Here’s a little update, just because in the middle of all this travelling it happens that I think a little bit about home and what it feels like to be far away from Switzerland for such a long time. In all honesty, travelling is one of my biggest passions so I really don’t suffer from distance and even jet lag became one of my recent pals. But one thing is for sure, I can’t be more grateful of the values that the swiss culture taught me through the years that I like to bring in on each of my experiences.

I guess, when we speak about values, it’s something personal and not particularly something you could associate specifically to a country for an instance. The values we’ve been taught could have been brought to us by our families, education, environment, friends or even the media. However I like to think that in Switzerland, we do have some cultural standards that have been transmitted from generation to generation and that are instantly part of each and one of us. I wasn’t born there, I arrived in the country when I was 7 and fit in so quickly! That’s the place where I made most of my childhood and adolescence memories and it definitely influenced my personality a lot. That’s also the reason why I have such a strong bond!

I think that people have a very nice conception of swiss culture : it’s all about discipline, punctuality, good business skills and above all an art and craft for quality. This has been certainly proven in the swiss watch making. I had the chance to visit so many incredible watch manufactures and I am definitely sensitive and care about a good watch. It a lifetime piece that doesn’t only accompany it’s owner through it’s day helping him take track of time, symbol of elegance and luxury, but also such a wonderful fashion accessory.

Throughout the years, I have tried many watches. I like to change them, be playful and explore different designs to go along with the outfit I picked that day. I really enjoy trying out watches from fashion brands as they have such a wonderful design to them that goes perfectly well along with the clothing. I particularly love this one from Gucci as it’s such a timeless and iconic piece with it’s horse bit buckle, a symbolic elements proper to the house, that’s still so subtle and beautiful on the wrist. Plus the fact that it’s all metal, makes it so chic and modern, perfect for the day as much as for the night. Hope you guys will enjoy these images!



BLAZER : Sandro

TROUSERS : Citizen of Humanity

SHOES : Alexander Wang

TOP : Rag & Bone 

WATCH : Gucci


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This look is easy, classic and chic. You look really beautiful with jeans and the white blazer is the perfect touch of elegance. These sandals are amazing and the Gucci watch is delicate and wonderful, a piece of art

you look gorgeous ! what a casual but chich outfit, love that blazer x


I love the white look paired with blue jeans. Very nice blazer!

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really nice and clean look!

Nice outfit, like that white blazer and the watch is beautiful!


Gorgeous casual chic. Love the classy Gucci watch :)

xx Mira

So chic! Love the blazer and the sandals!

Gorgeous outfit Kristina! I love that watch as well. So classic! I got a Swiss watch from my parents for my 16th birthday and I still wear it now, everyday. It’s timeless. (Pun not intended!) xx

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This makes me want to visit Switzerland soon! It looks so beautiful and breathtaking. I love the outfit too, less is definitely more and you prove that everyday. Such an inspiration!

Great article! I really love your outfit and the watch!

amazing watch!!! I looove it :D
new look on my blog!

Love your simple casual outfit! You are beyond beautiful, Kristina.

I like travel a lot, as you are, and I can’t imagine my life without this activity! And I even don’t miss my home, if I stay abroad for a very very long time!
Actually, I am not a big fan of watches. Of course, I find them very beautiful and they are a great accessory for every outfits BUT I don’t like when something is around my wrist that’s why I wear bracelets so rarely, not talking about watches. But, yes, one more time, they are all so beautiful and I like how watches look on other people.
Btw, I like this images, the color palette is so gentle, airy and light, like the sip of fresh air. The outfit is casual classic, one of my favorite style combination! Thanks a lot for sharing)

Hi Kristina! I love that Gucci watch as well. And thanks for all the words on values and how personal they are. Relating to ourselves through time is such a great adventure. Time is probably the most important thing we have to grow, learn, and discover. Thanks for all your fabulous images of inspiration!

-Rachel Spair

Such a simple and beautiful outfit! thats so inspiring

me encanta este stilo!!
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Great casual look, love the blazer & shoes!!

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You look fabulous and the watch is such a classic!

x Krizia

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You’ve lost so much weight you have no butt anymore, doesn’t look hot.

This outfit is so nice. I really love the casual vibe , but also the classic vibe with the heels and lovely watch. Perfect as usual :)

Love from France, Victoria

I love that blazer!

