It has been another beautiful, long and absolutely crazy day during Paris fashion week. I’d even say that the word that keeps coming back in our conversations is “hectic” because it most definitely was and still is. Only 4 days to go! I have to say that I am excited at the idea, yet wonder how I’ll cope with seeing this busy rhythm slowing down… I seriously got so used to it.

My biggest challenge is food-related. There are just TOO many sweets and treats in Paris. I can’t. It’s too hard. I’ve been trying to keep it up with healthy habits and a viable pace even though it’s so hard to say no to certain events or late night parties. Can’t I just do it all? I mean, seriously… Why can’t our body follow?! Our heads are often filled with energy and motivation yet physically our bodies have reached their limit. 

I am excited to share with you guys today a new post we shot in Milan during fashion week. It’s not a specific look I wore to attend a show but an outfit I picked out specially on a day where we had meetings, fittings and events every hour. It felt nice to wear something a little simpler than usual, but with a cool twist. The two main colors are obviously this gorgeous baby, powder blue as well as deep, blood burgundy – a contrast and color combination I simply love! To finish the look, I matched it with some beautiful statement gold jewels by Aida Bergsen from Talisman Gallery , thanks to LoveGold!  a beautiful brand with such incredible visuals.

Can’t wait to meet loads of you during PFW!!! Bisous sweeties

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TOP : Zara

SKIRT : BCBG Maxazria

SHOES : Oscar Tiye 

JEWELS : Aida Bergsen Jewelry at Talisman Gallery, courtesy of LoveGold



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Love this outfit. Absolutely stunning!!!!!

Wow you look stunning!
I especially love the lightning bracelet. Super cute!

Love love love this outfit!!! Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Paris.

I’m in love with your bag and how it combines with jewels!
Stunning combination!

Best wishes,
Diana Cloudlet

You are absolutely stunning. I love the outfit, especially the jewelry and shoes.

Gorgeous outfit! Love the combination of baby blue and burgundy.
You look beautiful.


That’s quite an interesting match of blue and burgundy. I love your heels!

I’m in LOVE. The burgundy colors go so well with the sweet baby blue color! I’m in love with your shoes and bag! :*

I love the deep reds here, so autumnal!

I LOVE YOUR HEELS! The wings on them is just too adorable and remind me of Dorothy’s from the Wizard of Oz! The rose gold jewelry that you have on is beautiful and ties your outfit together!

Diane ||

That blue top is seriously gorgeous! I love the outfit.. especially the shoes. It sounds like you have SO much going on but these must all be really great experiences!


love your jewelry but especially love all this wine-color in your post

ladies in navy

Absolutely beautiful look!! Love the colors :)


Love these shoes, so elegant, they could make a tracksuit look refined.
Photographs are epic as usual!

Caspar from A Couture Diary

Love this outfit!! So gorgeous <3
Xo Roos

You look incredibly beautiful and feminine!! That bag and shoes are absolutely major!

Gorgeous combo! That blue looks so pretty on you! xx

I love this outfit. The colors are amazing!
xx, Brini

Totally love that color combination, it looks fantastic!

xx Cheyenne

Very nice outfit and you have such lovely shoes!

This outfit is absolutely gorgeous ! And those shoes are to die for

Amazing shoes and bag!!!

I love the blue lace with the burgundy!

perfect outfit, love the top and the shoes!!!

These photos are absolutely DEVINE! Can’t get enough of the jewellery and will definitely check them out.

Wow perfection from top to bottom. Love the color mix and the heels are to die for!

xx Mira

Amazing color mix. This blue lace top is so cute, love it the chic skirt. These sandals are the most fancy thing in the world, they are perfect. These rings are wonderful. The handbag is just pure art , love it so much

Hope you’ll have a great time in Paris <3 Gorgeous outfit,you look stunning.Love your skirt,that vine color really remindes me of Fall :)

Perfect look, love the combination of colors and the sandals are so so so beautiful… <3

Those heels are so cute!

This is definitely my favorite outfit! Those colors, the way those Jewels match perfectly, those shoes… Love it!

Amazing! I love everything of this look: the colors, texture, shape <3 I lately combines some burgundy with pale blue too – and fell totally in love with this combination!!

You look stunning, love your shoes !

Love from Paris

Love this burgundy and blue combo! The sandals are to die for!

You look great.

Amazing lace top! Love how you styled it!

Ooooh wow, what a gorgeous outfit! I love the dark red and blue combo! So beautiful and chique!

This is my favorite outfit among those fashion week ! This combinations of colors and paterna is stuling and you wear IT very well ! What is your nail color ? And your lipstick ?

The color are really nice on this look, everything matched so well together!


Lucky you are to do every fashion show of every fashion week ! You’re so beautiful and I love your outfit. I like your skirt and your shirt ! Your jewels are beautiful !

Soooo pretty!!!

Absolutely LOVE the burgundy pieces!! Every single one is perfect itself.

