We’re back to our HQ’s after a busy end of the week in Zürich. It’s been a real blast to spend a couple of days there as I love the city so incredibly much. We didn’t have that much time to hang around, if only the last day for a couple of hours, as our time was packed up with meetings. We ended up being so productive! So many exciting projects are on their way, and as the fashion month is starting to approach, we have 10 feet ahead on our schedules. So bring it on everybody! And definitely stay updated for some surprises… ;)

I can’t but keep on thinking about how fabulous our little escape in Greece was. After Mykonos, it seemed quite obvious to extend our stay of a couple of days in order to visit Santorini as so many of our friends were raving about it. Turns out, I completely get it now. I get it why they all loved it so much. The view, the food, the ambiance, everything is just incomparable. I’ve seen, in such short amount of time, some of the most gorgeous landscapes of my life. And please, if you want to find the way to my heart, bring me a plate of oven baked eggplant stuffed with feta cheese and tomatoes (a typical Santorini dish). I die. So good.

That day, I decided to make my own interpretation of the perfect greek, on-the-go outfit. After spending our evening shopping amongst the beautiful, crowded yet so charming little streets of Mykonos, I was ready with some new greek acquisitions! I truly found some treasures, and most of the time, it was in the tiniest little boutiques that looked like nothing from the outside… This top for example, unisex and made of organic cotton, is the softest thing I’ve ever put on. Paired with some Chloé shorts and Chanel bag to elevate the look (not to forget actual greek sandals!), I was ready to enjoy the day.

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TOP : Found in a little Greek boutique (Similar Here)

SHORTS : Chloé (and Similar)

SHOES : Found in another cute little Greek boutique (Similar Here & Here)

BAG : Chanel 

BLUE PEARL RING : Carmen Cita Jones (Similar Here)




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I’m completely craving seafood now! & Greece looks so nautical with all the blue & white, I like how you dressed for the location. I can’t get over how good that crayfish looks though!

The Fashann Monster

The Greek islands are so beautiful, especially Santorini you are so lucky to be there! The food looks so amazing, it’s making my tummy rumble.

Great photos! Your blog is always inspiring :)


Beautiful! I would love to visit Santorini one day!


In love with this post! Very bright gentle and colorful! Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely gorgeous Kristina, looks like paradise.

xx Cheyenne

Beautiful Santorini with breathtaking views and super delicious food :)
You look so lovely!!

Oh Santorini is so beautiful, your outfit is perfect to visit the island. It’s easy, classic and so chic. These shorts are so cute and these jewels are amazing. Love so much the Chanel handbag

You really made a good job with creating the perfect greek, on-the-go outfit! Love it! <3

Love the shorts and stripped shirt!


Lovely pictures! I’ve seen so many bloggers going to Santorini and it became like a dream of mine to go also. Seems like a very beautiful and different place! And this Chanel bag btw… stunning! :)

You look absoloutly beautify, i love this beachy outfit! Santorini looks AMAZING!!!

Santorini envy….love love love!

xo Jenny

you are flawless!! Santorini looks amazing and so beautiful! xxx

I love this, oh and shorts, I was thinking about this one for a while :))

Great look, santorini is really a magical place, and you are so cute!



Love the tomboyish vive of the shorts and the shirt! Cool!

Woah what a location! I love the sea and Santorini looks truly great ♥

amazing pics! The view looks stunning!

amazing place, and love your bag!!

Une tenue parfaite pour une journée de marche sous un soleil de plomb :)
La dernière photo est magnifique :o

I love this blue-white greek inapired outfit <3 And the eggplants you're talking about – I tried them last year and they are defenitly to die for!

Love your details pictures!:)

Very nice pictures ! This food seems delicious

J’ai découvert ton blog et waouh! C’est le mot exact qui pourrait définir ce que j’ai dis la première fois que j’ai lu un de tes articles! Ton blog est tellement soignée et tu es tellement jolie.. J’adore ton style aussi, la manière dont tu associes des basiques à des pièces chics!
Ça semble un peu fou, mais tu es une personne qui m’inspire beaucoup. Je pense que tu vas devenir quelqu’un d’important dans le monde de la mode car tu as vraiment un talent.
Passe une agréable journée, Constance

Totally loving your Greece photo series! Wonderful photos and details, as always!

