Something happened. Something very strange yet frankly fascinating happened. For a very long time, I had this conception in my head that one can be sure of something, feel it, deeply believe in it and therefore absolutely live with a conception. Yet, it turns out you can truly never say never.  Yup, never hehe. We all change, our personalities evolve as much our center of interests. It’s pretty crazy looking back at the different stages I went through to see how much my style and even way of behaving changed. Or is it just the summer affecting my brain cells? I am still researching it.

I’ve always been a little uptight, maybe even mannered. Nobody could ever call me laid back. I was everything but laid back! I’d wear on double wear waterproof mascara at the beach and 8 layers of blush while swimming, at the same time I’d binge of fries and then complain about my looks…Ah, why!? I feel like now is a whole different story. It’s been weeks since I haven’t really wore actual heels, don’t even make me look at a pot of eye shadow if we talk beach day. I swear by tzatziki (I used to absolutely h-a-t-e it before) and fresh fish while only a year ago, I used to eat meat and wheat at all three courses. So what changed?

What’s so funny about Kayture is how I am actually building up a visual and textual record of my life. It’s pretty crazy but some times I am even quite tempted to scroll back in my old articles just to see how much I changed. Living it, it doesn’t even feel I did that much. But from the distance, the difference is absolutely insane. I can be my own therapist in a way analyzing the words I used in each of my articles! The only thing I can say for sure, is that this evolution, has definitely been due to the great power of…travel.

It’s the only thing in the world that’s possible to buy that truly enriches you, as a person. This fast lane of a life makes  me want to be comfortable, enjoy, be myself at a 100% and try new things out. I used to be so afraid of heights and now, I feel so much better. I used to hate greek feta cheese, and now I cry of happiness when I eat some (almost). Travelling teaches you to keep an open mind about everything. Learning to own opinion without closing the box actually, but filling it up with different points of view.

Travelling is the biggest luxury and most beautiful thing that exists. My passion, these values, they’re all shared by Louis Vuitton, and that’s the reason why we get along with each other so incredibly well. Since the beginning, the brand has always been our n°1 supporter, pushing us only to the top already thanks to the video we shot. But throughout the year, we had the chance to leave on a few extremely magical trips as we’ve reinforced our partnership with them on a whole different level.

This time we were off to Mykonos for a little professional break. After hearing the suggestion all around us, we ended up exploring the Nammos beach, perfect spot for groups of friends who are looking forward to party like animals in the middle of the day, dressed up in tiny bikinis. The party was going wild. Walking around the beach was something too, each girl dressed up in Missoni, incredible bodies. It was something! Mykonos is definitely not the kind of discrete and shy place. It’s all about the more.

For the occasion, as we were there with Louis Vuitton, I wore an almost total outfit from the brand. From dress to bikini to shoes, the only non Vuitton thing I had with me was this hat that I’ve by the way been absolutely obsessing with. Honestly, there’s nothing I like more than straw hats for summer. It’s the ideal way to create a little shade and avoid burning the eyes. Hope you guys will enjoy this set of images!

webb_KTR_0004webb_KTR_0075webb_KTR_0090webb_KTR_0073 webb_KTR_0059 webb_KTR_0069webb_KTR_0083webb_KTR_0118webb_KTR_0084Photo 12-07-14 13 34 42Photo 12-07-14 16 23 52Photo 12-07-14 16 24 20Photo 12-07-14 16 26 25

Photo 12-07-14 16 23 58Photo 12-07-14 16 24 57Photo 12-07-14 16 27 12


DRESS : Louis Vuitton

SHOES : Louis Vuitton

BAG : Louis Vuitton

HAT : The Kooples  (or Similar)

BRACELET : Kriss & Jules (& Similar)


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You look marvelous. Dress, shoes and bag I love everything.

xx Mira

U’re beautifull ♡ and I really like your shoes! ;))

Love that LV bag! Hat and espadrilles are super cute too!

Love your look and definitely that bag! I agree with you that traveling broadens your mind! I always feel so much better after holiday or even a short citytrip!

x Karen

Lovely blog post, I love your outfit and the photos of Mykonos, Greece is so photogenic!

Great photos, love everything in this look, simple ye cool. I think it’s normal to change, you can’t be the same person all your life. It happend to everyone!


