Hello everybody!!! I am currently writing this article from our hotel room in London as we just landed yesterday morning. From New York straight off to Heathrow, I slept all the way through the flight and once we landed it was a go go go right away with some awesome activities planned through the day. I have to say, my body’s having troubles to follow the pace, but my excitement somehow keeps it going! Although, I seriously need a MASSIVE nap. Gimme, gimme gimme.

It’s going to be our first time doing London fashion week and I seriously can’t wait as I first of all adore the city so much, and second of all love the style that people have here. There’s so much charm in those pretty little streets. But before talking about that, we have so many articles to show you from New York starting today with our coverage of the Hugo Boss show in New York, which was, as I expected, one of the highlights of the season without any doubt.

Located on the 54th floor of the world trade center, the venue was mind blowing with the view on the whole city. We started with a little trip backstage to see what the model’s hair and make-up would look like. It was in fact the perfect clue to what we’d see on the runway : sleek and minimalistic with this incredible touch of sophistication so proper to the brand. The eye and the lip were almost nude, while the hair, perfectly divided into two sleek symmetric sections to end loose at the bottom.

Once seated we enjoyed the new creations of Jason Wu for Boss for the SS15 collection. Always playing with cuts, lengths, structures to create there strong silhouettes yet filled with delicate, almost quite romantic twists. From my experience and because that day I wore a total Hugo Boss outfit, I know how flattering the designs created by Wu are. Always a little bellow the knee yet very low on the thigh, perfectly centered on the waist, it’s made for and thanks to the woman. It’s also so edgy and modern with it’s graphic cut outs and the simple way things tie together.

I hope you guys had the chance to follow the live stream on the day of the show! Some of you wrote me comments on how you saw me in there, being super attentive! I’m usually very concentrated during a fashion show and make super serious faces. Trying to keep it up with the industry hehe! But honestly inside of my head, I’m just like “Neeed this” “waaant this” “GIMME”.

I can’t be more grateful for this lasting and fruitful collaboration with Hugo Boss as it’s been a while that we’ve been covering the shows of the brand. And honestly, I am so excited each time as I know how good it’ll be. Each show, the brand sets a foot further to make fashion statements. That’s exactly what I love so much about it.


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Jewelry by Kara Ross courtesy of LoveGold


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I definitely like the post! From the backstage shots to your outfit! And yes, while I was watching the collection I was saying in my head “I want THAT thing, and THAT one” hahaha So many cool and timeless pieces, as always BOSS made! Thanks for sharing all these photos with as! Have a nice stay in London and have a great LFW! Can’t wait for mooore))

I like so much the look your chose for this fashion show because it’s classic, simple and very chic, it’s Hugo Boss style. The dress is really beautiful these booties are so cool and fancy. Lovely clutch. These photos are amazing

This dress looks great! so elegant and I love your hair like that. I’ve seen the pictures form the show and it looked amazing, so many beautiful pieces, it must to be so nice to see it in real life

Wow amazing total black look. I love the dress and the uber cool booties!

xx Mira

You look absolutely perfect in this “successful-business-woman” outfit!!
It matches very much my style, love everything from the hairstyle, accessories till the toes!
Thank you for sharing <3



Fantastic photos, thank you for sharing! Loved your outfit, very sophisticated and
perfect for attending Hugo Boss show.

How beautiful! Both the new collection and your outfit/you!


You are divine Kris’ ! Your blog is an everyday pleasure to me. Really.
I cannot understand how you can be so popular and pretty and amazing AND also so down to earth and fun and kind ! Can this be perfection in a woman ? probably :)

You are an inspiration for my blog, and you give me the strength to build some project for it and go ahead in a good way.

So, thanks ! :)

Love from France, Victoria

This show seemed amazing ! And your outfit is perfect , very feminine and elegant

The new SS15 Hugo Boss collection is stunning! I adore every single piece but the skirts and dresses are so beautiful that I am going to dream about them now:) Beautiful look and great jewelry!

Gorgeous pictures! You are so beautiful and inspiring! <3

This dress is absolutely perfect for you! Beautiful pictures!

xx Su

So chic!! Love your total look!

From the runway pictures that I see on you blog, I find that this collection is such a clean and nice cut.
I also like you outfit, so much like business woman.

