Our Indian adventure goes on with probably the article I was the most excited to share with you. Since many years, I have heard the most incredible stories about Indian weddings. How royal, breathtaking and absolutely gigantically majestic they were. And even though I kept picturing myself in my head what a fairy tale it would be, I never expected that I’d actually be able to assist to one of them one day. When I closed my eyes and envisioned it, I saw colors, flowers everywhere, colorful, sparkling saris and the most lively and vivid ambiance in the world. And I keep pinching myself as it turned out to be exactly, if not better, than the idea I had…

For the occasion, it was my goal to make my own reinterpretation of the perfect modern yet traditional Indian sari look. I was so so so excited to wear something completely different and feel like and Indian princess for a night. As soon as I saw that deep royal blue in the market earlier that day, I knew it was the one. And to make it even more special, I had the honor to wear for one evening these stunningly magical Munnu Gem Palace gold jewels, thanks to Love Gold, to match the outfit I wore that night.

When we arrived at the location of the wedding, needless to say that my breath was completely taken away. I was speechless, heart pounding to the intensive rhythm of the music resonating through the gigantic area of the Palace’s garden, which was for the occasion lit up by thousands and thousands of colorful lights and embellished by the most beautiful flowers in the world. The couple arrived and celebrated the occasion through a variety of games and traditional rituals.

What was surprising for me I have to say, is that we all knew that the marriage was arranged by the bride and groom’s families. Such concept is so hard for our europeans cultures to get a grasp of yet after hearing from our Indian friends who were there at the wedding with us, nothing seemed to feel wrong about it anymore. There was something so magical in the air, both members of the couple come from the same background, faced the same levels of education, know people and common, many factors that have proven through the years that arranged marriages statically seem to last.

And it definitely is a very big deal for the whole family of the new husband and wife. All the uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends from all over the world flew in to assis at the ceremony which lasts in fact over several days. In the end more than 2’000 people attended the wedding, millions of dollars spent to host everybody in the most luxurious and exuberant way possible and give the families pride and dignity over such an event for the rest of their lives. A contrast very striking after a day spent in the reality of the streets of Jodhpur…

I have to say, we danced, we ate all night, our eyes were hypnotized by all these bold, bright colors, those prints, flavors and scents, diamonds, gold everywhere. It will remain an unforgettable night for me and definitely a unique experience which I’ll keep a very strong memory of. A tremendous thanks to Love Gold for this stunning adventure! Hope you guys will enjoy the images.

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All jewels by Munnu Gem Palace, courtesy of Love Gold

Pictures by Philippe Girard


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Amazing, you are very beautiful like that!

You look amazing! What a great, great adventure this must be, love your pics!

Wow, it is just stunning!

That navy color looks so good on you! Beautiful!

this is spectacular
you’re spectacular
love you
see my new look on the top of the world


Wow wow wow the wedding looks magical. You’re so lucky to have been there to witness. Stunning outfit. Love the jewelry :D

xx Mira

it must have been such an amazing experience x

This must have been such an amazing experience!

Oh my… You look incredible!! These photos are so magical, just like the whole look itself!

You are so condescending. “it was my goal to make my own reinterpretation of the perfect modern yet traditional Indian sari look” – you did absolutely no “reinterpretation”, dear. You wore a regular sari, did absolutely nothing special.
That said, the pictures are lovely, and I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding. Our weddings are quite something :)

You look Fantastic!!!!!

xoxo Iren

Wow these photos are so beautiful!! I’ve always been curious about India and I have always hoped to travel there one day. You are so lucky to have all these opportunities! :) Love the jewelry on you too :)


Seemed like an amazing experience

You are beautiful Kristina, as always! Just this kind of wedding seems to me more like theatre…different culture, different habits
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

That colour is STUNNING on you Kristina.

Fab photos – it looks like an incredible event! xx

Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

Wow! You look amazing and this wedding, so extraordinary!

Absolutely gorgeous post !! Beautifull photos photos and this colours!! Amazing.

Stunning. I absolutely love Indian weddings. They are magical and the clothes! omg, looks like you had a great time. Great photos.

Everything is so so so beautiful :))

Most gorgeous girl under the sun <3

Phillip takes beautiful pictures!! and you’re beautifil as always (even more, it is such a beautiful style)
but I must say.. after you wrote the other day about the poverty in India, and I know many people who’ve been there and say the same about India.. it’s a little sad to see such a lavish wedding :(
even if it happens everywhere :

Wow I’m speechless ! Your pictures are amzing, and you look stunning wearing this beautiful sari !! It looks like you spent a magical night … I love reading this article :)

Love the culture in these shots, absolutely beautiful to see! And you look stunning, the jewels are the perfect touch!

