The best things in life come shaped in simplicity. A light tee, some ripped leather trousers and a stroll through one of my favorite places in Switzerland : the old city of Zürich. Full of little treasures, it’s the perfect escape in the middle of a busy day. After hours spent between meetings, James and I like to go there and get lost in the multitude of little streets to clear our heads up, brainstorm about what was said and… squeeze in a little shopping of course as they have the smallest, finest boutiques.

Yesterday night, my heart got turned into a big marshmallow fudge. Going through your comments on the previous Instagoodies article literally got me all teared up… As I was turning tomato red (my face turns beetroot every time I go emotional, not. cute.), I couldn’t but be so amazed and thankful for your support. It overwhelms me to such a high level to witness your degree of kindness. I truly mean it when I say that you give me so much strength to go on and to the whole kayteam to out-do ourselves. I care so much about this. You guys give me hope and I hope that on my side, I am able to make you dream and appreciate life and it’s beauty a little more every single day.

And you know what touches me the most? Is that even though we might have never seen each other in person and that computer screens separates us from reality, what we have is so precious and I truly consider you being all part of my life. I don’t like to talk about sad stuff here on Kayture because it’s a place about positive energy and uplifting vibes, but you know, a couple of years ago when things with the blog started to go really well and still now, a lot of “friends” began turning their back. It’s the saddest thing to see close ones not supporting your passion. You guys, have always been there for me and I know that after a long, tiring, stressful day, I’ll read your comments and it’s like putting happiness glasses back on : I click on “post new” and spread the love you just gave me.

With you guys, I feel like I can truly be who I really am. And that gives so much sense to my life and to what I do. I know that I am in the right place, working so hard to improve, to surprise and to create more things. When I talk to you guys, I know you’ll get it. After all, it seems like you know me better than anybody! My allergies, where I travelled last month, where I was born and what my goals are… If you are here, if you’re part of the Kayteam , then I think you might share at least a few values with me, meaning you believe in strength, in fighting for your passions, in beauty, in loving, in laughing, in wearing pretty heels on pavement streets (busted), in eating too much sweets and in pausing a meal to Instagram, in day dreaming, in travelling and in spending a ridiculous amount of money in a bag because it’s a treasure.

So you guys know me really well and this makes us officially friends! Doesn’t it? When I meet people at parties, through friends or events, I can’t even describe how surprised and confused they look when I tell them that my job is to create Inspiration. I understand, it’s something new and even I needed 2 years to fully figure it out. But when I meet you guys, you go straight to the point : we make pictures like we’ve known each other forever! I find it so, so incredibly awesome. So again, you guys rock. Thank you for your love. I hope that we’ll keep inspiring you day by day to be the best person you are meant to be and to live each day with passion.

webb_KTR_0303 webb_KTR_0328 webb_KTR_0334 webb_KTR_0345 webb_KTR_0352 webb_KTR_0356 webb_KTR_0363 webb_KTR_0368 webb_KTR_0378 webb_KTR_0410 webb_KTR_0414 webb_KTR_0420 webb_KTR_0423


TOP : Rag & Bone (& Similar)

TROUSERS : Anine Bing (& Similar)

HEELS : Alexander Wang (& Similar)

BAG : Chanel 


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Love the smiles on this post! xx

Aww, I really wanna hug you right now <3
I think it's really amazing how there is this strong bond between people who only know each other from the internet.
Oh and the Outfit is lovely as always. Simplicity is key! :)


You are such a fashion inspiration! I wonder what camera and camera lens you use for your pictures ? They are amazing !

You have such a beautiful smile, Kristina! You deserve all the love and comments and everything! You are truly such an inspiring person, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to post next!

Diane ||

Oh, what a great article! I really enjoy reading your posts, it became more of a morning ritual. A cup of coffee and the latest post on Kayture it is enough to start my morning smiling.
Thank you for being you, for being so involved and interested in your fans. Kaymmunity rules!

Dear Kristina,
I am still lying in my bed on a sunday reading this beautiful article.
I am such a huge fan of kayture and everything the kayteam created.
I always love those heart to heart talks so much and you
guys inspire me so much to live my dreams, I started a blog myself.
Hope to meet you someday.
Stay that beautiful,
Love, jasmin

This outfit is a proof that less is more! Perfectly minimalistic outfit!
Love your bag and tee!!

I just read your Instagoodies article and this one, and you keep confirming to me how amazing you are! You are a true inspiration to me, in life and concerning my blog too! I love that you enjoy life at fullest, I think it’s the best thing we can do, be grateful and share the love! Keep it going, Kristina, you’re great!

