Little swiss update! We’re back in Switzerland after a crazy month of travelling, aaah how I love those crazy busy hectic times! Coming home though is pretty harsh. I’m getting very envious of my Instagram feed looking back at all the incredible travel images… Please somebody take me back to the sun! I don’t ever want to leave the beach!!! Reality is calling however and my mail box shows hundreds of post holiday urgent messages. Time to get serious.

Before leaving to the sun, I enjoyed a little detox process to get that body ready for the exposure it would get. Get ready people, body rocking coming (that mind set you’re in when you first decide to start a juice cleanse, oh yeah positivity). As I honestly didn’t want to spend my days at the beach thinking about squeezing my belly in and that I needed to get rid of some dark circles under my eyes, I needed a serious health kick. I am sure you guys have already heard about juice cures. I’ve actually done one in the past and really loved the process. It’s like cleaning your body from all the toxines and letting some fresh air get in.

Ever since I’ve been eating clean, juices have been one of my favorite things. I’m used to order green juices wherever I go (kale, celery, cucumber, more greens please). So often that a few restaurants already know my favorites while some places (in Switzerland especially) look at me like I’m some kind freak ordering a juice made out of spinach. Sorry we only have orange.

So during a couple of days before leaving to the sun, I sipped on juices from this brand I enjoy called Dietox. I really love their summer formula as the drinks are so tasty and flavorful. You get six juices to go throughout the day, they are super nice and easy to take with you on a busy day in the city. I tried out Dietox‘s Fresh Cleansing Therapy which is made out of more than 15 types of veggies, fruits and eco superfoods. It’s super delicious, healthy and above all very convenient while on the go. A great way to reset the body and nourish the organism. After just two days of cleanse, I felt like my whole system was feeling so much better.

So here I was in Geneva in between two meetings sipping at my n°4 juice (that’s the one you’re supposed to have between 4 and 6pm) dressed up in this awesome Three Floor dress that I absolutely love at the moment. I matched it to some laid back chic details such as the Tara Jarmon heels and my new colorful Gucci bag that I really enjoy for summer. I completely recommend a juice cleanse if you guys plan a bikini ready summer trip, or if you just want to do some good to your body, skin and state of mind! Bisous

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DRESS : Three Floor

SHOES : Tara Jarmon (Similar Here & Here)

BAG : Gucci

SUNNIES : Sonya Rikiel (Similar Here & Here)


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I can imagine it is a challenge beeing back home after your dream times! But you look wonderful as usual <3

Wow! I love your dress and mules and combination of almost all black outfit with bright color on bag!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Wow that dress looks stunning and you fabulous. The Dietox works great!

xx Mira

This dietox looks interesting. I want to try!!

You’re always on top of your game and look breathtaking!! Love your sunnies and bag!

amazing outfit, love the black look with the red eye-catcher bag! <3

I love the dress! The top half is just beautiful! That red drawstring bag is perfection!


Albertine 22 July 2014 / Reply

Your outfit is really chic, love the bag!

You back with this incredible outfit, the dress is so different, original and chic. love everything of this look. These heels are absolutely fabulous and OMG I’m in love with this beautiful bag. Just perfect

Big fan of the bag and dress! The dress really is a typical Three Floor dress, haha.

Such a great outfit, love everything about it!


Great outfi Kristina, I really love those sandals! Getting a juice Detox isn’t a bad idea I thonk, I woul like to try it once to “reset” my body a little bit after all that delicious Italian food I had a week ago. I might chjeck out that website later today!

I also want to make some Green Juices from now on. Haha, in my country you also get the weirdest looks if you ask for a green juice, nobody kows what it is :D Healthy food isn’t such a hype yet over here, so it’s hard to find real healthy things and to find variation. Hopefully that will change soon!

X Sara

Love the red bag and the sunglasses! Looks so pretty!


Kristina! Me encanta el vestido, es precioso y tu estás guapísima como siempre.

Perfect! I totally love your sunnies


You look gorgeous! I would like to try a juice detox but they are so expensive. Anyway, totally love your dress and shoes.

What a great look, especially loving your sunnies!! Would love to try out a juice cleanse one day. But they’re usually so expensive!

