I’ve always been a big fan of a total white outfit. Just for some reasons, it’s been since ages my go to pick when I want to make an impression. And even though black seems more comfortable, I feel like white has always been my thing. It’s so pure, elegant, clean and simply beautiful. Yet, it’s versatile enough and so interesting when mixed up with subtle touches of color. It’s undeniably one of my favorite shades to wear, and I like it even more when it’s from head to toe. Just bring it on, shoes, bag, coat, dress, I want it all white! Of course, you need to be more careful and pre-cautious when wearing white, and yet nothing can beat it.

So obviously my choice of outfit to attend the Elie Saab show during Paris fashion week was made very quickly. As soon as I saw this gorgeous lace dress, I knew it was it. I wanted to pair it to beautiful, iconic, timeless pieces such as this white Chloé coat, white heels and of course some Chopard jewels and a watch from their Impérial collection to add the perfect touch and get me on time to all the shows in meetings. I love wearing a watch during fashion week, not only is it a perfect fashion statement, it’s all a wonderful tool to get you going.

The last touch of this look which I personally think adds all the originality is clearly this incredible Anya Hindmarch bag that I spotted and had to get on Net A Porter as soon as I saw it. I love how it’s inspired by the most basic utility object possible, a simple plastic bag, and turned into this ultra luxurious clutch. Pop art at it’s best! It was definitely the perfect punctuation to the look, adding the little twink of shine it deserved!

As to what’s happening right now, we’re currently in Los Angeles, working and progressing with our project! I hope to be able to give you some insights very soon… Or… maybe not!!! I want to be able to keep it all under the radar for now to keep my concentration canalized. I need to focus completely to be able to do the best work possible. So make sure to stay updated you guys, you’re all with me in my heart anyway, that’s a fact. Not a single day goes by without me reading your comments and feeling so empowered and motivated by all your words. Thank you so much for being there, for being kind, supportive and so loyal. That makes me want to push new boundaries. I can’t wait to share our new chapter with you.

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DRESS : Elie Saab

SHOES : Elie Saab (Similar Here)

COAT : Chloé  (Similar Here)

WATCH : Chopard

BAG : Anya Hindmarch through Net A Porter


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What an amazing outfit! I’m always a sucker for all white ensembles and to wear Elie Saab would just be a huge dream, as he is one of my favourite designers alongside Georgina Chapman.


Sweet Perdition 8 October 2014 / Reply

que maravilla de fotos y de vestido! que pasada de mujer!!

Love Elie Saab but this mix with your Chloé coat and this cute bag is just fabulous!! LOVE IT!!


That look is simply amazing, the dress is beautiful and you look like a princess. White really is your colour ;)

best wishes

All white ensembles are definitely my go-to when it comes to feeling on top of game. It’s such a simple concept but makes you stand out in a way that even the craziest prints can’t rival. You look absolutely stunning in that dress and the coat is devastatingly chic!

x Lily

Absolutely gorgeous! Love this outfit :-)

I love wearing white as well… so pure and elegant! and I also love combining white and black in my outfits… I find the monochrome combination very sophisticated and timeless

ps you look stunning as always…

This look is so beautiful! I love how white and gold looks together, flashy and classic! I wish I owned something white!! I need to add that to my shopping list. <3.

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Amazing purse, love it! Fantastic white ensemble Love the lace!
Toast your Purse with an Outfit!
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Perfect dress for a perfect woman!! lovely!
new look on my blog!!!

This look is absolutely divine! You go girl and make those dreams come true — we are here for you!

You look so feminine and chic! This dress is insanely beautiful! :)

Gorgeous! That lace on that dress is beautiful!

Pretty lady! Love the dress<3

Love the dress! So beautiful :)


Very gentle post, you ‘re lovely

So in love with your all white look and the gold jewelry! It looks so elegant and beautiful, just perfect! <3

You in Paris, the nearest you’ve been from me but still so far !
Hoping to see you one day
As always, love your outfit and your watch is amazing xxx

Ugh, I adore Elie Saab—it would be amazing to see his show (and even better to wear a creation on a red carpet, sigh!). Also, that bag is so amazing…been seeing it everywhere, but can’t justify it for my wardrobe right now. Love seeing you style it, though!

Blonde in this City

All white is always a fabulous look. It looks clean, classic, and chic. Love this outfit, especially the silver clutch! Great post :)


– Robyn

Better and better! How are you doing it girl? :)))

Wow! What a stunning outfit. Elie Saab is one of my favourite designers and the dress you are wearing is gorgeous.
You look very beautiful!


Wow! What an amazing look, Kristina! I agree. An all-white look is very chic and elegant. An all-black look can be easily put together, but an all-white look is just something so special. One of my favorite looks of yours to date, love! Awww, it feels good to know that you read each of the comments you get. I hope you and James are enjoying your LA home very much!

Totally agree with you, a total look in white is magic!

Love from Munich, L

what an amazing dress! Love the lace!

