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Yesterday evening, the most wonderful and exciting thing happened. As you might remember, we have been nominated for best photography blog amongst an incredible, mind blowing selection of blogs. We were so honored and thankful to be part of the nominees. I am so grateful to write this article today to thank you all for your incredible support. Thanks to you, Kayture exceeded all limits and won this year not just in a specific category, but the actual Blog of the Year award. I can’t even relate to you my reaction when the founder of Bloglovin announced our names. I was in complete shock, absolutely not expecting it for a single second.

I started blogging 3 years ago, in my tiny little room in Switzerland. It felt like I finally had a voice, a freedom that I’ve never experienced before. Without any special tools, from the tip of my fingers, I had the opportunity to create my own universe, set my own rules and to share this ride with people across the world. I felt at ease and safe online, where my thoughts and opinions were valued and expressed freely and without limits. I found people who shared the same passion and interests. I met new friends and everyday after school I’d come back and until 2am I’d be online looking for inspiration and creating my own personal space to inspire with the bits of ideas I wanted to share. I started writing and posting images with no other will than to enjoy and share a passion. Not even for a second I would have though that this journey would bring me and the whole Kayteam that far.

There’s nothing more fascinating than this connectivity that we all experience together. In just a click, we are somehow connected even though so far from each other. It’s the new digital era, and I truly feel like we are part of something massive.

Above all, I cherish the relationship we have with all of you. I feel like we have the most incredible community (kaymmunity!) out there. We inspire and push each other forward to try and open up our mind to news things. We are all writing our own story and sharing it with one another. For that, we are all part of each other’s life in a way. I am so thankful for your loyalty, honesty, support and the strength you’ve been giving to all of us to fight and make our way through all the challenges we’ve faced, aiming only for the best, and thinking only about the positive. We have so many dreams, so many goals that we’re fighting for! There’s so much more to come.

One of the most important value that we have in the Kayteam, is to never take anything for grated and this is also the reason why this prize only opens a new chapter in our book and makes us even more motivated and determined. Together, we always adopt different perspectives on things and are willing to create beauty and inspiration together with you. This award, is a huge, and absolutely wonderful symbol of recognition that we will always cherish. I’ll always remember when I went to the Bloglovin awards for the first time 3 years ago, so excited to see all these familiar faces and being so so excited for the winners, I have to pinch myself today knowing that we were rewarded with such a beautiful distinction.

Again, never give up guys. Always, always, always stay true to who you are, to your heart and to your instincts. Climb the hill, cross the bridge and keep moving. Life won’t wait for us to start to live, we need to grasp it and enjoy it to the fullest. I’d like to share with you a beautiful text that one of my close friend Lance Shipp wrote the other day :

We all have dreams. Some of us want to be lawyers or doctors, some of us want to be businessmen. Some of us want to be world renowned fashion designers, and some, elementary school teachers or auto repair shop owners. Dreams and aspirations come in many shapes and sizes, but no matter how big or small, I believe that we all have the capacity to achieve our dreams. As a dreamer, it is your responsibility to take initiative. Find the path that leads to your dream, and run. Don’t wait for the path to find you. Get up, go out, and find the path. If the road isn’t paved yet, pave it. 

The road WILL have pot holes and traffic jams. You may get a flat tire and have to phone for help. You might run out of fuel and have to walk eight and a half miles to the nearest gas station before you can get back on the road toward your destination; but the road is drivable. You just have to keep driving. No one man or woman achieves greatness over night. It takes patience, courage, hard work, and an unrelenting pursuit of your greatest desire. 

Let’s keep dreaming together.

I love you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

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Outfit, courtesy of Elie Saab, jewelry by Chopard. 

Pictures courtesy of @fashiontomax and @dejrit

P.S I am so excited to announce to you guys that this year again, we will attend the Hugo Boss fashion show during NYFW. Last year, it was one of the most exciting shows of the season, and I can only expect again the best this year from the incredibly talented head designer Jason Wu. Make sure to check out our live stream on the 10th and meanwhile here’s a little teaser to get you all excited, because I know I am :)


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Kristina, I’m so happy for you! I really like your blog because your writing is very enjoyable to read! I love how you spend time to write each article instead of simply posting pictures (all your pictures are gorgeous though!). Looking forward to reading more articles on your blog <3

You look absolutely breathtaking here, Kristina. Dazzling! Love the words you wrote. Congratulations, you and the team deserve it for sure!!


Yay congratulations!!!

xoxo, Diana

YAYYYYY I am so incredibly happy for you all! i voted for you for blog of the year (: I am so glad that you won. many many congratulations!! xx

New look on my blog!!