Love from Munich, L


Looking so great with all the details there!!


you look very beautful ♥

nice outfit , love this dress and shoes … you look perfect as always !!

I am in love with those sunglasses!

Perfect as always! Love the heels

Awesome look, I love the dress and shoes!

Love the way you combined different textile patterns with a touch of flaming colour. Very beautiful outfit!


This dress is amazing!

You look stunning Kristina! You’re glowing! The juices look delicious. Have a lovely week! X

Holly xx

Cette dernière photo est magnifique. J’adore ces portraits et tes cheveux semblent sans fin ! Ca fait un moment que je souhaite tester une cure détox mais je n’ai hélas pas trouvé de boutiques près de chez moi. Et celles que j’ai pu voir sur Paris… Ne parlons pas du prix ! Du coup j’ai fait moi même mes smoothies maison !

Love your dress!

perfection! love your dress and shoes! <3

These photos are stunning! The juice detox sounds super interesting, I love that they come in their own numbered little jars!

Les robes three floor sont magnifiques ! Toujours en rupture de stock pour ma taille sur Revolve :(
Super la cure detox je vais me renseigner !

Amazing! Great outfit, I really love your shirt and bag.

Amazing dress! I absolutely need those juices :( oh and if you want some sun, or A LOT, you should come here in Indonesia. You might complain for having too much sun lol


Love the dress! And now I feel like doing a juice cleanse too…

Nuria Espasandín 22 July 2014 / Reply

You look really awesome.
I want to try those juices, but I think I couldn’t.
Lots of love,

Amazing shoes!

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I wouldn’t necessarily trust cleansing juices/smoothies that aren’t homemade, but the packaging looks very sophisticated yet adorable!

Love how you styled this Three Floor dress – many bloggers ruin its delicate appearance by styling it with heavy boots – but you kept it minimalistic and classy with these shoes & bag.

Lubna | ELLE VOX

Didn’t have the time to read the full post but looove the pictures. The dress is a real stunner and the bag a perfect match. Great combination!

best wishes

Dear Kristina,

this post is so lovely, it remembers me of “the old Kristina” when you started your blog.
I would suggest to let your hair cut as you would look and feel much more fresh.


You look so chic as always! Love everything about this look, but the dress is simply perfect!

Nice pairings here with the thick-strapped shoes and the bright red bag. Wishing I could afford all of these pieces!

-Shannon at

You look fab as always ! I can understand you want to go back to holiday, though Geneva is a nice place to live :)
Love how you added ‘tough’ shoes, I have almost the same from Givenchy and I love them !

Great bag too :)

Gorgeous look! Love the pop of red that the bag adds!

Love your beautiful long hair! The top of this dress is awesome.

Wish I could travel as much as you do! So jealous!

I really need to try these juices, as they seem very refreshing and healthy for the body. Btw your outfit looks amazing a usual:)

I love that you’re sharing health with fashion, Kristina! I recently did a five day detox myself and I loved it too! I ate lots of fruits and veggies, took pharmaceutical grade supplements and drank lots of water and got rid of five pounds of toxins so I’m super energetic! I have to definitely take a look at this brand that you like so much and see what it’s all about. :) I look forward to your next post as always! XO

I love your dress! It’s really pretty and it looks great with the mirror sunglasses! :)

love the shoes!

You look fabulous!

Liebst, ina

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Wonderful pics!!!! And you are perfect Kristina, really beautiful! Want your hair, your face and your skin haha do you remember me? We met in Milano last February during the fashion week


Beautiful dress and bag!! You look really good though very thin!!
xoxo Kirsten

Absolutely loving the lacework on that dress!


Gorgeous outfit! I loveee the dress and those shoes are stunning! You look as amazing as ever!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Cette robe est magnifique, tu es superbe ! Ces jus de fruits ont l’air top, ça donne vraiment envie d’essayer, j’adore ce genre de produits à la fois pour le corps et l’esprit ;)

Juices cleanse can make you feel really good!

Meet me here

You look lovely, you always know hot to look fresh.

Ich mag dein Stil sehr. Schön eine Top-Bloggerin in der Schweiz zu haben :-)

Besucht mich auf Instagram @nissi__
oder auf mein Blog

Love this look! The dress and shoes look amazing on you! And the bag is beyond cute!


amaaazing dress!