I love this simple but very elegant look.
You have a very charming smile btw))

Love this simple outfit!! And you look beautiful as always!! :)

xx Su

The simple things are usually the best things. You look so glam even in such a minimalist outfit. I love how happy you look here. Different from your usual photos but great all the same.

The Fashann Monster

I’ve been following the blog since its start and it’s amazing how much it has grown! I love seing how much your style has changed through the past two years and I can tell you it keeps getting better and sharper every time! This also applies to the pictures, when I read that you were nominated for an award, I was like “wow they both deserve it so much”, the photography on Katyure is insane. So keep going, follow your passion and conquer your dreams because reading about all of those day by day is not only inspiring but also so motivating. You deffinitely rock and your blog is and has been since the start one of my two favorites! Los of love, Aude.

Your blog is such a source of inspiration. I mean, the fact that you tell us everything you feel and that you’re so grateful makes us want to be more and more supporting. Cause you just deserve it, you are definitely gifted!
Thank you for all your good vibes and energies
(Plus, your posts help me practicing my English day by day! Even if you also speak French hihihi

Love this simple & chic outfit bit your hair looks damaged..

Hi Kristina! Love your simple casual outfit. I’m very excited to come to Zurich later this year. I completely agree with you, doesn’t matter what day I’m having, I go to my blog and read comments and become thousand times happier :) love your blog

- Madeline

You are such an Inspiration (with a capital I, just like you wrote it ;) ) !
Your words are so warm, welcoming and friendly, I truly admire your and James’ work. And you seem so down-to-earth and luxurious, you and the blog, it’s amazing! Keep up the excellent work, I never hesitate to read every new article you post. Xx

Beautiful look. I like your heels.

Love your article. Love all your articles. You said soon you coming to China again.
Will you tell where you will be headed? I’m german and living in China, hope to meet you next time.
I missed the last time in Shanghai. Your photos always incredible. Good luck to get the award!!!

You’re so sweet!!

Perfect simple outfit. Love it! x

Very simple casual and chic outfit ! Even in simplicity you are always chic and luxury! Tanks for , as you said, inspiring me every day ! Ps . I gote you on bloglovin !!! Xo

You look so cute and happy in those photos!
Just seeing you smiling and being yourself makes me happy too!
I have been following you since 2011 and that’s true that you shared a lot of things since then. You’ve changed and I think it’s for the better. It seems like you’re more confident and truly believe in what you want to achieve which is great! The hard work that you, and your team, have provided is really admirable.
That’s sad that your “friends” didn’t support or believe in what you’re doing, they were completely wrong…
Keep going with the ones that have always support you!

Oh kris ! I felt quite emotional reading this post ….
You deserve to live the best ! You inspire me sooooo much for my blog, you cannot imagine how much ! You’re so lovely and down to earth, even if your blog is one of the most popular one !
Sometimes, with blogs, I just look at the photos without reading anything. But not with you. I always like reading your little messages, they are always full of positivity, hope, and strength .
Also, when I started writing my blog and uploading videos on Youtube, quite a few friends of mine turned their back as well. It’s not easy to deal with, but after all… We need to follow our hearts and hobbies, isn’t it ? :)
So, thank YOU for giving all these good vibes to all of us !

Love from France, Victoria

Chère Kristina,

Superbes photos comme toujours! Je suis une lectrice aguerrie de ton blog depuis quelque temps maintenant mais je n’avais jamais osé laisser de commentaire.
Je te remercie de nous faire rêver et voyager avec toi au fil de tes articles!
Je vous souhaite a toi et a James bonne chance pour la suite de l’aventure en espérant qu’elle dure longtemps!
J’ai bien évidemment vote pour kayture pour les blog awards.

Wish you the best !!!

Très beau la vieille ville de Zürich, en effet :)

Zürich’s old town is very beautiful indeed… ! :)

I recommend for those who like cupcakes : “Cupcake Affair”, in one small street of the old town, you can easily find the address on google…

Very nice outfit ! Especially love your pants

Gorgeous look. Love it


And are you good friend, Kristina? Or you can forget about your close friends when you haven’t got enough free time to talk with them?

Krisrina you are SO awesome! When I read this post and saw these pictures I truly couldn’t stop to smile, you are such a cute person. You are a big inspiration for me, a 15-year-old girl, and I think for all the other readers too. Keep going on like that, you are gorgeous. I wish you all the best in your life.