Un grand bravo pour tout ce travail impressionnant, sans relâche depuis ces trois années.
J’aime bien exigence et le ténacité comme traits de caractère, je trouve meme qu’il y a une certaine beauté la dedans… Ce prix est largement mérite pour ces raisons, au dela meme du style et de la mode que tu proposes. Il peut être difficile de trancher entre plusieurs blogs de mode, qui peuvent proposer un contenu de meme qualité, ce qui fait la difference c’est la personne qui se trouve derrière l’écran…
Bravo a toute l’équipe, et a toi seule aussi Kristina… de ton reve a emerge tout ca… savoures… et que cette recompense te donne de l’energie pour les nouveaux defis a relever…

congratulations, so happy dor you!
i enjoy your work a lot, you are the best inspiration:-))
xox inga

María Paula Moreno 9 September 2014 / Reply

Beautifuk post! Congrats!! Keep going like that!

Congratulations to the entire team, it is so well deserved

I wanted to just quickly share with you how inspirational your blog has been. I don’t remember how I found your blog (I’m a fashion junky so probably via some other fashion blog) but I discovered it when you were just starting, the site was completely different, your photos were edited different, your hair a different color, and your makeup less refined (though still gorgeous). And I was in love–you had the eye, you had the aesthetic, and I knew you were going to make it.

I was so impressed a girl my age could be this poised, refined, and confident. And I was so motivated a girl my age could be this successful. Over the past three years I’ve loyally watched as your blog has burgeoned into the amazing, transformative force of fashion-nature it has become. And I feel like I’ve grown up with you a little, because as you were building and working towards your dreams, you were inspiring me to build mine.

So today, instead of sitting behind a desk in a stifling corporate job, I’m traveling around the world, by myself. And I’m doing it in a large part because you showed me that I have the power to create any trajectory I want, and that if I have a vision and work hard, I can create a future that is magical.

So congraulations again to you and the entire team, and thank you. I can’t wait to see what’s next, but I have no doubt it will be extraordinary.

xx Taylor

Congratulations, you truly deserved to win! :)

Congratulations! You truly deserved this award:) we are huge fans of your blog, probably one of my true favourites xx also that speech at the end was very inspirational by your friend :)

Aww congratulations! It makes me SO happy to see bloggers be successful. It’s such an amazing way to express yourself – I know I love it – and there’s nothing better than doing what you love!


Many congratulations on your fantastic achievement! Definitely well deserved, your photos are always breath taking.
Keep inspiring the world!

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
You really are an inspiration for me (and I think for all your readers) and I”m very glad you won this prize.
I’m so happy that I found your blog and I can read everyday your adventures because it motivates me to follow my dreams.
Hugs from Romania,

Congrats Kristina, James and the team! =)



Hugeeeee congratulations!!!! So well deserved, yours has been my favourite blog to follow this year for sure! I love the way you always relate your success back to where you started. My dream is to be a full time blogger and to make my living from my passion. Never before have I loved something as much as this, and you inspire me everyday to keep going! If you ever have a moment to check out my blog I would be so grateful for your feedback!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Dear Kristina, James and Kayteam,
Big love from Malaysia.
Congratulations for winning Blog of the year!! You guys deserved it 100%.
I love this article, very inspiring.. hope you guys continue to inspired people that chasing dream just like me.
Take care of your health and never stop inspired people.

Congrats! So proud that you’ve come so far!

Sarah Angelica Ocampo 9 September 2014 / Reply

I voted for you! I’m so glad you won. Congrats, Kristina! and keep doing what you do. You’re awesome! :)

Congratulations KAYTEAM! I met you last February at Milano Fashion Week 2013 and you were that inspirational fashion voice that pushed me to make my dream live and here it is now <3 Thanks again for being such an inspiration everyday, can't wait to see what you and your team have for us! Hope to meet you again soon Kristina, kisses from Mexico!

Andrea Nahle

Congratulations, you totally deserve it! Love your blog, keep up the great work!

Congratulations for winning the “Blogger of the Year” award on Bloglovin! I am so proud of you! We were all very inspired by your beautiful looks and wonderful photography! You totally deserve it!

I voted for you so many times! Congratulations Kristina! So so proud of you and James <3

I’m so proud of you! You are not only my inspiration, but my idol! Hugs from a little country named Guatemala in Central America! :)

eclética and chic 9 September 2014 / Reply

Congrats, Kristina! Amazing dress!

Congratulations you guys! You created an amazing and captivating blog that inspires everybody! x

A huge congratulations to you, James and the Kayteam on this incredible award! These types of awards don’t usually affect me, but I am genuinely excited that Kayture won since you’re one of my favourite all-time bloggers. I love that you are able to consistently create aspirational content on an almost day-to-day basis, as well as staying true to the Kayture brand. You do not blog ‘safe’, but constantly breach the creative walls and give us, your readers, a special insight into your world.

