We’ve had the most annoying beginning of the week here back in Switzerland, with rain just pouring over and over again. Thinking back about our little escape in Greece with Louis Vuitton, Mykonos, was the little light that I kept in my heart to fight against the gloomy, dark days. Thank god, the sun is now definitely back in Geneva. We are now able to enjoy a summer weather for the beginning of August!

When travelling with Louis Vuitton, we are always promised to explore the most fascinating and luxurious places. This time during our greek adventure, we had the chance to stay at the hotel Belvedere, in an absolutely dreamy suite that gave us a breathtaking panoramic view on the landscape of Mykonos. And I can tell you that by sunset, it is truly something special and quite unforgettable in fact.

That evening, I wore a little pink dress by Vuitton for a night out in the city. Our plans? Dinner at Remezzo, which turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants in Mykonos (you absolutely need to try it out), followed by a wild party night. It’s very, very rare that I party when travelling as we’re always torn between work and business. But this time, like I said, since the purpose of this trip was more relaxing than usual, we allowed ourselves to party like Greek people : meaning without sleeping of the whole night! And it was truly worth it.


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DRESS : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

SHOES : Hermès

BRACELET : Kriss & Jules


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Wow that pink dress looks adorable. So classy and chic.

xx Mira

Beautiful Photos! Love the dress, such a nice silhouette

Victoria x

You dress look very beautiful

Love your dress, and you look gorgeous!


If that’s what it looks like in photos, I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing it must look to experience it first person!

The Fashann Monster

That dress is beautiful and your makeup looks stunning als usual!


Amazing, it’s so beautiful and I love your dress!

beautiful pictures and dress is so cute

Incredible photos! You look breathtaking as always!

Wow this place is truly ah-mazing, but I’m not a fan of your outfit..

Hotel Belvedere looks absolutely stunning. And that LV dress – you look so darling in it. x

Lubna | ELLE VOX

I always have a thing for sunset photos! These are lovely!

beautiful girl !!!!

I love the color of the dress!

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Wow.. you are breath taking.. held my breath looking at these images.


I am so in love with this dress. The color matches perfectly with your skin tone! the place is amazing, hope I can go there next summer!

Love your article!! It will be great if you can upload more make-up tutorial in Youtube, especially for summer look!!!

this place looks magical and you look gorgeous in this dress :) x

You look so amazing as always! The photos, the location, everything is absolutely breathtaking!

What a beautiful view! And what a beautiful feminine dress! Very cool in combination with the sandals.


What amazing pictures! And the sundown is simply the perfect backdrop for this beautiful dress.

Love from Munich, L

Love this look! That dress is gorgeous, the colour looks great on you!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Amazing photos! The pink dress is really an eyecandy!


soooo sooo beautiful!


GORGEOUS pink dress ! Maybe it could have been even better in heels, but I can understant not wanting to leave your Hermès during summertime (I do the same !) The pictures and view are breathtaking !

Beautiful dress

OMG it s so beautiful therI hope I can be there one day

Your look is amazing


I love how pink looks on you!!

Breathtaking Mykonos.

Amazing dress and beautiful place, love it!

You visit the most beautiful places! The sunset looks gorgeous!


The pictures and the outfit are so stunning!:)))


This dress is simply amazing! so beautiful! and the setting makes it look even better, I love all of your pictures from Greece! :)

flawless as usual! a real beauty!

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Beautiful pictures! Great to know you’re taking time out for yourself. :) x

Woww, beautiful sunset, place and dress! So nice, I loved it!

This place looks amazing! What’s the name of this hotel??

Beautiful photos, the place is perfect!


wow, that is a beautiful place ♥
about the look i think that you look gorgeous in that dress but the shoes were a really bad choice

This is La Vie en Rose! I love your look. I love your Versailles inspired dress … It shows in the volume of the dress bottom. Classicism, refinement, elegance, … but a touch chic and modern. This really is a look 10. Good choice and the views of Mykonos are fantastic.


I love your pink dress and the Mykonos background!

stunning! really pretty, love that dress

That dress looks so cute on you! And what a BEAUTIFUL sunset!

Love from Amsterdam!

This place really looks like some kind of a paradise)

Stunning photos! Mykonos is my dream holiday destination!

Olivia xx

The color of the Louis Vuitton dress looks amazing on you! The pictures are stunning.

absolutely gorgeous! x


Gorgeous photos and beautiful as always, Kristina! :)

Style Reader

Another fantastic and beautiful blog post. I have found to be a huge inspiration to me in creating a blog in the past few years and i owe all of my success to you. Stay beautiful and continue to inspire. xx

the shape of that dress is perfection on you ! :)
Love from France, Victoria

Your makeup and photos are always stunning! <3
- Grace

oups tu as parlé un peu vite pour le beau temps qui arrive à Genève… il est déjà reparti! J’aime bien les chaussures, simples mais avec ce petit truc en plus.

Breathtaking photos! The place looks magical and that dress is so so gorgeous.


OMG! This article is in my top 3! It’s an amazing landscape! And you are soooo beautiful!!! And I love the dress too <3

These photos are amazing! Totally in love with them, and dress!

Greece is the most amazing country in the world!!

Love love love the Hérmes…..

Louise Dupiereux 4 August 2014 / Reply

I want ur life. U’re so.. perfect.

Katherine 5 August 2014 / Reply

Love the pictures, you are really beautiful. I think you should do a tutorial of your make up, please:). It is just perfection._

love the colour , it suits you perfectly!

love your dress and you look beautiful!

x Mona

Lovely pictures! I think whe europe has gone through a bad weather period, glad that you can enjoy the sun again!

xxx from France!