Kristina, reading your blog always gets me through the day. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a bit over two years now, and it has been a complete pleasure and a treasure of mine. Elegant ladies like you who does their own thing are rare. I’ve always loved your style, because you stand out from the crowd and that’s reaaaaaaally hard.
I’m sixteen and recently started the Danish version of high school a few days ago and it was hard – as in crying my heart out in the middle of the night, when my family was sleeping. I’m some what smart and picked a line in my school that’s gonna be really tough (Math, Chemistry and Physics on a very high level) but I love dressing up – wearing makeup, wearing dresses, wearing patterned pants, colorful outfits etc. etc., so it’s difficult for me to find friends in my school that match my interests, because they all dress a certain way (girl, u gotta have yo jeans, Balenciaga bag and a pair of nikes), don’t care about their grades and drink/party a lot.
When I check your blog, it reminds me that it’s okay to be different and do what makes you happy. So I try to ignore all the dirty looks or comments I get and keep doing well in class, because you and your blog remind me of a timeless ideal/beauty that’s sooooo rare and only found in making yourself happy and doing your own thing your way!! :)) Thank you!!!

Dear Kristina,

Thank you for this beautiful article! It’s the first time I am writing a comment on your blog, and I have to say that you are a very inspiring person and absolutely my idol. I am still a student, so my English isn’t very good (but I’m learning to… hehe) and every time I come home from school, the first thing that I do is just checking social media and your blog to find out what you were doing that day and dreaming away before I have to do my homework! Oh yes, I was also wondering, when are you going to sing again? I can’t wait to hear another song! And btw, the song you posted on instagram (from the movie with Audrey Hepburn?) was SO beautiful! The comments on that post were so mean and it musn’t scare you of doing what you love to do. Kristina, you are an amazing person, and you are a very powerful and awesome woman! We (the followers and members of your kayture team) will always believe in you and supporting you.

Kind regards,

I love this look and beautiful photos, you’re gorgeous!

Your pics are beyond gorgeous last time! Absolutely stunning! Chic.

Aw, you are such a lovely person writing all of this and being so kind. I should be the one thanking you for inspiring me not the other way around. You are absolutely amazing and so gorgeous. I feel like your smile lights up the whole world, I’m not even kidding. Don’t you never ever forget how wonderful you are and keep doing what you do because that makes us – your readers – happy as well.

Oh my God, you are so sweet! This article is really touchy and so rare in other blogs, that shows again, why are you my and so many others favorite bloggers! I also really love the outfit! Please keep up the good work and being so nice and inspiring!

LOVE when you smile with your teeth showing! You look great! :)

Wow, really nice words! I very like to meet you someday :)
I love the pictures where you laugh… you have such an amazing aura!!

Rosa Lisa

I absolutely love this outfit and you!!!! stop being so amazing! hahahahahah! There is this brand new blog that just opened, it is called and they remind me of how you started. Its defiantly worth a look. -Just another one of your admires <3

Beautiful look! So simple, so elegant and just spreading so much positive energy!
You are simply the best! Hope you win!
Good luck!

xx Nicola

What a great post and look – keep up your amazing work!

Love from Munich, L

Those simple outfits often are the best!

Dear Kristina

Thank you for always inspiring me.
You really get the positive energy through the screen to me – all the way to my heart making my week brighter and my smile wider.

You really have motivated me to dream – but most importantly to dream dreams that I am willing to fight for.
You are a true fighter, hard worker and positive thinker. I might not know all you faults and mistakes, but I do feel like the world would be a better place if more people engaged life the way you do: with open arms and the knowledge that you get what you work for.

Again – thank you for inspiring me – a big THANK YOU to the entire team behind you.
James, you really inspired me to get into photography – thank you for that and thank you, both of you, for sticking together through the years and sharing your life with us! I know that was tough.

The best of love and I hope to meet you one day – both of you!
– Amanda

Amazing outfit.Leather pants and white tee looks amazing together.

You are awesome!! Love the pants!

I love the chilled look! That top is amazing!

First, I really like and appreciate what you wrote here. You blog is really nice and you seem as a nice person. I am not often on you blog because of my obligations, but every time I check it, I am positively supervised.
Back you fashion. I love this outfit, totally my style, maybe I will wear something bag, but still outfit is amazing. :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are literally my ultimate inspiration!

