Hey there guys, hope you are doing great and enjoyed a peaceful week-end. I am currently in Sardinia, landed here after a long and absolutely unforgettable experience in India. An adventure I am looking forward to share with you here on We’ve been travelling a lot lately and with travels comes behind a long and big amount of management to organize perfectly the trip and to fix the terms of the collaborations we lead with the brands we travel with : needless to say that from Shanghai to Monaco, Cannes, Paris ,Barcelona, Detroit, India to here in Sardinia, even though the trips are always breathtaking and so much fun, it takes a lot of work and time to have it all planned out efficiently…

So I decided to allow my self a nice week of holidays from the blog and so for this whole entire week I won’t be posting any articles hoping that you guys will miss me and will be excited to discover all the reviews of our journey next week!!! I feel like I really need to recharge my batteries, get inspired, free my mind from all the deadlines and constant luggages changes mixed up with late night image uploads on WordPress. Even though my activity is my biggest passion and I love it so much, sometimes, no matter what, in life it’s important to find escape for a couple of days and to relax.

I felt like I really wanted to write this quick note so that you guys know that I haven’t been kidnapped or anything like that hehe. And you can definitely follow me on Instagram where I’ll still be posting live updates. Meanwhile, I am happy to share with you a little preview article of the first images we created in India with a very chill and relaxed look I wore on our last day in Jaipur. I don’t wear sneakers very often but I got seduced by those cute Guess ones with their colorful floral print. This article is part of a little collaboration we do with them and I felt like they were great with the bright Indian background. What’s really cool is that the shoes and the scarf that goes along are part of a web exclusive activity, so it’s impossible to find these pieces in the shops, only online.The pieces, super colorful and fresh were perfect for an afternoon stroll in the floral garden of our Indian hotel. And oh my, sometimes it feels so good to be in flats, these sneakers were so so comfy, it was hard to take them off and change in heels for dinner. Hope you guys like it and see you in a week!!!

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Total look Guess


Add yours

Beautiful sneakers! And love Guess shorts, they look so great in total white look :)

great outfit dear! You look stunning!


It seems to be such a great trip !
Les photos sont vraiment belles, bravo au photographe !

Feel free to visit my blog ;-)

Amazing photos, you look so beautiful with this fresh floral pattern!

Kisses, Évi

Love this floral sneakers and scarf! Great outfit!

Rita Freitas 7 July 2014 / Reply

so pretty!
love from portugal

You have really nice legs! and I have to admit that I like shorts like this.

Marvelous look. Love the cute scarf and sneakers. Beautiful as always :D

xx Mira

love the sneakers… very cute.x

Did you know that sneakers suit you so perfect? Really, especially these ones ♥♥♥

Very bright beautiful post.

Bright snearkers

Love the chic causal and yet so feminine!!


Beautiful print on scarf! Also I love this super cute white mesh top, great idea for cooler summer days. Just…I don’t like these sneakers so much, I think one print item is enough. Also I would carry smaller bag if I could choose…
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Gorgeous look as always. Looove the print, so colorful. We will definitely miss your posts. Have a relaxing holiday in Sardinia!

love that you draped the scarf in different ways

Oh what an adorable look!! The print is indeed gorgeous. And enjoy your week off, everyone needs to recharge their batteries from time to time! ;)

Love from Munich, L


Awesome outfit, love the floral print! Your hair look perfect!

xx Su

very nice outfit <3 love those floral sneakers!


Gorrrgeous outfit! Your summer looks are perfection!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Basic items with a very chic attitude! I simply love it ;)


How clever to make a week holiday from your blog. Wish you a relaxing week <3

Sweet look, great floral pieces!!

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I love your look and especially sneakers, maybe you could post a photo of some other sneakers because highheels aren´t for everywhere :) Miss u

I love how the sneakers and the scarf are matching materials! amazing look !

This is the first time I see sneakers on you

That is really amazing to see you in trainers ! despite the fact that they are meant to be sporty you’ve created sth chic and elegant again <3

I love the print on your shoes and scarf. It’s definitely an eye catcher!

Theatricality by Mariah

You always looks running, I love all of your outfits and find them super stylish AND to top it all, I really enjoy your writings and life updates. You’re such an inspiration!

Love this floral accent on sneakers and scarf!

Please have a good vacation.
I look forward to posts after you have refreshed!

When I saw the scarf I though “well that’s pretty” but when I scrolled a little further & saw that you were wearing matching shoes I was like “wow, I have to get those!”
I’m really looking forward to more photos of your travels as well as outfit pictures!

The Fashann Monster

I like those sneakers! perfect match with this whole white look.

really nice look!

wow beautiful photos!
love your shoes

You are beautiful in this post as usual and I loooove the sneakers.
You totally deserve a break with all the travelling and thanks to instagram, we all know you aren’t kidnapped.
Have fun!

lovely shoes!

