A little greek update was much needed! I still have so many articles from India to show you guys but meanwhile, it seemed right to me to squeeze in an article that we just shot during our stay in Mykonos. We’ve been staying there with Louis Vuitton, a brand we’ve been leading incredible projects with throughout the years, to enjoying some relaxing time off strolling though the beach, eating delicious food, breathing in the scent of freedom and tasting nap time every single day at 4pm… What can I say, perfection?

Our whole team has been on the run since 3 years and with all the activities it’s rare for us to wind down as most of the time our trips are professional with tons of contents to produce, dealings, meetings, presentations. This time we could call it a professional holiday (hehe, yup that’s the term we came up with!) as we didn’t actually came to Greece by ourselves, instead with a brand, but we still had no obligations if to enjoy ourselves. Which I am totally fine with obviously.

During this stay, we were completely honoring and celebrating the real roots of the brand which is travel, luxury, leisure and pleasure. Louis Vuitton is the best team and brand to travel with, there’s absolutely no comparison. We love all their crew, so incredibly much that they all feel like close friends and we had so much fun together. We tried so many great restaurants, bars and even had some amazing party time.

That day we explored the Jackie O’ beach in Mykonos which is probably one of the best ones I’ve been to. With it’s endless deep blue sea, delicious restaurant, pool bar, comfortable lounging area : it’s beach life and luxury mixed up together to create a perfectly relaxing synergy. The greek water was so clear, the sun burning, but not too hot though and oh my… the food was simply exquisite. For all of you who might end up in Mykonos for holidays, make sure to stop by Jackie O’ and order a mixed juice, the most refreshing thing on earth.

My outfit of the day was all about a little boho vibe, very casual and beach ready but at the same time with a needed touch of edginess and chic. When I head to the beach, I like to wear comfortable and laid back clothing yet with an elegant twist. This see through top seemed to be the perfect match over a bikini and some denim shorts. Not to mention that the Louis Vuitton bag elevated this look to a whole different level. It was the perfect accessory to carry around the day with all of my stuff in it!

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TOP : Chloé (Similar Here & Here)

BIKINI : Louis Vuitton

SHORTS : H&M (Similar Here Here)

SHOES : Just Anna Shoes (Similar)

 BAG : Louis Vuitton 

SUNNIES : Dsquared2 (and Similar)


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Gorgeous, love the outfit and bag

Wow amazing summer look. Love the top so much :)

xx Mira

What an amazing cooperation! And I can imagine that this dream was a beach … Your outfit is as usual perfect and 100 % style <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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Love your scarf and sunnies, they make outfit complete!

Who would’ve thought a Louis Vuitton bag would be perfect for the beach?? Love the photos. The food sounds amazing. I wish you had posted photos of it though.

The Fashann Monster

I love your denim shorts. :-)

Awesome photos, love this look!

Good morning ! Lovely outfit and amazing place to be there and enjoy !


I went to Croatia this summer, and now i want badly to discover Greece ! Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures with us ! :)
lots of love from France !


Le sac est magnifique ! Toujours aussi élégante :)


Love, love, love the outfit and the bag! So lucky to have that lifestlye – enjoy it to the fullest and always continue what you are doing :)

Outstanding photos and outfit! That bag and sweater are superb!

Love your look and the pictures so much! You fit perfectly with the background of brown stones and blue water <3

I love how you styled your beach outfit, it looks very chic.

Opinion about the blog: I prefered previous font in your texts.. it looked much cleaner and more elegant if I can say so..

Amazing outfit! I lovee that top! You look gorgeous!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

It looks so amazing over there! Gorgeous views! I love your casual boho outfit, looks very relaxed and comfy :)

X Sara

Love your outfit, so beautiful and the place is amazing!


The photos are incredible! It looks like heaven on earth. Love the outfit, beach ready but also chic.

Beautiful photos! You look stunning!


amazing place, and love yout look!!

Lovely photos. Love the nude color of that shirt and your accessoiries. Beautiful pictures as always <3

best wishes

Mykonos is cool! Very cool actually the way you discovered it! I think I live in the best country in the world :)
Kisses from greece

This outfit is simple yet outstanding!
Love those shorts with the belt!

The shorts and the bag are beatiful but I don’t like the top.

That beach looks amazing! I love Greece so much, it was actually a trip to Santorini that inspired me to start writing! I’m glad you’ve fallen in love with Mykonos, looks like you got treated to all the best spots!

Sarah x

Second picture o.O Oh wow! Your mesh top looks great! I love the idea to wear it over bikini top!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

I love your hair. The pictures are beautiful. We want more photos from Greece! :D

Love the bag!

Woderful pictures, as usual! And amazing sunnies!

Love your outfit!! I just visited Mykonos too! Check out my version of Mykonos


Wow, such an amazing opportunity!! Would love to ever get the chance to travel with the inredible Louis Vuitton brand..

Love from Munich, L

I was there last summer and it was so perfect! Greece is the perfect summer destination.

Beautiful look. I like your bag -L.V.

Greece is such a stunning country, it looks like you had an amazing time!

Love this ansamble! The mixture of colors and textiles is original but the best element is the Russian scarf. :)
Great work, Kristina!

great photos!! i love the sunnies!!!

Christian 28 July 2014 / Reply


the name of the beach isn’t Jackie O’………..that’s just the name of the beach bar/restaurant

Greece is such a fabulous country, love these stunning pics !
You are very lucky to collaborate with Vuitton, love this beach bag :)

This place looks amazing!

These photos are ABSOLUTELY amazing! Such a magical light and the outfit (especially paired with the sunnies) is stunning! Never get disappointed from reading your posts.

Lorraine 28 July 2014 / Reply

Where is the scarf from? I know it’s something you’ve had in your closet for a long time but I really love it =)

Wow, absolutely stunning!

Wow I love the photos and you look so beautiful in that outfit!! :)


Wonderful pictures, I love that Mediterranean touch :)

Perfect beach outfit. Still in love with those sunnies!

Your skin looks radiant on these pictures, truely beautiful with the light, and definitely a great choice of sunglasses for minimal accessories ;)



Amazing photos! You look awesome :)

Totally fallen in love with your sweater *_*


love your great look! Wonderful post!

Sunny atmosphere ♥

Like every single your post ♥♥♥

These shots are just beautiful <3

x Mona

Looks amazing, I love the laidback outfit!

Kirsten x

Daniella 28 July 2014 / Reply


Amazing! I love this post so much! The place is breathtaking and your outfit is really cool! I want your LV bag, Kristina! Aahah :)

Such amazing scenery, I want to go there too :)
you look beautiful as always



Amazing look! Stunning place! =)
Please, check out my blog!


Surreal pictures, I miss miss Greece!


A. from

Really a great place!
I m in love with your bag!


Love your a bit “beach” outfit ♥ you’re gorgeous as usual★

Love this casual beach outfit!
Beautiful location & photos!

Loving the color and feel of all these shots!

Your outfit is gorgeous and the photos too! Love your high waisted shorts, and your top but just by seeing you wear a long sleeved top, while it’s super hot here in Greece, I feel even hotter. But if it was comfortable for you, it’s ok. :)

Love this, might be one of my favorite looks you’ve done so far–those sunglasses are to DIE. And that’s one of the nicer LVs I’ve seen, right up my street. Flawless style as usual :)

Perfect! I love your sunglasses


Wow it looks amazing there! I’m hoping to go there the year after next! Absolutely stunning pictures, love those sunglasses ! xx

lovet his blog!

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