Amazing outfit! I’m in love with the accessories… so pretty and classy!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

gorgeous look! I love everything about it

I’m totally in love with your outfit! with your figure… i’m completly ecstatic! i really want to know your body measurements..but i think you will never tell ;)
you have a great and enviable figure and in this outfit you look absolutly perfect! i want to have the same…but i can’t pay it….

love, melanie

Amazing outfit, that looks so nice on you and those boots are awesome!


Hey Kristina! I absolutely adore your shaders, do they come from Hugo Boss, too? Love these pictures, the model in the 10th picture is actually Finnish model Suvi, she looks so gorgeous on the runway. Lots of love from Helsinki!

Love the boots and the dress! Very chic look!


Ta tenue est magnifique <3 très élégante et sophistiquée, et j'adore les bijoux !!

Nice dress, it looks awesome!

love black outfits, is so elegegant and femenine for woman , I like it!
happy london fashion week!!!
new post on my blog!

Love these shoes! I’d never be able to walk in them (!) but they are fabulous!

Bárbara Cea 13 September 2014 / Reply

Awesome photos and outfit!
xx Bárbara – fashion & photography blog

totally love your whole look!

This is one of my favorite look of yours! It is so different from your usual style, so chic and simple at the same time!

You look absolutely perfect for the Hugo Boss fashion show, very ladylike and chic, professional but still stylish ! And OMG, your boots !!!! They are beyond amazing !!

One of the best looks you’ve ever worn love the simplicity and coolness. You look perfect!
XOXO Hannah

I love the way you guys too photos of the runway between viewers heads! Such a cool perspective! Good luck with the rest of LFW!!


Love the Hugo Boss look! The dress and the boots are gorgeous!

What a lovely post! I’m sure being at the Hugo Boss show was amazing, and al of the pieces look fabulous! Your outfit is sophisticated, yet I love the edge you gave to it! Have a lovely time in London for fashion week!

I love how all Hugo Boss clothing pieces are feminine and classic, but at the same time with a bit of an edge!

P.S. Take care of yourself and get some sleep! <3


Seems like a gorgeous fashion show! Lovely outfit and lovely pics, enjoy London!

The outfit Hugo Boss is absolutely amazing. You look absolutely gorgeous. Very good job. Stunning !!!

Ton look est absoluement sublime et j’espère que tu profites à fond de Londres maintenant ! J’ai vu que tu avais rencontré Cara Delevingne et Poppy et Cara est mon idole depuis toujours, je l’admire beaucoup et j’aimerai bien savoir si elle est aussi sympathique et drôle que ce que l’on raconte dans les médias parce que c’est pas si simple de croire tout ce qu’on lit. Bisous

I’m obsessed with this outfit! It’s so strong and powerful and I LOVE IT!

Looks like an amazing event! Stunning photo shoot and gorgeous look, as always.

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everyday for the reason that it offers quality contents, thanks

Love love love the look, so sophicated, chic and yet playful!

These photographs are all so stunning and I love your outfit!

I like all your outfits and your style!!

I adore this business look! And fashion show outfits are simply amazing, I want them all Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Love this outfit on you!!

Great idea with your hair. Thanks for the backstage pass and photos from the show!!


Lovely post and such a beautiful outfit!

This sounds so amazing and exciting. London is such a great city.

xx Cheyenne

Hi Kristina,

I love how you are experimenting with different looks and cuts, like you talked about in your last post. I have never tried wearing my hair tucked in like that, and I never thought to until now. You definitely pulled it off! The Hugo Boss outfit is looks amazing on you. I love how its minimalistic but striking (and might I add those shoes are killer). Have an amazing time at London Fashion Week. I can’t wait to see what you are wearing!!!


Great photos! I love the outfit, you look like a business woman! :)

Want this collection……..if only I could wear 5 inch heels………wouldn’t it be fun to have more art involved in these runway shows? I could see huge panels painted with the designer’s fashions in a cool, edgy look…….would so love to do that! Nice post! xo Holly

Love this look. Absolute adorable.

X Sarah

Woow those pictures are outstanding ! Once more Hugo Boss puts the level really high !

Seriously this is your the sexiest look. And so perfect.

The whole collection is beautiful! This is maybe my favorite look from your fashion week outfits, although I loved that you stood out with your white looks from all the black outfits!

