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So many things to say, so little time! Hard to keep up with this fast lane of a journey we’ve been on lately. I have to say, we’ve never travelled as much as in the last couple of weeks, without a single stop back home to refresh or repack. But it has never been as exciting as it is right now! So many great things are happening and we are more than thrilled to take part in this adventure that is fashion month.

Before publishing the rest of our articles from New York fashion week (and I have many many many more images to show you guys so make sure to stay updated!) I would love to share with you a quick update about the exciting project we’ve been leading during London fashion week with the awesome TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe team. You had the opportunity to follow our activities with them, covering some of the top fashion shows during LFW with the hashtag #trialthetrend as I was reporting live. Hope you enjoyed all the little anecdotes and virtually meeting their dapper hair stylist ambassador Mark Hampton who was working his magic on the models backstage.

During fashion week, I like to be more creative with my hair styles than normally. On a regular basis, I like my hair loose with a little sea salt spray in it. And that’s it. BUT, during the fashion season, I like to explore new trends and be a little more playful, daring and creative. The hair is also the perfect accessory to an outfit. It can either elevate it or it ruin it completely. It’s a very subtle line and the perfect punctuation to a look. So let’s say, you’re wearing something very dressy and chic, doing a messy bun or waves will break it down and add an edge. On the other hand, with a grungy, boyish look, there’s nothing better than glamorous locks or a chignon. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

When I travel, I pack loads of hair products with me. From sea salt sprays, to volume powders, to hair sprays and conditioners. I am packed with goodies! Especially since my hair is super long, I need to take good care of it. I’ve been using Toni & Guy’s products for a while now. They’re classics and always a staple. You could never go wrong with their incredible shampoos or lotions. I really enjoy all of their styling products that are so easy to use and smell so good!

For this season and in order to celebrate the London fashion week, they teamed up with Marchesa who showed their new collection for the first time in UK. The packaging takes some romantic, floral embellishments and the models on the catwalk, that beautiful, british, laid back chic, Kate Moss like messy waves. Total love!

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I have to try these hair products because your hair always look amazing, really beautiful and perfect

Beautiful pics. I love Toni & Guy products!

xx Mira

Great photos. Really nice interior.

All best,

I like how you’ve left your nails unpolished – most girls wouldn’t take photos of their hands without nail polish. I love that natural look of you, Kristina! :)

Denina xx

very sophisticated you look kristina! I love it! such a modern vintage feel. I never really looked at your hair til now since that is the focus haha. I just NOW realized you have an obre? in your hair, maybe? or you just have naturally brown blonde hair? well- anyhow, your hair is so beautiful! And long! :) gosh can’t wait for mine to grow out again! ♥

You have beautiful hair! This bottles are so cute, I have already one Toni&Guy texturising spray, but now I want more :)

Love the packaging!! I need to try one of their products XO

Another great article, and gorgeous outfits as well! Hugs from Germany!

I love reading your blog! Your writings always inspire me and your beauty (inner one too) leave me speechless!

I can’t even begin to imagine how busy & burnt out you must feel sometimes but it really must be great to able to travel & explore the world while doing something you love. I don’t think I’d pack that many hair products with me though, I hate them taking hop valuable suitcase realty when I’m abroad! It probably does pay to look after your hair though when you spend so much time going from one temperature to another.


I’ve never tried Tony &Guy products. For me, if I use hair products my my hair this great with them, so I will be using them for a really long time! But, of course, we all need sometime to make new experiences, so may be I will try something form this brand one day!
I love your hair. It’s long, strong and you can be creative quite usually. I don’t have this kind of hair. Mine is middle length, curly (I say so much curly ahah) and I definitely can’t make new hair styles with it, because it’s sooo hard( That’s why in my post you can me wearing just a normal haircut and hair style all the time haha But I love it, btw) It makes me look myself)

The packaging of those products are absolutely adorable. Even without much product your hair always looks amazing. You have such lush locks!! You’re absolutely right about how important a role hair can play in an outfit, it really is such a subtle accessory.


Your hair is amazing! love Toni & Guy products, they’re affordable and work well!

As always beautiful pictures! :-)


I’m so jealous.. You’re traveling so much!
Your hair looks awesome by the way, I think I’m going to try that product.
Have fun in Milan!

Green and Turquoise

Great article. love to read it as always. I really like and adore that you try out new hair styles and trends during fashion week. I really love your hairstyle at NYFW where you put your hair in your jacket. That looks really chic. Love it.
Have a great day In Milano and enjoy it.
xo, Petra

This looks great.
Love all your hair styles you have during fashion week.

xx Cheyenne

haha, love the sofa! Fits with your skirt!

