A fishtail braid, some sandals that resonate on the hot rocky ground, the scent of St Barth’s Vanilla fragrance in my hair mixed up with a Guerlain sunscreen on freshly baked golden skin, that was the feeling of these magical couple of days spent between Sardinia, Mykonos and Santorini. A highly anticipated break that the whole Kayteam was now craving for a while.

I have to say, the trip in India changed something in me. And I am still trying to figure out what, but I just guess that these smiles, mixed up with all the contrasts I’ve seen, the reality, the struggle, the laughs and the love, all of that made me ask myself some questions. I’ve always been extremely grateful for every single thing I have, from the smallest to the biggest, they all have the same value to me. Being aware of that always kept me grounded. But coming back from India and leaving straight away to Italy and Greece was a very quick change of scenery and I had to find a way to let it all come in. I almost felt bad.

Bad for leaving, and leaving some people I might have wanted to take with me. Please just, everybody, come with me. Let’s all hang out at the beach. Those kids I’ve seen in the streets, that wanted to sell me some little toys or snacks, but in the end just wanted to play and looked up at me with curious, yet amused eyes. So cute I just wanted to squeeze their cheeks. I wish I could have brought them with me. Or I wish I could have done something so that they’d be safe playing somewhere where they could also be guaranteed food everyday, instead of being forced to sell it.

India made me approach life in a different way. Taking in it, letting it go. Living with less restrictions, less rules, accepting the way things go yet fighting for joy, love and happiness. Never letting dreams go. Fueling up my life with positive energy and choosing to rebel against fear. Because they choose to see the bright side. I feel much stronger and I wish I could share that with people around me… I try my best to. I was lucky to have been given some of that strength from the people I met during this journey. It a treasure that’s meant to be passed on.

Some things I wasn’t comfortable with, seem so easy now. Some of the issues I had, seem ridiculous now. I’m the same person I’ve always been but I feel like I approache things in a much more laid back and zen way ever since I’ve been back. I am still a perfectionist, and work-a-shop-a-holic (common, you can’t completely change a person) but I also choose to appreciate, to the fullest every single thing that I see around me. To respect every single one I meet. To enjoy every single day like it’s the last. The world is really ours, home is where we make it, friends are who understand and love us no matter what. It all goes down to very simple things… Doesn’t it?

In Mykonos, long walks amongst white walls and windy sea side gave me time to think. To reflect on the explosion of emotions and things I’ve experienced lately. What a magical feeling it is to feel full, stomach filled up with incredible, fresh food, what a pleasure to have this little dress floating to the beat of the wind, how incredible to be able to hear the waves dancing and the sky changing colors as the time goes by…

You can choose to walk along and look down, observing your feet without ever looking up. But if you do look up, so much beauty is around, if you simply choose to see it. Whether you’re in Greece, in India or somewhere else on the globe. It’s all about a state of mind. I believe that deep down, we choose what we want to see and who we want to be, how we want to touch people. I believe that deep down, our inner world reflects on the one we live in… So how would you like to shape yours?

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DRESS : A shirt I found in a tiny shop in Greece :) (but still, Similar Here)

SHOES : Hermès or Similar

BAG : Chloé or Similar



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These photos are incredible! You look absolutely stunning<3

Greece is such a beautiful country!

The pictures are stunning! With all the white and blue in the background!

xx Chris

One of my friend is visiting India at the moment, I can see her pictures via Instagram and omg I wanna visit this country so bad. Everybody is saying the same as you, that it’s very breathtaking, and that the culture is so different. And that we should be grateful for what we have after seeing poverty etc. Thanks for reminding that to us Kris :)

Those pictures are very beautiful ! :)

Love from France, Victoria

Love the blue and white theme, beautiful!

Santorini envy!! Such a magical place <3

xo Jenny

Your blog is so inspiring! I just love reading your thoughts and hearing about your
views on life and such. You’re such a young and smart woman!

