It’s funny how men don’t always understand why women have so many bags. When I look at James, carrying in his back pocket a key and a small hand size, paper thin wallet, I wonder why am I so dependent of all the goodies I carry around. Why can’t I live the house without all of this stuff on a day to day basis? One thing that’s reassuring me is that at least twice a day, he’ll ask me for something, a tissue or some band aids. And SO there is indeed a utility in being all prepped up, organized with all living essentials, handy, easy to access of the go now isn’t there? After all, I like to think that if I wasn’t there with my big hand bag full of tricks for him, I would feel at least a little missed :)

By dad also always looks at my gazillion of bags with confusion and misunderstanding. But a bag is really any modern women’s best friend. We have one for each occasion, either it’s party, travel or business. And still the one we use the most is this timeless, big black bag that we live our lives with. It contains our agendas, or multitude of lipsticks (because we can NEVER choose just one for the day), our tickets, snacks, maybe even a pair of flats, or a book… We literally have it all, don’t we?

Having all these little things with me makes me feel at ease during the day, prepared for anything that the day might bring. Ready to fight the storm or switch for a dressier look in just a snap of red lipstick and pearl earrings safely stacked in the back pocket under a golden zipper lock. It almost makes we feel like Mary Poppins sometimes as I can seriously do magic with the treasures I carry around. Don’t underestimate it, it’s a science that takes years to fully master, and still have so many mysteries to figure out.

I like bags that are iconic, versatile, big enough to store everything, great and easy to combine with any look. When I first saw this beauty that Jason Wu created for Hugo Boss, I adored it at first sight for it’s simplicity, minimalism and especially modern silhouette. I’ve been wearing their accessories for quite a while now and honestly adore this piece more than anything else. It’s crazy how much I can put in it and how it dresses up any look I wear. The black leather is super soft and so the bag can really be filled in with tons of things without loosing it’s graphic shape. And of course, the golden details make it look so chic and timeless.

I can’t wait to share with you guys our fashion week diary as NYFW kicked off officially yesterday, but meanwhile discover my day strolling though Geneva with this treasure of a bag by Hugo Boss and stay updated as we have a little surprise planned with the brand for this fashion week!

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Total Look Hugo Boss 


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You look incredibly stunning!! Beautiful photos! This kind of bag, the colour, shape and size is exactly what in my mind makes a perfect bag.

you are so pretty, and also have always good stories to tell us, which is what I really enjoy on your blog : the content is full of amazing photos AND good writing as well ! :) Keep it up, this is truly great.

This bag is a dream, you are lucky! And I really like this type of outfit :)

Love from France, Victoria

That is so true. I’m always looking for the perfect investment bag but when I get it I’m already onto the next thing.
There’s just too many great designs to be able to restrict yourself to one or a few.


you look really stunning! Love the turban!

x Karen

that bag is seriously the most gorgeous!
ladies in navy

I absolutely agree with you! I always take so many things with me, that every time my friends ask me for a tissue or a bottle of water or a plaster, cause they know that I always have these things with me!
The entire look is gorgeous! And the bag is so must-have!

I love the head gear, you look so exotic! You are right about bags, I can’t even think about leaving the house without one! I don’t know why men are so surprised, my boyfriend is always asking me to keep his wallet, keys and cell in my bag…

You look gorgeous – can I please have your hair?! Have so much fun at NYFW!!


Once again, you’ve absolutely blown my mind once again, not only with you incredible photography, quality content and perfect styling, but your approachable personality and insane beauty (which seems to radiate from the inside out).

That bag is so classic and so perfect for everyday wear!

eclética and chic 5 September 2014 / Reply

Beautiful stylish and cool look!

That dress is gorgeous and the turban touch is beyond fab! Amazing styling!

You should wear turbans more often, they are so chic and suits your outfits so well!

Beautiful hair !!!

I love the turban and that maxi dress and that purse is beautiful!


This bag is gorgeous and so are you!!!


Stunning and beautiful total black look. I loooove the cool bag :)

xx Mira

OMG I just can’t with the perfection of these pictures. You are such an inspiration!

I totally agree. I also have got looots of bags and love every single one of them!:) Nice post!

There is nothinng on this post that I don’t absolutely love. You’re amazing, Kristina! You definitely have a talent for this. Of course, credit must be given to the person who takes your photos as well, James. #Kudos

seriously now, which hair clip in extension do you use :D? I need them haha!

you look breathtaking <3


You look simply stunning|!


I love your all black yet still summer look!