Kirsten x

Therese :) 17 August 2014 / Reply

thanks so much for your wonderful post! you are actually the blogger who inspires me the most, because you don´t take things for granted, but you seem so grateful, joyful and excited about new projects, people and your followers! To me that is so refreshing and great to see people truly valuing and enjoying their achievements as there are enough people in this world who take their achievements and lifestyle for granted :) Thank you so much for being such a honest and joyful person!

You are such a beautiful person both inside and out. I love reading your blog <3
Love the outfit ;)

Wow, these pictures have to be my favorite ones ever!

Really love this simple, classic and chic look. You look pretty amazing and I love the picture where you smile a lot. Such a beauty. Also love this personal post and all you words. Thats really nice and I really appreciate that as a reader, follower and your fan. Its really amazing that I can be your follower and follow your journey. You doing such an amazing job and have beautiful life with all the travel and anything. I really would love to have a life like you too, but thats not possible where I live. So I really enjoy to see that you can live your dreams. And I’m so proud that you are nominated for the blogger award for best photography. I vote for you guys because you definitely need to win. I wish you all the luck in world for this.
Wish you also a great sunday. Enjoy the sunny day today im Switzerland.
Love, Petra

Great look! You look stunning!XX

Beautiful post! We love you Kristina!!

LOVE U! haha the third pic is awesome :D it´s so nice how u write all those nice and positive thinks about us and it really feels like u mean what u say, that is incredible and even that is already so inspiring. Love u Kristina X have the greatest day

I believe that you are beautiful, inside and out, and this article is so cute it shows how honest you are about your work. It must feel tough to be undermined by your closest ones, but at least you have someone like James who obviously shares his talent and passion with you, and well, you have us, your Kaymmunity (see what I did there? ^^ :P). You work hard and inspire. So keep doing it, because it is the thing you do best! ^^

Rebecca Meier 17 August 2014 / Reply

I thank you so much for being a such inspiration person <3 Your blog can pick me up when I am down, and through you I learned to be myself and now I do what I am really passionate about! Thank you for you and your blog <3

So soo perfect! I love simple looks like these!!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

so glad our comments are making you happy! you look so good:)
love, rebecissima

Wow this post is fabulous – your photos are beautiful!

That outfit is very simple and oh so chic at the same time, I am in love with everything, maybe except for those leather ripped (ripped leather pants make me think of Kanye West haha !)

Dear Kristina

I just wanted to say that I really love what you and your team do! I’ve been reading your blog for a very long time now and I’ve seen you guys develop – You how you’ve become a beautfiul and confident woman and James how he’s turned into an amazing fashion photographer and your blog and insta both are seriously the only ones I read and follow every single day and that leaves me a little disappointed when there’s nothing new haha:) and your nomination is so well-deserved.. it was about time and I think your blog is seriously more like a fashion magazine online than just a blog! thumbs up and stay as authentic and motivating as you are!

bisou from Basel

this post is fabulous, you are very pretty!


Where to start ? I’ve been a Kayreader since day one. And something that I can surely tell you is: WAOUH your blog got big, like worldwide big ! It’s not only about Swiss readers anymore ! And I really admire your team, because I know that you work really hard. But the person I admire the most is you, Kristina. The first thing I do in the morning is to go to Bloglovin and read your new article. Because it’s not only about fashion and beautiful pictures, you actually take time to write an article about your feelings, thoughts and all of that. And that is so precious because most of the bloggers just post some picture and that’s it. But I guess that if you really want to appreciate a blog, you’ve got to know more about the person that is leading it. Otherwise, you’ll just tend to forget about it. And the way you tell us your stories is really what keeps me on reading your blog ! Thank you for that. For the inspiration and everything. I know you must have pretty bad comments and negativity from time to time, but think about the ones who have reached the highest status in this world; they’re also the ones being most critized. Which means you’re amazing. And yes, we’ve got your back sweetie. I’m sending you much love through the internet ! Love from Switzerland

Looking gorgeous :)and congrats with your nomination! Love from Denmark

Hey Kristina! You seriously look as cute as a doll. With a touch of coolness. Those black leather pants are amazing, I think I’ll be needing those for fall!

I’m a doctor by day and a blogger by night.

New outfit post on the blog:

I love those pants and those sandals are nice.


Lovely white&black outfit with beautiful detail – wonderful bag!

adorable! lovely words.

Cutie pie! Love the pictures!

OXANAMUA Beauty Blog by Oksana Janson
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

You rock, Kristina!

