In the past couple of months, I have learned the tremendous importance of loosing control and letting things flow at their natural pace… I guess having to lead my own business and platform, I became an actual workaholic control freak. Fact is, it is honestly totally fine with me as it serves my job pretty well. But at the end of the day, I realized how hard it was to let myself go into normal, everyday life things and how I would restrict myself from so much due to professional ambition thinking that I wasn’t allowed to have normal relationships or take time off because I had a duty. It felt like I needed to feed my determination everyday with something that allowed me to move forward in the direction I have projected.

Don’t get me wrong, I am driven. My determination has never been bigger. There are so many things I want to do, achieve and see in life. I don’t want to wait for things to happen, I want to make them happen. I don’t just want to sit and hope, I want to be out there making sure it does work. I always said that I feared regret… Well usually when I said that, I meant professional regret. Not taking the risk, not following my heart at the right time or working enough. Recently I realized that I also don’t want to face a personal regret… Of forgetting to live great moments with my friends, having non career related fun, being just simple, young and crazy.

I am in a constant introspection mode and ever since we’ve been back from holidays, I almost feel like a new person. In the best way possible. I am more motivated than ever to keep on going and to fight my way to make it. To make my dreams come true because I believe so deeply in them. But also, I realized how important it is to let go, feel free, be free instead of constantly overly protecting myself with an armor. Just to be myself in the most natural, spontaneous way possible. Spending a week of holidays with my best friend Fiona in Italy, Sardinia, at the Forte Village resort definitely helped me me realize all these things.

We had the longest talks possible, on the beach, at breakfast, at dinner, before bed… We’d rebuild the world. I am so used to travelling with James, which I absolutely love as we get along like two pieces of a puzzle. However, it was also so nice to spend some girl time as it’s not something I usually have the chance to do that often. Discussing girl topics freely and just to be able to have a different person’s point of view is such a blessing…

To be totally true, we spent the most fabulous time at Forte Village, enjoying every bite of it. While walking around, we saw so many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and little corners that we had to make some pictures. So for the first time, Fiona took the camera to shoot a couple of images and I am really fond of the result! We went up on the roof of the main area of the hotel, observing the village from above. Such a peaceful and yet quiet magical moment.

webb_IMG_9648webb_IMG_9673webb_IMG_9619webb_IMG_9695 webb_IMG_9674 webb_IMG_9675webb_IMG_9676webb_IMG_9735webb_IMG_9702webb_IMG_9688webb_IMG_9738webb_IMG_9703


TOP : Chloé (Similar Here & Here)

SHORTS : In Love (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Chanel 

BAG : Gucci


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How wonderful that you are so relaxed after your holiday! I’m sure you will reach everything you want and this not only through hard work but also through letting things go and flow.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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Such beauty, such flowers

So in love with that top.

xo Jenny

You look so happy and relaxed. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Love the top and shorts :D

xx Mira

So beautiful, totally adore the top

really such pretty pics!

Such great thoughts in this post. I feel exactly the same.
As much as I want to work towards achieving all of my dreams and working
hard without complaining at the same time I don’t want that some of
small life pleasures and dear people pass me by.

Beautiful top, you look stunning!

Albertine 30 July 2014 / Reply

Amazing pictures, your top is really chic!

fabulous colour combo ! also rooftop pics are magical

Francisca 30 July 2014 / Reply

love it

I really enjoyed reading this post, what you are saying is so true !

I’m glad you had a lovely holiday with your best friend :)

Love from France, Victoria

Love the match of red and navy. Great photos!

Gorgeous outfit!! I love your top and bag :) you look amazing! :)


Amazing photos, that red bag and skirt looks very nice on you, such a great outfit!


I’ve always loved blue and red together, this is a great Look and you’re so beautiful! I really like the top and the bag!
Have a lovely day!

I think your friend really has talent for photography as well! This outfit is once again great! I totally agree with you about living every moment but I guess I’m the upside. As to my personal life I have little regrets but on the professional life I sometimes tend to play on the safe side. Although I’m working on making my dreams come true!

x karen

Great angles. I love the colors and that top!


gorgeous photos :) i really like your outfit

My mantra: I don’t want to wait for things to happen, I want to make them happen! Thank you for such inspiring start of the day, your ideas are always so vitalizing!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

less photos of yourself, and maybe some more of the area? They mostly all the same.

great look!!!

xoxo from rome

I love every single picture :-)

I really appreciate your honesty writing this post. I think you live a dreamy life!
P.S. I can’t see any shoes in this post!

What an incredible pics!
Love this atmosphere!

Fabulous post, Kristina! It is so incredibly easy to completely forget how to unwind and just “be” for a second. Even though I’m just at the beginning of my blogger journey, and by no means as busy as you are, I’m already struggling to find the time to relax…especially with a full-time job and all…And once I do find the time for a break, I get restless and feel like I should be doing more, aiming get the gist. I truly admire your determination and everything you’ve achieved so far. You deserve every single bit of your success, and I’m glad you were able to regain your engery during your holiday with Fiona to achieve even greater things in the future!

Jasmin xx

love the outfit!! especially the top!!


great pics and amazing place! love it!!!

Such a beautiful vacay look, love your Gucci bag!

Love from Munich, L

The photos are spectacular! I love the one where you are holding the flowers :)

Your smile is so charming!!)

I’m in love with this Gucci bucket bag!

Agree completely about learning to relax and let go! I also run my own business and am an author, and finding the time to take a step back away from work is so hard .. but important. I realised I haven’t had a proper day off in over two years! So starting now I want to allow myself to kick back a bit so I don’t have ‘personal regrets’ either like you said.

