There were days in Paris where we had to pinch ourselves to make sure we were truly awake in the middle of such a marvelous and unforgettable experience… Being able to attend all these shows, meet so many incredible people, wear all these wonderful clothes, it all felt almost surreal. With the fast pace of fashion month, you don’t really have time to ask yourself too many questions or put things in perspectives and contemplate : you just need to go with the flow.

Now that I look back at all the things we experienced, it feels out of this world. I can’t be more proud and happy of all the things we achieved, doors we opened and goals we fulfilled. World, we’re ready for you! This season really lift us up, we always learn so much during fashion month yet this year exceeded all our expectations. In such challenging periods, your brain just functions differently and you go straight to the point. You’re deepest, most vulnerable personality comes out and you’re face to face with yourself figuring it all out. This whole journey definitely empowered us all so much.

That day I had the chance to attend the Margiela show during Paris fashion week wearing one of their beautiful dresses. To add a little personal touch to it, I picked this awesome Olympia Le Tan clutch from Net A Porter as the final detail. It was such a big honor to be invited to the show. Margiela is definitely one of these names you think of straight away when you talk about pure, raw fashion. The brand is complete genius, a real visionary of our times where the design rules and not the face behind it, leaving the credit to the art and the creation. One of the first shows I’ve ever truly paid attention to was in fact Margiela. There’s this mysterious aura about it where you don’t really know who the designer is, where the models are neutral, serving the purpose of the clothes, where fashion meets art and push the limits together.

That time the show was a breath of fresh air in the middle of fashion month. Models came out looking as if they just had a 3 hour work out session, showered and forgot to dry their hair, threw on flower print dress on and just went out. It was surprisingly romantic and feminine for Margiela, with a lot of floral prints, wrap skirts and dresses. Yet, we could notice an overall sporty, effortless vibe and recognizable playfulness with the asymmetries of the structures so proper to the house. A subtle Japanese inspiration was running throughout the pieces with kimono looking details and straight skirts. But that’s not it, there was also knit and sheer body suits, crop tops and tights. It was a perfectly diverse and rich collection which caught our attention from the very first second until the last. One thing for fact : daisies are in. So go get ‘em.




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DRESS : Margiela  (Similar)

CLUTCH : Olympia Le Tan through Net A Porter

SHOES : Louis Vuitton (Similar Here)

BELT : Margiela (Similar)



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Wow I just on Instagram that your new article is up on your blog and I saw these pictures and just think wow how gorgeous is this pictures. I already wanna go to sleep but I just need to read and look on your post before I do that. This is such a beautiful dress and that clutch. Stunning. I love it so much. You look absolutely beautiful on the pictures. Amszing.
Thanks for beeing always so inspiring and amazing.
Wish you a fabulous day. Can’t wait till the next post.
xo, Petra

You are SO stunning Kristina!! I love this look on you. Gorgeous as always! I have a blog too :)

pretty dress and the shoes and bag were the perfect touch.

This is such a lovely outfit.
It must have been so surreal being in Paris always dressed in these pretty outfits.

xx Cheyenne

I agree. When you’re that busy, sometimes you have no choice, but to go with the flow. Absolutely an elegant look as always, Kristina!

Great choice to pull this dress off the shoulders, made it that much more unforgettable!

such a gorgeous dress!

This dress is so stunning through the slightly changed details!

Love from Munich, L

Beautiful! love the cut of the dress and the clutch is gorgeous

Victoria x

Dying to own a clutch by Charlotte Olympia! LOVE it!!


What kind of camera settings did you use to achieve the effect or style of the photograph?

I love book clutches so much, they add such a nice look to an outfit.

la modesti avec le style 10 October 2014 / Reply

That look is really special – your hair looks great and the dress looks like from another time. Beautiful!

best wishes

This dress is lovely! I love the way that it is draped so effortlessly across your soldiers. And the clutch is adorable!

It’s a beautiful dress indeed! But I’m just wondering what kind of bra did you wear inside. Also, isn’t it hard to move around?

You are so lucky to have been at the Margiela show! Your outfit looks absolutely beautiful. Your clutch looks especially lovely.


Great cluth!!!

You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos!
♥ ♥ ♥

Prudence Yeo 10 October 2014 / Reply

I thought the clutch is a book at first glance and was surprised when it turns out to be a bag! Such a unique beauty and the maxi dress is very pretty too!


beautiful as always!


Love the off the shoulder dress! It’s so flirty and feminine. That book clutch is so perfect! I need one like that!

xx, Diane ||

So much love for this clutch looking like a book!
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

Great outfit, love those shoes!


Kristina, those shoes are pure heaven, let me tell you! They look like we all could walk in them and they just make you look so much taller. Really nice! Anyway, big congrats to your new LA home and moving forward with your singing career. When you become a singer, I swear I will pop some champagne, so much I have my fingers crossed for you. Take care! Love from Czech Republic

Beautiful and unforgettable dress, it’s everything you need for a fashion show, it’s really amazing and you look gorgeous. These sandals are the perfect shoes for this dress and the clutch is just fancy. This PFW was wonderful, I can’t wait to the next fashion season

You look amazing!

This classy and chic look inspires me so much. The shoes are looking super dope. Love the twist in this outfitpost.

I love the combination of the dress with those heels. Very sophisticated and pretty.

Very dreamy Dress :-) and the shoes are amazing!

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Wow, what a lovely romantic dress! I love the off shoulder sleeves! And it looks gorgeous with the belt and heels!

