From New York to Shanghai, New York back again, then London… and here we go with Milan! I still have so many images to share with you from our trips in all of these cities but I want to keep up with the pace of fashion month and show you a little bit of everything before then coming back to some key moments. It happened some days, depending actually on the quantity of shows planned, that I changed several timesof outfit per day. So sometimes, we shot a multitude of articles for Kayture in just a few hours. It even went up to something like 4. Imagine only the amount of content I have for you guys, get ready as I am going to harass your feed very soon!!!

I just came back from the most delicious dinner with friends in Paris at the Kong restaurant. As you might have understood, we just flew in the city from Milan for the last part of our fashion week adventure. It so important for me to find the time to enjoy this experience and take some time off to relax and take distance from things with some people we love. This super rhythmic, quick and hectic pace is quite tiring to be totally honest… But so rewarding and memorable at the same time! We want to be as energetic and awake as possible to be able to enjoy all these amazing opportunities at the fullest!

So it’s important to find a healthy balance. It’s also crucially important to consider little breaks in between shows, events, parties and meetings. We’ve been trying to do our best, but this season has really been full so far, which is obviously great as it means that things are going well, but it’s also more tricky to organize efficiently our calendar. So far so good. Trying to keep it up!

Milan fashion week has always been one of my favorite ones. Even though the shows in Paris might be some of the most iconic ones, I always felt very deeply bonded with Italian culture, surprisingly. My grand, grand father was actually italian. So I might have some roots or blood somewhere in me that explains why I feel so incredibly good while in Milan. I always loved the colorful collections, the prints, the extravaganza… Not to mention the gelato at every meal, the delicious coffee, burrata and so on. I just love it!!! We’ve managed to develop such good relationships with brands there and it’s almost like coming back to friends when we are in the city.

Today, I’m happy to share with you guys a look I wore to the Roberto Cavalli fashion show. The sweater from their Just Cavalli collection was of course the centerpiece of the whole look with it’s bold, deep blue color. I loved the sporty cut of it with the neoprene texture which felt so comfortable and added this interesting twist in the texture. On top of that and to break the edgy look, I added some colorful details and of course some gold as it’s the highlight of this season! Wearing a watch and bracelet by Chopard from their Impérial collection as well as these adorable Happy Diamonds rings which looked so fun and playful during the day.

KTR_0501KTR_0775webb_KTR_0493webb_KTR_0466KTR_0484webb_KTR_0512 KTR_0490

webb_KTR_0491webb_KTR_0528 webb_KTR_0483webb_KTR_0594 webb_KTR_0465webb_KTR_0469KTR_0484 webb_KTR_0451


SWEATER : Just Cavalli

SHOES : Jimmy Choo

SKIRT : Marni

BAG : Hermès (isn’t it absolutely amazing?!)

JEWELS : Chopard


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GORGEOUS as always Kristina!! I’m loving those shoes! Such beautiful pics :) xo

Gorgeous outfit! Love this ensemble.
Your jewellery is beautiful.


Kristina, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Just a simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I am in love with this outfit it is beautiful ! I love how you paired the very sporty looking sweater with such a girly skirt and pair of heels. Perfect.


I’m not a big fan of makeup. But I really love the way you do to. Every picture, not only this post. I mean ALL. Your makeup looks very natural. I just wish some day, when you have time cause I know now you’re are so busy with the fashion month. But still hope, you can do this makeup looks tutorial :)

Love the accessories!

You look so beautiful :) cannot wait to see the photos from milan! the architecture and especially with your intelligent choice of outfits for the city, I bet will phenomenal! AGGHHH cant wait :))) also love the pink shoes you paired with your blue dress xx

oops meant your blue sweater! haha xD

Wow gorgeous

Beautiful look! The jewels are breathtakingly beautiful!
xx Elle -Swedish Model and Fashion blogger in Tokyo

Love the pop of color the shoes add!

These pictures are gorgeous. The way you accessorize is so inspiring. The watch with the rings and bracelet all together have a unique look. Great styling!

Styled By Noosh

- Noosh

Adore this outfit, the different colours and shapes work so well together. Also in love with the jewelry, such great pieces!

X Malena

Well, I think that balance should be in every side of life, not only during fashion weeks) It’s important to have breaks during work, study, or even family time, because everything needs a lot of attention and, as a women, me allllways pay a lot of attention even to everything! That’s why the balance and break are just so important for as, because we need to have a rest, to recharge our batteries and then go for another working lap)
I love this calm and exciting look, like the combination of blue and white, and pink of course. Actually, it’s quite simple, just sweater and skirt, BUT it looks so professionally made, that it just doesn’t make me feel bored! Love)

Love your outfit! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip! & your makeup is flawless!