You’ve grown into a successful confident young woman and remained a kind soul. That’s what I like about you. I wish you all the best of luck and sending back some positive vibes to you xxx

You deserve the Blog of the year award! Just voted and really hope you get it.

Lovely photos, you look so pretty laughing and smiling.

xoxo, Diana

As simple this outfit is, as beautiful it looks! I’m so glad we can give you this positive energy since you are amazing <3

Hello Kristina,

This is Jessica, I am from Taiwan.
I have followed your blog about 9 months, a new comer:)This is first time I wrote a comment here, I would like to express some of my feeling.

I love all Kayteam’s work, I do love. Every time when I read your blog, I can feel your energy and you are full of passion on what you do. This is really important, and you do inspire a lot of people with your positive attitude as well as your words. I appreciate you always send us with positive energies.

Love you and please keep going :)

I have to say, that you’re my favourite blogger. I’ve been reading your blog since January and now I am wondering how I had lived before without it :) I love your style and your positive energy and I wish I would be like you :3

Lovely outfit, a well cut white tee is a must have. I really like your make-up, it’s beautiful.

Love this!! Those pants are incredible on you!

Oh how stinkin’ precious it that bag? Large bags are so overrated I think. Cute ones like this are just the perfect touch. Probably have said this before – but you have like the best smile!


Your blog is my favorite blog and you are one of the reasons that made me want to make my own blog.
The place where you are taking pictures looks amazing.

I really enjoyed your thoughts today and the pictures are gorgeous as always.

Follow me on bloglovin

Really nice outfit, love the ripped leather pants!


beautiful pics kristina … voting for you in photography rewards

i’m so in love with the images where you smile – a so happy and honest smile! Wonderful images, great location and a brilliant eye for the light and so on! You are really a inspiration for me and i love what you do and hiw you share it with your “friends”!
you should more times smile like this because with this you look most beautiful :)

Oh such a cool effortlessly look! Awesome pants and pictures! =)
Please, check out my blog!



your hair looks fabulous! so does Chanel handbag…

Hey gorgeous! To be honest I only just find out about your instagram and a few days ago I had my first view of your blog. And I think it is amazing. You’re absolutely stunning and all the pictures on your blog are amazing. I’m an amateur photographer who would love to have a well-known blog as well, and I can only dream of taking pictures as great as the ones that are on here. Oh and you have an absolutely amazing smile!

That Chanel bag is beautiful! Works seamlessly with the outfit.

Janine Maral from

Just bought some heels like that and I’m in love. What a perfect outfit for traveling!

Pretty in Python

Bitemyfashion 18 August 2014 / Reply

Really sweet post Kristina, you seem like a really genuine person. Continue to shine!

Love, love, love this perfectly simple outfit. It looks fantastic. I want the Alexander Wang heels in black SO BADLY. Feel free to check out my blog!

Hello beauty!

Je te trouve superbe et je trouve aussi que tu as beaucoup de goûts!
J’ai voté pour toi (bloglovin’) “Meilleure bloggeuse de l’année” J’ai hâte que tu gagnes bella ;)

On se serre les coudes entre patriotes!


i love how you’re so genuine and open to sharing your feelings with us! i’ve been a silent reader for a while now and never commented but I always find myself gravitating towards your site for inspiration!! hope to meet you one day!

Great casual look, really chic though. I know what you mean about feeling like friends with your readers, amazing how much you can connect with people you’ve never actually met

Oh, you are so cute, you really inspire me to make my dream come true. I admire you a lot!!!

You’re such an inspiration and hope we can meet someday!

xx Alyson
The Beauty Vanity

Your story is so inspiring and you are such a lovely person! Wish one day I would be like you :)


I love the simplicity of this outfit! It is casual but sexy (: And your hair and makeup look great as well!


Those pants, love them.
It’s always nice to hear when bloggers like you actually take the time to go through our comments.
Love following all of your exciting adventures, you inspire me to work harder on my dreams no matter what.

xx Cheyenne

Maria Paula Moreno 18 August 2014 / Reply

Dear Kristina: From this little point i South America named Ecuador i can truly say that Kayture is awesame. It brings happiness and shine to my life. I am thankful for the day i dicovered you blog and since that day I’m huge fN of you. Cheers up!!!

you are truly inspirational – never let anyone put you down. It’s sad that people, whom you would have called your friends before, suddenly leave. But when you can count your friends with one hand, you know they are the ones that will stay with you!


This is a gorgeous post! I love your site and would love for you to visit mine.

