Here we are. Finally! After all this wait, we are ready to reveal the result of our secret collaboration with Rita & Zia around their new, bold, CHAOS collection. I was dying to show  these images to you guys as they are so different and special, nothing like I’ve ever done before. We’re going much more edgy with a punk inspiration being the beating rhythm behind this whole entire shoot. It changes from my usual looks and that’s exactly what I love about. Rita and Zia released a couple of months ago a new jewelry collection for fall/winter called CHAOS which the press and general clientele acclaimed. This collection in fact is really all about this, it’s about finding beauty in CHAOS, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things out, daring to be bold and embracing your wild, risky side.

For this project, we flew in New York with the Rita & Zia team, just because there’s truly no place on earth like it to channel such spiritual and stylistic freedom. New York is THE city of dreams, where getting outside the box is a normal thing, where people push their limits and fight for what they love. It’s also a wonderful fashion capital with such a mix and diversity of different cultures and styles. It was definitely the perfect setting for this set of images, which I am honored and happy to share with you today.

We headed to Dumbo in order to get that perfect, cool, edgy vibe into the shooting. The look itself needed to be a mix of different inspirations, a chaos of prints and messages. We start with the lace, proper to my elegant aspirations, then we have the tartan for the punk twist, some black leather for a gothic vibe and a heavy dose of bling with these gorgeous statement pieces from Rita & Zia. It being a swiss brand, makes me so proud and excited.

We’ve been working with their fantastic team for such a long time and it’s amazing to see us growing together and getting ourselves out there to try new things out. Sandrine Barabinot, the head designer of the brand achieved international success with her beaded pieces, yet I so admire her taking the risk to go another way and to add this strong edge and contrast to her jewels. That’s what creation is about, it’s about not being afraid, it’s about exploring and trying new things. Can’t wait to share with you the other sets of images! Get ready for it!!!

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This looks amazing on you! You really can pull of any outfit or trend — truly stunning!

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What a completely different side of you, Kristina! I love how you stepped out and became someone else. Fashion is so fun like that. It’s like acting, but with clothes and accessories. ;)

I love this post! Reminds me of your first ever post on here! Very nice to see you in this different light to your normal posts. Absolutely love the look, you should do more like this :) <3



amazing collection! and you look so stunning!

New York is always a good choice, and DUMBO is such a fascinating neighborhood! I have a thing for the little pebble beach looking at the bridge.
Love all your bracelets!

Fantastic wild jewelry and great shots! Congratulations on this awesome collaboration!
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You look gorgeous Kristina. Love the top and the hat. Amazing pictures. xx

What a gorgeous shoot! Love your clothing and jewellery.
It’s really interesting to see you channelling a different look.


I love these edgier looks on you!

Love the collection! I think all the photos look amazing, it’s fun to see you do something different. :)



Prudence Yeo 11 October 2014 / Reply

Love the hat and the gold statement bangle! Cool.


These photos are gorgeous!!! You are so stunning and inspirational Kristina. I have a blog too, yours is amazing.

Such an amazing opportunity, congratulations! And these pictures turned out beautifully!

Wonderful photos! This outfit is so pretty!
♥ ♥ ♥

These are absolutely stunning pictures!

I love this grundgy look. It is so different to what you normally go for!


Lace top works surprisingly well with a checkered shirt. Nice pics!


Wow! Perfect photos :)

Absolutely amazing collection, the jewelry is so rock, cool and chic. Love all these rings and your look is perfect, so punk and fabulous

Love these pictures so much, you are gorgeous. And this style suits you a lot, it’s different but it looks wonderful on you. I’m glad that you’re doing so well. :)

I´m totally in love with your look! So fresh and stylish. Really like this combination! :)

You look so badass:-)

Amazing pictures ! And these jewelry pieces are beautiful

éblouissant;éblouissante !de chair et d’ or ! la ruée vers l’or !quel heureux hasard pour la présentation de ces nouvelles créations de bijoux !!!

These photos are awesome!
Totally loving this edgy look on you.

xx Cheyenne

Such a cool outfit and so different to what you normally wear! x

Gorgeous photos, love the look!