I think travel is really change our inner world.
Lovely relaxed outfit! And I like your face.There is almost no makeup! You look very fresh and rested)

I love the dress, it has beautiful pattern, and of course espadrilles, great idea :)

This photos are beyond beautiful!! – New post <3

love this natural and very stylish look! Great!

You look so gorgeous, as always! I loooove the dress and the shoes, so chic!
Have a lovely day!

Yeah, traveling indeed is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. It’s my favorite thing in the world!
Amazing pictures, mykonos seems like such a lovely place! Your outfit is really pretty, perfect for the beach

I absolutely love it when you keep your make-up plain. not that i don’t love the good old cat eye. but your natural beauty is more amazing…go for it ;)

Beautiful photos! You look so pretty and relaxed :) These tote and espadrilles are superb!

loving the coral colors – especially the shoes from LV! What place did you stay at?
I might just have to put Mykonos on top of my next-travelling-list!


You look so beautiful even with less makeup. Thank you for sharing your changes.


Parfaite de la tête aux pieds !


Amazing photos! Mykonos is my dream destination!

Beautiful place and awesome look! Love it!
New look on I hope you!

I loved this post, I would love to be able to travel more and see the differences it makes to me! You look as gorgeous as ever too. Thank you for this wonderful post!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

I love printed dress in bright colors! These espadrilles are so cute
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

It’s so exciting to see and read about all your travels and adventures! Beautiful photos, as usual!


kristina i love your shoes


stop being so perfect ahahhaah! love the outfit

you look beautiful
the place looks fantastic


I was there a few days after you left. Nammos was such a beautiful place. I wish I could go back there again. Your journey has been incredible indeed. I live through your blog and travel through it as well. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Such a beautiful beach outfit – and travelling is definitely one of the best things you can do in your life!!

Love from Munich, L

i love it!!!

xoxo from rome

Vera Strotz 31 July 2014 / Reply

yes, I’m a fan!

You look beautiful Kristina! It looks like you had an amazing and relaxing time too!

Raindrops of Sapphire
The Jeans Blog | Dedicated to everything denim

Beautiful! Love the colors!!

Beautiful outfit. I like L.V.

Beautiful! Very cool slippers!! I LOVE!

Visit my blog
:-) xoxo

I love this outfit!

This outfit is probably my favorite out of your recent ones !!
Every single piece is outstanding

Love these Louis Vuitton espadrilles!

Chekc out my blog at

that dress is so damn pretty! If only I could afford it…

Love your text, and how you described your visual and textual diary of your life ! I so agree with you, and it’s so great you allow yourself to change, and be more laid-back, as it’s a style that suits you a lot !

Especially when you’re dressed in Vuitton resort !

Fab hair as always, and love your espadrilles !

I was in Mykonos last year and I loved it!

You are so right about the traveling! I’m attending college in a different country, where things are so different than at home. I’ve learned so so much and met so many people from different places I would have never met if I hadn’t taken that risk to fly far away for months at a time. After seeing so many different lifestyles, styles and points of view I think I have never felt more ME before. Its crazy (in a good way) isn’t it, travelling? AND your outfit is perfect!

Much love from Colombia!

Your outfit is amazing. I love the shoes!!

Hey Kristina!

I gotta say I absolutely adore your blog! Thank you so much for sharing all your stories with us :) I’ve only read your blog for a couple of weeks now so I’m not too familiar with your history, sorry for that. Therefore I’d like to ask you, how the heck did you get to work with LV? How is that even possible?! :D Thank you for your answer in advance, if you do find any time to answer me :) xxx

being natural is the best :)
I am from Hong Kong and now living in switzerland.
as it is quite boring after work, I started doing hand-made accessories not long ago and now I’ve my little website :)
Enjoy COOLAGE at and LIKE my facebk page!

Amazing outfit and deep intimate thoughts.
I really like the way you’re sharing your experiences with us ♥


Major crush on your espadrilles! Lovely outfit.

Loving the look! I just came back from mykonos too! Check it out!


