I am currently writing this article from my hotel room in NYC, an hour before rushing out to attend a show. I seriously can’t wait to share with you our fashion week coverage! This season is very special for me as we are, first of all, doing all four cities in a row (NY/London/Milan/Paris) AND that we flew in our new Kayteam member Fiona to help us rock this fashion month! It’s a lot of new experiences, challenges, adventures and emotions. We are having so much fun, working super hard but oh dear, we have some really cool shots planned for you already! So get ready :)

Meanwhile, I still have a few articles that I’d like to show you, such as this one that we’ve created during our stay in Shanghai with Montblanc. It was our second time staying at the Peninsula hotel near the Bund and since we had a little bit of free time on the day after our arrival, we decided to wake up super early and explore the neighborhood. I have to say, something about it definitely reminded me of some elements I’ve encountered while I was in India. Out and about with my Hermès bag around the Peninsula where it’s literally a Chanel, Vuitton and Fendi parade. But heading away from the hotel, even if only for 5 minutes, it was a completely different scenery.

The contrast was pretty imposant. From incredible luxury, we were now lost in between two completely different areas of the city, each one of them something like 2 minutes away from each other. I have to say, at first, I felt a little uncomfortable and confused, especially because I was dressed up that way and obviously because people were staring. But then I realized that most of them were smiling at me, more curious than anything. So many artisans were working in the streets, people everywhere walking to an up-beat rythme. Shanghai is a city that lives. Everything is so bold and vivid. This energy is definitely contagious. It felt like a breath of fresh air to me.

That morning when we woke up, I went for a super casual look that I showed you previously and then changed when seing all the girls dressed up in such a chic, fancy way while strolling on the Bund. Guys, I tell you, Dior bags everywhere. And it was way too hot for jeans. So I decided to switch up for this black and white look, Alexander Wang heels and this beauty of a Hermès bag for the rest of the day. I have to say, I am absolutely obsessed with it, it’s so timeless and iconic. Hope you guys enjoy!





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TOP : Zara (Similar Here & Here)

SHORTS : Zara (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Hermès


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I love that shirt connected with leather shorts!

Really great outfit! Simple black and white but so stylish!

Pretty outfit, love the Birkin bag

I’ve truly enjoyed reading this post as well as looking at this amazingly stylish outfit.
Those leather pants and wonderful Hermes bag are unbeatable!

So nice shooting!!
I’ll be in Paris too for the Fashion Week, I hope to meet you there!!
Enjoy NY!!




Can’t wait to see and read about your coverage from Fashion Week. Love this monochrome look!

beautifuli outfit!


Great simple outfit! Ahah i can see the smallest china people than you in your photos! Are you very tall or are they very very small ?

Great style! Very interesting black&white combination!

It’s always a pleasure to read you! Can’t wait for you FW coverage xx

Beautiful shots as always. I need those shoes in my life!

A weekend Escape in Edinburgh

Love this out, so chic.

xoxo, Diana

Love this outfit, as usual!
And oh my god, you’re coming to Paris! I’ll try my best to be there too ! :)
So impatient to see the fashion weeks through your eyes.

I love the outfit, especially the Alexander Wang heels and that gorgeous Hermes bag! ^^

I love this Hermès bag so so much, you look gorgeous Kristina! Can’t wait to see more of your looks!
Love from France <3

eclética and chic 6 September 2014 / Reply

So stylish and beautiful!

Great pics! I am glad you like my hometown – shanghai!

Nice outfit, like that bag so much!


Stunning and simply chic! I am obsessed with your shorts and bag <3

Wow, awesome pictures! The heels are just perfect!

xx Su

Kristina, you look beautiful and I enjoyed reading as always but please take this seriously and eat a little bit more!!! You look so thin as if the next gust of wind will overthrow you!!! I think you are now on the border of looking beautiful or just too thin. Too thin is when you can see all the bones up there just as in this post. Sorry but I think as a loyal reader I have to write it. Please eat a bit more, even if this is a stressful month!!!
xoxo Kirsten

I reallly love the street look kind of photographer, so elegantly incorporated both style and daily lives. Love it!!


Beautiful; I love the V-neckline from the top <3

So beautiful!

Love your shorts and how you layer your necklace!

Sophia |

Love the black leather with white silk and the bag is gorgeous! Beautiful outfit! Enjoy the fashion month! I can’t wait to read your articles about it!

Another gorgeous look! You look incredible, I loveee those heels!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Thanks for sharing your stay!

Have a great time in New York, love your blouse! xx

Amazing outfit! Love reading your blog!


Classic black and white works every time :)

really pretty look!

Kristina you are my moon , you are perfect :3 ..