Love from Munich, L

When I saw the 1st picture pop up on my screen I got really excited. I just love the juxtaposition of baby pastelly blue with dark sexy burgundy red. And hey, your BCBG skirt matches the Oscar heels really well. Their colours are like literally the same o_O, so gorgeous and luxurious.

LOL, I totally understand your love for macaroons and it sure must be tough resisting them in Paris (you can seriously find them at everywhere corner of the street). Good luck on them :P

I was crazy about this outfit since I saw your photo on instagram. You look stunning and the color combination is simply gorgeous. Major crush on your shoes!

amazing jewellery and bag! :) xoxo

INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

I love these combination of colours

Love the mix of colors. I’m obsessed over the jewelry, especially the ear cuff!!! Beautiful!

xx Olivia

You can eat as many sweets as you want, you’ll always look gorgeous ! The burgundy accessories are gorgeous, especially the shoes !! And the jewels are just unbelievable !

Amazing Shoes and Jewels!
You looks so beautiful
xx, nissi
Instagram @nissi__
Twitter: Nissi_Mendes

Absolutely love the handbag! x

amazingliy beautiful look!!


Lovely outfit !! My favorite so far. The combination of these two colours is georgous.
Hope to see you in Paris !

xx Louise

What a great color combination, Kristina! I would have never thought to pair baby blue and burgundy. Such a classy and unexpected combo. I love how this outfit draws your eyes everywhere from the details of your jewelry to the little wings on your shoes. So beautiful as always!

I love the colors

Love the burgundy with baby blue so much! Beautiful outfit, I’m still so in love with the angel wing heels!

Beauuutiful colours, the details on those shoes are stunning too <3

What a gorgeous outfit! The colours go so well together x

Oh, yes! One of my favourite looks! <3 Burgundy and baby blue color look amazing together!

I think that outfit is probably the best I’ve seen on your blog so far !
The two colors are coming together so nicely ! :o
And the shoes detailing ! Insane !

You are gorgeous and truly inspirational, thanks ! :)

Love from France, Victoria

Wonderful colors, love every single detail about this look!
xx Hannah

love the colors!!

In love with all the jewelry! Especially those earrings <3 and I absolutely love this unexpected colour combination!
XO Janina

Interesting outfit, blouse is wonderful.

love it!!!!!!

Mix of pastel blue and burgundy is unexpected but looks .

I love the color combination in this outfit! I also really like the feminine aspects of the shoes and the top. You look like you are having such a wonderful time!

Burgundy and baby blue matches so well! Love the outfit!!

What a beautiful combination of colours and materials! Love the heels!

Beautiful… looove


Julie <3

I have to say, I adore those shoes. The whole combination is so easy to pull off during daytime, I am contemplating on replicating it myself! ^^

Where’s that bag from. Love it!

Style by Joules

Wow this is absolutely flawless!!!!

I think it is a really nice outfit… Those colors look great on you. xx-Ari

Such a spectacular look. I love this powerful burgundy red color. And those jewelry seems to be flawless!

Very nice outfit!! Love it!
For sure the mix of the bag, shoes and skirt it’s perfect!


Beautiful lace blouse, love it <3

Love your lace blouse <3

Wow this outfit is stunning! I love the skirt, and even more so all the red-matching accessories <3 

Those shoes are heavenly! Beautiful.

Katie <3

Really your style! Love the shoes xxx

These photos are absolutely beautiful. And how professionally !

This is gorgeous! One of my favourite outfits from you!


love your shoes! Perfect photos! You have great talent to look ideal!

Oh myyy this red is absolutely gorgeous !!! !

Elsa TYSEBAERT 2 October 2014 / Reply

Wahou ! J”aime TOUT de cette tenue. Le haut, la jupe, les chaussures, le sac à main… Tout est magnifique ! Une tenue qu’on peut porter tous les jours et qui peut très bien faire également pour des occasions particulières. Je vais fouiner il me la faut !!
Déçue de ne pas avoir eu de réponses à mes demandes, j’aurais tellement aimé te rencontrer sur Paris. J’espère que cette rencontre n’est que partie remise. Sinon je continuerai à te suivre de loin

Lovely shoes and amazing sky blue shirt !

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! This color combo ordinarily wouldn’t work but you pulled it off to perfection! Great job! :]

i loved the colors and the outfit.
where is the bag from?

What a beautiful color combination. From the top to the shoes, I love it all! And last but not least, you look like a fashion lover angel… beautiful!!! xoxo, Jeannette

This is Genius! This about almost brought me to tears. Just the thought of the blue next to the burgundy……..

Hi! I wanted to let you know I used this look for my post ’12x Inspiring Fall Blogger Outfits of October’. It’s such a gorgeous outfit! I hope it’s ok with you! You can check it out at my blog link that I entered as my website! :)

xo Sonja

these rings are to die for

I really, really love the style and the color of the bag, where can I find such a fantastic bag?