There’s a reason why girl time is so important. There are just some things, us girls, can’t really, deeply discuss with men. Same thing goes for men, who simply can discuss everything with us women. I’m no feminist a feminist and all about girl power (P.S excuse the confusion, I’ve indeed had a misleading definition of feminism. thank you so much for enlightening me, really appreciate it). I’ve always had great male friends to have endless conversations with. Isn’t it quite of a stereotype to say men don’t like to talk or don’t tend to overthink things just like women do? Because I could swear they do.

It’s funny to observe the difference of perspective. Are we in the end that different? Or maybe, our genetics are the only thing that differentiate us? As I grew up, girly girl that I was, a lot of my best friends, especially when I was something around 10, were all dudes. Loved their simple approach to life. No gossip, no fighting for toys. I’d obviously always get the one that’s pink. And you know what, we also need our men to women moments. Facing the contrast.

On the other hand, 10 years later, a girl’s night out feels irreplaceable. And that’s why I couldn’t bare being surrounded by men 24/7 either : we need our girl talks more than ever. Seriously common, I try to stay as mature, and reasonable as possible, but from time to time, my tongue just burns and I need to ask that question : do you prefer smoothies or juices? Do you run or do you jog? Have you heard about that drama between Azzedine Alaia and Anna Wintour? Oh and by the way, I just found out the craziest trick to have perfectly sleek legs in summer. Air brushing!!!

My pinky just tells me these subjects wouldn’t interest my male demographic… now wouldn’t it?

However, I do love the fresh perspective a guy can bring to the table. For example, James, has such a rational way of seeing things. I always get excited with my creativity, my words, my analyzes (I love to deep think, it’s like scuba diving but instead you dive into your thoughts, absolutely fascinating)… He’s always there to sort of bring me to reality and that’s why I think we make such a great team.

But lately, as you may have seen, my babe Fiona has been very present in my life. Not only is she part of the Kayteam as our community manager, she’s also been travelling with us through Italy and then Greece. It’s very surprising to have a fresh face with us during all these adventures. James is very lucky to have two sugar pies like us by his side hehe. It’s definitely so much fun to be able to squeeze in a girl moment in the middle of a busy day. We sure do have some surprises awaiting you folks!

Fiona took the camera to shoot these images while we were in Sardinia at the Forte Village resort. It was our little girl’s paradise escape away from everything. We just grabbed my little Canon with us in case some beautiful landscapes were on the program, and they definitely were. Hope you’ll enjoy these images and all have an absolutely beautiful beginning of the week!

Photo 08-07-14 11 12 02webb_IMG_9875webb_IMG_9880Photo 08-07-14 11 18 53Photo 08-07-14 11 03 04webb_IMG_9972webb_IMG_9949 Photo 08-07-14 11 12 35webb_IMG_9840webb_IMG_9908webb_IMG_9989


TOP : No Specific Label (Similar)

SHORTS : Guess (Similar)

HAT : The Kooples

SHOES : Just Anna Shoes (Similar)

BAG : Stella McCartney through Monnier Frères


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I love this post. Photos are very beautiful ! I want to see more of your posts !!

Love how you put the cool sweater together with the shorts and the awesome hat <3 I would also love to escape on this wonderful place :)
xx from Germany, Rena

You look absolutely beautiful :)) Love the shorts

This place looks like a paradise! Perfect hat and bag :)

I love your relaxed outfit! Perfect for a relaxing summer day!
xx, Kira

Les photos sont super belles, j’adore le jeu de profondeur avec les petites fleurs violettes.
Ton chapeau est très beau :)

You’re very pretty! I love your blog, your photos and probably everything! Keep inspiring other women (like me) Kristina! :)

I love your hat! Such a cool laid back look!


very pretty shots! Love those more simple outfits because I can relate to them so much more!

Great photoshoot!! Love your travels in the mediterranean!

Once again, you look AMAZING !! Love the white destroyed denim shorts, and how you paired them with much chicer pieces, such as the amazing top, the hat, and of course the Stella bag !

I agree completetly about needing your girls moments ! Sometimes they’re all we need, and even though having men friends is great, nothing could ever replace girlfriends !

Cute outfit!
Love the hat !!


I love these pictures, the scenery is amazing!

Omg this is such a gorgeous outfit!!! i love it!! :)


Love the outfit, perfect for a vacation! Even more perfect for a girls’ walk & chat!
Can’t wait to see your next one!

Nice article! Also I love your You can´t stop me bracelet! Where did you get it?
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

That hat is so beautiful, it fits you so well !


I love your post, ans your style! Love shorts!!!
new look on my blog!

