You guys have discovered in the past two articles that we’ve had the chance to create with the magical Cartier house and today we are finally revealing the last part of this exciting collaboration. As you may have noticed, I had this little pendant around my neck ever since I got in the first place. It has been my talisman, my lucky charm and statement throughout all of my latest trips and adventures. It simply seems like the wishes, the hopes, the ambitions I locked up in… do actually come true.

Perhaps is it the idea of projecting yourself a goal, something you’re so passionate about and doing everything to make it happen. Waking up and being driven by this never-ending motivation to see your dreams come to reality. When I look down at this delicate, pearly white Amulette, these are all the values that it reminds me off. To never give up, to dare to dream, to love and be adventurous. To take risks, to grasp life with both hands and to enjoy it. It reminds that such a wonderful path has been drawn so far, thus I am lucky to wear a piece like this one and work with such magical house as Cartier, yet that there’s still so much more to be written along the way.

I hope that together, we’ll be able to lift ourselves up and bring only the positivity in each other. Just like the heart of this necklace with it’s hypnotizing diamond center, continually reminding me of the beauty of life. It pushes me in a way to aspire bigger, to fight harder, to smile wider. I’ve alway been drawn into the idea of a lucky charm, yet I almost feel like this one is even more than that. It is now part of me, a reflection of my believes as I barely take it off. There’s nothing I appreciate more than having an emotional attachement to my jewelry . This piece is my personal symbol of love for life. It inspires me to grow.

In this article, we wanted to show another side of this timeless, iconic Amulette and that’s why the title of this article is “Lifetime Cartier“. We shared with you previously some highly polished editorial articles, which were by the way such a challenge yet SO much fun to make, but today, I wanted to show you something more simple and close to my heart. Simply the way I wear this piece on a daily basis and what it means to me. You’ll definitely see it sneaking in most of my pictures here and on Instagram. Now that I have so many dreams locked up in, I can hardly live without. How wonderful is it to have something, so small, so delicate, to remind us of such beautiful, important things in life?



AMULETTE : Cartier

TOP : Zara


SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Céline


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This amulette is gorgeus! Really pretty!! I love its variability to different outfits
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Very beautiful bright post, always beautiful

It’s truly a classy and fine piece and it seems like it has been made for you <3


It’s really, really a beautiful piece, and thia little gorgeous piece will last a life time, not only by the making itself, but the meaning behind it all.

xo Jenny

Love the photos! The amulette is so beautiful! And your mules.. They rock the outfit!


That Cartier amulette is very beautiful, like the way you’re wearing it with that outfit!


Beautiful! This necklace is pure perfection!

Love your whole outfit and your make-up! You look stunning!

Beautiful outfit! So light and minimal. That bag is absolutely stunning. Check out my autumn shopping list here :)

Love that necklace! It´s so elegant and delicate! And the meaning behind it is so inspiring!

Amazing photos, especially with pink flowers! Love the shirt

amazingly beautiful!


It’s gorgeous, and so are you!

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Absolutely gorgeous! I love this pendant so much!

I love your blog so much
This Outfit is very pretty!

Sarah by

Oh I absolutely LOVE this white look, it’s gorgeous!!

Love from Munich, L

Stunning images – I adore your bag and necklace!!

Josie XOXO
Fashion Mumblr

Piece of art! ❀

lovely ♥ so basic you can wear it everyday and you still love it :)

Hi Kristina !
Beautiful ! You are so skinny, I’m so jealous, you used to be a bit chubby, but now you are really thin and skinny ! we can even see the cheekbones, it’s suits you well you look really pretty, it seems that after all you are reaching your goals =)
good luck !

Beautiful necklace, love it! and perfect outfit!
new look on my blog!

