Dior has always been one of those brands that completely transported me. This elegance, this romanticism… So timeless yet playful, bold yet sophisticated, sexy yet so clean. When I first discovered the Miss Dior Chérie scent, I knew that it’s fresh iconic scent was a meant to be. My mom got me my very first bottle for my 16th birthday. It was the day where from little girl, I started in fact to become a “Miss”.

Ever since, I’ve been wearing the perfume for special occasions. It stands on my beauty shelf like a statement and I open it from time to time to remind myself of it’s incomparable scent that bring back so many sweet memories. I’ve been a big fan of Dior’s beauty products for a long time now, from their incredible nail polishes, to eye shadows and lip sticks, I’ve tried it all and loved it. From the Crème de Rose lip balm to the Nude blush, it seems like each product is the exact one I was looking for.

Beauty has always been my big thing. I am so passionate about it and honestly, one day, creating my own line of cosmetics would be a dream. I have so many ideas and feel like there are still some gaps in the market where a new, fresh brand could fit in. Every time I create a new look, make-up is this final touch that makes the whole difference. And we all know that it’s about the details! A good make-up simply elevates it all to another level.

On these images, I’ve created a timeless, nude look with my beloved, symbolic cat eye. For the face, I’ve recently been wearing nothing else that RMS’s concealer. However on the checks, I’ve countered with Dior’s Nude bronzer and pinkish blush. Lips are color “Carré D’or” from their latest fall collection and shadow is “Versailles“. Of course, couldn’t shoot these images without my favorite pearl Mise En Dior earring. What do you guys think?





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You look so beautiful! Amazing makeup!

xx Mira

You look absolutely stunning! Beautiful make-up and hair.

Great photo session in the white tone, very beautiful, miss Cherie

Incredible photography, the idea of ​​class! Thanks for that please us!

Nice makeup and nice post for Miss Dior ! Maybe the lips could have been more “pink” and less nude, a pink a bit like the color of the Miss Dior Eau de Toilette. By the way, they don’t produce Miss Dior CHERIE anymore, and the Miss Dior is quite different if you take the eau de toilette or the eau de parfum, you could have also wrote about this huge difference. (Funny story : my boyfriend got me the eau de parfum for Valentine’s day, but I just didn’t liked that scent… I had to give it to my grandmother, and I got an eau de toilette for myself… ;-) ) I cannot tell for the other stuff from Dior, since the eau de toilette was the only one I could afford. For the rest, I honestly prefer cheaper brands which are sometimes much better quality and better for the skin, also I really use brands of creams and make-ups that don’t test on animals, that use natural products, and that don’t have parabens in them (because it can cause breast cancer). Unfortunately those expansive brands doesn’t give a shit about that.

The last one! Wow! Really I like this hairstyle on you!!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

blazingselene 25 August 2014 / Reply

Perfect pictures except for the fingerprints on the perfume bottle :)

You look simply magnificent. Amazing post. I agree, Miss Dior Cherie is an iconic fragrance.


You look great on these photos!
Actually, I am not a big fan of Dior perfumes, but I do love other beauty products, like lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, hail polishes, mascaras! They are really great, long lasting and absolutely girly))

It’s not fair to look like you do! :D One of the most gorgeous women ever!
You’re such a lady and neverending inspiration!

perfect!! Your hair is giving me life!

Absolutely stunning!!!
How can you be not at the first place in nomination “Best Photography Blog”? You guys deserve it!!!
This post is another confirmation of your hard work and great talant!!!

How beautiful this girl is, Dior, my loved brand still has the taste for the person who promote its products. I’m falling in love of this product in her hand.

You have such a beautiful face, the pictures are perfect!!

xx Su

These pictures are all magazine worthy, you look incredibely beautiful!
Miss Dior Chérie is one of my favorite perfumes, I really love it!

X Sara

Kristina, your winged cat eye is iconic and! And photography is just perfect, as always.. You HAVE to win the bloglovin nomination!
Lots of love xxx

These photos are STUNNING! Love them! And the nude lipstick looks great on you!

Love the last one!

Beautiful, this is such a great shot!