Hi Kristina, beautiful pictures, greece is a nice place to be!!! I definitly looove the shoes, because they are perfect for a day at the beach

Yes, since I read your posts (since about 3 years), your texts have been changing a lot… i love that you share a lot things with us… its very interessting to read that!!
And I also know that you need a lot of time to write these articles!! It makes every single post very unique, and I think thats why your fans always keep reading…
(sorry about my bad english)

I know its very privat, but I still have to ask about your relationship with James, what changed? Can you tell more about that?


I agree, Kristina! I’ve definitely learned my lesson on never saying never. Many times over. ;)

Francesca 31 July 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina!
I’m an italian girl and I’ve been following your blog for quite a long time now, because I really like your style and I admire you as a person. I’ve always had a problem, something I don’t like of my body: I have big calfs and I really don’t know how to make them smaller, specially because they are quite muscular. Following you, I noticed that your legs changed and became slimmer. I would be very grateful if you could help me and tell me how you managed to reach you new shape (eating routine, exercises…). Thank you for reading this, I wish you the best, keep on doing what you do, you’re truly an inspiration!

I really do like this blog post, dear Kristina!
Thank you for being such an honest writer!
Can absolutely identify with the development you mention.. change it within and it changes without ;)

All the best and keep going :)

Love your beautiful coral dress that’s perfect for the beach

Great article, I with every word. Travelling helps you evolve as a person, opens up ones mind and makes you a better person.

Lovely outfit and great shots!

Très sympa les chaussures à l’adresse des Champs Elysées ;)
Je te comprends, je ne pourrais pas vivre sans voyager honnêtement.

Stunning. It’s so perfect having an online diary to scroll back through isn’t it?! You look gorgeous and it just goes to show that if you put the effort in, you can achieve whatever you want!

Katie <3

Yes, we really enjoyed it. Beautiful photos!

You’re gorgeous!!! Love your style and luxury life :))

xx- Carlyn

Perfect photos. Perfect weather. Thanks for sharing.

haine bebelusi

super gorgeous look!
ladies in navy

I love that dress, so pretty! <3

Change is natural, it’s actually good it means you can adapt to a new lifestyle and improve yourself.
Beautiful photos.
xx Cheyenne

Mykonos seems such a nice place ! Beautiful pictures wow and you are just straight up gorgeous ! You have become a huge rolmodel to me, thanks for that ! xo

Daniella 31 July 2014 / Reply

love it!

Amazing look! =D
Please, check out my blog!


I absolutely love the outfit! The LV tote is very cute! Congrats on your travels and success!

You are so pretty without too much make up on! ♥ OMG!

This look is really inspiring for go to the beach! hat is great for sun protection and go chic at the same time … good choice.


Beautiful photos, as always. Everything is just so stunning, you are living the dream!

I can only hope that one day I will be lucky enough to experience even a fraction of the world as you have. You deserve it, Kristina!

Please feel free to check out my blog :)

Love it!! Check out my website for tips and tricks for fashion, beauty, health and more!!

Very nice look ! Especially love your hat

You are absolutely gorgeous !!! Love the beach simplicity by Louis Vuitton as well!!!!) and are travelling to the most charming places, Kristina!!)) u should Defenetely come to Russia sometime , it’s getting more exciting here now on terms of fashion industry!!)

C’est plutôt bon signe, si les voyages te font changer. Tu n’as plus non plus le même âge et les mêmes envies qu’au début de ton blog. Et puis, comme a dit le philosophe Montaigne, “Les voyages forment la jeunesse”!

I agree with, travel is the most enriching experience you could ask for. You must be so happy to have had experienced all these different places! Love this look, it’s so fresh and summery. You look beautiful! x

You are just perfect!! I’m totally in love to your glowly make up !!! J’adore!
Jolie Mademoiselle

You’re such a beautiful girl Kristina! You really inspire me and thank you for that! I’d really love to be a great blogger like you! Love this post!

Bye, Marine

Very nice pics! I loved shoes!!! ;)

Hello from Spain Kristina! Pretty as always. I love not only ALL your outfits but the way you write is amazing, it feels like we teletransport to Mykonos with you or wherever you go because we can feel your enthusiasm and happyness in every post you write. Congratulations because all the work you have done so far and keep going that way, alwas improving and thinking of new ideas.


Being in Mykonos is amazing! Being in Mykonos WITH LUIS VUITTON is more than crazy!
Superfun photos I hope you enjoyed!


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