Lovely look, very “au naturel”! :-) Fantastic clutch and shoes!
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You look great! That glow in your face and your pure skin in this simple dress look marvelous!

xx Nicola

Your dress looks amazing!

What a beautiful subtle dress! Love how you braid your hair to make this look more dreamy <3 xx

The Mad Shopper’s Dressing Room
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Love the dress and the clutch. You’re shoes are amazing !

Great post ! I really enjoyed looking through your pictures.


I love the shoes with the dress!

Oh my god your heels !! I’m falling in love, like seriously.
Love this outfit, as always, and it is once again perfect on you.

You look stunning in this dress, it suits you so well! You’ve come so far, yeah you should be proud! Well done!
Holly x

i love those shoes

Sasa Rakovec 10 October 2014 / Reply

what a lovely dresss!

I’m waiting for you..

Gosh you’re so lucky to attend Margiela show! it must to be amazing, and I love the dress, so elegant and romantic and it looks great with these quiet big heels

This suits your style so well! My absolute favorite!
The shoes are stunning! Want them so bad… kisses!

What a gorgeous outfit!! The dress is stunning and I loved how you paired that cool clutch with it! Love your braid as well!!


Simple, pretty, and flowy – this would be such a nice sunny vacation attire :)

Stunning dress! You look so beautiful!

Gorgeous outfit, such a cute clutch !

Love from Paris

Bonjour Kristina,

tu es merveilleuse, ton blog est magnifique et tu es de loin la meilleure bloggeuse tant par ta beauté, que par ton style ou que par la qualité de tes photos et de tes reportages.

J’ai juste une petite remarque: Peux-tu, s’il te plait, traduire tes “post” en français.
J’ai découvert récemment que tu parlais très bien le français et l’anglais et je pense même que ça serait un plus pour toi et ton équipe “kayteam”. J’ai beaucoup de mal à te lire car je ne suis pas bilingue, et parfois je ne prends même plus la peine de cliquer sur “read more” car je sais par avance que je ne comprendrais pas tout. Je ne pense pas être la seule dans ce cas car je pense que tu es suivie par beaucoup de françaises.

Continue ainsi, et merci.



I love your hair and make-up this time! :)

Very pretty dress! You are indeed one lucky girl!
That clutch is so adorable :)
xx Anka

Lovely dress and great outfit :)
You’re absolutely beautiful

beautiful and simple! love that dress
ladies in navy

magique!une fleur voguant sur un nuage ! c’est parfait !beau !belle!!!!!

Love this post a lot! So inspiring!


Looking so incredible! Love the dress and the purse especially! But the dress looks a little dangerous too. (:


mais jusqu’où va aller la mode… ton “amazing dress” on dirait un vieux drap, et on voit presque tes seins…

You look flawless. Although I don’t know how I would manage the side cleavage:)


Only you could pull of this look!

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Very nice article. I definitely appreciate this site.


This look is stunning! I like the dress but the material looks really thin. You’re gorgeous and keep on the good work!

I love your dress, but what i love more is that GORGEOUS, INCREDIBLE Olympia LeTan clutch !! Want one so badly :)

Oh you look so flawless

And the clutch is so cute ♥♥♥

Such a beautiful, awesome post

Lovely look! Amazing shoes! =D
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You are just an amazing person Kristina! I come from France, and I discovered your blog few months ago, and i absolutly love it, i love your vision of fashion, i love your style. I am always very happy when i see that you posted a new article, i read it during the evening, that makes me dreaming, very beautiful dreams. I hope you will continue to do that, because you do it so good.
Of course, i really like these pictures, you are awesome, very beautiful look, i am in love with the shoes ahahah!
Thanks for everything you share Kristina <3

Very nice look ! Especially love your shoes

This dress is everything!

what a wonderful and stunning look! <3
the dress and the shoes are amazing – so in love!

Kisses from Vienna

oh you look absolutely incredible as always! I love the amazing Olympia LeTan clutch, i love that loose fitting dress and how you’ve paired the entire outfit! I’m jealous

Love it…love that dress…but makeup and photos are incredible….
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Gorgeous pictures!
I think our metallic tattoos would suit you so well.

Always incredible. That dress is beautiful but the clutch steals the show. You finished off this look perfectly with a red lip. Stunning!!!

Love from South Africa

I’m so glad you had an amazing experience during PFW. This dress is so simple and elegant and the Olympia Le-Tan clutch suits the outfit so well. You look so poised and beautiful in these shots!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

You look so stunning my dear !


Elegantesque Blog

Love the dress and the lips…

Pure innocence <3

Such a special and beautiful dress, you look great!

You really embodied an authentic Parisian woman here. Very effortless with a hint of red lips make it come together. Love the romantic atmosphere of this shoot.
As always I’m in total admiration of your blog.

Instagram/ Twitter: @ElegantMess_

the shoes and belt are just perfect! Terracota color, luv luv luv

Such a beautiful dress, I like how you nipped it at the waist with a belt and then added chunky shoes to balance out the soft shape of the dress. Love! Very similar to my personal style so please check out my blog! x

My Goodness three words. Flawless, Elegant,& Romantic. I love the brown with the blue. This is just like no other. Unique.

What a lovely girly look! Just like a girl ready to spend an afternoon reading and picnicing in the beautiful parisian parks:)xxx


Wow! This Margiela dress is so lovely! You look really stunning… especially with this red lip colour!


WOW! She is looking perfect in these cloths. she might be a princess. I do online shopping from super fan shirt dot com