We recognise your hard work and it sure is paying off, big time!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This was such an inspiring post to read and to see that you hard work and passion paid off is so motivating. I am so happy for you! I am a relatively new follower to your blog, but I have to tell you that I love it already! Keep up the good work. I am so excited for you and the exciting new things to come!

With love,

kay you guys deserves this award so much. the reason i love your blog so much is, that in every picture you can see how much fun you have. Its not only a job for you, you and james really love what you do and thats way you are so successful.

Congratulations! It is so, so well deserved.

I am so so so much happy for you! You really deserve it! Thanks so much for your hard work, for your inspiration, happiness that you share with as!

Congratulations Kristina, this reflect all the hard work behind KAYTURE!

You have definitely deserved it, congratulations!

I’ve just found you. You are very inspiring me. Love your style and writings. Xox

Congratulations Kayteam!! You guys deserved it! I have only recently discovered you guys and I already love this blog! Kristina, you are SUCH an inspiration to me! I could only hope to achieve what you have at such a young age :) xoxo.

Congratulations Kristina! You and your team deserve this so much. Ever since day one that I found your blog you guys have been such an inspiration to me, please never stop doing what you’re doing. Wishing you many many more years of great success to come :)

Congratulations, you totally deserved it!

Great! Congratulations! Passion pays out! :)

Bonjour Kristina,
Waw, c’est super et je pense que vous le méritez vraiment toi et ton team! Votre blog est magnifique, je le visite tous les jours :-) Les images sont superbes! Continuez comme ça, on se réjouis de voir la suite!

Congratulations, Kristina! Keep doing what you do best :) You are one of my fashion (and career) inspiration, so I am happy you got what you deserved. Stay fab always :)

You look as always amaaazing and one big congrats. That is great.

Julie Mitzie 9 September 2014 / Reply

congrats Kristina! I’ve been following kayture since the very beginning (I found your blog through lookbook), and I just loooove you and your blog! It is so easy to see that you put your heart and soul in to the blog, your writing is amazing and the photos are always stunning (BIG applaus to James) your posts never dissapoint – so for that you truly deserved the award!
Big love from Julie

Kristina, James, you are the best people in the whole blogosphere. You are so nice, beautiful and ‘warm’, I just like you but even don’t know you guys personally. Congratulations!

I’m so happy for you and the Kay team!. I have a blog and i know how can satisfactory and hard could be tried to post something new and diferent every day, and KAYTURE is full of creative and original contents, images and style. CONGRATULATIONS! you and James deserve this award!


Congratulations, Kristina! This is so wonderful and you do deserve the award! I don’t know if I will ever get nominated but this is definitely on my dream list :))

Denina xx

what a wonderful text <3 you deserve it


Congrats- you totally deserve this, your blog is amazing!!

A very heartfelt congratulations to you and all of Kayteam! I loved your blog from the time I found it almost 2 years ago, from your beauty tips to your honest writing and to James’ beautiful photography, I always end up reading your post, no matter how long it is! Congratulations again!

Congratulations to the award! That’s amazing!

Congratulations to your all team! You deserve it!

amazing news! congratulations!!! you deserve it :)

Congrats to you all and to your hard work ! But it seems not even surprising to me :) you both give so much, share so much, write so much, love so much.
Your text was very touching :)

Congratulations!!! Your blog is my favorite, it’s fashion, chic, luxury, your style is amazing. I’m so happy for you and your team

You deserved it!
Your blog is one of the best!

Great job to you and your team!

Xo, Giada

Oh my god you so deserve it Kristina ! Bravo bravo bravo, it is like the best reward for a blogger, and Kayture is my absolutely favorite blog, so I am so so so glad you won !
Also, I lastly discovered that you spoke french and I heard you talking french and oh my god it was so so cute j’adore !

We love You too,Christina.
But I have a question for you: how can I find my way in life?
Now I’m working but every day I start with regrets about who I want to be..
Help me to find myself

Congratulations for this award!!


Congratulations Kristina and the team! You guys really deserve it! Thank for inspiring in each and every post! -Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

Congratulations ! I like your blog you re a wonderful person !
Xoxo Kristina

I coualdn’t be more happy for you since you really deserve it! We all know how hard you work every day and this award is a little thanks back to you <3 I also believe in dreams and that they may come true. And even if they don't, we have to work on them so we still had treid our best.We are all dreamer, so let's make this world the reality of them!

Muchísimas felicidades chicos!