I need that shirt! It’s so delicate and feminine. <3

Enclothed Cognition

The dress looks absolutely gorgeous!

I love the combination of the black dress with the red bag ♡ And the juise cleansing sounds really interesting, need to try it out sometime! xo

Daniella 23 July 2014 / Reply


Gorgeous look! Perfect dress! =)
Please, check out my blog!


That’s amazing to travel and visit so much intresting places)
Love your black outfit with bright orange accent)

absolutely love it!

As per usual you look stunning. Dietox also sounds rather interested, I’ve never heard of it before.Thanks for sharing!

Love the outfit! As usual, stylish and chic! I’m never disappointed with your looks Kristina :)

You look so cool, I am totally in love with the material mix of your stylish dress and those cool shoes and sunnies. Love it!
Have a nice day :)

LOOOOOOOVEE this outfit! I think that black flatters you! ;)

Oh wow, you look beautiful. Somehow you seem older (in a nice way) in this outfit. I have never tried these juices, probably going to try them soon.


I love your outfit! you look so great, simple and chic! I actually like everything in your outfit <3
anyway here's a very nice photos :) I really love it <3

Stunning as always! <3

OMG! I LOVED your purse! Really! I almost always fall in love with the dresses, they are my personal passion, but this purse stole my whole attention and i couldnt see anything else, really loved it!

Helô, from Vestidos curtos

You look fabilous!!

I would very like to see your WARDROBE and your ROOM! Please make a post with all these details ;))

Your outfit are always so chic and elegant *_*



Juice cleanses are indeed amazing. Not that you need to look any more bikini-ready! But always a great refresher for the body.

this bright beautiful gorgeous

Je reste un peu sceptique vis à vis de ces Détox en kit. Mais si cela t’a fait du bien, tant mieux!

Love the dress, has some edgy thing going on but at the same time is super elegant!!

Wow, definetly including the glasses to my wishlist! they look so awesome on you! :) and the whole outfit is very on point ! :D

Love it! Perfect shoes and dress :-)

Perfect look as always! You are so inspirational, and I really do agree with health cleanses, especially green juices! They are delish <3 xx

Love the dress! & that bag is gorgeous, love the color! Hope you had an amazing time travelling, it looked amazing through instagram! xxx

You’re so beautiful :) The pics are amazing. Congrats James ;)


Smart Dresser

I love the black lace detail of your dress, so classic!

That new bag is amazing! Love it!

Dear Kristina (and dear Kristina-followers),
I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and even though I like your style and I think that you are a gorgeous woman I became more and more concerned about your shocking weight loss along with your “health tipps” and all the pictures of fruit and vegetables.

Next to your own health issues I think it is important for all the young woman out there to know that this type of eating is far away from normal and that no one with a figure so skinny like yours needs a “cleanse”. I understand the pressure of being a rolemodel and always having and most of all wanting to look perfekt – but this kind of taking control over everything food-related already seems to be a serious eating disorder and can lead to a lot of health issues like endocrine dysfunction (amenorrhoea etc), problems with your organsystems (liver failure, kidney failure) and over all weakening of your entire body.

I think you firstly need to start being concerned about your health and to gain a few pounds and secondly it is really important to deeply question this kind of lifestyle and why it is worth spreading its ideas. Why is it so essential to be so skinny instead of being a healthy grown up woman with a healthy body? Why is success in the fashion industry so closely linked to a body that is lacking of curves and could as well be the body of a 15 year old boy?
Please think about what you want to tell the people following your blog and reading your posts. Do you really want to represent this kind of (really) unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle? Isn’t it even more important to really have a message instead of becoming a characterless, starved looking public figure?

Please think about how many people you could be influencing in a positive and good way and how this important instrument gets waisted – and even worse – is used to show the wrong perspectives and ideals. I really hope that not too many of your followers have been starting to starve their bodys and to run after the ideals you are representing now.
Isn’t it even more interesting to get to know the inspirational woman behind the glamorous, photoshopped skinny person than just to scroll down the pictures of skinnyfood and way to expensive fashion? I think it would do good to your mental and physical health along with that of your followers.

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