Wow that looks absolutely incredible! Must have been such a wonderful experience. You look lovely x

It’s my dream to be part of an Indian wedding as well. You looked stunning!

You look gorgeous! And that seems like such an amazing experience!


I am in love with your sari. Needless to say, the photos are amazing and I am glad that you could share with us this experience.

awesome in this indian version of you :)

This is one of my favorite post ever! These images are really amazing and I love your Indian outfit <3 <3 <3


Such a magical wedding with so many alluring details.You look perfect!

Wow! What a wonderful moment to have experienced, Kristina. I’m just stunned at the details in each photo. You look gorgeous in a sari and blue is an amazing color on you!

You are really pretty! This indian costume fits you!! *.*
I love this post!

Such beautiful photos and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I only hope soon I can travel the world like you do ;)

Wow amazing ceremony! You look so beautiful <3


Beautiful wedding, the dress is amazing , so exotic and really gorgeous. Love everything.

STUNNING photos. I just love all the embellishments and detail on the clothes.


You look so amazing in Sari! That must have been such a great experience!

You look like a princess!! Love the whole outfit!!


What a unique experience. The pictures are great!

these photos are very beautiful, I think it was an Amazing experience !!!

Wow, the jewelry is gorgeous and you look breathtaking in that royal blue sari!!

Love from Munich, L


wow, these pics are so amazing! Looks incredible! And the jewelry is to die for!

You look amazing in this traditional Indian outfit. Glad you had a good time x

your look is sooo beautiful! love it
new look on my blog!

You look absolutely divine. I love the way you described the wedding and the ambiance – you made us feel like we were there too. The fabrics and embellishments and decorations – all so magical! Such a brilliant event. x

Lubna | ELLE VOX

Amazing work done!!! It’s an honor to have you here in India and showcasing our rituals, religion in such beautiful manner. Thank you!

Seriously you look stunning in Indian saris!

These pictures are great! I can’t wait to attend my best friend’s (whose Indian) wedding!

Wow I’m jealous!
This must have been such an amazing experience, I always here these to my ears crazy things about Indian weddings – groom and bride entering on an elephant etc.
Thanks for sharing this extraordinary adventure with us Kristina!

Wow, you look breathtaking! This post makes me want to travel to India so badly!

Enclothed Cognition

There is no bigger grandeur than a big fat Indian wedding! I am sure you had a time of your life! Looking beautiful in the saree and the jewelries..

You look absolutely breathtaking! You must add more photos or have another post about your trip to India, it seems so exciting!


OMG… such a great experience! I’ve been in India some years ago and I really wish to go again… Great country with big contrasts!!


I love your look and your pictures!!! Amazing wedding!!!
Please, check my website!

Such an unique experience, I would love to be able to visit India one day. And of course you look very beautiful :)
XOXO Hannah

very beautiful Indian woman

Your photos are wonderful!

I’ve never been to India and I’ve never had the chance to attend to an indian wedding, but even from the images seems to be really like a fairytale.

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

Sorry to say but nobody on this wedding seems happy, specially not the ones who would supposed to be, bride and groom.

You look amazing!


You look beautiful! What an experience to go to a wedding like this!

Wonderful look, love the colors and the jewelry so much! This wedding looks so incredible!

You look stunning! I love how you accessorize the sari!


Lorraine 15 July 2014 / Reply

Hey Kristina!
J’ai une petite suggestion… Je t’en prie, ne le prends pas mal, mais je me demandais si tu ne voudrais pas faire checker les articles que tu poste sur ton blog par un anglophone avant de les mettre en ligne? J’ai remarqué qu’il y a souvent des petites erreurs de grammaire qui font que le récit est beaucoup moins fluide qu’il ne pourrait l’être…
J’aime beaucoup comme tu écris et je t’admire beaucoup, je trouve que tu es très passionnée et que tu mérite absolument tout le succès que tu as. En revanche, je pense que si ton texte était encore plus parfait, tu gagnerais encore un peu plus en crédibilité.

Mon intention était simplement de faire une remarque constructive, pas de te critiquer bien sûr!

Continue comme ça, j’adore ton blog =)


You look gorgeous in sari, beautiful color, fits you so much, with all those gold accesories!

fantastic outfit
you look stunning

Amazing wedding! The bride is sooo beautiful and you look lovely! :-)

You look absolutely stunning!! The color you chose was just perfect. :)
How many days did the wedding last? I’m so interested to know what happens on each day of an Indian wedding. I’ve only ever seen them in movies but from your photos it looks just magical!
How do you know the families?

beautiful photos. looks like such a great experience!