Great article Kristina, love your thoughts.. maybe cause I feel the same and am wondering about the same things all the time in my mind. Anyway just be happy! It is very good to appreciate everything God gave us, and use it in the most usefull possible way, at the same time a think is very important in life to do things that helps other people be happy, there’s always a possibility to do it, just need some wish*
Keep on smiling,

Thank you so much for these amazing and inspiring words. Also love the beautiful and colourful pictures. Julia

what a beautiful place! ♥

wow, amazing words! I think it’s the best text and article you’ve ever wrote here on your blog! And of course breathtaking pictures of Mykonos. <3

Beautiful photographs. I really want to visit Mykonos now badly <3

Love this look! You look stunning!

The pictures are breathtaking! Your look goes so well with the whole ambiance and the colors of the sea, xo

Oh wow, Mykonos really looks breathtaking!

Your words are so inspring!

These pictures are beutiful! Mykonos looks amazing! and your dress is really pretty :)

It’s amazing how much you have to say every time you post! I admire your stories and the way you see life. x

awesome sky, I love it and your look is perfect! so cute!!!

Love this shirt dress and your hair, have an amazing holiday! <3
- Grace

So so perfect! That shirt dress is my kind of summer dress!

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Gorgeous, Mykonos it’s so beautiful!

beautiful resolution to come to.

wow, really amazing pics!

Perfect outfit for this amazing location!!!!

It’s amazing I was in Mykonos a week after you and went to the exact same spots. I took many photos but decided not to post all of them on my blog but rather on Instagram. I am loving your blog more and more as well as when you talk about more personal things.

Beautiful photos. I think travel changes people every time

What a wonderful place! Love the intensive colors and architecture of Greece, you look amazing with that blue color. Love the pictures :)
XOXO Hannah

The blues are so incredibly vivid! Your photographs are always so amazing to look at.

Hi Kristina.
this is the first time I write you. I’m following you since 2012 and I’m a great fan of your elegance and your chic style, but what I admire of you is the way you think and you perceive life. Nowadays it is difficult finding positive people which mix fashion and moral values together. You are a great person with a great personality: an example that we have to follow!!!

Super article, vraiment touchant et je vois exactement ce que tu veux dire…j’ai vécu 18ans dans un pays sous développé et c’est vrai qu’on apprend à apprécier ce que la vie nous donne…!

Bonne continuation ma belle :)


Amazing article! I really loved it, makes me want to visit India and experience that!
Gorgeous look as well!

Major crush on your Hermes flats, so so gorgeous. Love the outfit and the photos.

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! This place looks beautiful, I’d love to go there! Btw, your dress is very nice, love this summer look!


Wow, the pictures and the nature are breathtaking. And I love your Chloe bag!

Love from Munich, L

absolutely gorgeous photos! wish i was there

Love love love this post! I have been to the exact same spots in mykonos just a month back, and I could never capture it as breath-takingly like your photography did. So amazing, making me really miss that place so much!!


Stunning scenery and beautiful thoughts.

Beautiful pictures as always, Kristina. I enjoy reading articles like this where we can understand better how certain trips impacted you. I can imagine it was a little shock changing scenery like that. I am sure we can all find our own way (big or small) to contribute positively to this world.

wow you look amazing ! :)

Trips can really change your life and I’m almost always left with strange lingering feeling afterwards – but I love your expression of it! Also, you look gorgeous!