Alexandria Petryshyn 9 October 2014 / Reply

You look PARFAITE !
By far one of your best looks ever !

Omg, this look is beautiful! Love it!

love the jewelry and your bag!
so beautiful.
xox inga

White is stunning and so is your make up!

There is something so stunning about white with gold jewellery – almost angelic.

Can never go wrong with Elie Saab. :) Easily one of my favorite designers, love his work! You look so beautiful Kristina, I LOVE this look!

You look beautiful in all white :)
I don’t think I have ever worn an all white outfit before… I always spill food or drinks my outfit

You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the photographs and the way you styled this look!

Sophisticated and Gorgeous!

Lovely dress, you look amazing.

xoxo, Diana

How do you always look so gorgeous?! Lace is my favorite and THAT JACKET! I’m in love!


Super feminine and absolutely outstanding all white outfit!

Love this look! So gorgeous!! and so classy and ladylike. Love it!!


Love your all white outfit! You look stunning!

White and gold look so beautiful on you! I love how you play with textures to add more dimension to your outfit!

xx, Diane ||

Ahh the all white outfit! So classy and elegant, I agree! The way you paired these pieces is just stunning! Loving all your outfits from Fashion Week :)

This outfit is so chic. I love the combination of the lace dress with the structured coat. The contrast is utterly beautiful!

You look absolutely stunning! I love a good head to toe white look. It’s such a clean and sexy statement in its own way. That bag is also soo fab! I’ve recently been trying to use metallic pieces as a surprising element in my looks! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in LA! Welcome to Cali :) you’re going to have to get used to the heat, I haven’t really had a chance to bust out any of my sweaters and fall wear.

With love,

That clutch is todiefor!!
XOX, Gap.

The lace dress is so sexy and chic, love the color and the way you mix it with the beautiful cream coat. These sandals are amazing, really fancy. All the look is just wonderful, so perfect for PFW. Adore the jewerly

This is such a beautiful outfit, like the way you’re matching everything together!


I love an all-white outfit too! it’s so elegant looking :)


I always feel excited when I see your post pops up in my feed. Its a revelation to say the least. Like something wonderful is going to happen. And I’m totally not kidding even though I might sound like some creepy stalker. But still…

This post is nevertheless awesome. Your outfit, all white and demure with a hint of sexiness oozing just gets to me. Nicely adorned with Chopard’s watch and Anya Hindmarch’s bag adds a glamorous and elegant touch. Lovez…

Can’t wait for your next project which you are brewing so secretly ^_^

Love the dress with the golden details…

AND the eyeliner makeup…

You look gorgeous in this outfit.

xx Cheyenne

Prudence Yeo 9 October 2014 / Reply

This all-white ensemble is absolutely beautiful! Love how the gold jewelery and sliver bag add an edgy undertone to this otherwise feminine outfit. Very sophisticated look!


Must say this look is beyond gorgeous. I admire Kristina’s style <3


Total white looks exude elegance, love your pictures!

Liebe Kristina

Du siehst wieder traumhaft aus.

Liebe Grüsse,

Petra von

Yess, I’m a fan of all white outfits, too! It’s so classy and the different materials and textures can still make the outfit versatile and not boring. I love it!

i’m so in lvoe with this look. it’s so pure, femenine yet chic :D

Reading your blog is a morning newspaper to me. I would randomly read your travel stories and get all inspired. Well today I got a speaking test with the topic about eating lifestyle. Then suddenly I remembered coming across one of your article about gluten and yeah…I put everything in my speech. The examiners looked so pleased and give me a thumbs up. Thank, Kristina!

You look stunning ! amazing dress ! :)

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Pure elegance! Lace dress is beautiful.

I really love the pictures your bf takes of you but, this time not only nice place call my attention but your handbag!!! Is really extraordinary and I like it a lot;) Have a nice day!

Wow, a gorgeous combination of white! I agree on the color, black is elegant, chic and always a good choice but it can seem ordinary and safe, whereas if you really want to make an impression, definitely go for white. :)

xx Zane

Beautiful dress! and I love the silver bag, it’s so nice to see so many post on your blog lately :)

Such a pretty and feminine dress, you look amazing! Lace has always been one of my favorites just wrote an article about it. Love the entire outfit, so ladylike!
xx Hannah

You looked so wonderful, this dress is a dream! I’m also a huge fan of total white looks! And this one is really timeless!

Wow this outfit is pure magic! I really adore it! Good luck with your personal project! I think I know I know what your personal project is about, yet i’m still curious!

x Karen

cette robe blanche te va à merveille ! je suis en contemplation devant cet ensemble d’ors ,de dentelle et ce soleil régnant qui est ton corps rayonnant d’activité !!!j’adore cet ensemble de créativités !!!bravo!!!!

OMG Elie Saab love it ! Is a genius ! Love picture Kristina :)

The dress is absolutely phenomenal! The whole white look always works!


