Bonjour Everybody!!! How are you all? I feel like it’s been literally ages. I hope you missed me and the flow of new articles on Kayture. We are back on track with so many incredible things to share with you so jump on the ride because we are going to explore together the treasures of India as well as bring you on our two trips from Sardinia to Mykonos.

I have to say, I personally missed you guys so much. Writing on Kayture is such a therapy for me and became such a part of my life that it feels so strange to break this habit. However, this little one week break was exactly what I needed to get refreshed, fuel up on new ideas and just relax a little bit without thinking about posting every single day. As much as I love writing and posting religiously on a daily basis, it takes a lot of time to get an article ready and it sometimes breaks a day of travel as I need to head back to the hotel room in order to get the content done for the next day, and so you miss out on certain precious moments.

I am happy to kick off the week with an article about our trip in India which was definitely one of the most moving experiences since the beginning of this year for me. James and I already traveled to Mumbai last year, I couldn’t wait to explore other areas of the country and learn more about this fascinating culture.

For me, India is a country of contrast. Coming in hosted by a beautiful brand, we received the best treatment we could have ever expected. Yet each time while driving thought the streets, we were shaken up but the brutal and so overwhelming reality of life. In only four days, we saw 3 different cities starting from Delhi, to Jodhpur and finally Jaipur. The whole goal of this journey was to attend an Indian wedding and of course explore the extremely rich and vast history and heritage of the country.

Coming in town, treated in such a special and privileged way was an incredible luxury and blessing. However, it was at the same time difficult to close our eyes on the average social condition in India. In only a couple of hours we saw some of the most beautiful places on earth to heartbreaking images of everyday life.

And even though we’ve seen some very harsh things, one that really stuck in my head was the vivacity, of the streets. Life, overwhelming, so touching and vivid life is so present. If you choose to look into the eyes of people, you can see in such a powerful and incredibly moving way all they went through and sense a surprising serenity and peace of mind in their looks. A kindness and “happiness” that is so rare nowadays. With little they have, they seem to find such serenity in everyday life.

I have so much more to say about this trip, I can’t wait to share with you some more of my impressions of this journey but for now I am happy to introduce you to this set of images that my friend Philippe Girard and I shot while exploring an Indian market on the search for the perfect Sari. Since James was on holidays during that period of time, Phillipe and I were travel buddies, hope you guys will enjoy the adventure!

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SCARF : A La Russe (Similar Here)

BAG : Chloé

HAT : The Kooples

FLATS : Chanel


TOP : J. Crew (Similar Here)


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You look stunning as always darling! I love the magic air of India. I’ve already been at the Holifusion Festival which is a festival taken from the Holi festivity of India. Was quite an amazing event with lot of colours. Enjoy the trip :)


Kiss from Sara

I believe it must be very hard to enjoy all the luxury at its fullest when you know that outside people are starving, on the other hand you cannot help everybody.. Of course it’s sad, but in the end I guess you cherish all you have more when you see how it else could be. Beautiful photos Philippe took, can’t wait to see the rest!

this post is so beautiful…. amazing captures there
I have a new outfit like every monday, on the top of Spain


Love this post! I’ve never been to India but I think it would be great to visit this country, very good experience!

Glad you’re back again. Gorgeous look. I loooove that scarf :D

xx Mira

Love your photos. My dream is to visit India one day. I love their culture and religion. Can’t wait to see more photos!

What a gorgeous trip!! Excited to see more!

Love from Munich, L


Hi Kristina! Awsome article, it feels good that you also talk about poverty in India and not just luxurious wedding. Plus, you’re everyday more beautiful.
I have a question that many of your followers ask themselves for sure: it is not about your private life, but since the beginning we’re used to see James as your boyfriend, I have to say that it’s been a while that we are wondering about James and you still being a couple? You were quite romantic and seemed happily in love, and since a little while, some of us have been wondering if it is still the case (I have to say it would break my heart). I know it’s none of our business, but since we know James from the beginning of Kayture adventure…!

nice article….very colorful!!!
please tell my the name of the hotel you are staying in mykonos-looks amazing

Kristina your outift for the post is amazing! But I also wanted to say that you give a very realistic vision of Inida!
I was born there so I know much about it, and I really appreciate the way you talk about it, an try to make us consider the both side of the country! So thanks for sharing and hope to see more as soon as possible!