Victoria x

As usual you’re amazing ! love your collaboration and your clothes !

Now that’s one awesome, punk-ish look that suits you very well :) Hope you’re going to do more looks like this one :*

Love this grungy but chic and girly look! Really enjoying the mix of lace and plaid!

I love this crazy gold outfit, this ring is wonderful and yours pics are great and pro :)
Love you

This is such a different look for you, but you look great! The jewelry is so cool!
xx Elle

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I love seeing you in a bit different styling! it suits you well :) I love the big necklaces you’re wearing, they are to die for!

When I saw the behind the scenes on facebook and Instagram I was so excited for you to release them. They are so edgy! The contrast and irony is simply beautiful!

Stunning! You look amazing! As always. I really can understand what you liked about that jewelry collection! It’s amazing :)

Kisses and all the best for you,


Amazing pieces of jewellery, I love the necklaces especially! And also great photos!

Such a great outfit, like the way you’re styling everything!


So beautiful Blog!

You may like to visit too!

congrats on another amazing accomplishment! love these pieces!

Inspiring outfit – so different from your other looks but really good though. Love the lace top together with the checked shirt :)
best wishes

really amazing pics!

Wow! i love ittt!! You look so cool in this kind of look!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

These pics are Insanely amazing! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Great photos – nice colors and materials.

Love it!!! xox

alannah smith 11 October 2014 / Reply

Wow love this look!!! You look great!!

alannah smith 11 October 2014 / Reply

Wow, love this look!!! You look great!!!

Bianca Suciu 11 October 2014 / Reply

Love the photos, and your lips are great!

I have to admit, seeing you dressed this way feels weird, but not in a negative way. It’s intense and far different than your usual style. ^^

rocker girl in all its glory

Nice surprise!! This photos are great and the style amazing!

Love that edgy look on you!

xx Nicola

This shoot is simply amazing!

This is something so different for you, I like it but I think I prefer your normal style. But fashion is all about experimenting and this look is perfect

Love Imke

Supercool look! I really love you pants here


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Amazing jewelry and photos. Especially love the rings and beaded bracelets!

Love from Munich, L

Nice! Very different from what you usually wear, but loving it! Love that lip color <3

That’s such great news, congrats !! Love the photoshoot and outfit, so different from usual but oh so stylish !! Can’t wait to see the collection in real life :)

Wow you look so rad and sexy. I love everything!


Gorgeous pictures, Kristina! The jewellery is so cute and I love the combination of the pattern and the lace top!


♥L’amour De Juliette | Outfit – Fedora Hats♥

These jewelry are really perfect *_*


The pieces are gorgeous. And you too my dear ;)
always admire your work and it’s nice to see you in a different style once in a while.
Camille from Ultimate Dresscode

Cool jewelry!

I love these pictures! So fierce <3

Cool outfit <3

The images are really inspiring! Well done! I love the way James captures the jewelry. Bravo!

Such a cool and edgy look, I love the hat!

Amazing photos, love the plaid shirt!

I love your edgy photos! Your jewelry and accessories are so pretty!

xx, Diane ||

I’ve fallen head over heels for this amazing jewelry brand!! Thank you for sharing these stunning images, you are the perfect model and such great inspiration!! <3

very nice!!I love this grunge look, you look perfect!

This Jewelery collection is absolutely amazing. I love these bangle, bracelets and neckles. Really an amazing collection. Congratulations for that to Rita Zia where did an fabulous job.
The pictures are also just amazing. I love how different they are from the other. So punk and chic at the same time. You rock it definitely Kristina.
xo, Petra

Woooow is like your grunge side B :P!
lovely collection and photos n.n


Love the gold – it looks amazing on you!

I love the dark colors in this outfit. Beautiful Darkness :)

This is such a gorgeous outfit. Love the accessories and the overall outfit. I’m so obsessed! :)

You look gorgeous. It’s amazing outfit (:

the make-up is great…

Très belles photos! Un peu plus dark que d’habitude, j’adore