Me alegro muchísimo por vosotros, os lo merecéis. Vuestro blog tiene cosas increíbles que otros no tienen, la fotografía es inigualable, los looks, los escenarios… pero lo que más me gusta de vosotros es la pasión y humildad que le ponéis a todo y lo cercanos y cariñosos que sois con nosotros. Me alegro muchísimo, disfrutarlo!!!

Un besito muy muy fuerte desde España

Congrats, this reflects the hard work behind your amazing blog! Your pictures are always fab!

I am so happy for you, congratulations.

Félicitations, c’est amplement mérité :) en seulement 3 ans vous êtes parvenus à vous hisser au rang des meilleurs, c’est la récompense de votre travail!

OMG!! congrats! u guys really are the best!



congratulations from the button of my heart! I feel extremly happy for you and you totally deserve all this!
kisses, Gio

Congratulations to Kayteam ! I am so happy for you guys ! You really deserved the award ! Thank you so much for inspiration and positive energy that Kayture brings to readers ! Sending all my love to you :))

Congratulations Kristina, you totally deserve this price!
I voted for you and I was really happy to see that you won! I had no doubts, I love your blog especially for the way you express your feelings in such a sweet way, giving me motivation to work hard day by day and cultivate my passions. When I feel like I can’t be able to do something, I just take a look at Kayture and feel inspired and powerful and…as if I can do anything!
You have this power, girl, so thank you so much for being our inspiration <3

Bacioni from Italy :)


your story is such an inspiring one! glad to see that you have such a determination though you are still so young :)

I’m so happy for you, Kristina! I read Kayture for the beginning!! I have voting for you!!! you deserved it!!!


Good Luck Kristina :)

Congrats darling!

You are amazing at what you do.


I did it on Instagram, but I wanna do it here also.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart to your win the Blogger of the Year Award. You can`t imagen how excited, happy and proud I`m of you. Special because you are a swiss girl and I`m too and you made it so fantastic. I never thought a swiss blogger would be that popular but you made the mark everything is possible. Thank you for that. You deserved it definitely. You are an inspiration of so many woman, people and blogger and I wanna thank you so much for your work and words you always writing to us. It means a lot to me and I think also to other readers and followers, when you write that we are the Kaymmunity. Thats so nice and cute and it means a lot. You are such a nice, down to earth person and I really appreciate that a lot. Your words are always so kind and full of motivation. I hope that I get more attention in the future to my blog and the work I do and really love. It is really hard to made attention when you live in a country where bloggin is not popular where I live. But I`m positiv and hope that it will be someday.
I wish you a great day and a lot of fun in NYC.
xo, Petra

Congratulations Kristina!! We love you <3 <3


I was so happy when I found out through your Instagram that you guys won Blog of the Year. You guys really deserve it. Congrats! x

Kristina, you and all the team deserve it!! You chased your dreams and inspired us to chase ours!! You are a true inspiration and a lovely human being, and along with your team, make us believe in our dreams and fight for what we want to achieve! Congratulations and thank you!! :)

So so so happy for you!!! I haven’t known your blog for sooo long, not a year I think but it was one of my favorites instantly. The pics are the best I’ve ever seen on any blog BUT your texts are always personal and as a reader I always have the feeling you are only writing for me and I think this mix is your big success. You look so beautiful on your pictures sometimes like from another world but your texts always let your readers feel that you are a normal human being and that’s what makes you so sympathetic and gives me the feeling that you still could be the girl who lives next door.
I’m really proud of you!!!
xoxo Kirsten

Congratulations on your winnings!

I can’t even say how proud I am for you, which in weird since we don’t know each other. But you’ve been the greatest inspiration for me over the last year, and everything you achieve makes me dream more and more about what I could do. You are the main person who gave me courage to start my blog, and I hope that one day I will grow enough to be able to meet you (maybe at FW haha).

Good luck for everything you are up to and I can’t wait to hear more about your wonderful adventure!

With love and hoping for the best,


Congratulations Kristina! You deserve every moment of this, both you and James. Your blog is amazing and it’s one of the best because like me, you take the time out to connect with your readers, listen to them and appreciate them, which a lot of other higher up fashion bloggers fail to do. They forget that their blog would not be popular or worth anything without the readers, so I’m glad you know that. It’s a shame you didn’t win photography blog, but yours is beautiful so no worries! Good luck in NY!

Congrats, you are the most beautiful inspiring and talented blogger and you totally deserve the award!


You are an amazing team and since the beginning I admire your will to go further, do more and move forward. This is an award you deserve with no doubt, enjoy it and we will all be waiting for the adventures that make us feel like we’re part of it. Congrats!