Great outfit, but I would totally cut your hair shorter! :D

So so beautiful, you look amazing! Love the hat! – New post <3

So true, sometimes nothing can beat a proper girls talk! Oh and I absolutely adore this beautiful hat!

Love from Munich, L

Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo Kristina, la visión de un hombre nos aporta un aire fresco mucho más tranquilo y razonable, pero las conversaciones entre chicas son tan divertidas… Me gustan mucho las fotos que ha tomado Fiona. Estás muy guapa.

Un besito muy fuerte


You look beautiful with natural makeup!

I love that sweater, it has such a cool texture!

X Sara

Great outfit!

I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, music production student. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

Lovely photos. Love your hat and the white shorts + you look beautiful :) Sardinia must be great!

best wishes

Amazing outfit and gorgeous photos again ! I really in love with your blog.


Really inspiring, the outfit as well as the thoughts !

xx from Paris

Franziska 4 August 2014 / Reply

Normally I really enjoy reading your blog but why do you have to bring in a false view of feminism into this? Why did you start this article by first assuring your readers that you are indeed not a feminist? I have the feeling it is because you feel it is a bad thing, that it means that alle feminists have a general hatred for men… but really, feminism is about girl power! Of course, there are radical groups within the movement, as there are radical groups in almost every movement, which are against men but please, don’t join all those Hollywood starlets who say they are not feminists because they do not hate men. It is not bad to be a feminist – they are the ones that gave woment the right to vote and still fight for equal women’s rights around the globe.

stephania 4 August 2014 / Reply

I simplly love everything for you. I’m a big fan. I read your artcles every single day.
You mentioned in your article that you use you little canon
what types of canon is it?

I love the combination of white and grey! So elegant


Fiona did a great job taking these pictures!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Love the whole outfit. Especially the shorts :-)

Cute look. Love the ” you can`t stop me” bracelet.

Why do you say that you’re no feminist? It makes me terribly sad to see such a successful and beautiful woman so quickly disregard feminism at the beginning of this article. How can you be all about girl power but not a feminist (ie. supporter of full social, political, economic rights between men and women)?

You’re so right, girl time is really important! And amazing pictures and I love your outfit! <3

Stunning look! I love those shorts. My fiancé is the logical one in our relationship and tends to keep me in reality when I have all my big dreams! But he also pushes me to do my best and that’s why I love us together :)


Wow amazing photos! The top is absolutely an eye candy!


adore your outfit! absolutely beautiful shots and glad you’re getting some much needed girl time
ladies in navy

Great outfit!!! I love the backpack

As usual, looking gorgeous :)

Hi Kristina, in North America the definition of feminism is someone who believes women should have equal rights to men, so by saying you’re not a feminist is that you don’t believe we are equal. Perhaps something was lost in translation here but you may want to rethink that.

Just love your top and casual wear outfit

Good look for stroll. It is casual with a different touch in the bag and hat … Perfect for an afternoon of girls! Good inspiration.


Wonderful look and location! Love that hat so much!

NIce, nice, nice!!!

Beautiful photos, looks like a very lovely place.
xx Cheyenne

you summer looks are amazing! so inspiring! :)

so cool!

Alice Suraeva 4 August 2014 / Reply

Kristina, you are great & I absolutely can understand what you mean under having a “girl moment” ! It´s great that you are talking about your thoughts and feelings so open! :) this makes your blog even more exciting. BTW love you´re casual chic… truly unique. I am very glad that I have found Kayture & I enjoy reading your blog every day. Xoxo from Germany. Alice

Sardinia is a beautiful island. Perfectly matched accessories

Victoria A 4 August 2014 / Reply

I´ve been reading your blog since january and I enjoy it a lot. I like the way you dress and the way you take and try to enjoy life and everything in it. I think you are a great person for what I can get by reading the blog. But I´m afraid I disagree with you when you say that you are no feminist because I assume that you believe in equality between genders and if you look up the word “feminist” in a dictionary or anywhere on the internet you´ll see that its meaning is about equality, nothing more and nothing less. I tell you this because a lot of people think that the word feminist is a bad word or that it has a negative meaning but they are wrong because it´s exactly the opposite.

Beautiful pictures and even prettier woman!

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This look is so cool and I love the hat!

i completely agree! girl time is great:) love the outfit; such pretty photos!