Thanl you Kristina, you are a real inspiration for me. Not only because yous style is phenomenal but your personality makes me belive in myself and enjoy life to the fullest. Thank YOU!

You are so adorable Kristina And you are definitely fulfilling your job. Kayture is a great inspiration! xx

Amazing article, I guess I love your blog for your kind words in the same amount like great style and pictures…always make me feel even better
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Hey I believe we are really friends because we all share a passion for clothes, travelling and I am so thankful for the pictures you take in different places you give me the opportunity to visit each place with you and I hope one day I will also be able to travelling around the world at least to some beautiful countries. I love your outfit as usual and I wanted to tell I already voted for in the bloglovin awards, I wish you all the best.

Dear Kristina,

I’ve been silently following your blog for quite a while now. Today, I’ve decided to write a comment! I love going on instagram everyday and looking at all the amazing things you have been up to. This blog is literally filled with everything I love, fashion, travel and photography. It is so refreshing to see you’ve been working with James since the beginning. I’m starting art studies in September here in Lausanne, hopefully to find some sort of job in fashion or journalism. I’m your age and took a year off to travel and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. You have really inspired me to do something I love and not just something that will pay the bills. (Obviously that is what I’m looking for too, how else will I pay for my Chanel bags :p)

I also adore that you write about your feelings, because I feel that we live in a society where feelings are put to the side and aesthetics are one of the only things that count anymore. I understand that in fashion aesthetics are obviously very important, however what I take out of fashion and getting all dolled up is confidence, happiness, assurance, and being able to express my feelings through what I wear. I just read an amazing article in the September issue of British Vogue, written by Poppy King, she wrote about how a lipstick transforms and to consider it just a cosmetic is unjust. Lipstick is something I use almost every time I leave my house. I have a lipstick for every mood I can possibly be in. I believe that fashion transforms you as well you can also gain confidence in yourself and start your day not only looking fantastic but feeling it too.
I’ve never commented because I never really thought it would matter. However I start my art school in September, I honestly feel like you have helped me grow this year, you’ve made me believe that someone my age is possible of great things and no dream is too big.

I’ve seen you a couple of times in Lausanne, never wanted to bother you. Next time I see you, I will come up and tell you how much I love your blog and how much you have made me believe in my own dreams.

I voted multiple times, thanks to my multiple emails, I never use :-)

Keep inspiring.
Bisous de Lausanne

voilà j’ai voté (pour le meilleur blog photo & pour la bloggueuse de l’année)
très joli billet. ceux qui t’ont tourné le dos, tout comme ceux qui pourraient t’approcher pour les mauvaises raisons, sont animés par les mêmes choses, l’envie… ceux qui sont partis finalement t’ont permis de faire le “tri” entre les vrais amis et les autres, au final, ce n’est pas si mal.
de manière générale je suis assez curieuse de voir ce que ce blog va te permettre d’accomplir dans les années à venir (et te permet déjà d’accomplir de mois en mois), je me souviens que tu avais parlé dans une interview de lancer ta propre ligne de vêtements un jour… en attendant, je suis impatiente de lire ton livre…
Bonne journée!

I love your leather pants!!

love the outfits in that particular casual mood x

I agree, the previous Instagram post was amazing, but I miss the old goodies posts. Hope to see one of those from you very soon :))

I really feel thankful and blessed to read auch incredible thoughts from a pure mind in a beautiful girl. I’ m trying hard to set up my personal blog and I’m a bit confused, because I don’t know in which way should I start and how I could do it work in its better way.
Of course some close people of mine find my trying kind of ridiculous or they think that I throw away my time in front of a computer screen. Others, not so close respect my try and encourage me to continue… I , myself feel like you… I want to give inspiration to people, I just want to show everybody that we can make the difference if we see the positivity among the everyday pleasures of life that we all have around…
Thank you so much for sharing your pic & your thoughts… It’s a real blesing…!