Such nice and comfy look for everyday! Beautiful colors.

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

I love this casual, all-white look. I need to get some sneakers like that — they’re adorable!
-Shannon at

You look so beautiful! Amazing sneakers! =D
Please, check out my new post!


You look fantastic!

♥ Oxana
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Very unusual to see you wearing sneakers but I like this look! Shorts are so cool.

Love your outfit so much, especially the sneakers with the scarf! I’ll be missing your post, but I love your instagram so much, always happy to see new pictures! I think it’s important to take a little break and good that you realized it, that you need it, before it would harm your health, I can’t imagine how exhausted this life can be. Have fun and relax!

looks like you’re having an amazing time! x

Love that pattern, you’re beautiful :) – New new post <3

I looove the shoes! They look super cute x

L&L from sisterblend

I love this look! I love who you matched the shoes and skirt! It is quite unusual to see a clothing item to match with an accessory.

Nice look, I love the sneakers, the print is very cool and these photos are great!


You look so peaceful! This place is amazing and your outfit is just stunning as always!

You are so cute :-)

Love the scarf with the flowers.

Oh gosh- your instagram and blog make me miss India- what beautiful pictures.

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

your life is crazy! So cool!

Jeannette 7 July 2014 / Reply

Very nice Summerlook. Love the white Shorts with the white Jumper!!! GREAT Shoes too

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Très jolie tenue casual, j’adore les baskets :)


You are so beautiful! And outfit is amazing!! I <3 it!

Welcome to

Of course I’m going to miss you! You’re one of my favorite bloggers! I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll go back in your archives and check out outfits from the past to pass the time. ;) Have a lovely vacation! XO

Have a good holiday week so, can’t wait to see you back! By the way love your outfit, the print on your shoes and scarf makse me think of summer because here (France) it’s raining a lot!

Check my blog if you got time sweety, kisses! x

Kristina! Me encanta! estás guapísima y esas zapatillas son una pasada. Estoy deseando ver todas las fotos sobre la India porque estoy segura de que tienen que ser preciosas, las de hoy son súper bonitas.

Un besito desde Madrid

Such a beautiful look, summery, simple & oh so pretty!

Kirsten x

Flawless. Love these. I hope you’re having tons of fun in Sardinia! (:


Easy and chic outfit, a total white look is always a good idea. The sweater is so cute and these shorts are really cool. Love the handbag and these sneakers are so original and beautiful

Beautiful! You look super relaxed

Kristina you are absolutely right. the break is always needed to relax and breathe and forget all the deadlines.

love the look in the pics
you could show us this style more often


you look fantastic. love these photos

wow the floral design in shoes, bag and scarf is simply beautyful, really love it!

I’m really liking the white sweater you’re wearing here (: And this place is gorgeous!


Love this relaxed look! I like to wear shorts and sneakers when I’m out with friends on fun summer nights :)

Have a nice vacation!


nice combination!
love the photos from India.
It really motivates me to visit India, too.
So I hope I will, someday.

Those pictures are extremely beautiful, very peaceful ! Would love to visit India, it must be an incredible adventture !

Love those shoes, perfect for travelling !

I loooove these sneakers! Take a good rest babe & see you in a week here then!


beautiful outfit, love sneakers on you. enjoy your vacation.

I love this look!!! Are the pullover and trousers from guess too??
And one suggestion: would you do a tutorialon how you style your hair like that??

You’ve been working hard, you totally deserve this break!

Gorg as usual! I’m in love with the 6th photo!

Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

Victor Arnau 8 July 2014 / Reply

I LOVE all your posts!!! Have fun in India. I absolutely LOVE your sneakers!!

It’s so refreshing to see you in casual shorts and sneakers, but still so stylish! Love it!

Cool sneakers. Love the bracelet and rings. Scarf is a cool addition to match with the sneakers. Enjoy your break!


Enjoy your vacation! i think everyone deserves some relaxation time after a hard work.
Check out my recent fashion post!

the sneakers look incredible and are perfect for summer! the sweater looks comfy and so soft.Great pictures of the new kayture member team !

Bellisima! like always :)
check out my blog

Hi Kristina, I love the way you kept your look neutral with a pop of colour in your shoes and scarf. super cute outfit!

Nice look. I love the floral design with plain white: looks gorgeous! xoxo

Everybody deservs a break once in a a while :) I can’t wait to see your pictures from India next week! and the sneakers are really cool they look great with the white sweater

Super cute shoes!! Love those colors…
Xoxo Kirsten

Enjoy your time off. We will miss you.

Francesca 8 July 2014 / Reply

Your outfit is fabulous, love the bag and the sneakers!

Love this style! you usually wear hills but in sneakers you’ re faboulous too! :)


you’re the best
i love your amazing sense of style

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You look amazing and all your pictures are the best quality!