I am truly moved by this post. Thank you for these beautiful and motivating words!
I’ve been your fan for a long time and I am so happy for you! Each time I visit, I experience an incredible and inspirational journey into the world of fashion and beauty. I absorb each photo, each text you write and I want to become better in what I’m doing. You keep reminding me to follow my dreams, so one day I can be proud of myself.
Thank you

Loved following your blog and seeing all your content. your writing is inspiring. keep it up!!


you and of course your team deserve it! I’m so happy for you and the kayteam and I only can say: Congratulation! :)

PS: You three look amazing!

All my congratulations for you!!! I am very happy for this awards also. I voted for you because I really think that you are the blogger of the year. Your writtings and your photos carefully selected and performed. Your creativity dessinging looks. In my opinion you have done a change last months, an improvement with your cothes combination, the photography. And I really want to tell you how your words express and make people feel exactly what you want. I think that this makes a big difference with all other fashion blogs. Please, do not change! Follow that way!

Fantastic post!!! u deserved it you and ur team :)

Congratulations babe!!! You & your team rock


The Fashion Panda 9 September 2014 / Reply

Congrats !! You really deserve it !

For starters, congratulations once again! You have the most beautiful blog and your blog is evidence of how much hard work has gone into it. It is always so wonderful to begin each day by looking for your latest post. Secondly, this is the most inspiring post. Sometimes you need little reminders to keep you motivated and moving forward and today that did just that for me so thank you!

Love from South Africa

OMG OMG !! This is such incredible news ! Congrats, so much ! A,d well deserved, you are so classy, gorgeous, and an amazing blogger !

I’ve said before, but I’ll do it again. I’m very happy to know that you won this award. I was awaiting the release of the winners, on twitter, as I had voted for you guys ( for the “best photography” award, and when it was announced you had won as “blogger of the year” I get very happy. You are a great inspiration, Kristina and James (and now, Fiona too :) ). Really. Part of my motivation to pursue my dreams came from you guys, from what you do on this space. You deserve this recognition.

I wish you success and hope one day i’ll meet you personally. Congratulations!

Ps: sorry my english.

Lots of love from Brazil.
With love, Sandrine.

Liebe Kristina

Herzliche Gratulation.
Ich freue mich sehr für Dich.

Viele liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

Congrats to the whole team of Kayture! It’s totally deserved, I love reading your blog every day! The pictures and content are incredible!

x Karen

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Soo happy for you!
You are truly an inspiration to me.
xoxo, A.

You look so happy, and I am so happy for you.
I only started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago. I was skeptical at first, but with each post, each image posted on instagram, and each day, I realized something very important: You are just who you are and no one else. You are true to yourself, to your interests, to your dreams. You are passionate about what you do and you love it with all your heart.
Keep on doing just that. Congratulations on the award, you – and James! – deserve it. You both worked so hard for it and I am glad you get paid back by winning this amazing award. I wish you all the best. Stay true to yourself, and never stop reaching for your dreams. You inspire me – not by wearing fancy clothes or visiting beautiful places, but by being YOU no matter what happens. And that makes it very, very easy to be happy with and for you.

Congratulations Kristina! You and your team deserve it. Keep up your amazing work! You are very talanted!

Love Ninul

Toutes mes félicitations ! Bravo à toi, tu le mérites amplement ;)


Congrats Kristina! You definitely deserve it. I really enjoy reading your blog and I love that you put so much hard work and effort into making it what it is today. I admire the fact that you put out such great content and manage to post almost everyday! Keep up the fantastic work and I know you’ll do even bigger things in the future!

With love from Texas,


What you said about dreams almost made me cry. I haven’t pursued mine to the fullest because of fear, but thank you for saying what you did. It gives me renewed motivation.

Huge congratulations darling.

I adore your blog because you’re so real and you really care about this space on the internet, plus not only are you beautiful but intelligent.

You have a depth to you and a way of thinking that not many others have and you’re constantly grateful for all the opportunities you receive.

Totally down-to-earth. Definitely well deserved!

Katie <3

Congratulations for becoming such a successful blogger in such little time :)

You absolutely deserve every single bit of what you’ve got because of that dedication to this blog of yours, and as readers we absolutely love dedicated bloggers! Everytime I open your blog, I’m always in awe seeing your beautiful pictures and inspiring stories. So, I’ll be very confused if you didn’t win that award. But fortunately you did and I’m so happy for you. Please keep inspiring us, Kristina!


Dear Kristina,

You deserve this award so much, more than everyone else!

I just wanted you to know how much your looks are beautiful, elegant and inspiraring! Every day, you find a new trend and none are alike I find it really brilliant and I have to say that I am a little bit jealous of your extensive wardrobe… ;)

I am not a fahion girl, but I do love clothes and travels! Every day, I read your articles. Your life makes me dream and, during the reading, I always have the impression to travel!