So gorgeous! =)
Please, check out my blog!


It seems like a beautiful Indian night

Great photos, your look was amazing, very beautiful dress!


WOW!!!! No more words needed…
xoxo Kirsten

Love your jewels!

Daniella 16 July 2014 / Reply


Wish acomplished, well almost! I loved it ! Very magical :)

You look absolutely stunning! xx Even through the images, I can feel that it must’ve been a breathtaking atmosphere.

Trully amazing, and you look like a goddess :D – new new post <3

Beautiful photographs, what a magical night! would have been an amazing experience. Your Sari is so beautiful too, suits you perfectly!

Victoria x

Albertina 16 July 2014 / Reply

Wow, these pictures are absolutely amazing, love everything!

Wow. You look stunning in that sari. I wish I could be at an Indian wedding…looks like soo much fun!

Wow, this looks incredible, how beautiful!! You look amazing in your Sari, this must have been an experience you will never forget!

X Sara

You look stunning, Kristina! I bet it was an unforgettable exprerience.

do you really think that arranged marriages leave much space for divorce if they don’t happen to like each other?

looks amazing! what a great experience

The wedding looks amazing and so vibrant!:) you look amazing in your outift, love it!:)

Wow ! Love the look incredibly beautiful

Love the Sari. You look stunning in the royal blue.

Omg I love your look here and also those pics. Thank you for sharing this magical moment :-*


You were so lucky to be able to attent this wedding becaise it looks amamzing! and your sari! I love the dark blue colour with gold jewelry! can’t wait for more articles about India :)

OMG how lucky you are to have been able to attend such an event ! I love the fact that you truly want to learn more about other cultures, and not only want to take beautiful pics !

Love this post Kristina, very well worded. I would love to see India, although I’m not sure how I would handle seeing such a big divide between rich and poor. I hope you enjoyed this amazing experience! The pictures are so vibrant and colourful!
Rebecca xx

Amazing pictures, you look stunning and I bet you’ve had an incredibly different time there!

Love from France <3

wow ! magical pictures , you look great

What an incredible opportunity — conragtulations! I also hope to get the chance to partake in an Indian wedding someday. Gorgeous shots, I’m loving your India posts :-)
-Shannon at

You look amazing Kristina, seriously… so so beautiful. All those colors, ornaments… I wish I could go to India!! Nice post :)

I have always wanted to attend an Indian wedding. The colours and the setting are so vibrant and rich! Your dress, jewelry, hair and makeup, all so stunning. It looks like such a beautiful and memorable evening.


The photos are absolutely amazing. I love to see fashion from different cultures and how beautiful they can be!

Loved this article! Very interesting, and the pictures make me feel the Indian ambiance! Love it <3

Great photos :) kisses from Croatia

Je suis vraiment fan de ton blog mais est-ce qu’il serait possible de traduire tes articles en français?

WOW!!! Amazing amazing! looks like such an amazing night out of a fairytale! Cant wait to got to India! I’ve been wanting to for years. U looked absolutely amazing!


I read the comment by Lorraine about having someone critique your English before posting, and just wanted to say that as an anglophone- your English is great, and any little mistakes are charming. People have told me the same for my French, and I didn’t understand how a mistake could be “charmant” but when I look at how you write (almost perfectly) in English and then see little mistakes, it makes me feel better about my French, because you know what? It really is a charm :) You are beautiful and so is this wedding! Bisous.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Look ! Photos are beautiful, congrats to the photographer and you’re stunning !

Wow! Look like a huge wedding! Amazing photos


Beautiful site and beautiful photography! Good Job everyone!

Hi Kristina,

As always you look utterly breath taking here. I am going to an Indian wedding (albeit in Sweden) next year and having seen the celebrations for the engagement party alone can only imagine how ornate and extravagant it will be. Plus I am beyond excited to wear a sari!
This is slightly unrelated, but I wrote a blog post about how living abroad can be tough on your family and on the person having the great adventure because they miss their family. I know you don’t live abroad but you travel so very much and sometimes you speak of missing home so I thought I would just share with you my essay on the pros and cons and the aspects that are enticing and those that can prevent you from wanting to leave your loved ones behind. Like me, you are a thinker, and like to discuss how you feel about things just as I have done here. If you do have the time to read it, please let me know what your experiences of these complex emotions are!

Love, Hannah x

Looks beautifull! I love thier culture!

You seriously look so beautiful in everything!


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im an indian and im a big fan of u..
wndrful photography

Marzia zaman 24 April 2016 / Reply

Hi I really love the saree. Can anybody inform me from where I can get exactly this saree?