I love it :)

absolutely love it ! who would have thought that those sporty sneakers would look as great with the white rest x

It’s nice to see you wearing such casual clothes ! I also love to tie a scarf around my tote. :)
Have a wonderful holiday !

Sara Constance

So bright & juicy colors! Extremely awesome mix!!! Enjoy your vacation, we are looking for your new posts ;)

Enjoy your week off!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

India is my dream ! :) enjoy it beauty <33

Les baskets avec le foulard qui va avec, c’est top ! Et super bien pensé de la part de Guess je trouve (bien que d’autres marques doivent probablement faire des paires similaires !). En tous cas ces couleurs sont raccord avec le soleil de ces mois d’été.
Très jolies photos de Philippe au passage. Et petite question ! Est ce que tu remarque des différences ou des similitudes) lorsque tu es photographiée par des personnes différentes ? Je suppose que les photos, comme tout autre art, à une signature…

Savannah 8 July 2014 / Reply

I love the matching shoes and scarf! x

I really like this outfit, and I think its a perfect example hot to dress in this hot summer days or evenings.
I really like the details on you bag and sneakers print. Amazing.

Lovely outfit! Relax and take care!

Gorgeous outfit, I wished I had been able to get as many beautiful snaps as this when I was in India. xo

Pretty look, I love your shoes!

Benedetta 8 July 2014 / Reply

So so beautiful!!!
Be happy with fashion

I LOVE your look!!! You are so beautiful :)

Daniella 9 July 2014 / Reply


I love the architecture in this post!
- Martha

Your photos are always the best!! Going to miss you!

You are so pretty! Lovely photos and the outfit is simple and chic <3


gorgeous pics!

me encanta todo el look soy una fanatica de Guess es mi marca favorita jajja
un besazo
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Beautiful scarf – it’s already on its way to mine too <3 I can't wait to see your pics from India!!
xx Jasmin

Beautiful pictures! You look stunning!



If you have a second, I would love to hear your opinion on my latest post:-)

I LOVVVEEE the sneakers!!! OMG! So cute!

Cute look! & hope you’re enjoying your week off, you’ve definitely earned it!! xx

Need to get my hands on that scarf!! And the shoes too!

Love the shorts and flowery scarf! You look stunning.



If you have a second, I would like to hear your comments on my latest post.

Love those shorts! Hope you are having nice week off!

beautiful outfit! your life is a dreammmm!!


Amazing look Kristina! I especially love those shoes!


You look absolutely stunning! Loving those sneakers!
Hope you had a great time in India!

xx Alex

You’re so pretty, I like your outfit, it’s nice!

I love these shoes! But lets be honest this is so not your style!

beautiful photos!:) I love the sneakers!

Love the many ways you used the Guess floral scarf. It feels cool and effortless, and the way you’ve photographed it makes me think that the scarf is the ultimate accessory for right now! Enjoy your break- time off usually ends up breading more creativity, so I’m excited for your return!! Huge fan. xo The Supper Model

Such a lovely blog!
I really love your pictures! <3
Can we follow each other?

We all need a break, no matter how much we love our job or what we do, we need to spend time with friends, family and even with ourself, we will going to miss so much your post this week but i hope you enjoy your week to fullest.

BTW: This casual outfit is fantastic, i love the scarf and sneakers..


Great sneakers!!! Have a nice rest and see you in a week!

You are beautiful ;) great styling :)

L O V E!

New OUTFIT online, what do you think about?

Wonderful outfit and I love your sneakers, I have quite the same- so comfy!

I like that you went a bit casual in this look – a wonderful change.

I’m not a big fan of sneakers either, but Guess sneakers are always super chic! This is such a refreshing look, great for the summer heat, with an all white foundation, and some cool floral prints. It’s feminine and sporty, easy for on the go! Gorgeous!
Melody x

Kristina you look simply, natural and beautiful. I post this while I’m hearing your youtube video. You are definily an inspiration and I love your elegance and clean look.


Beautiful! Love the combination of the white and floral <3

Love the soft floral print, so pretty!

X Malena

You make everything look so good Kristina. I’m not a fan of Guess but you give it a new lease on life ;)

Love you in this casual outfit, gorgeous as always!!

Love Imke

loving the photos, they are very cool! you look amazing

Always amazing!
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The photos are truly amazing. i hope you are enjoying your time away. Mykonos, i mean… You must be the luckiest girl on earth!


Lovely outfit! Enjoy the summer


Amazing pics! As always, K.

Love your colorful look and pictures.

really nice sneakers :)

Deborah The Gold Moustache 13 July 2014 / Reply

Love all !!! :*


Hi Kristina! You look so beautiful in this outfit, those shorts are just amazing <3

totally fell in love with the print of your shoes and of your scarf! Kristina, you are always perfect <3 <3


Love the simple look ..and how the sneakers and scarf prints are similar really cool :)

Recharging the batteries is always a good idea :) Look after yourself xx