Love your turban.
I for one prefer smaller bag and I usually only have the essential phone, wallet, lipstick and keys in it. However I do have everything else you mentioned piled up in my car. So I guess in the end it amounts to the same as having a big bag, only I don’t have to carry the weight around with me.

xx Cheyenne

amazing! stunning outfit, love it!

fun article! how many bags do you actually own? I tried to count mine once, and stopped at 20 because it got too overwhelming! and my boyfriend only owns one backpack! ha

that hugo boss bag is so classy!

really exceptional look! Great!

Love this bag! It’s just perfect for everyday wearing! And I fully agree that woman’s bag is a powerful item! I mean really, you never know what you may need through the day!



Love this, I don’t get it either I feel naked without a purse and I always want another one.

xoxo, Diana

I feel the same way from how males don’t understand why we have so many bags and always carrying them around, to loving timeless and versitale bags. Also, I’m loving this outfit, it’s hard tu pull off long dress, big bag and turban all at once.

Gorgeous look, but even the head wrap is Hugo Boss?

awesome pictures and I love the black bag!!
new look on my blog!

You’re right! That bag is absolutely stunning! Love the maxi dress and the turban too!

This outfit is very nice, like everything about it and the bag is beautiful!


Wow this is definitely a different look by you. You really pull off that turban well. I am actually on the prowl for a classic black bag too. ^^

Very true! I feel the same way about my bags!
Great shots!

I love the bag, it’s a classic. And that turban on your head is such a great accessory! :)

Really gorgeous bag!

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You look GORGEOUS! I really like your blog :)

That bag is beautiful, and I definitely understand your obsession with bags. That dress is lovely too–I am in love with the neckline!


Hello! Ou puis-je acheter ce bonnet ? Je le trouve superbe

Beautiful all-black look!

Denina xx

I love to see you in a bit different look! this head piece is just amazing! its’s cool and it looks great on you

I love how you can write such a brilliant and meaningful post about handbags! It’s so obvious how passionate you are about fashion :) These photos look like they could be in a magazine, superb as always! I love your blog, it’s definitely one of my favourites!

Seren x
Terrible Thrills

Yes! You’re right!
I completely agree with you!
I am a bag obsessed woman that brings with her the house :D That’s why I love small clutch , they are cute but moreover they’re light :D

Xo, Giada

A very versatile bag that’s work friendly and travel friendly. Love the minimal design and the structured leather material.

xo Jenny

These photographs of you are absolutely stunning

Great style!!


This bag is very elegant! And this post is just spot on…I never stop to surprise myself how many things I need with me and can fit into my bag…geometry rules definitely do not apply to my bag content!

Your hair is just to die for! <3

You look beautiful and your hair looks so silky and long! Great post Kristina! :)

I know this post is supposed to be about the bag, but I also love the turban! I bought one from asos a while ago, but always seem to feel silly whenever I actually try and wear it. However, you’ve managed to make it look so chic, I may have to start wearing mine again!!! Thanks for the inspiration, and of course the bag is gorgeous too!

xx Jilli

So in love with your outfit (and your bag). You look (as always) so chic an elegant <3 Those pictures are one of the best pictures on your blog. Your blog turely desrevs to win the best phtography blog. I have already voted<3 big fan of you and your team

Je suis un grand fan et un fidèle lecteur, et après avoir dévoré cet article (comme chaque article postés) je tenais à dire que je trouve cette tenue juste magnifique, enfin non, je vous trouve juste magnifique. Une tenue évoquant à la fois la sobriété, et le style. Un mélange parfait qui donne à cette outif toute les qualité d’une tenue parfaite. Et alors quand un telle tenue est portée par une femme aussi magnifique, je crois que c’est ce qu’on peu appelé l’apogée du style.

Cordialement, et avec toute mon admiration, xx
Alexandre. D

Love this! It differs in from your actual style but it’s also very a good way. Thumbs up! :)

Indeed a beautiful business bag!

Love from Munich, L

SUCH a beautiful look on you, Kristina! You look like a bohemian princess.

Beautiful, beauuutiful Kristina as always! The entire look is on point, and funnily enough I was hunting for a bag like this the other day. Now I know what to look for! :)

Woooow, awesome pictures, styling and make up :) everything looks fabulous :)

My fashion and beauty blog

Kristina, you look great and beautiful as usual.

And this bag is simply amazing!!!

I totally with you on this post! We just have to have a lot of bags. We’re not the only ones who benefit from these bags, anyway. I love your photos, by the way! I love your the sun hits your hair. I also love your whole outfit, especially the turban. xx


I am in love with that bag. Looks so nice and useful, also classy. Other then bag, this outfit is nice, even if its not my style.
Ahh..I always have problems with a bags when I travel NYC-Europe, its like I have so much stuff, but it feels like so little.