“I’m no feminist even though I’m also all about girl power”. Dear Kristina, may I ask you to look up the definition of feminist in the dictionary? It means concern for both sexes and their equality. Why would you be ashamed (a I assuming you’re, correct me if I’m wrong!) to identify yourself as as feminist if you believe in the potential of women and trust that men can be your partners in social life?
The word feminist is wrongly associated with terrible things nowadays, I beg you to don’t confuse it with extremism. A wise and strong minded girl like you should know that, even more because you empower people with your words. I hope I didn’t offend you, it’s just that feminism doesn’t have to be a bad thing ;)

I totally agree that girls time is very important (as well as boys time!) By saying that I mean that it is helpful to dedicate at least one day per week that you spend with your girls. For me such day is Wednesday. On Wednesdays, usually go to the boxing class with girls and then to a SPA or a juice bar. When I am back home I watch my movies, read magazines and books while putting on my nail polish.
My boy-friend uses his Wednesdays to spend time with friends that he didn’t see for a while, to attend concerts or parties or just to have a drink with friends.
I haven’t had a chance to go to vacation with girls only yet, but it seems to be a great idea too! Thumbs up for a ladies time in style!

These photos are so pretty! I agree, girl time is so necessary!

Olivia xx (new to blogging)

feminism = The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Je comprends pas le fait d’être pro-girlpower et de ne pas se définir féministe, quand c’est simplement le fait de vouloir l’égalité des sexes, Le mot a prit une connotation négative certes, mais une fille comme toi, indépendante et forte, devrait montrer le bon exemple, devrait aider les femmes à être égales aux hommes.
Enfin, je t’invite à remettre en question le fait d’être féministe ou pas

Je te souhaite une très bonnes suite et keep up the good work


waaah so gorgeous! :)

Beautiful shot, beautiful you, beautiful outfit matches with the surrounding colors (:

Dreamy Princess

Love the outfit, all the accesories, the hat, everythin I really love it. And I think Fiona take great pics :D

I totally agree! It’s really important to have these girl moments from time to time!

I love your outfit! Simple, yet absolutely gorgeous, as always! ;)


Fiona takes lovely pics!

Hope you had an opportunity to rest :)


Le féminisme est, dans ce cas, un terme mal utilisé, ç

le féminisme est un terme qui n’est pas à propos dans cet article. Ca n’a rien à voir avec le fait de passer du temps entre filles, d’aimer partager ces moments sans les hommes…. Et d’autre part, c’est bien dommage aujourd’hui que ce terme ai pris une connotation si péjorative, quel besoin de se défendre comme le font de nombreuses femmes “ola je ne suis pas féministe” comme si c’était une tare. Elles n’ont rien compris du tout et surtout elles ont oublié grâce à qui elles ont le droit de vote aujourd’hui (entre autres choses)?!! Ben… aux féministes!
Le féminisme vise principalement à abolir les inégalités dont les femmes sont victimes… Il y a plusieurs courants, certains plus agressifs que d’autres.
Je terminerais en disant que si, aujourd’hui, tu mènes une vie aussi libre et indépendante à 20 ans, si tu bosses, si tu peux prendre la pilule (pardonne ma familiarité), si tu as un compte en banque à TON nom, et encore d’autres choses, c’est grâce à des femmes avant toi qui se sont battues pour que la société évolue, et qui n’auront, elles, pas eu cette chance là. On a tendance à considérer nos droits comme normaux et acquis, mais ces droits ont été obtenus par des batailles…..

J’adore cette série. Je suis super fan de ton haut, ton short et ton chapeau.


I couldn’t agree more with you about girls time ! So important !
But oh girl… Those pictures … You’re pettier every time I visit your blog, that is to say… Everyday ! Is that even possible ? :)
Your outfit simply rocks ! I love everything about it ! You’re a total inspiration :)

Love from France, Victoria

Such a beatiful outfit.
You’re so true. Till university i had more male friends than feminine. On the other hand now i wish i had more girl talk. (well… maybe that’s why i open a blog myself :p)

I love your style!

Check out my blog!

You look so stunning and simply at the same time and… i understand you about that men/female friends topic. Sometimes pass time with the guys team is sooooo necesary, but other times we need that girls time.


Absolutely love the photo on the homepage! You have beautiful eyes. Somehow I understand the words you say. Yeah, girl time is important.

Love your accessories! You look amazing! :)

–Jia xx

Oh! So Chic!

Fantastic hat, and my favorite blog. Eliza

All beautifull, such an inspiration.

Hi Kristina,

I love your pictures! :) Do you use a filter or something like that?



Hii ,

You’re so beautiful! I really love your pictures. I’m a huge fashion loves so I made a fashionblog. You may get many messages like this but could you please take a look at my blog. I’m new and I’m very interested about what people think of my blog. But I love love looove your pictures. Youre a big example for me!

Much love,