Great photos!! I love Dior beauty products as well!!

Beautiful photos! Love your hair and make up.:-)


I didn’t used to like Dior. I thought it was for older women, like my mom haha but I picked a mini travel set at an airport before travelling overseas & it slowly grew on me. I agree with you, it’s really elegant & has a kind of mysterious undertone to it. Easy to be transported by it. You look gorgeous as always in all these photos!


Such beautiful photographs. This Make Up look suits you perfectly! <3

HOLY SMOKES! These photos are beautiful! You look so pretty! I love your hair in that first pic! <3



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Wow Kristina, in this shooting you are really beautiful!
I love too Miss Dior perfume, I think it’s really girly!
I didn’t use so much of Dior beauty products because since I was a little girl I was fascinated by Chanel ones, but I know they are very good and the price worth it!




wow your looking gorgeous!
you are such a beauty, and you have such a great and big personality!
everytie when i’m strolling through your instagram, which is nearly daily, you are motivating myself so much to do my own thing!


I love this make up! Numb lips and smokey eyes! You look fab!
xx ❤

these pictures are so stunning


you would be the perfect model for dior, you have the playful chicness to you.
Love the photos
e d i o

I do not use a lot of makeup for my everyday look (especially during summer because of the tan yuppi!), just a touch of mascara, and I am a great fan of Chanel. But I used to have some Dior products and they’re amazing too. However I still love the packaging!! <3

Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

I love your blog! this post is just beautiful!


I also own a miss dior chérie perfume, it’s definitely a must-have isn’t it ? :)
Those pictures are so pretty, you’re so gorgeous !

Love from France, Victoria

This is one of the most stunning beauty posts you’ve done! Sexy bedhead, nude lips and cat-eye, I love it!! :)

Amazing shotting! You´re so beautiful!!

heartbeat blog

She looks really really gorgeous.

OMG, Kristina, these photos are breathtaking!!! Applause for them :)

This shooting is perfect, you’re gorgeous!

So beautiful! I mean, you do your makeup so pretty!


You are stunning! Miss Dior Cherie is one of my favourite perfumes and seeing one of my fav bloggers writing about it makes me so happy. Also, that hair! How do you make it so voluminous?

Oh my god you are so stunning!! I love this post so much, and I have to say that you are really really beautiful!
Love xxxx

love your blog and style. Look at my blog:

Photography are so good in this post, you look amazing. Just love it.

REALLY LOVE YOUR POST, YOUR BLOG AND ALL OF YOU!!! You’re an inspiration to me!! <3

Love you Kayture!!

These pictures are amazing and your makeup and hair look incredible :) xx

eclética & chic 25 August 2014 / Reply

Amazing photos! Love the nude and simple makeup! :)

Stunning photos and makeup girl :) Loving your ‘big’ hair



This hairstyle really suits you!

Wow you look so stunning AND tanned❤️❤️ Lovely pictures!

These are beyond beautiful, Kristina. You look so stunning! I absolutely love the hair and makeup look in this post. X

Looking so amazing, love the nude look!


You are right! You’re the one who turned me to Creme de Rose with your massive beauty article and I haven’t looked back since! Love those earrings!

you’re like a rose. very beautiful.

you look ultra glam and gorgeous in this bronzey post
ladies in navy

Gorgeous photos shoot! You look so beautiful!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

I love how you have learned to pose so well! That’s still something I’ve yet to achieve – the perfect pose :)


The Model Stage Blog

Amazing pics as always!!!!

Great natural look. Love it.

A makeup line of your own sounds good! I’ll be one of your first costumers. I like to recreate your symbolic cat eye :)

so pretty ! love that shoot

Very elegant and stunning.
Can I ask you, how tough is your eyeliner? Do you recommend it?

theglamourdrama 25 August 2014 / Reply

Amazing pics, so chic… love dior!!!

My Blog ♥

I love it!! I like to wear it also for special occasions!
BTW You look gorgeous as always!