You look lovely!
Perfect location for this look!

lovely pics… love it when your hair is up.x

Great post! Amazing photos of Kristina and Santorini!!!

I love Santorini so so much! Such a beautiful place! You look as stunning as ever!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

This outfit is simply great. Although your usual make-up is stunning, I love the minimal look you are sporting here so much more! Would you mind making a post about how you edit your photos? . They are always stunning! ^^

Ces photos sont sublimes! J’adore la bague bleue


These photos are fantastic! It is my big wish to visit santorini one day:-)

Wow, the blue pearl ring looks so beautiful!!!


You look super gorgeous Kristina and Santorini is so amazing!

Just perfect!

OMG, that bag is unbelievable !!! So chic and gorgeous ! Well, the whole look is amazing, I am in love with the combo striped shirt and white shorts !

You look stunning as always :)

Santorini is one of my dream destinations from a while!! I would love to go there, lucky you!

You look so great with this natural makeup look or without makeup (can’t decide it).:)
kisses, Reka

Cool outfit, that shirt matched with the short is really nice!


These pictures are lovely, it really makes me want to visit! Looks like such a gorgeous place. I love your shirt too, really suits the setting! x
Holly x

You looked so pale… What’s wrong?

You always have amazing such amazing photos in your blog!
Love this outfit by the way ! :)

Omg, your just 20? Really?!

I really enjoyed this post, I find it so refreshing and inspiring! Keep up with the good work honey!

Enrie Scielzo, The Ladyboy

wow,,, so beautiful ^_^

I love your outfit, great pictures!
xxx Nausikaä

That Chanel bag is beautiful, I love the colour of it!

I’d really love to visit Greece! It truly looks so beautiful in the pictures; I can’t even begin to imagine what it looks like in real life!

Diane ||

cant wait until I get to Santorini in a couple of months

You are pretty, your photos are amazing but you are doing to much editing! Colours are way too bright and not natural at all. Your hair look red.

Love this tomboy look! The bag is still my favorite and the shirt looks so amazing!

Beautiful look! Amazing shorts! =)
Please, check out my blog!


What a gorgeous place! Your outfit suits the environment very well (:


Really amaaazing place and you look perfect as always. xa

Wow these photos are sooo beautiful!! :) And your outfits are perfect! <3 Wish I could visit this Santorini one day!

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THIS PLACE IS TRULY AMAZING!!!! and that food!!! Oh gosh!

You look so simple but so beautiful!!!!!



Everything looks so amazing! And you are as beautiful as ever ^.^

x Mona

Definitely on the bucket list :) and you look so glowy! x

Life of Niss

So cute!!
please guys, take a look at my blog or leave a comment on g+
Thank U

Great shots!!!

You look awesome Kristina!
xoxo Alexandra

OMG love your top. The whole outfit is perfect for travelling :)

Today I´m back from Greece :-) You look gorgeous :-)

Les petites bagues sont ravissantes !


Camille Philie 11 August 2014 / Reply

For the shoes, go to valia gabriel.. the shoes are exactly the same …

Your outfit couldn’t be more wrong

Your pictures are breathtaking…

Visit my blog and get inspired!

These pics are really awesome! I love your style *_* kisses


Love the look, the accessories… everything!

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Beautiful photos! You look stunning!

Love Santorini! Hope I get to go back someday.

your photos are beautiful Kristina! love them all! :)

Love this style. Its so fresh, free and chic. Fantastic choice and love when you not wearing so much make up. You are really a natural beauty. And I`m obsessed with your Chanel bag. Love the color of it. Perfect summer bag. I`m dreaming of a Chanel bag a long time now and my dream comes true maybe this november. So excited.
xo, Petra

this post is fabulous, you are very pretty!


this post is fabulous, you are very pretty!

Santorini is amazing place in the world.It undoubtedly will be perfect for the unforgettable memories.

Amazing outfit.You should visit Rhodes island too.Alao there, you can find great stores.

Amazing outfits.You shoud visit Rhodes island too.There you can find great stores with fashionable clothes.

Great photos!!

Wonderful photos. The blues and whites really just say “Santorini” without words. I love it there.