I love the unique shape of that watch!

Ariadna Morell 17 September 2014 / Reply

you look lovely! the blazer is so pretty!! x

Simple and casual but so BEAUTIFUL :D

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

I really really love how you can turn the most basic things to the most classy things!!


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So simple, yet so extremely chic! You look beautiful! xo, Christina

I have exactly the same Sandro Blazer… Looking impeccable as always!

You look lovely, and I know exactly where you shot these pictures :) Switzerland is a beautiful country ! Your look is perfect, love the jeans and white blazer !

The watch is stunning. I absolutely love what you said about Switzerland, I go every year and agreed with everything xxx

gorgeous jeans and love the blazer!
ladies in navy

The watch is very lovely! I like it a lot more than the huge faced watches that people have been wearing.


Really lovely, simple outfit. Loving the shape and cut of these jeans!

Anneli x

Amazing look i’m in love and you’re so pretty I love white look !

Can I just say that this outfit is pure casual and effortless perfection?! I’d dress like this everyday if I could! :D

I prefer your outfit over the watch. White color suits you soo good!

I love the simplicity of this outfit. So clean and crisp!

OMG! I just found your blog and i love it absolutely! you are beautiful, I will keep reading your posts.

GORG as always omg!! I love your outfit! I love following along on your Instagram too :)

Another incredible outfit! I would love to visit Switzerland one day!!

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You look so sophisticated and grown up!

Love your writing, its very inspiring! Im in love with that blazer too :)
XO Janina

that’s the kind of look I like the most on your blog! simple and elegant, I love that you’re always able to bring a little elegance and something extra to every simple outfit

Amazing casual look, very chic! =D
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You’re so beautiful! I love your style :)
X Anouk from

Such a fresh outfit! You look perfect!

First beautiful pictures and nice watch!
I agree with you about Switzerland. I love this country, especially since I’m Swiss, but my roots aren’t from here.

Yes, it definitely helps to live in the country with high cultural standards! At the end of the day, your environment shapes who you really are. For instance, if you surround yourself with educated people, you will also pay closer attention to education. I am glad that you live in the country with high cultural standards and wish you to keep that strong bond with the motherland no matter where you travel.

Beautiful jacket!!

I like your post and how you feel about the country you have grown in:) The watch is sooo beautiful!

Easy and beautiful look.

Love from Munich, L

You are so beautiful and your style is inspiring to say the least!

i always love your casual looks! simply beautiful
Emi & Kimi

Gorgeously chic and simple!

This watch is beautiful!

Kristina,I can’t tell You how much I love the way you dress up,the outfits You pick up! This look is amazing just like the others! I wanted to ask You,that did You use to do your own makeup for the blog posts and on your everydays?
Love You and the Kayture team! Thank You for all the inspiration!
xo Adri

Amazing photos! I love how you managed to make the watch stand out in the photoshoot.

Such beautiful, elegant pictures! I’m all for a crisp white blazer.

Joli look basic chic et épuré, superbe!

Love that blazer! Been looking for a good white one.


I love this clean and clear outfit. You look pretty!

I really like your story about watches. A watch is for me a must-have piece. When I go outside wirhout it, I feel kinda naked.

xx sarah

Amazing outfit. I love the clean.

you look great! love the blazer
kisses ;)
xx CM

Je suis fan de votre look, Kristina! Il est à la fois simple et sobre mais est tellement chic! Le blanc vous va tellement bien! xx

Love your style! love the white blazer :)

Love it! The watch is too perfect!! X

You look amazing and easy chic! Love the combo of jeans and a white blazer! The watch is timeless!

x Karen

I have always admired all your outfits. And this outfit is not an exception <3

Elsa TYSEBAERT 21 October 2014 / Reply

Oh et dire que j’étais à ce même endroit il y a deux jours ! Si je ne dis pas de bêtises c’est le long du Rhône pas loin du Mandarin Oriental… Je te loupe toujours de “peu” mais je garde en moi l’espoir d’un jour pouvoir te rencontrer, échanger quelques mots, peut être te dire combien je t’admire (si je ne suis pas trop timide sur le moment) !

Looks really fantastic.

Very casual, very nice. Really good taste. The photos are very professional. Thank you for sharing.

There is more information for us thanks for sharing with us.