Absolutely gorgeous photos Kristina.

xx Cheyenne

Again breathtaking photos! You look so elegant and yet so simple. I adore it!

xx Nicola

AMZING ! You are so beautiful, perfect shoot ;)


These pictures are gorgeous! You look amazing! It would be great if you designed your own make-up collection :)
Holly x

Nathalia Kalil 25 August 2014 / Reply

Gorgeous!!! Beautiful pics and you look amazing!

wow kristina this shooting is amazing you look stunning and natural
i have to see that i love your work and you and that you inspire me soo much <3

Stunning pictures! I’m craving for this perfume! =D
Please, check out my blog!



These pics are absolutely amazing..the best I’ve ever seen! Congratulations, you are the best!



Your hair is so gorgeous and your make up is so beautiful! You really make everything look so glamorous!

Diane ||

Oh my godness! You’re absolutely awesome! No words are strong enough to describe how much you’re pretty! I love Dior it’s one of the best brand ever!

Kiss, Marine.

Beautiful pictures! Miss Dior Cherié is one of my favorite scents and it reminds me of my teenage years…and that’s a good thing, hih!

Love your makeup, you look stunning!

Sophia |

Your make up is always so amazing! How do you manage to carry such perfect makeup throughout the day for so long?
I also love your white jumpsuit! Very elegant.


Amazing post! I love the concept, the outfit, the make up and the quality of the pictures! So challenging to reflect so well the message. Well done guys!! Loving your work <·3

beautiful..I love your hair in these shots!

Incroyable Kristina!! J’adore ces photos, tu es sublime


Kristina these photos are simply perfection! I love the nude and soft look you give off in this look, very Miss Chérie! <3 Xx

Lady Maria 25 August 2014 / Reply

It looks wonderful … It’s kind of I can feel magic from these photos … )))) C’est parfait … The same is Miss Dior Cherie …. I understand you …I’ve bought my first when I’ve been 15 years old … And still like it and buy the other after another ….)))

STUNNING photos, Kristina. You really know how to light up the internet!


some of the most amazing picture you’ve ever uploaded onto kayture! just wonderful and stunning!

Beautiful photos! The photos suits to Dior so well and they are exactly how you described the brand! Love this post!


These are just break taking. You have really created a world here…

So beautiful and I love Dior :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted thanks!

Camille xo

terrible. way too much makeup. far too contrived. you really also need to learn how to spell.

You look amazing Kristina! The makeup, hair, everything! I love this look you’re rocking!

Daisy x

Really beautiful post and your photos are amazing as usual! I do hope Dior will respond to you! Good going!

I love the makeup look. It makes your eyes stand out and your skin glow.

This is an amazing photoshoot! you look stunning!

You’re so beautiful, Kristina! what a lovely post.

You look amazing!!! I love everything about these pictures :)



Joua, http://www.jouatotherescue

Omg. You look gorgeous in this make up. It totally suit you.

These pictures are so soft and romantic. Dior is always a winner!

Love from South Africa

You look gorgeous, as always! -Swedish model and blogger in Tokyo

You look so beautiful in these pictures! Miss Chérie is one of my alltime favourite scents as well!

x Karen

I really, really REALLY hope Kayture wins the award for best photography blog :3

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful shots!

Love from Munich, L

You are so beautiful!!! :-***

Sonya Burch 26 August 2014 / Reply

Thank you Kristina!

super belle

These photos are amazing!!! You’re so gorgeous! I love the earrings :D


you’re absolutely stunning!
Amazing photos congratulations!

XO, Giada

You look so beautiful in these pictures! I also love the beauty products from Dior. I usually wear the lip balm, nailpolish and foundation from Dior and I’m so pleased with it

OMG Je suis jaluse, tu es magnifique, les photos sont de toute beauté ! J’adore ton make-up !

I see you totally being the oficial model of Dior.


Ces photos sont vraiment magnifiques! Et ton maquillage est parfait! *_*

Wow, you look so stunning! I’m always liking your Facebook photos, you are beautiful!

Emma at

Beautiful look!

Beautiful as always! Such a fan of Dior. xx

These photos are gorgeous, and you are stunning!

You look like a doll, Kristina- so beautiful! I also love your outfit!