Dear Kristina,
I believe your reflection on your experiences in India and the stark contrast you experienced returning to Europe is poignant. When I returned from a trip to China and Tibet I could not quite put a finger on what it was that changed and moved me, but it was certainly and finally a given that the faith I have, in God, and humanity, was catastrophically strengthened. The compassion I felt for making a change in the world skyrocketed me into a greater depth of love and faith I have ever known. It is obvious from what you have already achieved you are doing on a great journey.
I wish you great travels and great love, xx
Emily Rose Reeder

Passer des rues du Rajasthan aux rues de Mykonos en voyageant avec L.Vuitton… c’est sûr qu’il y avait de quoi se sentir mal et complètement en décalage! Lors de ton premier voyage en Inde, je me demandais comment tu n’avais pas pu revenir chamboulée… ou alors tu n’en avais rien laissé paraître sur le blog. A l’époque, ça m’avait choquée de te voir publier des billets mode, avec des habits hors de prix dans ces rues là-bas en Inde, je me rappelle d’une de tes réponses dans un billet d’ailleurs où tu expliquais ton positionnement sur ça (suite à des critiques de lectrices): “après tout je suis une bloggueuse mode”. Oui. Mais non. Au delà de ça, de notre personnalité, pays d’origine, habitudes, envies ou autre, il y a une question de respect et aussi la question de bien comprendre et saisir où l’on met les pieds, que ce soit n’importe quelle destination… Ces anciens billets de toi en Inde me donnaient l’impression d’un décalage monstrueux entre la vie de ces gens qui ne sont pas forcément “heureux” comme tu le dit, bien qu’ils sourient (mais ça, c’est encore un autre débat) et ton niveau de vie que tu leur exposais à la figure.
Je pense que c’est bien que tu y sois retournée, et que tu ai eu ce choc… et je dois même dire que j’attendais un peu ce choc voir apparaître sur ce blog, depuis très longtemps …. celui où l’on réfléchit à sa vie simplement, c’est un peu le choc des 20 ans aussi ;)
A mon avis, ce “choc” peut être même bénéfique à l’évolution de ce blog, de la mode que tu proposes… Depuis que je suis allée en Chine, à chaque fois que je lis “made in china” sur une étiquette, en tête, j’ai des visages qui me viennent dorénavant. Ce n’est plus quelque chose d’abstrait, mais très concret… et il y a eu une grosse influence sur mon rapport à la mode.
Voilà pour ce long commentaire, mais ce billet m’a fait réagir…

Amazing photos, everything is so blue and pretty.

xoxo, Diana

Your articles and pictures never stop to amaze me o.O This is totally wow!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

*d’ailleurs je me permets de rajouter un lien ici d’un article que j’avais écrit à l’époque après mon retour d’un voyage en Inde

I love your braid! I wish I could pull that look off as well as you can!


Kristina, this article is great. I love to read about your experience in India, I bet all the things you’ve seen there makes you realize how lucky we are. Sometimes we complain for silly things.. and we don’t realize we have a great life!

Thanks for sharing this. The pictures are just amazing.

Beautiful photos! Love that you used the shirt as a dress <3

Sweet Madame Blue

WOw these photos are so so so stunning!! You look gorgeous!

One of the many things I admire about your blog is the effort you put into writing. You’re not just posting photo albums, but you’re taking time to write down exactly how you feel/felt during each event or excursion. From reading this post, I think what you’re going through is self-awareness. You’re more aware of all that’s around you and you’re not just traveling to have fun or swim. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and your outfit is wonderful. Looking forward to the jewelry post! xx

Lubna | ELLE VOX

So beautiful words from a wonderful person like you Kristina.You ‘ve touched my heart.Kisses from beautiful Greece.

Wow gorgeous photos! Love seeing all your adventures from around the worl

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Minimalist, navy inspiration, elegant, full of purity … your casual look blends perfectly with the landscape to create an atmosphere full of harmony. Amazing photos and good choice! Your look is so inspirational.


I absolutely love your articles. Seriously, they make me think a lot more, but in a good way. I end up guessing myself a lot of tough yet crucial questions, which makes me feel kind of uncomfortable but at the same time curious about the things I try to ignore instead of enjoying every part of them (even the parts that aren’t making me feel good, but in some way they affect us and teach us important lessons), or dealing with them. I let the days pass by without leaving any good trace of myself in my life and it feels sad to me even though im just 18. Thank you so much for putting all of the effort and heart to what you actually write down here, not just posting beautiful pictures ( which are gorgeous by the way) without any deeper thoughts. Love you xx

Kristina, I salute for writting articles like this. Like you stated yourself, you’ve changed a lot as a fashion blogger but also as a person too. Funny is, your state of mind totally reflects on your looks. It has been very interesting to see you growing. Keep up like that, the world wide web needs fashion bloggers like you who also have deep thoughts to share :)

Absolutely beautiful! would love to visit here one day.