I really think you shoud cut your hair short :)

Blue is my favourite colour even though tells me blue is for boys mommy its just so beautiful, love the shots

These photos are stunning as always, I wish I had your lovely long hair. Please tell me you skipped the Holly Fulton show? I was backstage and got to watch the show also, would have loved to have met you. xx

your hair looks amazing! it’ so pretty and long, and this room is so cool, great places for the pictures

Air definitely makes or breaks an outfit! Which is probably why I always do my hair before I get dressed for the day. Lol good luck with the next leg of your journey, I’m loving your fashion week coverage!


Love this article. You look stunning on the photos!

Photos are gorgeous. The portrait shot is beautiful.

I really do like Toni and Guy products they are really good.

Thanks for sharing that with us :)

Love from France, Victoria

Your hair looks gorgeous!!.. I love the texturising sea salt spray from Toni and Guy, perfect for my wavy hair.

All She Needs

Your hair looks flawless! This product must be good! =D
Please, check out my blog!



That packaging is gorgeous !
And I’ve always found your hair perfect <3


Your hair is gorgeous! Seriously hair envy over here.

Instagram: @LizTheAustinite

Beautiful hair you have…great photos….

amazing life! i like it!
new look on my blog!!!

GORG as always!! I’ve always wanted to try those products.

Bárbara Cea 16 September 2014 / Reply

Wow! Love the photos and your outfit!
xx Bárbara – fashion & photography blog

Looks like a wonderful collaboration!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

you have so beautiful hair!


You are such a perfectionist! Your hair are amazing and you take good care of them !Salt spray gets definitely this cool messy look ! Need to try out some Tony & Guy products!
I’m on Alterna products recently !

Love ,Diana

Love all the photos!!


Greece travel photo diary here –>

Your hair always looks gorgeous!

Style by Joules

you are so chic!!

I’ll have to check out these products! I’ve never come across any hair products that blow me away just yet.

It really is important how you wear your hair along with your outfit! Sometimes I don’t like wearing something if I can’t set up a hairstyle to match it (you know how stubborn hair can be).
You should make a post about hair products you use and how you use them on daily basis, aside from all proffesional pampering you get. My hair is also super long and it is sometimes very hard to take a good care of it (besides regular trimming, washing and moisturising), it would be nice to have a proper guidance as your hair always looks remarkable.

I need to try it. Looks like a great products. xa

You have a beautiful hair, Kristina! I enjoyed a lot reading your post and would love to try the products you recommend! Have a nice evening!

Gorgeous!! In love with the jewelry! :)


Good day Kristina! I loved all your images from today they are so beautiful. Especially the products on the table and that couch! LOVE! As you mentioned that you use sea salt spray in your hair I was wondering which brand you could recommend. My hair is a lot like yours. Its very long, and hard to achieve lots of volume. (But of course I love yours so much!) Sometimes I use Big Sexy Hair Spray to help give some texture. But I’d love to try some sea salt spray as well. Hope your having a fabulous time for London Fashion Week! xoxoxo

-Rachel Spair

Fashion Stylist

First of all these pictures are really nice, the colors of the room would be very nice for you to make an outfit with hahah they complement your face perfectly.
Really looking forward for all the NYFW pictures.

Love Imke

Beautiful pics, Kristina! I love how the outfit matches the background :)

Great pictures! I love the interior decorations!

Your hair always looks fantastic.

Love from South Africa

I love the interiors for this shoot! It fits your hair and your eye color. Where is it? I also love seeing creative and crazy hair styles! Keep them coming :)

Very nice post! I love the pictures:)

Since the beginning, I always think by looking at your pictures “wow, this hair…<3" – beautiful!

Your photos are beautiful! I’ll have to check out this line!

Your hair always looks so perfect! Wish my hair was like that :)

xx Anka

this products are amazing

bonjour Kristina! je trouve votre blog magnifique, tout comme vous! je regarde tout les jours votre compte instagram et votre blog. j’adore la mode, mais je trouve mes habits trop simples, trop anodin. j’ai un très petit budjet, est-ce que vous pourriez me donnez des conseils pour avoir un style plus sophistiqué, plus “classe”, et trouver mon propre style?
Merci beaucoup!
big kisses

I agree that fashion week requires more creativity and that is a perfect time to learn some new tricks. At the end of the day, that is why fashion weeks essentially were created: to introduce people with what will be trendy next season.
The favorite hair style that I’ve seen on you is curls. You look so cute with curly hair!

You are stunning Kristina and seem like such a fun and down to earth person!

Really beautiful photos, Kristina.

Have you ever tried organic coconut oil? I use it on my hair and it not only nourishes the strand but it holds my hair in place once it sinks and I have prettiest hair with no flyaways.

I love those products, especially “casual sea salt texturising spray”!

You have a very beautiful hair color <3

I always enjoy your beauty posts in particular, but I absolutely love the decor here!

The products seem lovely, I would love to try some.
I love your beauty posts, they are so lovely, and you are so, so beautyful

As creator of simple and versatile fashion, we love your simplistic style, it goes great with the background!

Heⅼⅼo mates, its wonderful article regarɗing teachingand completеly defined, keер it up all thee time.