So THANK YOU for your work and your passion!
And thanks to James for the wonderful pictures, and to Kayteam for all the organization!


Congratulations! I’m so happy that you won, you definitely deserve it! your blog is amazing and it’s such a big inspiration for others! :)

Congrats once again, you really deserve it! I will keep on dreaming! :)

Congratulations Kristina!! I have been following you for a couple of months now and I think this award is so much deserved! I usually don’t pay attention to this kind of events and I have never commented on a blog before but I proudly voted for you! Ever since I have first read your articles I immediately felt that Kayture was special and different from the other blogs. What I like the most is definetely your writing. Sometimes the photos don’t load but I don’t care I just want to read your thoughts of the day! Kayture is so much more than just posting beautiful outfits photos like so many other blogs, it’s a daily inspiration to become a better person and to follow your dreams no matter what. I am a medschool student from Paris and I am now doing an internship at Mount Sinaï Hospital, New York and I know that you have given me the strength to stand up and go after this internship (trust me it was not easy!). Thank you for making me a healthier, more confident and beautiful person everyday!!
And I love to be able to follow the NYFW through your Instagram!

Kristina I am so so so happy for you and your team. I voted for you not only for best photography blog but also as blogger of the year for you. You deserve it!
I started following you on your early beginnings and honestly I tell what I and most of your other followers like the most on you: Your blogposts are so honest, you speak to us like friends. This is what makes you so nice and sympathic. Please never stop this ( even when your blog will grow and grow and grow! ) This is what makes you unique to other famous bloggers!
Awww… I just want to hug you, because I am so happy that you won this avard! xx Corinna

Congratulations on your award Kristina. You truly deserve it. You are so hardworking, inspirational and though so down to earth. I’m only following your for a couple of months, but you really become one of my favourite bloggers. Your writing is so good and the picture are incredible ( no wonder you were nominated for best photography) and when reading your articles I feel like I really am a part of the kaymmunity and that I’m talking to a friend of mine.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I will continue to support you .
Kisses from France,

Congratulations on your success! It is very well deserved. We can see every day how hard you guys are working, It is truly an inspiration!

god I’m so so happy for you! I voted of course! You are an amazing blogger, full of talent and kindness. You are a role model, really!

Thanks for being here, and inspire me on a daily basis for my blog too :)

Love from France, Victoria

Congrats Kristina! You and James have worked long and hard to make such a name for yourself in the fashion and social media industry. All the best in the future and continue to create impacting posts!


K. that’s HUGE!
Congrats, congrats, congrats! Wow, that’s so incredibly AMAZING.
I feel so happy and proud of you, inspiring young women all over the world and being recognized by your talent!
Seriously, I wish all the joy in the world. You and the Kaytem reserve it.

Congratulations Gorgeous!

Your posts are always so inspiring, Kristina!!!! I am very happy that your blog has been awarded, you deserve all the best! We all have to keep on dreaming and following our dreams!


Congratulations! This award completely defines your blog, you are the Blogger of the Year! :)


Big congratulations … your are the best

I am so happy for you and the team ! You are my favorite blogger, you are a true inspiration… For your young age, you are an incredible woman.

Thank you Kristina for sharing your amazing hard working journey every day.
Lots of love,

I’ve just found your blog and I must say how glad I am that I did. Its so interesting to see your story in reverse. Where you are now and how you started out. I’m looking forward to reading this blog and cant wait to see it get even bigger! xxx

Congrats, Kristina! I voted for you! I thought that you really deserved it because of the amount of time that you spent taking gorgeous photos and sharing it with the rest of us. And your writing, too! It’s always in the highlight of my day to read what you’ve done the day before and to see the pictures that James has taken of you. Congrats, again!

Diane ||

Congrats Kristina. Congrats James. And all the Kayteam. I’m so happy you got that award cause you literally are the best blogger of our Generation. You inspire me every single day. I have a goal. But it’s hard to achieve. I wanna try and look for inspirations. You’re the greatest of them. Thank you a lot. For being so amazingly awesome

When I saw on instagram lots of pictures from the Bloglovin awards I couldn’t believe that you haven’t won the best photography category (but I must admit that Nicole deserves the win too). But then I found out that Kayture won the category Best blogger of the year and I couldn’t be happier.
I remembered that moment when I discovered you existed. I found you thanks to Polyvore. I made sets with many your photos and I was obsessed with your outfits. I haven’t known you have a blog or something. But then one of my friends there told me you had a blog and you were quite good. So I checked your blog. I didn’t understand this whole blog community so I wasn’t really impressed. But sometimes I was checking out your blog and one day I started dreaming about this outfit and this location and this and this and this.
And now I can’t believe what progress you’ve done since 2012 when I’ve started following your journey. I’m really happy for you and for James. I’m so proud of your next big steps with kayteam and everything around it. I just want to say that I’ve voted for you as well and I’ve done it because I feel like I’ve been creating my own journey together with you. I read your posts everyday and I dream about what I would like to do in my future and I know I can make it. That everything is possible if you really want it and work hard.
You are the best blogger because we really are kaymmunity! And I can’t stop reading your blog because of it!