Ce pays te rend encore plus belle !
C’est notre prochaine grande destination avec mon chéri, on rêve d’y découvrir ses richesses !

A bientôt ;)


Wow lovely photos! I’m so jealous of you and your travels! :)


Such beautiful pictures. I don’t know if i could stand the look of so much poverty near luxury. That’s one of the thing that prevents me from visiting India.
In the end, did you find a sari?

superb outfit !!! and sari must be very nice to try :)

The people are amazing and the pictures awesome! good job!

Great photos, they are amazingn lot of emotion by the way, your outfit is very nice, beautiful


I love your hat! These photos are beautiful!

Daniella 14 July 2014 / Reply


Love the causal and yet so fashionable photo diary of India. Makes me wanna visit India and find my sari too!!


This post is absolutely perfect! I love every pics you have posted *_*



Missed your posts ! India looks !!! Also the patterns on those scarfs are gorgeous!

Really love the fact that you blended into the Indian culture, that is very thoughful of you !

Great pics, which make me want to visit India, and LOVE the scarf and hat !

The contrast of colour is so beautiful there. But the the contrast of wealth so saddening. Hope you enjoyed the vibrancy of a new culture.


Wow I’m so happy for you !! It’s a pleasure to hear from you… And yes I missed your daily posts !!
I really loved this article about India, very touching ♥

Awesome post, beautiful photos!

The bindi looks so good on you, nice touch! I’d love to know where all of your gold rings come from, they’re just gorgeous.
-Shannon at

I want to see more and more and more pictures of that trip, it looks so amazing.
You are one lucky girl

Love Imke

I want to see more and more and more pictures of that trip.
you are such a lucky girl

Love Imke

Amazing pics, Kristina! It must have been a great experience.

India truly is a country of contrast, and that way really interesting! You guys took gorgeous photos and I hope you found the sari!

I absolutely love the photographs! India is such an amazing place! I’ve always wanted to go there!

I’m looking forward for more posts from there! ;)


amazing mood of those pictures plus amazing you! totally in love<3

beautiful photos!! I love India!!


I love this pictures and i like your scarf , is so nice . You are beautiful like always .

beautiful photos! welcome back!
ladies in navy

Beautiful photos, and you looks great.


what an amazing place! So vibrant and full of colour x

what a beautiful country, I hope to visit it some day :D

I love India, the colors there are amazing… would love to go back sometime :)
This are some beautiful photos from your trip, love your ever so casual outfit!

Wonderful photos, and you look as amazing as ever!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

wow, such amazing pics!

Happy you’re back dear!! The photos are looking fantastic!


You bought beautiful sari for sure :) and all those colors, it looks gorgeous!

you look so fresh faced. stunning photos. looks like the most amazing place. thanks for sharing your experience lovely

India looks amazing! Such a beautiful place! The markets are so colourful.

I’ve always loved all the colors and fabrics of traditional Indian clothing.
I’m glad that you noticed all the poverty in India and didn’t just talk about the positive things. It’ll definitely bring more awareness to this issue that so many people seem to be uncomfortable with.


Exotic place, beautiful! =)
Please, check out my blog!


I love your pictures. It kills me to read about all that poverty in india…
Please, visit my blog:

Wow, I can only imagine, Kristina. Sometimes, I’m afraid of going back to my parent’s home country because I’m afraid of what I’ll see since I last visited. Thank you for sharing your travels. I look forward to your next article and am SO glad you’re back! :)

Your travels are so jealousy inducing! This looks amazing.

Style by Joules

You look gorgeous, love your scarf! India seems fun!