Hi Kristina, I’ve been following your blog for years but I’ve never commented before! It shouldn’t have taken me so long… but to make up for it, most of my comments would have gone along the lines of “Love this!” or “Amazing shoes” or “(insert any other wearable item) is incredible!” I’m sure you get the picture. But I’ve been enjoying these little escapes visiting Kayture, for so long that I thought I’d better tell you how great and inspiring it is :-) Not to mention how wonderfully positive and real you are. I enjoy reading your views on life just as much as the fashion and photography. This Cartier necklace is such a beautiful piece, made even more special by what it means to you. I completely agree with you about the emotional attachment we feel towards our jewelry…. My own favorite pieces are those that were gifted to me by my loved ones. I think it’s because when we wear it, it’s a reminder of our highest values and it reminds us of what’s important to us on a deeper level. All the best for your travels over the next month or so! I’ll be looking forward to fashion week articles especially. Sending love from New Zealand xx

Awesome photos! I love this amulette. :)

Your photographs are always so stunning! I love your bag and necklace so much.

Great clean look, love the jewelry and the bag!!

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Oh i love that celine bag. Beautiful!

The necklace is stunning, you always have such a pretty bronzed glow!
- Grace and Charlotte

Gorgeous blouse and such a delicate, classy necklace! You look beautiful!

loving the talisman / necklace, but most of all: your hair! It always looks so stunning! What hairdresser do you go to in Gve?


This pendant is very cute! I love the photo of the necklace in front of the flower.

I am a big fan of cartier jewellery: it is very timeless yet innovative! I bought their gold nail bracelet about 6 months ago and have not really taken it off in the meantime!

These photos are simply gorgeous! I really love Cartier necklaces, they are so delicate and sophisticated. ^^

This necklace is amazing! so beautiful!

your skin looks amazing…what products do you use

Wow this necklace is beautiful! and I love the pictures with flowers, James and you are doing such a good job!

Love this pendant it is so simple luxurious ad charming at the same time…amazing shoots by the way!

Really love this gorgeous necklace. It is really a treasure. Love how you style it here simple but also very chic. I always love the clothes from Zara and the top and the shorts are pretty perfect. I also love the amazing pictures with the beautiful pink flower. Looks so gorgeous.
Wish you and James a great, productive day on your last day in Geneve.
xo, Petra

The Amulette is beautiful

Amazing photos and love the necklace


Beautiful as always! In love with this look, especially your new bag! :)

stunning and simple!

I really adore your charm necklace! it’s gorgeous!

x Karen

Just lovely! You are always so effortless and carefree in your posts while showing such inner and outer beauty. Thank for always inspiring and for being one of the people who have given me courage to start my own blog!


I honestly think that it would be wonderful to have something, so small, so delicate, to remind us of such beautiful, important things in life… most of all if you get it fro free!
Lots of bloggers received this gift from Cartier, and all wrote the same thing.
I like your blog and I think you’re a very cute and classy girl. I like the way you dress, you always look so well put together, not like other bloggers who often look like expensive homeless, but this piece of jewelry costs a lot and you had it for free.

wow gorgeous as ALWAYS!! That necklace is beautiful, I love the meaning behind it! I’m working very hard to make my dreams a reality. :)

You always write such wonderful posts! I love the Amulette, it’s so gorgeous. Beautiful photos, too!

Seren x
Terrible Thrills

Firstly, I love the pendant!!!

And your style is so perfect, Kristina!! I fall more in love with reading your blog every day!! :)

Since I saw this necklace I fell in love,


Amazing photos! The necklace is indeed a unique piece.

So beautiful and clean! Amazing photoshoot and your makeup looks perfect! =)
Please, check out my blog!



Stunning pictures! Great post!

Madison Martine

The Fashion Panda 20 August 2014 / Reply

I miss your posh and girlie looks. You were pretty much the only good source of inspiration for that.
The pictures are still gorgeous though, xoxo.

That amulette is freaking gorgeous ! :) You’re very lucky! :)
Love from France, Victoria

You are so beautiful, Christina! Your pendant is so gorgeous. I love how you took the picture of the pendant on the flower!

Diane ||

Love your amulette! Simple and sophisticated

Sophia //

Nathalia Kalil 20 August 2014 / Reply

I love your hair!

What lipstick are you wearing? Can you make a tutorial of how you get the bows? Thanks beauty!

It’s a stunning piece of jewelry. You look so beautiful!

Your words are as beautiful as the photos you take…inspiring, powerful, meaningful, and truly one of kind. You’re more than just a face on this blog, you’re a true and genuine inspiration to people around the world. Don’t ever stop.