Kristina,I love this outfit so much! and this gorgeous bag too! It’s one of my favorites! Love You,your blog and the team! Thank You for sharing with us these beautiful places and clothes! Xo Adri

Love Bag !!!
So pretty Kristina :)

The Hermès bag is so dreamy. I can’t stop staring at it :)

Such amazing photography and I love your makeup!

Can’t wait for all your posts from NY fashion week! Love this look and the necklace – stunning!!!!

J’ai tellement hâte de te voir à Paris ! Je croise les doigts :)

I just love those shorts and the outfit is so simple yet chic. Lovely pictures.


Perfect black and white look! Bag and shoes are amazing!

love the outfit, and those shoes!

Those shoes are incredible, I am such a big fan of Alexander Wang’s designs!

Great pictures! Love your casual outfits! They always look so special yet so chic!

xx Nicola

Love those shoes! Even though they have a pointed heel, there’s something about them that looks so comfy! I went to China for the first time this year, and it was definitely a huge culture shock.but it’s so interesting learning about how people love on the other side of the world.


perfect outfit!
love the bag.
have fun in ny :-))
xox inga ♥

those shoes are perfect! very interesting and I love the silky top and leather mix

that outfit is fabulous ! I love the black and white, so trendy for fall… You are wearing it perfectly :)

Love from France, Victoria

Just perfect, this outfit is amazing, these shorts are so cool and the white shirt is classic and chic. Love so much the beautiful and iconic handbag, it’s like a dream. These sandals are wonderfull, I need them in my life

You looked much healthier in the older photos I’m afraid. Hope you give an image to those young girls who read your blog that being healthy looking (not bony or skinny) is healthy for female body and hormones…

Amazing look Kristina. Love the black and white. It is so chic and classic and that it what I love at your style. I always think about to buying a leather short, because it is really trendy right know and you can style it so many ways. I did it and when I saw this post I was really happy that I have also a leather shorts now.
Wish you a great sunday and a lot of fun at nyfw. I look at your Instagram all the time and you look so lovely in your outfits. Pretty Kristina.
xo, Petra

Love this look :) Simple but chic :)

Enjoy fashion month :)

Xo, Giada

Les photos sont très belles ! Ca doit être difficile de voir un contraste aussi brutal entre luxe et pauvreté …

Am in love with the white and black trend. You’ve definitely nailed it for sure. The leather shorts are certainly a must this season as well. Everyone wants leather this! Leather that! Leather everything! Haha. Shanghai must of been beautiful though. I am very intrigued on what you have in store for us from your Fashion Weeks photos! Gosh, honestly can’t wait! xx I know you’ll rock the killer outfits, Kristina! :)

Love the leather shorts with the shirt and the sandals are fab!

You always look stunning even in the simplest outfit <3
Can't wait to see your NYFW outfits details :D

I really like your articles and your fashion. Really good job. I can only say that you and James are very hard-working people, and that’s why now you guys are knowable people in the fashion industry. Respect and good luck in future! You are amazing!

Oh my god, that little Hermes treasure is simply pure perfection!!

Love from Munich, L

Lovely! I love all your photos! It’s so exciting you get to go to fashion week!xx – Danielle

Can you please comment more on fashion week? Check out my blog

This outfit is gorgeous, I absolutely love the minimalistic white and black style at the moment and this looks so classy and chic. I bet it was amazing to explore Shanghai, places like that look so stunning and I hope wonder I can explore the places you have. I also cannot wait to see your fashion coverage, it must be so exciting knowing you get to visit all those different places!

Great outfit, I love the heels! -Swedish Model and blogger in Tokyo

great outfit – and an amazing bag!

All your looks are seriously so amazing! I’m following you on Instagram andy your trip looks so fun!

Diane ||

hey I just started a blog after being inspired by yours!! this outfit is on point! the leather shorts with the white top, paired with modern black straight cut heels, and topped off with a hermes bag to give it some colour, and effect is stunning!! xoxo

Hi, i’m a reader from Brazil, i just wanna say you are one of the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen hahaha really. An inspiration. Smart, and creative too. Love your photos!

adore these gorgeous heels!
ladies in navy

Your bag, your bag, your bag… I can’t even believe it, it is so so so GORGEOUS !! I can’t take my eyes off it :)

Well, your Wang heels are pretty amazing too !

Such a great look as always !

you’re absolutely fabolous :)

The bag is FLAWLESS! It looks so good, love the vibe of the photos!

- MR ÀLEX BURCH blog -

C’est ce que j’aime a propos de Shanghai, ce contraste saisissant, ce melange de grattes ciels, de grosses avenues, de bars ultra branches et juste derriere tout ca, un quartier chinois typique… C’est la que c’est le plus intéressant d’ailleurs, parce qu’on se sent soudainement un peu paume…

Charlene Cunningham 12 September 2014 / Reply

Can you please tell us us what lipstick you are wearing here? It is all perfection!

Stunning look. Simple and comfortable <3

Great Hermes bag i love color :)