I had a dream I bought those shoes a few nights ago, maybe I should make it a reality! Hope you had a safe flight!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

What a beautiful black and white look!!

Love from Munich, L


This bag is super cute! I love your blazer as well
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

I love your jacket and bag/backpack!

Rita Freitas 29 June 2014 / Reply

beautiful outfit, you’re perfect!

That jacket is awesome :) – New post <3

i’m obsessed with your jacket! it’s very chic and easy to wear! I also recently wore a backpack on my blog, they’re so practical and cute, I’m happy they got back in trend in these lovely versions! <3
Love from France <3

absolutely love your heels and the backpack ! been looking for a similar one for ages :) really nice look girl! xx

Love this casual chic black and white look! The blazer is so beautiful! Have fun in India! Can’t wait to see all the pretty photos!

Such a beautiful outfit, I’m a big fan of this black and white combo! And wish you a lot of fun in India! <3

I love the simplicity of this look and the bag is a beauty!
Have fun in India!

Very nice blazer!

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Love the jacket! It has such amazing details!

You are wearing gorgeous blazers lately, I love them all : )

This look is stunning !! Enjoy your trip in India, it´s an amazing experience !

You coming to Delhi! !!! Wow. …I am a big fan of you . Where in Delhi is your project? I would love love to meet

Jeannette 29 June 2014 / Reply

Very cool Style!!! Love it so much

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You look outstanding!!! This jacket is a real piece of art!

Shivani Berry 29 June 2014 / Reply

Wow, you are coming to Delhi. I’m from Delhi only. I follow you. You look amazing. Would love to see your post about delhi.

You look wonderful! Love everything about this look but especially the shoes!

Sooo pretty!!! Love your blazer! :)


Totally love that look! so elegant!

You look amazing, and your backpack is so cool :)

Wishing you a safe trip to India! Besides the rich culture, India has special place in my heart. It’s the original of our religion, Buddhism. You look lovely. The jacket looks better on you then on the model.


I love this look! Pairing a casual outfit with a nice blazer can really dress it up (talked about it just in my last post^^) Have a good time in India <3

Have fun in India !

So pretty !

This blazer is cute
Adore it

Kiss kiss.*Jo

I really like the detailing on your jacket! These heels are unique too (:


Loving all your shots as usual.


love the jacket!


You look great and I love your bag.

Such a gorgeous outfit once again! My favorite things about it are definitely that gorgeous jacket AND those amazing heels. They’re simple yet so unique<3 Love your style! xx

Love your blazer! What a cool outfit!
And I really adore the pictures you present on your blog! The atmosphere of the surroundings together with your beauty – just perfect!


you are amazing the best


That black and white jacket is absolutely stunning. Those shoes are amazing as well! Love the whole look. The photos look amazing.

You look perfect!!! I love the backpack


Great look!! and the bag is so beautiful I loved it

Great mix of black and white. And your blazer is absolutely fabulous!

Love the way of decorations on blazer. Great mix of black and white)

so gorgeous!
love your blazer

Cool outfit for walking in a sunny day. and that heel you wearing are looking amazing with this dress.
I love to wear it.

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Love the outfit! Super Jacket and bag!!

Daniella 30 June 2014 / Reply


This look is to die for and your simple hair just really adds something extra… I would never normally go for a simple slicked back bun but you are giving me great inspiration here <3

You are truly pretty ! :)

How exciting, Kristina! They do say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I can’t wait to see all of your adventurous moments on instagram! You look amazing as usual. ;)

C’est un look très cool, un peu classique, un peu edgy !
J’adore les photos avec Paris en background, la lumière y est sublime !

Have fun in India !

Amazing photos. I love your blog! <3

This look is trés fierce! I love everything about it. The leather trousers, the white tee, the amazing amazing amazing blazer, those shoes, everything! I especially love that you paired it all with a tough backpack instead of a normal purse. Always amazing, K!


So beautiful, I really like that blazer! =D
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Absotulety amazing shoes!!!!!!!!

Love the pattern on that blazer, also really liking the design of those sandals :)

Hayley xx

Great look, but, unfortunately, the shoes don’t fit…sorry

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The title of this post completely captures the ambience of the look. The monochromatic touch, the subtle trends, the elegant detailings… these are all very Parisian and sophisticated. But this gorgeous backpack adds an element of adventure and fun, two defining features of a kid! Stunning!
Melody x

So amazing shoes! Alexander is gorgeous designer <3

So chic ! Beautiful Girl <3


Beautiful outfits and awesome combination. Realyl like this blog..