Love the fun jewel pieces! especially that circle ring ;)

xo Jenny

looking gorgeous as always! I love the pop of color with the shoes

In love with how bright that sweater is. I love anything and everything cobalt blue these days <3
XO Janina

I love how the outfit is so ‘downtoned’ but still looks so luxurious! and that color! Amazing, fits you perfectly :-).

I love this outfit. So different to what you usually where but so good.


wow, you look electric ;)

nice colour combo !!! :) love your sandals :)

Dear Kristina, a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous! And this is what you are!

Wow this look is very powerful and alive. The skirt is classic and casual at the same time, the mix with the blue sweater is just perfect. These lila sandals are amazing, pure art and pure everything, love them. The bag is really cute and fancy

Such a cute mix of colors! Love the midi skirt and the neoprene sweater!

Nice shoes !!!

Amazing photos, I love the colors and the jewels!


The jewelry is simply beautiful. And love the vibrant blue and this gorgeous bag!

Love from Munich, L

Your look is great, I love these Choo’s shoes.
XOX, Gap.

really nice outfit!

You look gorgeous, as always, and the jewels are to die for! x

Love the combination of soft colours with that klein blue :)

Beautiful outfit! Love the blue and white combo!

xx Erika

vraiment belle ! ce bleu ,le blanc, le rose violet des chaussures,et bien sur :l’or !!!!et celle qui porte toute cette beauté ,,,le visage sublime de fascination kristina!!!!!!!!!oui c’est si bon , si beau ,chic !!!!!kristina tu me tue………………………………..!je suis dans les nuages .de la haut ,je vois un soleil bleu et or ! à bientôt…..

I love the whole color combo. The skirt is just gorgeous. Simple but gorgeous. James really did a great job with these photos. ^^

You always wear so beautiful jewells!

Great outfit! I Like royal blue in combination with amazing pink sandals. Jewelery is also perfect.

The blue and pink is great.

you look stunning ! what a gorgeous outfit, those heels are amazing x


Can’t take my eyes off the shoes! They are SO beautiful!!

Those shoes are absolutely fabulous ! Great pics.

Love that blue color! It’s stunning!

What a gorgeous outfit x

Love those sweaters. Find a similar and affordable on! ;)

Loveee this look! That colour looks so stunning on you!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Love all the beautiful colors and textures of this outfit! I hope you’ve enjoyed fashion month :)

These photos are so beautiful!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

This look is so cool! I love how you tackled the sporty trend but managed to still keep it feminine and elegant! And you weren’t afraid of color! Hope you are having a fabulous time!

I’m not a fan of this look (especially don’t like the bag..) but the jewelry is just ah-mazing!

Absolutely gorgeous colours! And bag is love!

Love the Cavalli Sweater the colour is my favourite it just pops. Great outfit!

This look is so chic, love it so much! & those jewels are stunninggg!

Already loved your Look on Instagram! Your Jimmy Choos are so perfect :) You look gorgeous as always Kristina!

Have a nice day, Hannah :)

beautiful image, you are the most beautiful

Lovely! Those shoes are perfect!


Lovely heels!

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Gorgeous look Kristina! I love the bold blue sweater paired with a chic midi skirt! Great mix :) X

So gorgeous! I love all the jewels so much! The colour contrast is perfect :)

beautiful Kristina, as always perfect look

I love the vibrancy of this outfit. I also love Milan!

I’m amazed at how you can be standing after all that intense traveling and running from meeting to show to photoshoot. Great work!

That sweater is gorgeous! Royal blue is a stunning color!! Such a beautiful outfit!

Daisy x

Absolutely love the shoes – though I have the feeling they are quite painful after all these days running on heels from show to show?
Amazing however!


Totally love the color combination! Great outfit.

I’m glad you took breaks from the fast pace of the fashion industry to spend time with your friends. I’d do the exact same thing too. Those rings ARE adorable! How unique and fun, but so elegant at the same time! :)

nice shoes! really match with the sweater and skirt

Can’t stop looking at the perfectly matched tones of blue between the bag and sweater. Just a 10 in every aspect

Great! Love this bag!
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So beautiful~~ Love the color of the sweater and the accessories you use >.< Thank you for sharing~~

Those Shoes are EVER sooo PRETTY in Pink! Just lovely!

Nice Dresses, love them!

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Oh yeah! They are so adorable~~ Thank you for sharing!! Love these stuff very much >.< With these I think I will start drawing my own

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Very Gorgeous Style!