Love from the Czech republic,

Congrats Kristina! you earned it. I love reading your blog and seeing how hard you work. It’s nice to see your hard work and determination paying off, but also to see that you are continuously inspiring all of us :)

Congratulations for the award! You do a great job with very beautiful photos and personal articles, and you are always gorgeous on the photos :)
Cynthia from France

Congratulations to you Kristina and to your team!!! Well deserved! :)

Hi Kristina and James (and Fiona)! Congratulations on such an incredible job, I’ve always admired and loved following your blog, but I agree with Bloglovin’, this past year, you all blew it out of the water! I can NOT wait to see what is coming next. Best wishes from Florida <3

Congratulations! You and your team deserve it all so so soo much. You’re all such stunning personalities, so talented. I just love your work. Keep on going, guys!
Kristina, you are one of the most inspirational persons if ever met (well, I’ve never actually met you, but as you said, we’re all connected through just one click and all the time with you). Your look, your sense for clothing, your personality, your appearance, your everything. When I saw you for the first time, I was so impressed of your beauty.
I really enjoy reading your articles, they are high-quality and so nice written (and of course, James photos always are wonderful!). Every time you accomplish to convey so much. You have great views and opinions and you seem so honest and pleasant, like a dear friend. You give me courage and power.
I could go on like that for years…

I wish you and the whole kayteam the best and that you’re able to reach all of your aims.
Love from Germany,

Congratulation!!! Love your blog! A great mile achieved within just short three years. I hope within 3 years i can have half of ur achievement!


A HUGE congratulations to you, sweet Kristina and James! You both are such a great couple and a super talented business team and compliment each other’s strengths very well. Thank you for always being open and honest and for taking time to write what’s on your heart. I know that’s why you won. (I was rooting for both you and Nicole of Gary Pepper Girl!) So many bloggers out there write about their outfits, what they’re “obsessed with” or “currently craving” and to a reader like me, it’s not important as it is building a relationship with your readers and that’s why I love your articles. You take time to write to us, tell us about your latest projects and adventures and what you’re feeling. I know you get a billion comments here and on Instagram, but for you to take time to respond to mine a month ago means a lot. I know you know that building a community with your readers will take you further than just putting a one liner, affiliate links, and ending the post by asking a question to your readers and never responding the question that you was asked in the first place. It’s very transparent who cares about their audience and who doesn’t and clearly you do. A BIG congratulations to you both and the Kayteam!

P.S. Tell James that I’d love it if he did more guest blog posts on here! I would love to see what he’s thinking since he’s always behind the lens!

Congrats congrats congrats!!!! This is so well deserved. Your blog was one of the first that inspired me to consider blogging. Just as you mentioned above, being able to channel my thoughts and curiosity is truly an escape. While I am so very new to this, as bloggers, we get to inspire people everyday just by being ourselves. Thank you for your inspiration and CONGRATS!!!

Love always-

Congratulations kristina!!!!i am deeply truly happy for deserve it!

Congratulations Kristina to you and your team! You travel so much and share with us every moment of the way. The photographs and the amount of effort you take to write your blog posts make it very enjoyable to read. I wish you continued success :)

Cela fait 3 ans que tu m’inspires, 3 ans que tu me donnes beaucoup de motivation a réalisé ce que je souhaite et j’y arrive grâce à toi! Tu es l’une des personne les plus impressionnante, incroyable que je ”connaisse”. Avec toi j’ai appris que sans travailler durement on ne peut pas arriver au bout de nos rêves et donc être pleinement heureux. Tu mérites tout ce qui t’arrives, je suis tellement heureuse que tu es gagnée, je te suis depuis le début et j’espère encore te revoir tu m’inspires énormément et me donne beaucoup de courage à poursuivre mes rêves comme je l’ai dit plus haut. D’ailleurs je n’arrive toujours pas à croire que je t’ai rencontré pour mes 16 ans, le plus beauuuuuu cadeau au monde!! J’ai eu beaucoup de chance et comme quoi il ne faut jamais arrêter de rêver ;) Bravo, bravo, bravo à toi et à James je vous admire énormément ! Je te souhaite encore beaucoup de belles choses pour l’avenir et bisous du Valais ^^ <3

Kristina your blog truly deserves every accolade it collects, not only is your photography ‘on point’ every post but your writing style is so friendly and approachable. And of course it goes without saying that I am a fan of your fashion sense.