Really love this outfit, you look amazing !
Especially love the white coat

xx Yasmin

Perfect white dress and perfect Kristina :D

xx Nicola

I love so much this all white outfit! Elie Saab…what an amazing piece you wear!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Good choice! I think an all-white outfit always stands out more than a black one. It’s riskier because it’s harder to pull off and maybe not as flattering as black can be, so this is a good inspiration for me to try more all-white outfits.

wonderful as always :) all white outfit is so chic and femine, love it :)

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Nicolene Richards 9 October 2014 / Reply

It’s so refreshing to see young girls like you dressing with such finesse and style, so many just slob around in ripped jeans and dirty sneakers. You really have a great sense of chic and constantly impress with your feminine outfits, looking very elegant. Nice outfit dear!

James Milligan 9 October 2014 / Reply

So nice to see a young lady with such great style — you are an inspiration for all. Men too!

I absolutely love it when you wear black from head to toe,.. i guess because I love black just that much. however, this full-on white outfit is one of my favorites so far on this website – stunning!


I’m in love with every detail of this outfit :)

The colour white suits you well. And that dress is beyond beautiful!

This lace dress is the most perfect one ever. You look great.


love this pretty dress!
ladies in navy

This dress is stunning! I love the detailing paired with the gold accessories

Beautiful look and photos!
xx Elle

New post up on the blog: -Swedish Model and Fashion blogger in Tokyo

No te puede quedar mejor el blanco, realmente me encantas

Gorgeous, lovely and chic! =D
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You look amazing! Such a gorgeous look x

Good luck on the next part of your incredible journey! This outfit looks incredible, I love that coat!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Gorgeous style! This white color is really good for you!

As usually, nude make up is what suits you best! Try to change your eye make up though, it’s perfect, but I’d like to see you with something different than your eyeliner, like smokey eyes for example :) But you’re beautiful, and if you need space in your closet I’ll be happy to help your empty it. I have to say I felt in love with your Max Azira black blazer with white motivs :D

White lace looks so stunning on you ! You are such a gorgeous woman, and those pics are really beautiful, as always ! Paris suits you my dear !

Those shoes are absolutely stunning!

Style by Joules

White color is always a good choice, you look so elegant and classy!


Dear Kristina,
This outfit is so beautiful. I know what you mean about the safety of wearing black to en event. Although, this one makes you stand out above the crowd. Great choice of dress style and detail to accessories! I love it all! Can’t wait to hear about your exciting new projects happening xoxo

-Rachel Spair

I can only say WOW. That dress is amazing and it suits you so so well. And that bag it’s such an amazing, simple shape. Just perfect.

The dress is stunning! And the clutch – VERY interesting piece! Nothing I have seen before:)


Fashion blogger, freelance stylist and photographer, interior designer, photo model and music production student. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

Wow that dress and coat is to die for ;(

Wow , very unique purse, I like it ! <3

Love this outfit, it’s so elegant and romantic. :)

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What a stunning combo. It looks simply chic and classy with a twist. I had a crush on your style.

This outfit is beyond gorgeous ! You look absolutely amazing. xox


Elsa TYSEBAERT 10 October 2014 / Reply

Blanc jusqu’au bout des ongles de pieds ! Cette tenue est vraiment élégante et te met réellement en valeur. La robe est vraiment une très belle pièce.

Et sinon, merci à TOI de nous faire vivre et de partager avec nous tous ces beaux moments. Tous les jours je passe par ici lire tes nouveaux articles. C’est ma petite parenthèse dans ma journée. Pendant un instant je me sens hors de mon quotidien et me sens “proche” de toi. Tu as cette façon de savoir nous toucher et nous faire sentir comme des “ami(e)s”. Je suis impatiente que tu nous en dises plus sur vos projets à Los Angeles.

Je vous embrasse

Ah, so gorgeous. I totally agree with your white on white; it’s so puurty.

This gorgeous dress.
It reminds me of ThreeFloor dresses – as cute as their ones

You are amazing

Stunning outfit, as always <3

So pure and romantic look … but also fashionable …. ))) beautiful )))
I’ve never been interested to read anyone’s blog … But yours is really great … It’s not like wear it/not wear it … Use it/not use it .. It’s more about ‘dreams come true’… Or ‘believe in yourself’ … About how to enjoy life … I pretty sure one day you’ll have your own beauty label … Or may be have your own magazine …. Write a book … Just do what are you doing – now it’s just the beginning …. )))

SO CHIC!!! white is always a good option!
I love your blog!


Wow! Absolutely stunning! Also, thank you for continuing to be one of the sweetest bloggers out there! <3

You’re living my dream: wearing a beautiful Elie Saab dress to an Elie Saab show… I’m loving every detail of this dress and your wonderful description of how you planned your outfit for the day. You wouldn’t believe how much you brighten up a dull day at the office!

Wow, all these complimentary comments definitely inspire me to wear Elie Saab more often. Sensational. The Vix xxx

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Absolutely amazing! I’m proud to see how far you came! :))