While in India with LoveGold, we’ve had the opportunity to explore 3 completely different cities and live several extremely overwhelming and unforgettable experiences. The last place we stopped by for this fairytale of a journey was Jaipur. An absolutely fascinating city full of hidden places that completely take your breath away. Our visit of the Amer fort was one of those adventures I’ll definitely remember.

It was a hot humid day, with the sun slowing but gently baking our skin into a deeper golden shade. I wondered if I was crazy to wear trousers, and longe sleeves, and a scarf AND a hat that day… But to be totally honest, it was more in order to protect myself from the UVS, and most definitely not because I was afraid to get cold. You can never be safe enough right? This entire look made me feel almost more adventurous than I usually am, something like a modern day Indiana Jones? Ah, I can always dream about it.

Since this entire Indian experience was evolving around the celebration of gold  craftsmanship, I wore for this getaway some feather shaped jewels from an Italian brand called Stroili. So delicate and sophisticated it was really the perfect pieces to add to this bohemian, and quite different look of the day. I always enjoy discovering new labels, and LoveGold have made me find out about so many stunning jewelry brands. This one is definitely to check out and follow! And the images my friend Philippe Girard and I shot at the top of the Fort. Hope you’ll enjoy them :)

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TOP : Zara (Similar Here)

SHOES : Divine

SCARF : A La Russe

HAT : The Kooples

TROUSERS : Zara (Similar)

BAG : Chloé

JEWELS : Stroili Jewels courtesy of LoveGold 


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What a cool style! Love your hat!

xx Su

The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Really like this american inspired look, it’s very stylish and looks effortless, eventhough it’s been thought long on it :) Super chic!

These photos are all so mesmerizing! I wish I could go somewhere as beautiful as this!

Diane ||

Great photos!!!

Wow, this is beautiful, you look different than usual here but always so pretty. I like the way how you matched black and brown items together
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

So beautiful!!!!!

You have chosen simply a perfect background for your stunning outfit and the wonderful jewellry! I adore your pictures and thank you so much for sharing such impressing impressions from your trip as I already read so many books about India … but never visited it personally.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Beautiful place, those photos are very nice and your outfit is awesome, love the color of that pants!


Super lovely look. The scarf is awesome!

xx Mira

Wow!! All of the photos look breathtakibg!! Amazing place!
You look so boho chic :)

Definitely one of my favourite looks of yours! More different than the usual I like it!

The place looks really great and you too ;))

Love the shirt!<3

Wow these photos are sooo beautiful and I love your outfit!! Cute top and sandals :)

Today’s details ✨ #fashion #girlabouttown #soonontheblog

What a gorgeous outfit!! I love your top and sandals :) the photos are amazing too!! :)


I love all your pictures from India but these might be my favourites. The way your outfit and that incredible setting merge together…love it!!

best wishes

Francesca 7 August 2014 / Reply

That outfit is super chic!

That place is heaven! And your outfit is simply perfect!!

Very nice Kristina! I was there last week and we took the same kind of blogger photos! Very funny to see :) India is magical!

beautiful post dear. and the pictures as well.

beautiful impressions,love the vibrancy of India and the earthy tones of your look blend in very well with the scenery!


The pictures are amazing. And yes you look very Indiana-Jonesy ;)

Amer Fort… il me semblait bien que ça me disait quelque chose, j’y suis allée lors de mon passage à Jaipur.
Et oui comme tu le disais dans un billet précédent, il faudra que tu retournes voir le Taj Mahal… peut être pas tant pour le site lui-même mais pour le rêve que ça représente, de le voir une fois dans sa vie… mythique…

stunning photos!


Gorgeous photos (as always)!! I love the feather-detail necklace and your hat :) xx

Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

Everything looks wonderful. Amazing photos and you truly look like a modern Indiana Jones. Stunning!

Very stunning look and photos. I love the scarf!

Such magical photos. I absolutely love them and makes me really want to go to India! So amazing!

Les photos sont magnifiques! J’ai l’impression que je dis ça dans chacun de mes commentaires mais à chaque fois je le pense ^^ J’adore comme ta tenue se fond parfaitement dans le paysage :)

India really looks mesmerizing! I absolutely love the entire outfit; reminds me of female version of Indiana Jones. Needless to say, a very stylish version of Indiana Jones.


Beautiful photos! I love the fort! The look is flawless as usual!

Xia Zaichao 7 August 2014 / Reply


Amazing bag! The pictures look gorgeous!

x Karen

Great outfit! You do look like Indiana Jones!!! haha, love it.

Amazing pictures! Such a magical place! x

Wow, you make such an ethnic look so stylish! That is not to say ethnic looks aren’t fashionable but you give it such a vogue vibe. Really loving the cute bag & simple sandals!

The Fashann Monster

Beautiful look! And the Chloé bag is simply amazing!

Love from Munich, L

Love your outfit!! Gorgeous photos.

what a gorgeous set of photos!
ladies in navy

wonderful pictures. great look!

Loving this fresh style on you!


Nathalia kalil 7 August 2014 / Reply

Such a beautiful place!! And you look gorgeous!!

Gosh! Just adore this outfit :D

wow the buildings’ beauty is beyond.

Absolutely stunning photos, your friend Phillippe did a really good job at capturing the essence of this place. And I can only imagine how stunning the surrounding must be in real life. And I’m falling more and more in love with your writing after each post. Keep on being classy & fabulous! :D

Lovely outfit and photos!!

xoxo, Diana

Love your outfit perfect for the scenery. Love your Chloe bag

I love this outfit! It looks so comfortable and chic, and I love that it offers a great amount of sun protection. All the photos from your travels are so beautiful too!

-Helen Grace

Amazing post!

Wow, this post is inspiring honey! You look fantastic


you look so pretty. such an amazing look! XOXO


Your imagery is utterly superb. Each one is striking, very magazine-esque and glamorous :)
I can but try…

Wow, these pictures are simply amazing! What a gallery! And your outfit perfectly matches the area… Beautiful….

Absolutely stunning! I had to scroll through the pictures twice.

You look like the most fashionable version of a adventurer in one of those old films, beautiful! <3

Amazing blog! Adore your style! I’m a brand new fashion blogger and therefore I’d be flattered if you checked ti out! Looking foreward to hear your impressions!

You always look so chic, even when dressed very casual and ethnic to travel !

The pictures are always breathtaking !

Who takes all these pictures and what camera is he/she using? Would appreciate an answer, love your blog :)

WOW what an amazing location! the jewellery is so beautiful, Love this outfit fits perfectly with the location!


Love the look,the jewels,the landscape….All so beautiful!

wowww you look like an actress!!!

breath taking!


love the pics, the jewelry.. everything