Lovely photos Kristina :) x

What a beautiful article… it gives me the strength i needed to go forward. You’re such a beautiful inspiration !

Your article inspired me a lot ! Keep going and make our dream comes true!!
I recommend Hong Kong to be the your next place of travelling as I am a HongKonger !!

Hi Kristina,

I have been following your blog, for a quite while and I must say you have one of the very few inspiring fashion blogs out there. You truly had an impact on me and therefore I have created mine fashion blog.


Keep going girl! Have a good one.

Love from Andrea

Francisca 30 July 2014 / Reply

love it!

Gorgeous and smart ! Beautiful outfit and pics !

Beautiful pictures, you look stunning. That top is amazing!


Printed or Plain fashion blog

Wonderful, the pictures are perfect!

Gorgeous photos! i really love the golden light

Impressive post and gorgeous photos ! You looks stunning!


Beautiful photos. I’m in awe and admiration of your determination to succeed. Especially today when I feel so much like giving up.

It’s so funny how a few words and pictures of someone you have no relationship with and don’t know at all, other than what they post on their social media outlets can become such a positive mentor in ones life.

Thanks again Kristina, you may not know it, but you are a very inspirational person!

Katie <3

Totalul LOVE your look. I like to See how YOU are evolving and becoming an adult. Makes us question ourselves too.

It’s always good to remind yourself to take breaks and appreciate life and staying still from time to time. I’m glad you were able to find peace in your vacation!

Ich liebe die Tasche, sieht sehr edel aus :)

You look gorgeous! I love this outfit. And I know what you mean.. It’s nice to find a good balance between work and relaxing!


Stunning ! The photos are always breathtaking, and your hair is… !!!

Love the Chloé top too, perfect for summer !

Beautiful look, love every detail of this outfit! Great post, as always!

Amazing photos! You look stunning!! :)

Gorgeous! I love the way the colors came out here — so rich and saturated, with lots of reddish, deep hues.

I can totally relate with your thoughts. I too feel that way most of the time. In fact it is very hard to enjoy little things as I am always thinking about the bigger picture and how to get up there professionally while almost leaving for granted all the other aspects in life. Your post made me feel I’m not the only one! Thank you so much!

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

I understand you, most of times vacations help to think a lot, I like all that you wrote about make the things we want happen & also nice outfit :D

Patricia 30 July 2014 / Reply

You are a amazing and beautiful girl!

Wow! Lovely pictures!
Italy seems to be an amazing place

Just SO stunning! You look incredible!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

what a gorgeous backdrop!
ladies in navy

Just amazing! I really fell in love with the pictures – they represent such a deep quiet and beauty in all these wonderful colors <3 And if you didn't tell, I would have never thought that it was the first time for Fiona to tkae the pictures! Talking about letting go, I think you're absolutely right since I'm starting to realize this too. I'm also the kind of person who's always thinking about work and trying to control things but I feel that a rest from time is so needed. It's actually kind of something we have to "learn" ^^ xo

Really love your top. It has such beautiful colors and an interesting crossing. Great combination of colors with the dark terracotta orange. You look fabolous as always!

Beautiful photos.
It’s always different talking to another girl than another guy, must have been great for you after having traveled so much with James together.

Very cool top! Your photos are amazing:)

Loved the article& the pictures!
Also amazing top!!!!

Love the blue top and red skirt combo! You look lovely!


What a beautiful outfit! The skirt ans the bag….LOVE!


As always lovely photography, you look great!

xoxo, Diana

Les photos sont magnifiques, bravo à Fiona ;)
Pas toujours facile de trouver un équilibre entre l’ambition professionnelle, la volonté de travailler toujours plus, et le fait de profiter des plaisirs de la vie…

Great article. I understand what you feel, and I am sure many women feel like you (even if they are less popular ^^) It is important to connect with yourself, and ask yourself always two questions: What do I want? what do I need? What makes me actually happy?

Greetings from Paris :)

Awesome look and pictures! Cool top! =D
Please, check out my blog!


great outfit
love the photos


That bag is incredible! <3

Sweet Madame Blue

I love the combination of red with blue … Your casual look is so beautiful and perfect for going to walk in a comfortable way without losing the elegance. The bag is amazing and espadrilles are perfect for the occasion. Good choice.


It’s nice to read such a personal post, thank you. Glad you enjoyed a lil R&R.


P.S. You go, girl! :)

love the pictures and outfit. U look so great with the nature hair.

Gorgeous pictues! Your outfit is perfect.


loving the top – so unusual, yet so fascinating in the combination!

I’ve never seen any blogger as determined as you to make it and make it big! Dreams do come true if you have the courage and take action. I love that about you!

Daniella 31 July 2014 / Reply

love it!

Your hair are so beautiful!!


You are so right girl! I don’t usually feel the need to post comments but I have to say you are an inspiring person. Sometimes in life you just suddenly realize that not controlling everything and just letting it go, following the natural flow of things is the most relaxing thing to do. I’ve done this during these three weeks of holidays I’ve planed and I love it. As you say, more motivated than ever. Thank you for saying things the way you feel them and the way they are. It’s quite refreshing to read something truly from your heart than just reading about the pieces somebody wore in two sentences. You are one of my motivations, although I am not a ‘real blogger’. Keep up the good work!

I can understand how hard it must be to let go! You’ve both been working so hard these past few months, I think a holiday is well deserved! Enjoy life, put your personal life first from time to time. You deserve it!
Beautiful pictures, that look is simply gorgeous, love the color palette. xx

I completely agree with what you said! It’s very true how work sometimes takes over your personal life, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself more and taking time out for yourself! Have a great week-end x
Holly x