I love your bag here and that winged liner-perfect!! xx. gigi.

I think this little & beautiful piece is so special for you, and it’s so amazing how many things represent for you also I think this is great!!

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The necklace is stunning but i always going to be in love with your hair!


What a beautiful Amulette. Love all that is beautiful and this one is simply amazing. <3

Loooove the photos! and the necklace looks so unique and pretty!!


Your Celine bag is fabulous!

Beautiful piece! Also love the bag too!

xx Edina

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You look so fresh here :)
And have a nice trip. It is such an amazing time to viit different countries (besides tiredness)

I will be really happy if you will check out my blog

Thank you ♥

Très jolie, il te va super bien ! Et les photos sont splendides comme toujours. Tu fais rêver <3
Bisous, Manon

You look always sooo beautiful! I love this total white look and the pendand is awesome!
The Spiral D
Facebook page

it’s wonderful to have something like that and I’m glad you do have it.
Wish I could tell the same for myself :)
love the pure outfit here :)

Gorrgoues as always, that bag is amazing!!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

These pictures look amazing!

I love these shorts, they go so well with the plain white top. And that necklace is beautiful! Visit my blog for more inspiration.

Nuria Espasandín 21 August 2014 / Reply

You’re amazing!

Love your céline bag, it’s perfection!


très artificielle , très ennuyeuse , où est l’originalité , où est ton personnalité dans tout ça ?
be true

This is incredibly amazing that you get the chance to collaborate with Cartier, such a magical brand, and those pics are stunning (by the way, congrats on your Bloglovin nomination !)

great photos, you legs are insanely longggg (:

adore this top and your jewelry!
ladies in navy

These pics are totally awesome and your necklace stunning!
I love every post *_*

This is going to sound so weird, like i’m your sister or something but i am really proud of you and all that you,ve achieved. Your blog and videos have inspired me in more ways than you’ll probably ever know and i love that even with all the success you’ve remained true to yourself and your adorable sense of humor (i love it). i wish you all the best with all your upcoming projects and i hope y’all win at the bloglovin’ awards coz your pictures rock!!!!! Stay awesome!

The necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I wish you the best of luck for the future, I’ve been following you for years now and it’s been amazing to see everything come together! You’re a big inspiration, thankyou!
These pictures are beautiful btw, you look lovely xx
Holly x

You are so beautiful :-)

Awesome! It looks so simple and delicate, yet very classy and beautiful!

Love this easy, romantic and chic look with the necklace! All of the three outfits are so different and I really like that!

Lenina Blanes 21 August 2014 / Reply

Hi Kristina,
I’m a 16 years old girl from Barcelona and I found your page a few days ago and i totally fell in love with your style. I just wanted you to know it and i also wanted to thank you for saying where the clothes are from. I can’t wait for the next posts!
Much love from Spain

Love this necklace so much!

Love this outfit! So casual and chic, and love the dainty jewelry x

I love this pics! Since I saw you in this outfit on Instagram I was so impressed, so it’s nice to see it here, but why is so little amount of pictures of these beautiful scenery and you? :(

The styling here is brilliant, nothing to distract from the beautiful pendant. Take care and safe travels.

Lisa x

Your handbag…I am sooooo in love with it! You’re gorgeous! xo


Great photos as always.
your blog is a real delight to watch and read

eclética & chic 24 August 2014 / Reply

Amazing inspiring photos and style!

I fell in love with this pendant and will definitely make a gift to myself soon :)

the necklace is so beautiful!♥ you look amazing!:)

Beautiful top. I love how you infused soft white separates into the background of the stunning Amulette piece from Cartier! I love the leather bag that you’ve been raving about on Instagram – it just demands the attention it deserves! Thanks for sharing.

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

Absolutely stunning. It is such a delicate piece of jewellery that you’ll be able to keep forever.

Love from South Africa

So beautiful!!
Love the bag! And the necklace is stunning!!

Lilu’s Voyage

does someone have any idea what brand is the bag she holds?

Very cute outfit, looks so comfortable. I think a pair of Bandelettes ( ) would look fabulous under the this.