I am not comment so often on your blog because otherwise I will have to say (everytime, on every post) OMG ! Perfect! Stunning! Amazing outfit! and so on. So I prefer just admire your style and photos. Always so beautiful and chic.
But this is something different – I am not used to see all-black outfit on your blog but you convinced me that everything what your wear looks just perfect on you! Always choose the best for every occasion (fashion show……whatever). Love your style !
Best greeting from Czech republic

Amazing photos!

Amazing photos and this Hugo Boss fashion is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your FW experiences.


I’ve been in London so much lately, but wasn’t this weekend. Would have loved to have bumped into you! You look stunning as always, this outfit is to die for! Loving your coverage of NYFW and LFW so far, definitely going to carry on keeping up with your updates!

Kirsten x

I love your style and your blog! You’re amazing & you look amazing!

Beautiful pictures! You look so sexy and sophisticated, perfect <3

You look really cool here. Love, love, love!

Very elegant dress and the shoes are so beautiful
The collection with Jason Wu seemed great!

Your outfit is absolutely perfect *_*


This is probably one of my favorite looks of yours, that dress and those booties – so chic! xx

I took pictures of Kristina during Anna Sui show. Check out here

Love this outfit, you look so chic and stylish!!!!

Joan M. Cora

Kristina! I feel like I was there with you, what a fantastic series of images. Also your outfit is lovely and so put together, hope you’re having a wonderful time this week.

Go have a great long nap and recharge – can’t wait to hear about London FW!


One of our favorite look of NYFW!
Love the match between the dress and your gold accessories


Those shoes are amazing!

Love this look, looking so strong and powerful. Love it!


Such a classy look! Love the pics

Your outfit was so sleek, amazing pictures!

Elsa TYSEBAERT 15 September 2014 / Reply

De la tête au pieds je suis fan de ta tenue ! Pourtant j’ai un peu de mal avec les “robes-blouses” mais je trouve que la tienne te va comme un gant ! Et le maquillage “nude” était du coup en parfait accord avec le maquillage du défilé. Tu étais dans ton parfait élément !

I like all your outfits and your beautiful photos.
If you have the time please visit my new blog.
Many kisses

The Fashion Panda 15 September 2014 / Reply

Love this post ! Really so beautiful !

Super chic and elegant! This outfit is just perfect!

I have that Hermes cuff! Love it.

Instagram: @LizTheAustinite

love the dress!!
Visit my blog: Tu Nuevo Look

I LOVE this look, Kristina! SO James Bond of you! ;) I wish I could be there because I love Jason Wu’s work! Can’t wait to see more of your adventures!

interesting how you mixed, very well done!

Love your shirt dress!! Cute boots.

Amazing outfit! So simple and chic!


Absolutely LOVE this look! And the photos are magical as always!!

I love this outfit! Especially how your hair is tucked in like that!

Diane ||

Stunning, the view is amazing! Love your outfit especially your boots. The behind the scenes shots are great, it is such a different atmosphere backstage! The collection looks beautiful too.


This is so elegant, you can always trust Hugo Boss for a sharp look.

Visit the glam!


That dress looks amazing on you!

Very elegant! Amazing boots! =D
Please, check out my blog!



In love with this gorgeous outfit. You look really amazing Kristina. Love that dress, with all the jewelery and your hair is so beautiful. love this style.
xo, Petra

I discovered this blog only few days ago and I really love it!!! Love the pics and the way you talk about fashion!!! Very nice!!!

If anyone of you is interested, check my travel blog, the last post is this one:

I love this look; so sleek, so simple but very classy! (And black, my favorite)

I love that simple, but so beautiful outfit. You are a great inspiration! :*

I absolutely LOVE Kristina and This platform as well as kristina inspires me in many different ways. First off, I love her style and her instagram! I’ve read I think all of the posts when I found out about Kayture.

You’re looking gorgeous! Hugo Boss ist just stunning.

Super post. Auriane, je n’arrive pas à croire que tu en sois en photo sur le blog de Kristina !!
C’était super de te rencontrer Kristina, merci pour ton accessibilité et ta gentillesse !

Absolutely gorgeous outfit, very femme fatale ! I would see me into this without hesitation… and those shoes !


I need this dress in my life! Where can I find it?