Congrats on your well-deserved award! That is so awesome!
stop by :)

That’s so awesome!! Congratulations!

Congrats on the award! I voted and now that you won, I’m so happy for you! You and the whole team, totally deserve it! You are my biggest inspiration! Thank you!!

Congratulation! I’m so happy for you and your team for getting the blog of the year award~ You have been creating so much great content and you guys deserve it!

Congrats. I have followed your blog from when you started and and witnessed your style grow. You deserve it girl and most if all congrats to your bf. this couldn’t have happened without him. You are so lucky. Once again congrats.

Nice! Wish you will be winner everyyear!

Your photos and posts are always amazing. You deserve that award. Congratulations! :)


Congrats. You definitely deserved to win. You are my favorite fashion blooger and my inspiration. I am a follower since you started the blog and loved every outfit you did. I also like the way you write your posts; it makes me feel like I know you in real life.

Congratulations Kristina! Loved your blog post :)

Congratulations! Great news. Well deserved. :)

Congratulations! It’s an inspiration to see such growth & success on your blog.

That’s well curated Kristina. Great read. And congratulations for the great leap. Thanks for sharing :)

Congratulations! Happy for you <3

Dear Kristina Bazan,
I really adore you and your Blog! Just everything inspires me!
Thank you so much! I will never give up on my dream becoming a international Fashion Blogger.
Love, Laprincesca xx

Teresa Cesario 14 September 2014 / Reply

Congratulations on your award! I can imagine how happy you are to get that after so much hard work! I’m just now discovering your blog and I think its beautiful! I’m going to follow you. Your’re inspiring!


From the bottom of my heart: Well done! You worked hard for it and you totally deserve it.

Lots of love,

This post really made me cry :’) congrats!!

im so happy for you kristina.the first time i saw ur blog,i knew it will definitely go far away.u have been an inspiration to many, reminding that nothing really is impossible,and im happy for the distinction u received.u deserved it.may God bless u more! one thing, u have a very1000x good photographer

Hello Kristina, You are my favorite blogger, and I am really happy for you.
Good job & Congrats !!!

Bonjour à toute l’équipe, la Kayteam!
Première fois que je commente et il ne pouvait y avoir de meilleures occasions! Toutes mes félicitations! Vous méritez amplement cette récompense, ce succès, cette reconnaissance! Vous faites tous un superbe travail qui mérite d’être applaudi. Bravo à James pour ses magnifiques photos qui savent capturer toute la beauté de Kristina et saisir la magie de l’instant, bravo à toi Kristina pour cet accomplissement, ce rêve qui se réalise, pour ce que tu inspires au monde et bravo au reste de l’équipe qui rend possible cette incroyable aventure que vous partagez avec nous. Kayture est le seul blog que je consulte régulièrement, et de loin mon préféré (j’ai d’ailleurs voté pour vous pour le bloglovin award). Je l’ai connu grâce à instagram et au compte de Kristina et àa force d’aimer frénétiquement toutes tes photos, je suis passée sur le blog qui m’a époustouflé. La mode est une passion pour moi et le style de Krisitina me correspond totalement. Ce blog m’inspire et me donne envie de créer le mien! Peut-être qu’un jour j’oser

Dear Kristina and Kayture team, congrats on winning the blogloving award and congrats with your 1m followers on instagram. You deserved both of them. Not because I’m a huge fan, but because you inspire me each day with the most amazing pictures on instagram and on your blog. You inspire me to go for a natural look, because a smile is the prettiest make-up a woman can wear. You inspire me to stay true to myself. To keep thinking positive, and to never forget that I can always make my dreams come true, as long as I believe in them. Thank you so!! Liebe grüsse und merci vielmal.

You are an amazing blogger i am very happy because of you , you are special and very beautiful, Congrats!

Congrats from Africa with love. Kayture forever. Kayturettes we love u back. Xx

I just discovered your blog, and I’m already a fan :)
Look forward to keep reding your posts for a loooooong time ;)

Hi Kristina. You are simply amazing in a lots of categories! I can’t even imagine where you find time and strength for all that you do! I just wanted to mention that this important award is not in your “About” page yet. Why? Your team should fix it. And also it says there that you are 20. But as I remember you turned 21 this fall. All the best in your life adventure!

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Kayture totally deserves this.. lots of good wishes to the kayteam!


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