The title of this article should have probably been “My twist on the Elmo chic look” . I read somebody make that comment on my Instagram and it seriously made me laugh so hard because it’s partly true! Now that I look at this outfit, I can’t see myself as anything but a little preppy Elmo strolling through the streets of Paris. If Moschino can play with the Barbie concept, I can for sure bring my muppet twist to this gorgeous dress! In fact, I was so excited to wear it as it is an exclusive, unique piece in the world that was created by Chloé for a special Vogue US editorial. It seems like Anna Wintour ended up not using it and thankfully, I got my hands on it. It’s truly an honor to wear such a work of art. At first glance it seemed like a challenge to style it up but all the details seemed to fall into place.

That morning, I was excited like a little monster. The moment I was waiting for all month finally arrived! The Louis Vuitton show is always one of my biggest highlights of fashion month, and it is even more for me now that the genius of Nicolas Ghesquière is behind it all. So obviously some Vuitton details were a must to punctuate this sensational look. A little Malle clutch in red, one of their beautiful belts and of course the patent shoes. But that’s not it, in the context of our collaboration with LoveGold I had the pleasure to style some Solange Azagury-Partridge, former Creative Director at Boucheron.

Solange’s jewellery can be found in Paris at her newly opened boutique at the Hotel Costes.

Their pieces are so exquisite, luxurious and twisted at the same time. All made out of high carat gold, I picked most of the jewels which had red accents such as this heart pendant and octopus ring. I also loved with this little lip ring, so quirky and playful at the same time. It’s a very versatile piece that makes a great statement on the hand. I do enjoy jewels that have a touch of humour, it brings luxury to a completely different level when each piece has a little story behind it. It actually makes for even better gifts to your loved ones.

The Vuitton show, as always a pure dream. You can read my thoughts about it on this image I posted right after the show. Once it finished, I felt so overwhelmed with emotions. It was so well done, a perfect balance of everything. Instead of heading out right away as usual to get some street style shots, I decided to stay inside and wait backstage in order to meet Nicolas and congratulate him on this wonderful new collection. He was busy enough with interviews, but it was a delight to just stay there and stare at him adoringly. Because that’s what I like to do… huhu. It was such an honor to witness such an important moment in the fashion industry and I am so excited to see how it’s going to impact what we will see on the market in the coming months. Cheers to that and don’t miss checking it out on!

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DRESS : Chloé (Similar Here & Here)

SHOES : Louis Vuitton

BAG : Louis Vuitton

BELT : Louis Vuitton

JEWELS : Solange Azagury-Partridge courtesy of LoveGold


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Gorgeous outfit! This shade of red looks absolutely stunning on you.
Love your jewellery.


Lady in red

I really love the jewellery you are wearing, especially the rings…so chic! xx

That’s amazing getting your hands on such a special and exclusive dress.
Treat it well as it’s the only one there is :)
Love the color and the comment from that instagram user is just priceless.

xx Cheyenne

The bag is really cute but I don’t like the dress at all, sorry.

This is too much for me…I would minimize the accessories…but I love your dress and red looks amazing on you
Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

The dress looks amazing! love the color on you!

what a cool dress! you definitely make elmo look chic

Oh my…. I just thought that you had the most beautiful outfit ever in your last post and then BAM! you’ve just “pulled” out another killer one!

Elmo chic… Omg thats awesome.


I don’t know the real intent behind that ‘elmo’ comment ( was it a humorous comparison or meant as an insult?), but I really wasn’t reminded od Elmo until you mentioned it. That said, I really liked this outfit because it made a statement. It makes you look powerful. ^^

Such an unusual look! You accessorized it so well!


You look so stunning in red! It’s a gorgeous color on you, especially paired with all the gold jewelry and pops of brilliant red!

Diane ||

Awesome look! I love the bag!

Pay With Polka Dots

That dress is incredible! An epitome of fashion art… You look beyond gorgeous!

Love this red dress on you!Such a stunning look!

Love this red dress, that looks so nice on you!


You are amazing! In red even more :)

Your gorgeous and I just love this bag !!

You look great in this outfit! Red is one of my favourite colours. It looks you perfect! Thanks for sharing it.
xo Agnes

Haha, it really looks like Elmo. But you are able to wear it. I love it! :)

Love, Lisa

It is a truly beautiful ‘Elmo’ ;) dress! Most of all I love the LV bag and that pretty ring with tiny chains.

OH MY! This look is fabulous!

This red dress looks so good on you!! I love the LV accessories you added!


I am in love with your amazing accessories!! And this bag is simply gorgeous!!

Love from Munich, L

This is so statement! You wear any colour really well!

amazing dress and accesories!! love it!!!!

Wow that’s stunning and fancy! =)
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I love your chic Elmo look! The jewellery is to die! C x

So cool! I could never pull this off! x

Such a fun outfit! I love the bright red paired with the bright red purse! And your jewelry is so so cute!

I am sorry I never though I would say that about you, but this dress is horrible!! I really find this outfit horrendous on you.

Beautiful dress! I’m laughing at the Elmo comment. You completely pulled this dress off as I can imagine how it could have been difficult to style.

Kárin Styles

eclética and chic 5 October 2014 / Reply

This is beyond perfect! Amazing outfit!

This Chloe dress is absolutely amazing, it’s perfect for the Louis Vuitton fashion show, it’s fashion in pure state. Oh PFW is the most chic time of the year, love all the fashion shows and the streetstyle is amazing. These high heels are wonderful and so fancy. The LV handbag is just pure art, adore it!

I’m not sure about this dress, but I love jewelry and the bag!