Those fishtail braids are really cute and I love this chic outfit! <3


love that shirtdress! These are such beautiful photos!

That’s the beauty of travel, it opens your eyes to things you haven’t been aware of before.
You step out of your comfort zone and experience other people.
I don’t think it really changes people it just opens their eyes.
Beautiful photos.
xx Cheyenne

look is goog. but you don’t smile. I’ve seen your smile so many articles ago. I hope you’re alright and wish you happiness.

Woow I really love these pictures!

The pictures represent the Greek Islands so well, you don’t need much more than a stylish blue shirt and Hermès sandals !
But what I love most are definitely your words, I completely get your feeling, and the sort of guilt you can feel !

The fact that you feel that is already huge, a lot of people don”t !

Please don’t stop taking amazing pictures :)

Great blue tones :-) Love the braiding.

Amazing look and place!

adore your chic braid!
ladies in navy

Beautiful photo !!! love you in Russian

Love your shirt dress and these pictures are so beautiful!

You have such a beautiful blog — not only with gorgeous photos, but also lovely insights! :) keep it up. <3

Thank you. It’s all i wanna say. Thank you for that piece of hope which always is inside me. Life goes on and all we should do is live that moment and be happy about every single day. Take care beautiful,

What a beautiful post! Love the beauty and Mediterranean elegance of Greece! And of course, adore the simple and stunning outfit that you’ve put together! :)

Amazing photos!!! I have to go there someday! <3

Absolutely love the fifth pic! Beautiful scene and your bag is so cute!

Tu as tellement de chance de découvrir de si beaux endroits ! Ce lieu a l’air tellement magique :)



Que nous dirais tu aussi de parler de la fin de ta relation avec James ?

What do you have to say about the end of your relationship with James ? Did he finally find out that he is gay ?

Thanks Kristina because I travel through your photos!!

This post really touched me more than normal Kristina. Thanks for your powerful words. I completely agree, we need to look up more rather than down.

Lately I’ve really been thinking about what turn I want my life to take. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m nearly there. It’s not far off and it’s so exciting to know that it’s almost in arms reach.

Katie <3

I’m loving all of the shades of blues and whites in these photographs. They were captured so beautifully. May I ask what type of camera was used? Thanks for sharing!

I was Mykonos/Santorini around the same time as you! It’s stunning there. I want to go back. Check out my travel pictures from there as well at

Hello lovely Kayture Team !
I just wanted to say that i love your blog and that you’re guys inspiring me a lot since i started a blog myself.
It would be a honor for me if you’ll visit my blog and give me a little feedback !
Lots of love
Elli Frygé

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absolutely love it!

I was very touched by what you wrote here…it is true that India changes you very deeply, in ways you couldn’t even imagine before. The same happened to me when I travelled there last summer. It is a very strange and intimate thing. Everything suddenly has a deeper meaning.
It is a bit of a cliché, saying that ‘India changes you’, and people make fun of me sometimes, but it is very true nonetheless. Or, at least, for some people. I think that to be touched by India you have to be ready. Ready to receive the lessons she can teach. And not everyone is. It is horrible how some people travel a lot but still don’t ‘see’ anything!
It was very hard for me to come back to my ‘normal life’, and I strive every day to keep some India inside of me, to keep the precious things that I learned. It is ok to still be a work/shop-a-holic, as you say :-) but very important to keep all of the wisdom things your travels have given you.
Wishing you all the best
xx Sara

Beautiful (and true!) words and beautiful pictures. You’re amazing :)


Smart Dresser