What about when we step out of the house and they’re like “oh babe, will you keep my wallet and keys in your bag?”. Gosh, my boyfriend does that all the time and I’m like “See, this is why we have so many big bags; it’s not me, it’s you.” Sometimes I have to find some space for his wallet in a really small crossbody bag and I can’t even explain to you how I always manage to fit that into the bag.
I’m not a bag person but I can never say no to a timeless black bag, whether it’s a Prada or a “Nada”. (Ok, I’d rather walk around at least with a Zara bag than with some stinky, fake tote from the chinese store).

Great pictures by the way. I actually voted for your for the Bloglovin’ Awards ;) Best of luck!

Love xx Sara

So true!!!

woooow the maxidress is stunning and the headband is amaizing! a total stunning look n.n


This bag is so stunning, and I definitely agree at marvelling when it comes to how little boys take out of the house. However, I find my guy always asking for things as well.

You always look so beautiful! I love the floor length dress! And I agree, a woman can never have too many bags c:

Diane ||

Looking stunning in the dress and bag!!


I just love the pics of you were you smile widely (eg.
You look so young, innocent and blissfully happy in them <3

It really looks like the perfect every day and every night kind of bag! -Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

You are extreamly beautiful! I love your style so much!

I love the whole look, so chic!

You look like a gypsy. So gorgeous!! x

Really chic,love everything in this look!


beautiful picture! The turban is really cool xx

Amazing bag! You look lovely as always

Love your bag and the whole outfit so much! All black chic! I totally agree with you on this everything in bag thing! Great post!

You re so amazing <3
i like this new Bag !


I can’t believe how well you pull off the turban ! You look soooo gorgeous, and that bag is amazing !

Geveva is a stunning city, glad to see more when you shoot in the streets !

Adorable!!! What a beautiful bag!!! The whole look with this turban is great:o) And your text so lovely to read as always:o)
xoxo Kirsten

Every piece of this outfit is simply perfect! You look soooo good. Ahah men always make fun of us for carrying around big bags but they always come to us when they need anything.

Gorgeous photos once again! You look amazing, and your bag is indeed fantastic!

Hello Kristina,

I like your blog and style, but I wish you would double check the content of your post before posting it. Your mistyping and spelling mistakes make me grind! Lovely post though! x



While on topics of bags, you should do another post saying what do you carry inside. I found your previous one and it was really fun. Being so young and yet so acomplished and organized I for one wouldn’t mind some tips and tricks that you have on organization in general and things that you carry around that help you stay so organized.
Enjoy the NYFW :-)

Amazing combiantion of black, Kristina!

Love your bag! ! you are so pretty :)

you are so inspiring Kristina :) I love every look from you … and James what a great photographer!!! I hope you will win the avard!

Love your dress and that bag is wonderful indeed! Loved to read your thoughts,

sophisticated and simple! Great bag too, a real classic

The bag is simple, and it looks stunning on you:)
Totally agree with you ” Less is More”

I love this timelessly chic outfit!

I just recently discovered your blog and I’m obsessed! You are stunning and your outfits are always on point! xx -Danielle
P.s. I completely agree, having multiple bags is a necessity. You can never be too prepared.

love love love the outfit – especially with that turban! so unique, though so beautiful. And I absolutely agree – a bag is a woman’s (almost) best friend. You just cannot have enough!

Aww I’m so jealous! You are always so beautifull and I really like your outfits, I think the bag is amazing!

Such a mind blowing all black outfit ! I would never trust mysel to wear this headband that suits you perfectly.

I love the whole outfit, the dress is gorgeous…

Wow you look so gorgeous in these photos. Love this bag and love the way you described it. It really is a perfect timeless bag that every woman needs in her life!

Wow, cette tenue est superbe, que de bons basiques, qui restent chics, élégants, j’adore !

Hi! since you’re talking about bags, can you share your view on a few essential bags every woman should have in their closet? For example, for work, going out, running errands. And since you travel alot, what kind of bag you recommend women to bring around?

Amazing style and i love you’re hair color !

I love the thing you have on your head, where is it from? Love your style and you look stunning xx

OMG! I agree with EVERYTHING you said here..
Love the outit.. you look gorgeous!! great great photography!
I’m a bag lover, so I appreciate this post.. love the bag!

the lone wolf 16 October 2014 / Reply

this is amazing. you look so gorgeous

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