Always love your make-up looks! Esp. the glowy skin :)

I have a new post up on my blog about some of my favourite Chanel products.
Maybe you would like to check it out!
xoxo Kerstin from

like me on facebook :)

You look so amazing! I like your beauty type ♥

you are such a beautiful girl! Love your blog! <3

You can absolutely be Dior’s testimonial!

Absolutely beautiful!

Wow – SO beautiful! Love the pics.

I’m launching a blog on business, would be thrilled to see you there. Link in name!

You look so beautiful! Your hair looks so good down, you should have it down more often. <3

I wear Miss Dior Chérie every day!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

AMAZING! I already fell totally in love with this look when I saw your picture on Instagram <3 The white and the nude make a really iconic timeless and chic look in its own way!

I like how the styling is all white and innocent but your facial expressions shows how much you’ve evolved since you first got that perfume.

Your are really fit the Dior image. I like your pictures.

Comtesse Sofia

These are very elegant and beautiful pictures. And, of course, I also love Dior. The compact powder that you demonstrate on one of the pictures is, from my point of view, one of the best beauty products ever. Together with the liquid foundation and perfume called J’Adore, this item is a must-have on my splurge list. Here is the rest of my favorite beauty products that are really worth the splurge:

The photoshoot is incredible !! You look more amazing than usual, can’t believe you’re teaming with Dior !

You are beautiful!!!
I love your blog!!!
Visit my blog on!

I’m really intrigued by your idea to create own cosmetic line one day! there are certainly gaps in the market. I would love to read a blog post about some of your ideas for the future line. Maybe we readers could offer you a little feedback and insight into what we feel lacks as well. : )

Stunning pictures! You’re the best Kristina!

Raphaëlle 31 August 2014 / Reply

I am astonished by these photos, you look so fresh and elegant, as always (and now I really really really want to try a Dior’s beauty product) ! I’ve known your blog for a couple years now and so far I’ve always thought it’s a level above the other blogs I’m reading because you are really WRITING articles not just posting photos (btw congratulations to your photographer, your photos are absolutely stunning). Thanks to you and your team, I can escape my everyday parisian high school’s girl’s life and dream while reading about your trips around the world or your fashion events !
Thank you so much Kristina !

These are my favorite products, too. And of course you are very very beautiful <3
Christian Dior Fall-Winter 2014-2015

i like your hair this way, they’re very different as usual, less “perfect”, you look “plus femme” i think.
Miss Dior Cherie was one of my favourite scent, but unfortunately, this perfume did not smell so good on my skin… it wasn’t bad, but not as good as this scent can be. it’s all about an alchemy…
About the products, i agree with Nina Sax, i think there are many other cosmetics which are much better for the health than the Dior Chanel Guerlain ones etc…

You’re so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these incredible images.

With love,


OMG! You are soooo beautiful! And this make-up is perfect on you! If you create your own line of cosmetics, I would definitively follow you! <3

me revoilà, prenant le temps de lire les articles en retard !! j’adore cette série de photos. et l’avant dernière est celle que je préfère. de plus ce maquillage, délicat, presque “transparent” te va vraiment très bien

Tu es simplement su-perbe! Et la couleur tirant légèrement vers le roux de tes cheveux te va à ravir. De quoi en rendre jalouse plus d’une (moi, en tous cas!).

Best makeup ever!!

Kristina, you always look flawless! I’d love to see an actual makeup tutorial, maybe your everyday one? I’m so curious to see how you do it!

You are so beautiful! Lovely post :)

I love you’re posts, you look soo beautiful and charming!

hi, what’ s your foundation? and the shade? thank you :-)

I love it <3

It’s been a while I read the article, but I kept it in mind, as it was so special. This one is very inspiring to me, I plan to do a similar “style” for an upcomig post.

you are so beautiful *.*

Love Dior. I hate the new Miss Dior. I loved Miss Dior Cheri. Very sad.

Wow the first picture is stunning. I recently saw exactly that model on a Chinese Tmall shop. Tmall is like Amazon and apparently huge in China. Here is more info for anyone interested to setup a shop there: