The travel rhythm I live on always fluctuates depending on the period of year, but not in a way some would expect. We like to be the band of outsiders to stay home when everybody leaves on holiday and vice versa, relax when everybody is stressing out. Why so? Well, maybe because our heads and ideas are clearer when we know many are taking it easy at this very moment. It gives you this wonderful impression that we’re the one working out here (squeezing muscles). Of course you’re not. BUT on the other hand, there’s nothing more naughty and fun than annoying your friends with holiday pictures while they’re stuck at their office.

After a month of crazy travelling we finally got back at the office to finalize some major projects that are finally shaping up more precisely. There are so many things coming up and I hate for not being able to talk more about them, but at least I feel like I need to share my excitement with you. Bare with me guys, we’re getting on a big journey. I can tell. Now that most of my friends are gone to chill at the beach, I hibernate under the desk of our office writing, writing, and writing. Organizing and organizing.

The holiday vibe is amazing. Going out each night until 2am, spending the day in an effortless way is the best. But I actually love being at the HQ. Work has been calling me all week and I honestly couldn’t wait anymore to be back in front of my computer to follow up on all the on going conversations we’ve ben having. I love these breaks, these peaceful moments that can’t be disturbed by anything. I switch off and enter a precious bubble of creativity and massively rapid e-mail typewriting.

This still doesn’t keep me from dreaming about Santorini and looking back at all the gorgeous shots we’ve done during our stay. That day after waking up in Fira, we decided to explore the city of Oia which is supposed to have one of the most gorgeous views and sunsets. I was ready for it. I chose to stay comfortable with a pistache green short from Chloé, white Anine Bing blouse and a love of a backpack that I found while in Mykonos in the finest, cutest little shop. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this unique treasure find. Hope you guys will enjoy!

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TOP : Anine Bing

SHORTS : Chloé (Similar Here)

BELT : Barbara Bui (Similar Here)

SHOES : Valentino

BAG : Found in a little greek shop (but, Similar)

EARRING : Shay Accessories


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breathtaking photos. you look stunning!

Beautiful beautiful!

xo Jenny

gorgeous! Greece has the perfect backdrop for pictures!

Amazing photos!You look great!

I love how you’ve put your hair up in a fishbone! Beautiful photos from your holidays, truly stunning place!

Beautiful photos, such a great place and your outfit is amazing, that short is very perfect matched with a white shirt!


Santorini looks amazing! Love your Valentino sandals!

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Ok Santorini is now written on my bucket list :P
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

I dont know how its possible you look everyday so beautiful, even if you are not in gown and you look natural you are always gorgeous ;)

Those pics are really amazing! And the bag is totally cute!

OMG these photos are breathtaking, I wanna be there soooo badly! :(

This is a paradise! Such a great location, where all the dreams come true!

Those sandals are so cute! Love the stud detailing on them!

Diane ||

The pictures are beautiful! Love the shirt.


wow! soo soo beautiful


What a magical island!

Love from Munich, L

This bag is just gorgeous! Isn’t it great to always get something small from the places you visit? This way, you have a unique piece that reminds you of holidays and your trip, as well as a great addition to your wardrobe!

OMG! I want to go there right now! The pictures are in incredible!! And you outfits matches the setting so perfectly. Love that cute little bag!

best wishes

This place looks amazing!! Nice look!

Wow, Santorini es the best place in the world! You are amazing!

Oh boy, the backpack is so cute! You definitely found a treasure :) The pics are amazing, I really want to visit Santorini.

The pictures are so amazing! They really make me dream!

x Karen

You’re soooo ellegant, I love your stye Kristina!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

What a great, great, dreamy place <3 Love your bag :)

Your photos from Greece always leave me speachless!

Santorini looks so stunning!
Love your outfit!

you’re making me miss santorini very much!

This photos are so beautiful!! One of your best post so far! I’m totally in love with your backpack!

what a beautiful pictures! and I love your traveling outfit :)

Greece is such a beautiful country! And you’re beautiful too :)

Totally love this outfit. It’s simple but classy. The sandals are simply gorgeous and the blackpack is so cute.

I love your casual but chic outfit you look amazing! Santorini is absoloutly beautiful, cant wait to visit there one day :) xx

WOW that looks gorgeous! My fiance and I are considering going there for are honeymoon – it just looks amazing. And I love your outfit!


All the photos are awesome! Amazing it’s so beautiful! Love your outfit in this post and especially your white shirt! Gorgeous!

Your look is perfect,and these places…Wow!

Breathtaking Santorini. I plan to visit Greece soon too.


Wow that is a GORGEOUS view!!! I’ve been wanting to go to Santorini for so long! It looks absolutely beautiful.

I love these gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to visit Santorini one day.

I agree that people like to work because it makes them feel like it gives them purpose in life, but it’s good to take a step back and think about why you’re working so hard, and what you really want to accomplish.

love love love the photography! brilliant captures of the scenery, colours and mood! :)

I completely get your point, it must be so great not to have the same lifestyle as anyone else !

The pictures are among the best yet, so breathtaking they deserve to be framed !!

Love your Valentinos sandals by the way :)


omg STUNNING photos!
love it. & your look is perfect!
xox inga

Amazing landscape!! I love the bag! So cute


I agree with you, Kristina. Right now, I’m working on my goals and dreams while my friends are partying. I feel like one day, I’ll be able to post pictures of my travels and my friends will wonder where the time has gone and I can say that while they were partying, I was working on my dreams. :)

Your pictures make me miss Santorini so much! So far, of all of my travels, it’s my favorite place I have ever visited! That dome was not blue when my friends and I visited about four years ago. I’m glad to see them paint it back. Thank you for letting me relive great memories! XO

Wow! Santorini is truly breathtaking and so are you! x

Love! Love! Love! Absolutely love your pics! ;)
They are so inspiring and bright! Just made my day!

Love your hair plaited like this! Gorgeous!

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Amazing photos, you look great!

Those photos are breathtaking. The view is absolutely amazing! I love the minimalistic look of this outfit. It is simple and has clean lines, which is always the way to go! You are so naturally beautiful and I adore your style.


Amazing! You look so sophisticated in this outfit <3

Wow stunning place!! Beautiful look, I’m loving that white blouse! =)
Please, check out my blog!


Absolutely gorgeous photos Kristina.

xx Cheyenne

Love the view! Wow, you made me wanna save up just to experience that blue sky.

Gorgeous photos. And such a beautiful summer outfit. Perfect fit for beautiful Santorini.

Fabulous 30s

you blog is fantastic and your photos are beautiful!!!

Breathtaking view and amazing photos! Please take me there with youuuuu :(


Woah I loooove this outfit!! So cute and summery!! :)


my goodness! these photos are simply amazing!

What a breathtaking view! Love your photos!
Xoxo Erika@

WOW!!! These colors are breathtaking. The Pictures are so wonderful, I can feel the sea breeze. Love your hairdone and shorts.
XOXO Hannah

Really beautiful photos dear Kristina! You made me so curious to visit this beautiful Island!


The scenery is insane! Too beautiful Check out for the latest clothes and for everything from D.I.Y tip to fashion trends.

This place is just dreamy! Loved the pictures.

I agree with you in traveling off season is so much better and you can really see the beauty of the people and the places without so many tourists around.

Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

love your bag!! Your pictures remind me of my trip to Santorini, such a beautiful place

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beautiful photos and you look pretty as always!

Such a great holiday outfit!

Sophia //

All that blue is absolutely incredible! :o And I love how you folded your sleeves. I always do that otherwise I feel to work-formal even though I adore collared shirts.


Pretty Outfit and beautiful pictures. Santorini looking absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need to going to greek and this amazing island one day. Love your cute little bag.
xo, Petra

CreativeView 13 August 2014 / Reply

Wonderful place, one of those small paradises on earth !


Nathalia kalil 13 August 2014 / Reply

in love with those shoes! And what beautiful pics!

those pictures are breathless… Amazing, fantastic ! :)
I’m really excited to know more about your big project , i’m already very happy for you about it !
Love from France, Victoria

Beautiful photos! Love your outfit and the backpack!

Vera Strotz 16 August 2014 / Reply

Oh God – James is so incredibly talented!

I just recently started reading your blog, and looking it through! Amazing! I’m also a newcomer, and it would mean the world if you could check out my blog!

Daisy x

One of the best blog I’ve ever seen! Congrat’s Kristina! I am owner of the is woman web portal.Your advices and feedbacks important for me:)

Your my dream

I am from Greece! I’m so happy you visited us and liked the places you went to! You’re amazing keep up the good work!

Peggy - ΜΑΡΙΝΟΥ ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΑ 6 July 2015 / Reply

It was realy nice to have you in Hellas !!!
Hope to see you again soon , the Greek sun makes you look great and classy, a calm-beauty !!!
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