Lovely dress!

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This dress is perfect on you ! And the jewelry oh my god, it is absolutely amazing

C’est une tenue complètement improbable! mais tu la portes bien, avec les accessoires.
Bonne installation à L.A, impatiente de découvrir tes projets là-bas…

You look amazing! I especially love the jewels x

Great outfit as always…you are always spot on….

P.S Thanks a lot for lovely comments on my blog…new post is now live ;-)
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Haha love that you don’t take yourself so seriously !! That dress is stunning, and of course, you look breathtaking in it !! Love your jewels, and that amazing and cute little bag :)

Amazing color! A true red! The shoes are also perfect, a very elegant outfit for Vuitton ;)

I love your crazy rings :D And you doesn’t look like an elmo but like beautiful, red bird :)

yea, this piece is a little overwhelming, but I think you pull it off well!


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your outfit is amazing and your blog is beautiful
you’re fantastic

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i love this outfit
your blog is beautiful
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I love the accessories in this look and the bold color of the dress!

I’m not fan of this outfit, but I love how this shade of red flatters you!


Love this dress! It looks undeniably comfy. And that necklace is such an unexpected but perfect detail. Yes, LV was incroyable this season! Definitely a SS15 highlight and one I hope inspires mainstream fashion. It was crisp, retro and fun. Almost the antithesis of this dress kind of. It’s amazing how fashion can be so diverse, and all be so great.


This dress is absolutely stunning! I love everything of this outfit


Beautiful look! Love the red and the stunning jewels!! X

Lol, Elmo chic! I like that you went for it though–it’s a neat look.

Style by Joules

Bárbara Cea 5 October 2014 / Reply

Amazing, babe! xx Bárbara – fashion & photography blog

I think it’s difficult to wear such a dress (color, length, relief), but you are still elegant with it.

beautiful as always!

no doubt, RED is fixed on you! Looks contrast with ur flawless pale skin….
bon journée ma belle…..

Prudence Yeo 6 October 2014 / Reply

The red dress is truly a eye-catching and unique piece! Love the slit on the top part of the dress which makes it just a little sexy and more feminine. Good job matching it with statement gold accessories to up the chic factor of the whole ensemble too. Outstanding!


It’s impressive that you aare getting thoughts from this articl as wel as from our argument made aat this time.

Just LOVE this outfit. It really looks like Elmo in a dress haha, but so insanely cool. And the photos are beautiful as usual!

Gorgeous outfit Kristina – I love that Elmo chic could be a thing! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful start to the week. I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts on your new adventure to the US! Can’t wait to hear about it xoxo

You look like fabulous Sunbird!) Perfect style!

You look amazing “Elmo”! :-) Your makeup is so perfect!

Amazing redmoments!! I love this Dress!

I arrive here after seeing this look on instagram, and now that you say it Elmo never looked so good ;)

Kristina! A mí me parece que estás guapísima y me encanta el look enterito, sobre todo, tu maravilloso bolso. Además, cuando te vi en instagram pensé: necesito un vestido rojo ya!! – :D

Un besito muy fuerte


Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous in this red look. I love the dress, the bag and all the amazing gold rings. Absolutely an amazing style. You definitely rock it.
happy monday Kristina. I wish you had a great flight to L.A. wish you a great time there.
xo, Petra

She looks gorgeous and stunning in her red dress, i love the mixing :P

Amazing Look !
I like this dress and these details

I think you look amazing in this dress! it’s truly an unique piece! and the bag is gorgeous

Perfection!!!!Great dress!!


This look is a real extravaganza! It seems so hard to pull off this look, but you managed to do it again, Kristina!

This outfit is perfection! Thank you for giving us a glimpse on your life, and Paris fashion week, it is always such a pleasure to read your posts.

Love you website and style!!

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The Fashion Panda 6 October 2014 / Reply

I love how you styled the dress ! It looks great on you !

Really great outfit ! I really love the colors ! xo

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you look so good in red!
ladies in navy

I love this, and I love the concept of “Elmo chic” – so cute!!


And a chic Elmo you are! I love how fun this outfit is, Kristina! Can’t wait for all the fun articles coming up soon! So happy you are in the U.S. for a little while! You and James deserve the rest!

I love the elmo reference. I can see it too but regardless, I love the dress! It looks really cozy for the cool weather. Also, if anything, maybe it works to get a head start for Halloween. ;)

Beautiful accessories too.


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I love your style Kristina!!
My fashion blog:

A very atypical look for you. The dress could have been a challenge to style but once more you managed to rock it!

Zane |

I love the rings and the bag. 58eveningdress. Though red is very common since it never fails to make you look sexy and hot. I love red dresses.

I had a crush on this dress! You’re looking super edgy! The jewelry is gorgeous.

This look and Chloe dress is absolutely beautiful! This shade of red looks so gorgeous on you :) + Louis Vuitton bag is a true inspiration. Love it!

I see the Elmo thing now haha, but it never occurred to me!!!

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I must admit that I am not such a big fan of the dress, but the way you styled it look better. Only you could pull of such a look!

This look and Chloe dress are one of my favorites. This shade of red looks absolutely gorgeous on you! + Louis Vuitton bag is so inspirational <3

Definitely love this RED! but sadly, i don’t think many people can carry this colour well.

and i have to agree it’s Elmo strolling through the streets of Paris.

I love how you are experiencing with so many different styles and colours. I always think red doesn’t suit me but it surely looks amazing on you!


I loved the texture and the color this dress. Truly stunning

Absolutely fabulous look <3

The dress is so lovely!