I can’t wait to see more of that trip. You have such a packed schedule, I really admire you blogging so consistently, and also small breaks are sometimes really useful. Although it’s a pity you don’t really communicate with commentators much (I understand that it is absolutely crazy to reply to a 100 comments, but sometimes one reply is sooo amazing). I can’t describe how inspirational your blog has been for me – it’s all about quality and I aspire to this level of devotion and hard work :)

Thank you for blogging!

Love the hat you have been wearing. The Kooples makes me miss Paris!


Sarah Dressler 14 July 2014 / Reply

Wow. The trip to India must have been incredible. As always, the fashion was spot on!

Gorgeous photos! I have so many trips planned for the next few months and can’t wait for any of them – lovely photos like these make me even more eager to go and inspire me to always find beautiful things on my travels. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up :-)

Beautiful pictures of India, they brought back beautiful memories and I remember my own search for a Sari! Love following you on your adventures. Bisous!

Really really beautiful pictures!


Amazing photographs, they really reflect what you say in your article, real street life and contrasts.

I love your blog and style Kristina!

Beautiful pics <3

Helo Müller

Victoria 15 July 2014 / Reply

Stunning! I love the detail that goes into Indian design, such a beautiful country!

beautiful photos :) glad you had a relaxing break from blogging. i love blogging too, so I understand how you could miss it so much!

Amazing experience! Would love to visit India so much!!! Welcome back!

Its nice to see India’s beauty, you’re very inspiring Kristina. Hope you could visit the beauty of the Philippines too someday.

Wow! So beautiful! Wonderful colours :) – New new post <3

Albertine 15 July 2014 / Reply

Couldn’t wait to see more pictures from India! What an amazing place!

OMG, the colours in these pics are so powerful… great diary!!

Wow this trip was amazing, a total experience, you are so lucky. Love the outfit, it’s so simple and chic in the same way. The scarf is so beautiful and you look really amazing with this hat. Love so much these Chanel espadrilles and the bag is just perfect

Ces photos sont magnifiques, j’adore!


Kristina, you totally captured India!!!!!! I like your outfit, too…..keeping in touch with colours, style, vibrance and modesty, which is very much required in the streets of India. Ur instagram pics are awesome and your boyfriend James is such a wonderful photographer i admire his talent a lot! And as for you you were my first real fashion icon for whom i have a die-hard kind of thing which i never had for any of my other fave pop stars or film actors………..Keep up all this great work……..and short note for those interested in fashion……my mom makes handmade jewellery please check out her facebook page…….bcoz i know all of you guys posting on KAUTURE are wonderful, so u’ll love my mom’s handiwork too!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Savannah 15 July 2014 / Reply

These photos are so gorgeous x

Stunning images! Its great seeing you guys’ perspectives of India through your photos.

It looks like such an amazing trip! Can’t wait to see more of your beautiful photos!

Emily, The Glam Files

Perfect india! so amazing photos!!
but.. I am waiting for your next posts from Mykonos!!!!
Kisses xx

Great pics. I can feel the indian vibe.


I live in Geneva and I visited Agra, Jaipur, and New Delhi a few weeks ago.
I couldn’t handle the poverty, the kids asking for food, the people without legs going around cars asking for money… I was treated like a money machine, with people trying to get as much money out of me as possible, with lots of people taking pictures of me, being very rude and aggressive. I couldn’t wait to go home. it’s so incredibly brave of you to go around the cities on your own, with chanel shoes and nice clothes…I just wore clothes that could be ruined by the dirt and covered myself up, although that didn’t help much, people still stared as if i was an alien…

Beautiful pics ! Hope you enjoy your trips ! Your photos are always amazing & can’t wait to read you more ! xx

thank you for such interesting and informativ article <3
I was just impressed by your story and I love your colorful photography :)
* can`t wait read more about your trip

That was a very interesting and well written article, Please write more articles like this!

Mexican Mint

Your photos are all so incredibly flawless!


The picture of the rings atop the textiles was a favourite. What bright colours! So vivid.