Simple outfits are the best ones *_*


PS: i love the way you write <3

Love the simplicity yet so classy.


beautiful shots. you look so natural and gorgeous
Ladies in Navy

Always interesting to check your blog :)

Denina xx

I think this is one of my most favourite posts ever Kristina!! You look so happy and carefree :) xx

Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

I TOTALLY understand what you mean, Kristina. Many people may not understand why we are doing what we are doing and yes, that kind of “noise” does come friends and family and sometimes, those closest to us. A lot of my friends don’t understand why they don’t get support for going after their dreams and the reality of it is, our family and friends have never shot for the moon, much less for the stars because all they know is to take the road to average. Dreamers like me and many others (you just have to find us) understand and although the road to awesome is not easy, it sure is fun! It’s definitely not the road everyone is taking and that’s okay! Since it’s a less crowded road, it gives us THAT much more room to be our best and happiest! ;)

P.S. You look amazing as always!

but why leather? :( it is such cruelty

Thanks for that lovely article… and I really really like – no LOVE – those pictures of you smiling and goofing around; makes you a little bit more human and kind of “normal” :D

Thank you Kristina for being my inspiration! I love checking your blog and instagram everyday and being inspired by everything you are wearing, and to constantly have something exciting and new to try. I love having someone who’s style is so like mind feeding my obsession everyday. Perhaps one day you will inspire me to do my own blog. I love what you say about being friends behind screens, I also feel so warm and fuzzy knowing that you love us as much as we love you. Congrats on your continuing success.

For me yu’re one of the bloggers and inspiration, not only in style topics, Kayture is a reference of a quaility and original blog.
You are a women how works so hard and the things that you wirtte in your articles sometimes makes me laugh a lot :P.

P.D. I always want to see a post about “beahind chameras”: a post about making a post (i don’t know if you understand me jejeje).


Toujours aussi belle même en tenue casual ;)


Almost everyone who knows about my blog (a quite new one, so click if u have a minute) is asking what’s the point..and when I say that’s the passion of mine usually I still get that “she must be stupid” look. They think I want to be a supermodel or something like that. So annoying. But by blogging you can share your fashion-passion, for me it’s feels like I have someone to talk about it finally :) I never had a fashion-friend, trough blogging I feel I have million of them :)
So everyone..keep blogging!

xx Edina

Printed or Plain fashion blog

Nathalia kalil 18 August 2014 / Reply

You are my inspiration! Perfect!

Superbe tenue, tu as toujours de beaux vêtements, un beau make-up de beaux cheveux, ça fait rêver :)
J’aimerai beaucoup que mon blog devienne professionnel, pas seulement pour les collaborations, mais aussi pour découvrir un autre univers, connaître un peu l’envers du décor, malheureusement je sais que c’est impossible, alors je me contente de rêver en regardant ton blog :)

Bisous !

Sweet Kristina,
I am an 18 year old girl from Belgium, who shares the same passion as you: fashion and inspiring others.
I’m following you for a while now on Instagram, but just tonight I was checking out your blog! It’s so beautiful and I find that you rock every article you write. Keep posting, I love it !!
Me to I began my fashionblog one year ago, and things begin to go well! However I don’t always have the time to write and find new stuff to write about, because I also study, and I hope to study medecine next year. So I hope the combo doctor-fashionblogger will still work haha, since I want to help people and make them happy. Yes, in these two ways.. Why I’m telling you all of this? I read this article and it nearly caught my breath. It’s just beautiful how you are capable of showing the real you, the good and the bad things happening. And I would love to be your virtual friend haha :) So now you know a little more about the life of one of your friends!

I love your blog, and maybe we will see each other one day! Than I will smile at you and say ‘I’m your friend’.


The Chanel denim bag is too cute!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Can’t even comprehend how you can make a plain white tee look so luxurious! I’m hoping to achieve that kind of magic one day. James does an amazing job with your photos.


I really wanted to leave you a comment. I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite a while but to shamefully be honest, never really found the way to your blog. Today I did and am totally grateful for it. The past three hours I’ve been reading some of your articles. Some new ones, some from India, some from the very beginning. And besides your beautiful pictures (the nomination is absolutely deserved – such a talent!), I especially love the way you write. It’s truly inspirational, writing in a complete sense of what is happening around you, describing things, using the perfect words. I find it hard to explain, but thanks for taking your readers on a special adventure every day. Transforming something simple into magic. Love it.

You and your team are inspirational, not only through fashion and photography but with your positive attitude to life. Please come and visit Australia sometime!

Love this look from head to toe! Those leather pants are amazing!

Love the casual elegance and contrasting textures! You should check out for more dressing up while dressing down inspo!

I love this outfit! so simple yet so stylish!! :)
xx Erika

Aww thats so sweet, *hugs* ! These pictures are beautiful, white tees are the best! Cantt have enough haha x

It’s true for all of us I think. Even if we’ve only been reading your blog for a week or if we’ve been reading it for 2 years I think we all feel like we know you because you share so much of your life with us and you’re so like able and seem like such a genuine sweet person. I love coming here every morning and reading a new article and seeing the beautiful images that James takes (he’s a mastermind with the camera in my opinion). Also for people like me who don’t get to travel as much as you do I feel like I can come here and still see parts of the world that I haven’t yet experienced in person and that’s such a wonderful thing that you can do for people.

Victoria Maïstre 19 August 2014 / Reply

I’m your biggest fan Kristina ! I love you !

Lovely article Kristina! I love when popular bloggers actually appreciate their readers rather than taking them for granted! Aside from that, great outfit as per usual! You always manage to make simple combinations look chic!

I just started a blog. All about clothing, personal style, and general inspirations! No outfit posts yet but will be soon! Check out if you’d like:

Vera Strotz 19 August 2014 / Reply

Kristina, I want to meet you one day! Hear what you have to say, what drives you, how you’ve found your path.
Hope this will come true. I have my fingers crossed.

Lots of love from Zurich xxx

I am in LOVE with those pants ! They are to die for, so beautiful <3 This whole outfit is so simple and beautiful I love it.


Rezounours 21 August 2014 / Reply

Les ondes positives, c’est exactement ce que j’aime chez toi, dans ton blog.
Tu me (nous?) pousses à rêver en grand là où d’autres blogs démoralisent.

Mais je pense que ce serait encore plus enrichissant si tu parlais un peu de tes mauvaises expériences , toujours d’une positive façon bien sûr…

Bravo pour ce que tu fais!
Keep going!!

These pictures are beautiful!
It must’ve been really hard seeing your friends not support your work, but you’ve inspired soo many people! You’re the reason my twin and started a blog! Best of luck xx
Holly x

That street looks like a street from Sibiu (Hermanstadt) from Romania.

Nice clothes though <3

Love your posts, very inspiring!
Some people does drift away (sadly), but the ones who truly care stays with us. Here’s to new friendship and more happiness! :)

Dear Kristina,

First of all I’d like to say that I was touched by your post. Your writings are so inspiring and so fresh, that it is like reading a book and immersing oneself in you precious adventures, outfits and smiles.

Because of everything you transmit to us I think the bloglovin’ awards got it wrong and should have also nominated you for best personal blog because yours is the best by far.

Keep dreaming, travelling and setting higher goals because you can do absolutely everything. (I loved your song by the way and couldn’t get it out of my head in a couple weeks haha).

With love,

Love how effortless your photos feel

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Any recommendations?

ma beauté, ma Kristina. Au risque de me répéter, car tu sais déjà tout le bien que je pense de toi, mais tu es une personne extraordinaire. Depuis que j’ai découvert ton Instagram, j’ai commencé à suivre les articles sur le site, essayé de lire un maximum des articles précédents, et je peux dire sans retenue que je suis FAN de Kayture. J’admire le travail que James et toi avez accompli, j’admire votre ténacité, vos rêves et de réussir à être la où vous êtes aujourd’hui. Tu es une vraie source d’inspiration. Tu donnes envie de se battre pour ses rêves et tu nous fais nous dire que la vie peut être différente de celle tracée par la société, par les préjugés en place. ça serait tellement un rêve, un bonheur, un honneur de pouvoir te rencontrer, échanger quelques mots, quelques photos. Car comme tu le dis, bien qu’on ne se soit jamais rencontrées, j’ai le sentiment de te connaître, de savoir des pans de ta vie, et de mon côté, tu fais partie de la vie, car pas un jour ne passe sans que je “prenne des nouvelles” soit par Instagram ou sur le blog. Un peu comme j’enverrai un SMS à une amie pour savoir comment elle va. j’aime à penser, dans un petit coin de ma tête, que tu es mon “amie”. Et comme je le souhaiterais à mes plus proches amies, je te souhaite (vous) de continuer à réaliser tous vos projets et de faire grandir et grandir vos rêves. Rien n’est impossible pour vous. Elsa

Ton article est super touchant, tout ce que tu dis et réussis à exprimer me donne de t’admirer encore plus. Je pense que, en tant qu’abonnés depuis tes débuts, on est tous énormément fier de toi.
Continue sur cette voie!

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I just love your outfit and your hair are unbelievable.

Kisses from Switzerland

I thank you so much for being a such inspiration person <3 Your blog can pick me up when I am down, and through you I learned to be myself and now I do what I am really passionate about! Thank you for you and your blog

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お初です。今井 新太って名前です。年齢はなんと37歳です。最近拝見しています。私の趣味はブログを読むことです。これからも記事、楽しみにしています!